After marks divorce he decided to move away and begin a new life
We had only been married for a couple of years when my wife, who I loved very much decided marriage wasn’t for her.
One night she informed me that the marriage was over, I pleaded with her to reconsider but I was wasting my time, she had made her mind up. That weekend we parted, she moved back to her parents, and I lived in our small flat.
It would break my heart at the weekends to see her with her friends and other men, she seemed so happy, where as I was depressed.
She had always been an out going girl, where I had always been on the shy side, and found it difficult to make friends.
Most weekends I would see her surrounded by friends and other men chatting to her, which made me very jealous,
I stood alone friendless watching her have a good time.
Almost a year later I received a text on my phone telling me she was filing for a divorce, now I knew it was over. It was time for me to move on, and make a new start.

I explained things to my company manager, and asked could I be moved to a new area in a different part of the country, he told me it would take a month to sort out but there shouldn’t be a problem.
A month later I was on my way to my new home, my small amount of belongings packed in my company van, I had previously rented a small furnished flat, so all there really was my clothes, stereo and TV, not much to show for 35 years of age.

The company arranges temporary accommodation for its employees so I didn’t need to worry about that, just follow the instructions I had. The idea being if we settled in ok we could then find somewhere more permanent, although some, if the rent was reasonable would stay for the duration of their time in the rented room.
Meals were included in the rent, and there weren’t many rules to follow, mainly, no loud music, or female company, which of each were no problem with me.

I remember the date, it was June 2006, how could I forget, it was almost a year to the day that the divorce had become final.
So now I was about to make a new start, and try and make a few changes to my life before I was too old.
As I drove to my new home, be it only temporary, I couldn’t have guessed just how my life would be changed.

Let me try and explain.

When I arrived there was a company van outside the house, as I passed the rear of the van I saw some one had been packing up to leave, they had much more then me, and the van was almost full. I stood looking inside for a moment.
A guy walked out and asked what I was doing, I told him I worked for the same company and pointed to my van.
“Oh so you’re the one replacing me, I’ve been up here about 9 months, time I moved on, you will find it ok up here nice guys to work with, and nice places to visit if your into that kind of thing”.
“How much is the rent?”
“Very reasonable and the foods good too, she will even cook something of your own choice, long as you buy it in.
The room is big enough for two, so you won’t feel cramped.
Sarah, that’s the ladies name will clean the room long as it’s not in a state, and bed change is once a week.”
“So you have been here all the time then?”
“I couldn’t find anywhere cheaper, and I’m lazy, like to have every thing done for me, some nice pubs in town too”
“Sounds ok to me, I’m not sure how long Ill be up here company will decide I guess”
“Then it will be ideal for you, one thing though.” there was a slight pause “Ill warn you about Katie”
I looked at him puzzled “Katie”
“Her daughter she’s about 11 or 12, she is what you may call jailbait, a proper tease, likes to lure you on, but for god’s sake don’t even think of going further. She’s away at the moment at her grand parents, back Sunday I think. She also has another daughter of 9 Lauren, but she’s not as bad as Katie”
“Thanks for the warning”
“Right I’m all set, Ill introduce you to Sarah before I go, you will like her.”

He took me up the path to the front door and we entered. “Sarah” he called “this is the new guy.”
Looking at me “sorry I don’t know your name”
“Mark, my names Mark”
Sarah appeared. She was about mid thirties I would guess, with long fair hair, not blonde, but almost. She had it in a ponytail style which I guess made her look younger. She was slim build with long legs, and ample tits, this is what I noticed before anything else I think. She obviously wasn’t wearing a bra, as the nipples were very plainly visible through her t-shirt.
“Sarah this is Mark, he’s taking my place”
I reached out and shook her hand saying “hello, pleased to meet you”
“Well I’m off now Sarah, thanks for every thing, been a pleasure staying with you, give my best to the girls, bye”, and gave her a small peck on the cheek.
“Bye, has been a pleasure for me too, take care.”
He walked to the van, waved us both goodbye and drove off.

“I expect you would like a coffee or tea”
“Yes coffee please, that will do lovely”
She showed me through to the kitchen, as she walked in front of me my eyes were drawn to her ass in her tight jeans, as I hadn’t had sex for such a long time I knew I wouldn’t turn her down if the opportunity arose.
She made the coffee and we sat chatting about my work, where I used to live, just getting to know each other really. I kept looking at her body though, and I hoped I hadn’t made it obvious.

“Ill show you around, you can have the run of the house as far as possible. This is the garden” she opened the kitchen door, and I was quite taken back by the size of it.
“You have a big garden”
“Yes we wanted a big one for the girls, you will meet them Sunday, when they get back from their grandparents, been with them 2 weeks, bet they will be glad to see the back of them, they can both be a bit of handful at times”
“Do you mind me asking where your husband is now?”
“He found a younger woman, much younger, just a girl really, and he’s gone”
“Oh, sorry to hear that”
“Don’t be, better off with out him, don’t have to keep checking what he’s been doing, and money wise we are better off, the girls don’t even miss him, he never visits or sends them presents, not Christmas or Birthdays, not even a penny towards their keep”
“Has he been gone long then?”
“Six years, Katie was only six, she took it hardest, Lauren was only three, she didn’t seem to miss him as much, neither of them asks about him now, and I couldn’t tell them anything any way, I don’t know where he is, maybe even dead for all I know”.

We went back inside,
“This is the lounge, TV is for you too, but the girls like their kid’s programmes, but after 8 pm it’s yours, their bedtime about 8.”
She took me across the hall, opening the door “this is the downstairs toilet,” she closed the door and made our way up the stairs.
“Heres the bathroom, shower and bath, there’s a basket if you put your dirty clothes in there, Ill wash them when I get a load.”
Next room she opened the door “this is Lauren’s room, a mess as always.”
I smiled “a tidy mess though” she laughed out loud and we moved on.
“this is Katie’s room, another mess, OH, be prepared for some loud noise, either from her TV or radio, just pop over the hall and close her door, or better tell her to shut up” and she laughed again.
“Opposite is your room” she opened the door. The guy was right it was large.
“Good size room” I told her.
“It used to be the main bedroom, but since he left I don’t sleep there any more, mines down the hall at the end, I thought the paying guests should have the biggest room”.
“Well it’s very nice, I don’t have much stuff, so it’s probably too big for me.”
She pointed down the landing.
“My room”
“The house is much bigger then it looks outside”
“Like I said with the two girls we wanted room to spread, and get away from them sometimes. Well I hope it will be ok for you. We eat between 6 and 6.30, if you want anything special I can cook it for you, is there anything you don’t like?”
“Not really, only tomatoes, I hate tomatoes”
“You will fit in well the girls they wont eat them either” she smiled again.
“Ill leave you to get your stuff in from the van, Ill put a front door key on the hall table, and the place is yours, enjoy your stay with us.”

I had taken a week’s holiday to move, so on Friday I was able to go to town and check out the pubs and shopping centre. It was a very hot weekend and when I returned Sarah was in the garden in her bikini. I once again admired her figure, her ample tits barely covered by her bikini top, and a slim waist, her legs were already sun tanned, and when she turned over I took in the view of that gorgeous ass again.
I lay on the other sun bed taking in the view, thinking to myself how lucky I was to have stayed here and not with an old woman as a landlady.

Saturday morning had arrived, I showered and went down for breakfast, and the bacon she had cooked smelt lovely as I descended the stairs.
As I sat down she handed me some juice and toast, telling me the bacon would only be a couple of minutes. She was wearing a short dressing down, and each time she bent I could just see her ass cheeks, I wondered had she got any underwear on.
She sat beside me with her breakfast, “last day of freedom for me” she told me “the devils are back tomorrow, I have missed them but it’s been so nice not having to clean up after them, and keep shouting at them. And I could also listen to my type of music instead of that rap stuff Katie likes.”
“I’m sure they aren’t that bad”
“You wait till you have had them around you for a while, Ill ask you again which do you prefer noise or quiet, and I know the answer now” she smiled and we ate our breakfast.
“If it’s your last night, do you fancy coming out for a drink tonight? Maybe your last for a while”
She looked at me “Yes I would, it will be nice going out in male company for a change, none of my other guests have ever asked me, so yes let’s go out.”

The evening arrived and I was in the lounge waiting for her. The sight that finally filled my eyes made me wonder why her husband had ever left her. She looked stunning.
She was wearing a black mini dress; the hem was about halfway up her thighs, just two straps holding in her boobs in place, and a perfect slim waist.
“Will I do?”
“You look stunning”
“Well thank you kind sir, nice to have a compliment like that.”
I took her out to her car; she had given me the keys, so I was driving, and I opened the door, and watched her get in, the dress rose to reveal a pair of black panties.
“I hope I’m not going to embarrass you, this dress isn’t too short is it”
Once again I looked at her sun tanned legs, “no it’s perfect, I hope I don’t embarrass you by keep staring at your legs, it’s been a long time, since I have taken a girl out for a drink, let alone one as stunning as you”
“Now I’m embarrassed, that was a lovely thing to say”
All evening we talked and really got to know a lot about each other, I told her of my failed marriage, and how shy I was and found it hard to make friends. She told me that was hard to believe, but I assured her it was true. But for some unknown reason being around her, my shyness seemed to go, and I could speak freely with her.

“We arrived home, and she made a coffee, we sat once again chatting in the lounge. I had to ask
“Why the hell would a man leave you for a younger girl?”
“He said it was love, but it was lusting for a younger girl, made him feel young again”
“How old was she?”
“Seventeen I think”
“And he was?”
“Thirty seven”
“Wonder her parents didn’t object, him being so much older”
“She came from a broken family, and I suppose he came as a breath of fresh air to her, he took her out and spent money on her, and of course I didn’t know this till he told me he was leaving”
I was having thoughts of making a move on her, and try and get her to spend the night in my bed, and wondered if she would agree, but thought better of it.
Thinking it may complicate things, and any way it was our first time out together, I was still a stranger, I had only known her for a little over 24 hours.
There would be other occasions, and I was in the same house as her, plenty of time to get to know each other, and see what developed between us.
We both went to bed without exchanging kisses, I wondered later if she may have been disappointed in me not making a move, but it was too late now.

The following day was again warm enough to sit in the garden, Sarah was reading a book and I was reading a magazine, we had breakfast together and every thing seemed ok with us, she told me she had enjoyed the night out and hoped to do it again.
About mid day there was a knock on the door, Sarah answered it, and spent several minutes in the kitchen talking to someone, I found out later it was the grand father bringing the girls back.

A young girl came out in the garden, as soon as she spotted me she turned and went back in, I took this to be Lauren, she looked about the right age.
Sarah appeared again with them both,”and this is Mark he’s our new lodger.”
I stood up to say “hello”, Katie came over and we shook hands, Katie had a similar hair colouring as Sarah, and also slim body, deep blue piecing eyes.
She was wearing a white t-shirt and red shorts.
Her young nipples clearly visible through her t-shirt.
I imagined this must have been Sarah when she was twelve.
“Hello, how are you?” she asked
“I’m fine thank you,” I replied.
Then Lauren walked over, her hair was darker, light brown, and her skin tone was darker then either Sarah or Katie, her eyes reminded me of maltessers, they too were a gorgeous pair of eyes, I imagined she probably took after her father rather then her mother. She was a little bit chubbier then Sarah or Kate, but not fat though.
She was wearing a pair of blue shorts and white top.
Sarah certainly had a pair of good looking girls.

Lauren was a little shy, and didn’t shake my hand just said “hello”.
I asked them had they had a good holiday, Lauren nodded, Katie said “yes.”
I didn’t pursue it further. Sarah had gone in doors again to make them both a drink, Lauren followed her.
“You’re younger then Frank”
“The bloke who was here before you”
“Oh, Frank yes I am, he’s gone to some different place to work”
“I know he said he was leaving” Sarah was back “I’m going to change mum I’m too hot.”

She came back a few minutes later wearing a short blue skirt. I looked at her in more detail now. Her legs were as tanned as Sarah’s, she had also put her hair in a ponytail, and Katie sat opposite me on the other sun bed.
“Mum, Marks much younger then Frank isn’t he.” Katie asked.
“Yes he is.”
We sat almost in silence again. Sarah had gone back to the kitchen with Lauren to prepare dinner. I had gone back to my magazine.
I looked up a few minutes later, to see Katie with her knees up under her chest looking at me. I smiled and went back to my reading.
I had the feeling I was being watched, and once again looked at Katie. She was in the same position, but her legs had opened more, and try as I would have liked to look away, my attention was drawn to the little glimpse of white panties that was clearly visible.
I could easily make out the curve of her arse. I looked at her face, she was smiling at me. I knew she had seen me looking, so I looked away again.

“I’m going to move, I’m not in the sun any more”
I looked up again, Katie was pulling the sun bed towards me, bending as she was I could again she her white panties and her bum cheeks.
God what am I doing looking at a 12 year old like that.
“That’s better; I’m in the sun again.”
Again I ignored her.
“Are you staying for very long Mark?”
“I don’t know yet” I told her. “It depends on the company and if I like it up here”.
Then I went back to my magazine.
Again I was being watched, I looked up, and she was smiling again but now lying down on the sun bed facing me, her legs curled up by her chin. I tried not to look but I had to, the full length of her legs was on view, plus that arse again, covered by the thin material of her panties.
While I was watching she moved her legs again revealing the crotch of her panties. “Cant get comfortable” and she wiggled some more. The full expanse of her legs on view again legs, I have to say she had a lovely pair of legs for a 12 year old, plus her panties were on full view, and I swear had I been a bit nearer I could have almost seen her crack

Again I was caught looking “you shouldn’t look at me like that Mark, I’m only 12 you know”
God how embarrassing “Sorry Katie”
“Oh that’s all right Mark I don’t mind you looking, lots of boys look at me.”
“Yes well I shouldn’t”
“Why don’t you think I’ve got a nice pair of legs,” and I watched as she stroked her hands up and down the length of them “boys tell me I have nice legs, do you think I have nice legs”
“Yes Katie you do have nice legs, but you shouldn’t sit like that in front of men especially a stranger”
“I don’t mind you looking, and your only a stranger today, we will soon get to know each other MUCH better, would you like to get to know me better Mark?”
Once again she pulled her legs up under her chin, and her panty crotch was again on view.
“Frank wanted to get to know me to, but he reminded me of my grand father, and I didn’t want to get to know him”

I thought at this point I would make an exit, and told her I was going for a shower.

While in the shower, I realised what Frank had meant about being jailbait, but even so I still found the sight of Katie’s legs erotic, her friends were right she did have a lovely pair of legs.
After we had eaten dinner Sarah told the girls to go for their baths, and I turned on the TV.
Shortly after, the girls came downstairs.
They weren’t interested in the programme I was watching and got a game out.

They sat on the floor playing, I looked down at them. Lauren had her back to me, but Katie was sat opposite, her nightie pulled up around her thighs, even more leg on display I thought, and again she was looking at me.
I began to wonder was she doing it on purpose or was it normal for her to site like this.
“It’s your turn Lauren” Katie told her, and looked up and smiled at me, once again she had caught me looking at her legs.
I looked back at the TV.
They were both playing ok for a few minutes, and then Katie shouted at Lauren “you can’t move there”
“Yes I can”
“No you can’t”
I looked down and straight at Katie, she was sitting legs open pushing Laurens game pieces back to where they were. I was looking straight between her legs from just 10 feet away, and I swear she hadn’t got any panties on.
I was mesmerised by the sight, in my mind trying to work out had she or hadn’t she, I don’t know how long I had been looking, but I realised it was now quiet.
I looked at again at Katie, she was smiling, and she knew, that I knew she had no panties on.
Thinking to myself “that fucking girls doing it on purpose.”

Again they were arguing about the game Sarah shouted at them “that’s it bed, every time you play together you argue”
Katie quickly returned “then Ill play with Mark, I bet he would like to play with me”
“Bed no more arguing, bed for you both, say good night”
Katie stood up and looked at me “would you like to play with me Mark?”
I didn’t know how to respond to that, “Well would you?”
“Maybe another time Katie.”
Once again I got that smile. “Thought you would”
Even in my mind I couldn’t be sure which way I had to take it, had she meant play the game, or had she another game in mind.
“Maybe Mark wants to play with us both” she said as she walked past me on the way to bed. “Hey, what about a kiss good night then” asked Sarah.
She walked back to mum and kissed her good night, as she walked past me again she smiled.

Monday morning early I was up to go to my new job, and I was hoping it would work out for me; I liked Sarah, and was hoping something good would develop.
The men were a nice bunch of lads, we had a good laugh, I was sent off with another guy Adam.
I had been working with Adam for almost a week.
We chatted as we worked and told me a few things about Frank. He asked “where are you staying?” I told him same place as Frank.
“So have you met what’s her name?”
“No that’s the mum isn’t it, her eldest daughter”
“That’s it, Katie, Frank said she a proper horny bitch, kept teasing him all the time, showing herself to him”
“I’ve only been there a few days, I’ve seen Katie she’s only 12, and she’s not been teasing me.”
“Must have been bullshit then, thought he was making it up, a 12 year old doing that. He used to tell me a lot about the things she did.” I must have looked puzzled, “he told me she would leave the bathroom door open when she bathed, and walk around in her underwear when he was around.”
“I’ve never seen any of that.”
“No? Wishful thinking if you ask me .Fantasising thought he was a bit weird.”
On the way back home I wondered had he had the same experience with her as I.

I arrived home from work and showered, Sarah asked how it had gone I told her it was fine,
“Good” she said, “just starting to get used to you now, don’t want you not liking it and moving again”
“Where are the girls?”
“Lauren is round her friends and Katie is at netball practice in school, dinner will soon be ready, there are only us two tonight”
I had bought some beer on the way home and opened one for Sarah.
We ate in the garden, another warm evening, we were just sitting chatting and drinking when Katie showed up.
She was stood in white shorts and white top, her hair a bit of a mess “you look hot Katie.” Sarah asked
“Ran all the way home”
“Then you had better wash, Ill get you a clean towel”
She went into the house; I sat staring at Katie as she sipped her mum’s beer. Looking down at herself she told me “my top is almost see though with my sweat”
Straight away she knew I would have to look to confirm it, and I didn’t disappoint her, yes I could see her bra.
Again she smiled, and again I had been caught looking.
Why would she say that?
She wanted me to look at her breasts?

I made my mind up as I lay in bed I wouldn’t get caught by Katie again, and ignore her double meanings, and not look when she mentioned a part of her body. I would not give her the satisfaction of seeing me look, then perhaps she will stop when she realises I’m not interested.
Although difficult at times, and I always had to be alert to the things she said.

Sarah and I were getting on really well, when the girls had gone to bed and nothing on TV, Sarah would get the scrabble out and we would play for hours, some of the words Sarah used would have us in fits of laughter.
Yes things were terrific between us, we spent a lot of our spare time together, I was helping do some of the DIY jobs that needed doing, she would stand beside me with the tools making suggestions on how best to do the job.
We were always smiling and laughing.

When we had finished our scrabble game, we would kiss and cuddle on the sofa. I would have loved to have taken it further, but the girls were upstairs, and could enter the room at any moment.
Lauren had already caught us kissing, and had told Katie. I over heard them when Katie had left her bedroom door open, neither seemed too bothered about it, in fact they were doing quite a bit of giggling at the time.

In the mean time Katie was still showing herself to me, but always made it look like an accident.
I still couldn’t convince myself this girl was teasing me on purpose, what could she gain from it.

But that changed, the first week in July.

Sarah had gone next door, she had bought a puppy and Lauren and Sarah had gone round to see it.
I was watching the afternoon sport on the TV.
Katie walked in the door, dressed in a short white skirt and a t-shirt, the skirt was halfway up her thighs, and I looked again at her suntan legs.
She picked up the remote and changed the channel.
“Katie I was watching that.”
She didn’t answer, just kept flipping the channels.
She stopped at the music channel, and tried each for a few seconds listening to the song that was being played, if she didn’t like it she would move on.

The last one she tried was just starting the video, it was Sharika, and she stopped and listened, turned to me and just said “I like this one.”
I watched as she began to move, slowly at first to the beat. When she had got in the rhythm; she began to sway her hips from side to side, as Sharika was in the video.
I couldn’t look away, she had her back to me, the more she swayed the more her skirt flipped up, and every now and then her bottom would come into view, she wasn’t wearing her usual underwear, she was wearing a thong.
She turned and was facing me now, gyrating her body to the music, her hands moving up and down her body, flipping the hem of her skirt, and then caressed her waist. Moving her hands over her breasts, she hadn’t a bra on; her tiny nipples were protruding against the material.
Her hands moved through her hair, taking each strand and letting it pass between her fingers, her eyes were closed.
Then she would move her hands back down her body and begin again.

It was like having my own lap dancer.
I couldn’t take my eyes off her, I felt a familiar stirring in my loins, and I knew she was getting my cock hard, I can honestly say I have never seen a girl dance in such a sexy manner, so close to me. I could have reached out and touched her.

She seemed to be in a trance as she danced, lifting her skirt higher with each movement.
The music stopped, she opened her eyes, and collapsed on the sofa next to me.
Her skirt now above her waist, puffing, trying to catch her breath, beads of sweat on her brow.
I looked down at her, she was wearing a thong, probably hers mums.
The material was tight in her pussy, the crack was clearly visible.
And not one pubic hair in sight, even though I knew she should have some.
That’s when all common sense went out the window. I put my hand on her thigh, she was staring up at me with her piecing blue eyes, and I leant forward, moving my hand further up as I moved.
My dick was now almost bursting wanting some relief, as I lowered my head towards her, she smiled.
Our lips were almost touching; suddenly she slipped from under me and stood up.
“Mum wouldn’t be very happy with you if she knew what you were going to do then.”
She turned again smiled and walked out the door.
I knew for certain she was leading me on, playing a game, wanting to know how far I was prepared to go.
How could I have been so stupid?

I knew Katie wouldn’t tell her mum, it was partly her fault, no, all her fault, but I still should have known better.
Had she not moved where would I have stopped?
I couldn’t say. I didn’t know.

Apart from the usual Katie flashes of flesh, nothing much happened, but she knew now I was interested, something I didn’t want to be, but there was little I could do about it now, after being so stupid, and showing her my feelings.

It was now nearing the end of July.
Saturday morning I was laying in bed, Sarah knocked on the door and entered.
“We are going to the swimming pool want to come with us?”
“Yes, I haven’t been swimming in a pool for ages, love to, but we will have to stop in town so I can get a swimsuit.”
I got my swim suit and we entered the pool. The three girls going to their changing room, and I went to mine.
Katie was first out in a very skimpy bikini. I couldn’t help but look at her, she knew I would.
Sarah and Lauren followed her shortly after.
“We are going to the small pool Lauren can’t swim yet, I’m teaching her.”
I watched as they walked away.

Katie and I stood on the edge of the pool watching Lauren splashing around.
Katie laughed, “I don’t think Lauren will ever swim, all she ever does is splash about and never gets any where.”
“Can you swim?”
“Yes a bit”
“Can you swim the length of the pool?”
“I think so.” She moved to the edge to dive in.
“Mind you don’t lose your bikini job.” I laughed.
“You wish.” She replied, and she dived in and began swimming.
She was almost at the other end of the pool, when she turned and shouted “Mark!”
I looked around at the lifeguard, he was talking to someone, and no one else seemed to notice, so I dived in after her.
When I reached her she flung her arms around my next.
She clung on as if her life depended on it, we looked at each other, and “I’ve got you Katie.”
At that moment the life guard blew his whistle, we both looked at him, he pointed to the sign behind us.
“What does petting mean Mark?”
“No kissing.” I replied.
“What, like this? “And she kissed me full on the lips, a wet sloppy kiss.
I immediately broke away when he blew his whistle again, thank god she had her back to him and he wouldn’t notice her age, I quickly looked around, no one was looking at us, I breathed a sigh of relief.

She moved to the steps in the corner of the pool and began climbing up. She stopped before the top and sat on the pool edge.
I had to stop I couldn’t get up, and she opened her legs.
I was now staring right between her legs; I couldn’t help it, the way she was sitting. The water dripping down between her legs.
“I thought petting meant you couldn’t bring your dog in here”
She sat for a few seconds more. Making sure I had a good look at her.
Oh yes she wanted me to look.

We got out and walked to Sarah at the other end.
“I haven’t seen you do much swimming Katie?” she told her.
“Ill have a quick swim now mum.”
“Swim a couple of lengths and we will change and go.”
“Ok” and she dived in.
“Is she ok swimming two lengths, it’s a long way.”
“Oh, I never told you, she has a diploma for swimming 25 lengths from the school.”
We watched her swim with ease the two lengths.
I was thinking with each stroke she took, “That bitch as fooled me again.”

She got out the pool and we went and changed.
I was first out and sitting on a table when the others arrived.
Sarah and I had a coffee, the girls had cokes.
“Mum, I forgot to bring my knickers.” Katie told her.
“You mean you haven’t any underwear on?”
“No, sorry.”
“And you had to wear the shortest skirt you could find didn’t you?”
“Sorry, I just forgot.”
“Well you will have to remember not to bend down; the world will see every thing you have got.”
Katie immediately looked at me, and smiled that smile that said it all.

She could have told her mum in the changing room, she didn’t have to wait and tell her mum when I was there, no, once again I had to know, so she waited till I was present.

We got back in the car and Sarah drove us home, Katie edged forward on the seat, “Mark want a sweet?”
I looked around she was sitting with her legs open once again, obviously for my benefit I was the only one that could see her, and yes she did confirm that she had forgotten her underwear.
“No Katie I’m fine thanks.” I replied
“Drink of coke then?”
She had the end of the coke bottle in the lips, and I watched as she licked the end, and moved the bottle in and out of her mouth very slowly.
“No, Katie that’s ok you drink it.”
“I would love to Mark.”
She sat back with the knowing smile on her lips once again, and closed her legs.

August bank holiday.

Sarah had planned for them to go to their grand parent’s caravan on the coast, meaning Sarah and I would have the place to our selves for four whole days and nights.
I couldn’t wait two reasons, one to be alone with Sarah at last, and the other reason to have a break from Katie, she was continually tempting me, and I was beginning to be tempted.

Friday evening arrived, and the kids were waiting to go, I was looking out of the open bedroom window. Granddad drove up.
Katie kissed her mum goodbye. Before entering the car, she looked up at my window, she saw me wave goodbye, immediately she left her mums side and rushed indoors. I could hear her running up the stairs.
I looked round as Katie ran into my room and jumped at me, I caught her in my arms, and immediately she planted a wet kiss on my lips, her arms around my neck pulling me closer, my hands went instinctively around her bottom to hold her from falling, I could feel the smooth tight flesh of her legs and bum as I held her there. I didn’t want to kiss her but I couldn’t stop myself, I returned the kiss, my hands still on her bottom.
Our lips parted and she slid down my body, my hands moving up her thighs as she did so, and she was gone.

I looked out the window as they drove off she was smiling up at me, she didn’t wave, just stared and smiled. I stared back until she was out of sight.

I questioned myself later as to why I had returned her kiss and not thrown her off me, but I was unable to come up with an answer.

To be…

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