Hi my name is Chris I just turned 18 and I just found out that I am a pedophile.

I was never into little girls until I became my little sister’s troop assistant leader.

You see I am like the real male figure in my little sister’s life as with my dad’s job takes him away from us for weeks at a time and our mom died when I was 11 and my little sis was 1.

Enough back stories now let me tell you my story.

You see my little sister is in a troop called the Hunny Bees and she loves being in the group but her happiness was about to be cut short until I stepped in to save the day. My sister’s name is Lily and she is sweet as her name sounds. Lily’s troop was almost shut down because her group’s leader had to move away with her daughter and that meant leaving behind 7 broken hearted girl’s between 8 -10 years old.

The first day I went to drop off my sister the troop leader met me and told me that she has a problem, her problem is that she has a family emergency and she and her daughter had to leave and she wanted me to look after the troop until the other girl’s parent’s came to pick them up. I was all but enthusiastic until ii feasted my eyes on a sweet little 10year old girl named Britney. Britney stood at about 4’6” with shoulder length brownish/black hair, beautiful brown eyes, a very fair complexion and two sweet breasts that seem to now be in bloom. As I saw Britney I fell in love with her and did not care I was 8 years older than her. All I knew was I had to make her my queen bee.

I decided to stay and get to know Britney a little better so I spent my time solely on sweet Britney. I could see from the other girl’s face especially my sister’s they were getting jealous so I tried to cover up my interest in that little girl and deny it but the girls were to smart to fall for it. My first day with the troop was well spent but to me was cut short when my little Britney was the first to go but when she left I started checking out the other girls and I realized how sexy each of them were in their own special way. Looking at my little girls was like being at an ice cream store, I just had to sample the 7 flavors even though or should I say especially the flavor that was my sister a sweet 8 year old. After the other girls left it was time to take my sister home.

When my sister and I arrived home she went to her room to change and I went to mine to jack off too all the fantasy’s going on in my head. I simply held my 7 inches with a loose fist and then to move the hand up and down the shaft. I was so stimulated by thinking of what I want to do to the Hunny Bees and it was not long before I the speed of my hand motion increased and I soon orgasmed and ejaculated to the pictures of the 7 little girls dancing in my head. I was so happy that one of them was in my house and it will only take a little time before I had my fill of my sister.

When I finished I heard the television playing downstairs some children’s show so I went downstairs to meet my sister. When I went downstairs I sat next to Lily and she put her feet on my lap. She was wearing a loose short pants and an equally loose jersey so I could look straight up her pants and see her pretty blue panties and how they hugged her beautiful ass and tapered to her sweet hairless, tight, sweet pussy. Her precious flat chest looked so beautiful she looked that was that I was so much in awe at how sexy my sister looked. I could not help myself so I playfully wrestled my sister for the remote and she was giggling so much. I accidentally on purpose let my hands fall on her bare chest under her jersey so I fondled her and soon she was so out of breath when she pulled away and our eyes met I could hardly restrain myself from giving her a sweet French kiss. When I pulled away she was disappointed. Lily asked me “why did you pull away? Am I not beautiful enough? I know I am not as beautiful as Britney or the other girls’ right?” I was saddened that Lily thought she was not good enough or beautiful so I assured her “My god Lily you are gorgeous and sweet but you are my sister and you are only 8 I cannot violate you.” With a disappointment in her voice she said “alright.”

I was so heartbroken myself so I rubbed her little back through her jersey and said, “you know how much I love you right, let us see how it goes and when the time is right I will see how far we will go.” My sister was happy hearing this that her eyes brightened and grew wider that she crawled up and gave me a peck on my cheek. She then giggled and jumped off the couch and with the cutest little wiggle in her ass walked away and again I was hard for my sister and I had to jack off. That night thoughts of the sugar plums danced in my head and I wanted to really know how far I can get with my sister and how much un-brotherly love we can share. The week passed and I took every chance to sneak peeks of my little sister’s naked body and fell asleep with thoughts of taking her.

The next meeting got a little more eventful in more ways than one. The troop leader did not even show up and I had the 7 little girls to myself. Britney grew even sexier from the week before but so to did the other girls. I did not know what to so I sat back until the pain of my throbbing cock got so bad I had to go and remove myself. I went to the school’s bathroom to jack off, upon my return I found the little girl’s becoming little women. A sexy Black 9 year old named Nikki brought a porno magazine she had found under her big sister’s bed of girls having sex and brought it to share with her friends. I could see that all the girls had lifted the bottom of their uniforms exposing their panties and rubbing their little cunny’s. I could see little wet spots developing on 4 of the 7 and one of them was Britney. I then heard Nikki say ‘Britney look your panty’s getting wet like mine and Britney giggled then the other 10 year old Jessica yelled mine too then the other only 8 year old girl to get wet was Amanda my Lily and her friend’s Ciara 9 and Dana 8 were so disappointed that they did not get wet. I then heard Nikki squeal and say to the other girls “hey lets drop our panties and look at each other before Lily’s brother gets back.” “Yeah let’s do it” they yelled and soon all panties were around the girl’s ankles. I heard the un-mistakable sound of magazine pages rustling. It was a sound that was very familiar to me as it was exactly the same sound that was made when I was looking at my magazines and jacking off. I barely heard the following exchange of words between the girls but soon I saw them taking their finger’s putting it near the girl’s who were cumming pussies and tasting the juices that were flowing. I was hard again and had to jack off so I went back to the bathroom and got my fix. I was glad that I had caught them. I knew soon I will be able to have them all. I cleaned myself up and left the bathroom. I was walking back to the class ensured that I made enough noise, so the girls heard me coming. When I arrived back the girls were sitting each by their own little desk looking at each other and giggling. I could see although Britney’s skirt was raised when the girl’s were playing with each other she was the only girl to have the front of her skirt still a little wet. I licked my lips and wanted to talk to the girls about the vision of what I just witnessed but I kept my self together until I got home and had my sister alone.

As we arrived home I told my sister “before you change sit down, we need to talk.” My sister looked worried but I assured her “don’t worry this talk is what we waited for. This is going to take us to the other level as brother and sister. Unsure of what I meant Lily just nodded. “I saw what you and your friends were doing today. Don’t worry you are not in trouble. No, not at all in trouble. I think you and I are ready to go a little further.” Lily smiled sheepishly and said “You saw us? You saw my pussy? Did you like it?” “No Lily, I did not like it one bit!” Lily looked disappointed but I said “I did not like it, I LOVED IT!” Lilly leaped into my arms and we kissed so passionately. I slipped my hands under her uniform and cupped my little sister’s ass and squeezed.

When my sister and I broke our kiss I asked her “can we take a shower together my love?” Lily loved the idea so we just stripped right there and headed to the bathtub. I turned on the water and let the bathtub fill up. When it finished filling I lay on one side and my sister laid on the other. I then took my foot and started to gently rub my sister’s pussy. As my toes massaged her virgin hole, she started to moan which told me she liked it. I guided myself over to her and took her in my arms and we shared a kiss so sweet, so passionate that we made out for more than 15 minutes until the stupid phone rang making us break up our love fest.

When I answered it was my dumb dad who chooses the most terrible time to call. “Hi, Ventnor residence.” “Hi sons, its dad, how are things there? How is Lily? Is she there? Can I speak to her?” “Hi dad, all is well sorry you cant speak to lily now the poor thing is so tired she ate, took a shower and went straight to bed.” “Well it seems you guy’s are managing but I kind of have some bad news.” I was preparing for the worst but about to hear the best thing I could have herd “what’s wrong dad? What’s the bad news?” “Son I am sorry to say my trip here will be a little longer than I thought. I will have to stay an extra 2-3weeks here to ensure the deal closes and wait until the dusts settle and then I will be back home.” In the most fake whining voice I said “gosh dad, work, work, work. I am 18 I have a life you know.” “sorry son I know but this is what pays the bills and gives us the life we have” “I know dad. Well I think I want to go now I want to take my shower and like Lily go to bed” “alright son have a good night and hug Lily for me” “will do dad goodnight get back soon.” After tat e hung up the phone and I will be sure to give my sister more than a hug.

When I got back to the bathroom, to get back to what my sister and I were doing. As I arrived there was my sister out of the tub about to wrap her towel around her. “Hey baby girl what are you doing?” “Hi who was on the phone?” “oh it was dad and oh yeah he told me to give you this.” I wrapped my arms around my little sister again and undid her towel and made sure it dropped so the two of us were naked again. Lily pushed me away and said. “This just does not feel right .what we were doing in the bathtub felt so good but it did not feel right.” I looked at her and she had tears in her little eyes. “Honey you know what” “what?” “I will wait until you are ready and then we will go all the way when the time is right.” Lily then hugged me and gave me a small peck on the cheek. That night until the next troop meeting we stayed naked at home and took showers together and cuddled together sometimes made out when she was in the mood but we never really touched privates nor go further than that. I loved my sister and knew I will have a lover for life once I did not pressure her now.

Part 2 soon!

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This is fucking weird as hell, you people are sick and need help.

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This is fucking weird as hell, you people are sick and need help.

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