random hole = sex
To start off I am 17, 6ft 5in, 159 pounds my name is Eric, and I live with my mom
(Katy) and dad(Rodney) in a three room apartment complex. We moved here when I was 5,
but trust me its a nice apartment compared to all the others in the building. We lived
in the middle class area of the city. I have nothing to fuss about really, parents are
cool, have a gf, get laid a lot, only thing that sucks is my girl Janet is moving away
so it means no more sex for me and it sucks.

So to the story: When we moved into our apartment my room had some random ass hole in
my wall joining the other apartment. Dad didn't want to fix it so mom just hid it
behind my bed and we forgot about it till I was seventeen and was moving my bed around.
I saw it and freaked thinking I had fucked up and punched a hole in a wall.

Mom ...... a..a.. I think I messed up my wall.

Mom: What the hell Eric!

Just let me explain mom really.

Dad: Wow Katy, remember there was already a hole there when we moved in.

Mom: Ohhh, I'm sorry Eric. I was about to go off if you busted a hole in dry wall.

Yeah I was worried I had screwed up. So Dad we gonna fix it this time?

Dad: Na just cover it up or something its, not that bad of a hole.

Mom: Are you sure Rodney? II think we should just go ahead and fix it

Well a few days later I was curious about what was behind it. So I pulled out a flash
light, and shined it into the hole, but something was blocking the view. It was to far
back to reach with my fingers. I had to find some thing long to pock it out when I
thought of pen. It worked to; Once that fell out the other side I cold see light coming
through but couldn't make anything out on the other side. I gave up oon the hole and
covered it with a poster of a band.

I had forgot about the hole for about a month due to the fact Janet had moved away and
I stopped having sex. This effected me a lot because I went from sex 6-7 times a week to
zero cold turkey.

I was masturbating almost every night yet it didn't help at all. That’s when in came to
me! I could fuck the hole in the wall till I cum.

So I got of bed nude pinned up the poster, and try to fit my cock inside. Just one
problem the hole isn't big enough around. So I was thinking long and hard. Until I
thought of taking a knife and cutting it out so my dick would fit.

After about two hours I stopped and decided to go to bed.

The next day while mom and dad were gone a go my drill and a hole saw that would work,
and lined it up so it would look like it did before. After I drilled through the wall I found a
PVC pipe covered the out side with glue and slid it in the making the hole smooth for
my dick. About the time I was done Mom got home so I scrambled around cleaning my mess

That night with a full hard on I put my 8in dick into the hole and it felt rather nice.
So I started to pick up pace when I felt something on my dick. I stopped in mid stroke.

Unknown: Oh yeah a nice hard cock for me again. I haven't had one in awhile.

All the while she was talking I could feel the pre-cum discharge from my dick and
smearing on to her hand, maybe her face.

Just then she licked the tip of my dick and then along the lengths of my entire shaft.
After licking it for about a minute, her lips then closed around my tip like a ring and
licked it with her tongue.

She lowered her head taking my entire dick into her mouth and throat, giving me one of
the best blow jobs to date. She continued to raise and lower her head for a good while,
with me trying to resist the urge to cum. She started to slow down because my dick was
getting thicker in her mouth, and she couldn't fit it all in. Just when I was about to
cum removed her mouth from my dick.

Unknown: OH god your mystery dick taste sooo damn good. I'm gonna fuck the shit out of

She adjusted my dick so that it was resting at the entrance of her pussy. With little
force she pushed the tip of my penis into her vagina. Slowly I began to feel my dick
go deeper into her vagina. My entire penis slipped into her tight pussy. Making her
moan into the wall as if she was sucking my dick. This girl began to pump my dick in
and out of her fuck canal faster and faster.

Unknown: Oh god big dick fuck my pussy. Make my cum long and hard white dick.

As she went faster and faster I could hear her tits slapping on her chest. Plop, PLop,

Unknown: Harder, Harder, HARDERRRRRR OHHH Godd I am CUMMING!!!!

The walls of her vagina was contracting and grabbing my entire dick as she kept on
pumping it into her. Suddenly her contraction became more violent and she began to buck
her own hips, which caused her to pump even faster.
“Damn it I’m cumming again!”

She was pumping my dick faster and faster until I felt the feeling of an orgasm welling
inside of my dick as I emptied my cum deep inside an Unknown vagina. She stopped
bucking after I emptied the last drop of cum into her. Slowly she pulled off, and
began to suck my dick clean of all her juices and my cum.

Unknown:“My god, mom, that was wonderful.” So Whats your name Big Dick?

You tell me first mystery lady?

Unknown: Well I'll go by Lady Luck.

OK Lady Luck, I'll go by Buck, Buck Hard.

Lady Luck: Well Buck Hard here is my number, and any time you want some of me just text
or call.

I pulled my soft dick out, along with her phone number on. Man I never thought a hole in a wall could ever be this good.

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2011-08-13 23:45:28
i like it i think u should prob go more in depth were there is a new family on the other side with a couple of girls were he is trying to figure out an one is like 12 15 and a 18 that will make it longer but i like it thank u and ps right more and can u use the youngest one i like that ;)

Blue SexReport

2010-09-13 23:51:25
Well please only good comments and sorry about the mom thing at the end. Didn't mean for that or any other spelling problems.
-Blue Sex

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