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Rest Area Fun

In my 1st story I was on my way home from visiting friends in Indiana and found a way to have a lot of fun in a rest area with a truck driver that was as horny as I and really enjoyed sharing that story with you all. This is another opportunity that came along and once again in a rest area on interstate 80.

I had finished up with a 3 day seminar in Des Moines and was heading west on I-80 and decided to take a break after an hour or so at a rest stop. I needed to get rid of a full day of great food and far more liquids than I should have consumed with the distance I had to drive. So after even that short amount of time I was ready to spend a little time at a rest area.

I pulled in a parking spot fairly close to the entrance and went in to relieve myself. As I was standing in the urinal stall, another fairly young looking guy moved into the spot next to me. I didn’t pay a lot of attention to him other than to notice his looks when he first came thru the door. But when he looked over into my stall to check me out almost immediately after arrival, that pretty much got my attention. He was looking straight at my dick and when I returned the action his way, he was stroking what had to be one of the smoothest, most inviting cocks I had ever seen.

Needless to say, I started getting excited about taking this a little further. It was obvious that he had the same idea so I decided to go for it. I made a slight turn in his direction and slowly stroked my dick for him to watch for about a minute. He stared for the entire time and we shared the show of our cocks with growing pleasure.
I was the first to move away from the urinal and headed over to wash my hands, and as I left I gave him a slight brush across his ass with my hand. Since we were the only ones in the place at the time, he didn’t bother to tuck his dick back into his pants and approached me at the sink with a still hard cock in his hand and came up right next to me and took one of my wet hands and put in on his dick. I took hold of it with my still soapy palm and stroked it while staring into his eyes. We both knew that we HAD to take this further. It was going to happen either there in the men’s room or somewhere else, but it was only a matter of finding a place.

It was then that he spoke, inviting me to accompany him back to his RV. WOW!!! My good luck was going to continue. I accepted immediately and followed him out the door. Since there was only one RV there and it was so large that he had to park out with the semi’s, I had an idea that this may be more than just a sleezy affair. It was a great looking vehicle and showed that this man had money. We entered the side door and my suspicions were confirmed. This was a very nice set up.

He invited me to make myself at home and went to the refrigerator to retrieve a couple of beers. I accepted mine and we sat down on a wrap-around couch that was really comfortable. After a couple of beers, he called out what I took to be a females’ name. Immediately out of the bedroom in the back came what had to be about a 12 year old girl. I wasn’t sure what the guy had in mind with her but when she got close to us, he took out his cock and she, taking her cue, stripped right there in front of both of us. She was perfect. No pubic hair and breasts that looked more like she could have been 5 years older. I was, again, aroused. The young one went to work on his cock almost immediately while keeping an eye on me at the same time. I decided to give her a reason to stare and slid my pants down to my knees. Since we were sitting close to one another, she reached over and started working on my cock with one of her hands. It didn’t take long before I was hard and wanting more of this situation. I knew when I walked into the RV that I was going to get all I wanted of the man’s cock, but I had no idea that a sweet young pussy would also come along in the bargain.

As she was stroking me with her 12 year old hand, I leaned over and gave her a kiss after which she moved out of the way so I could have a go at the man’s cock also. I slid it into my mouth immediately and went to work on it with a hunger that I hadn’t felt for several days. He put his hand on my head and moved me up and down that smooth shaft for about 3 minutes before he filled my mouth with a very sweet tasting reward. I swallowed most of it and when I let his cock out of my mouth, the little girl moved in and licked what cum was on my face clean with her tongue. I knew that I wanted more of that tongue also. This was going to be a very good time!!

She replaced her hand on my cock with her mouth and sucked like a well trained professional. I couldn’t believe that she was that adept at cock sucking at her young age. But she had a lot of talent, there was no doubting that. I figured that she must be the guys daughter from the way he talked to her and got her to do things to him and me. While she was working on me, he was stripping out of his clothes and got up and went over to a drawer to retrieve a container of lube of some kind or other. My reaction to this was to fill his daughter’s mouth with my juices which she consumed like someone much older than she. I was really impressed by her abilities. By the time she finished with me, her Dad was seemingly ready for more. He lubed up his finger and reached over and started spreading it around on the girls’ ass. After a few seconds her expression changed and I knew that he had entered her ass with at least one finger. He pumped his finger in and out of her ass for a few minutes until he was hard again. She turned away from me and climbed up on his lap. It didn’t take long before she impaled herself on his once again hard cock. She took that thing up her ass like a pro and once again I was impressed. I decided that those tits needed to have some attention so I slid over on the couch and took one in my hand and the other in my mouth. She leaned back far enough so it was easy for me to massage her breast and suck on them with ease. This was no ordinary 12 year old. She had been doing this for some years, no doubt.

After a few minutes of some very tasty tits, I was ready for more. I moved around and gave the guy access to my ass if he wanted it. I was welcomed with a lubed up digit smearing my hole almost immediately. This was exactly what I was hoping he might do. This was followed by the same finger entering me and exploring my totally ready asshole. It didn’t take long for him to figure out that there would be plenty of room for more fingers. I wasn’t counting but within seconds he had multiple digits up my ass and I was loving the feeling. I wanted more and was rewarded in a few minutes. The little girl climbed off of her daddy’s dick and he mounted me from behind and gave me what I was again hoping for. But to make it even better, while he as filling my ass with that fantastic dick, his daughter slid under me and took my cock in her mouth and hands. She sucked me back to total stiffness within seconds and stroked me to complete oblivion. I was in cum heaven. Needless to say, I didn’t last very long. For the 2nd time in about an hour, I filled that little girl’s mouth with my cum. She swallowed it all again and seemed to want more! So I decided that she might like a little mouth to pussy and I was really excited about tasting that gorgeious twat of hers. I slid her up towards my mouth and within seconds I was muffing that glory hole of hers like there was no tomorrow. She went wild!! Humping back at my mouth with such vigor that I knew it wouldn't be long before I would be tasting her sweet 12 year old pussy juices. I was right!! She had a wild and very wet orgasm and screamed at the top of her lungs. Her Dad laughed and congratulated ,me on my accomplishment. I felt like I was the one who was rewarded but thanked him anyway.

Shortly after I got as ass full of man juice from my friend and couldn’t have been happier for it. What had started out to be maybe a little fun with a guy turned into an evening of the most exciting sex I had experienced in quite a while. And it wasn’t over yet. I wanted some of that guys asshole for myself so after a little rest time, I made the move to get things heated up again. I moved down to where I could clean up his cock and balls and then moved on down to his asshole. I thought I should be a good guest and clean up a little so I tongued his hole for a bit and got a taste of cherry lube and cum drippings at the same time. I reached over and found the lube jar and proceeded to get that ass ready for me. I was rock hard by now and was not to be denied. He was ready also and raised his legs and parted them, making access easy. I lubed my cock and slid in almost on the first stroke. His asshole was nice and tight and I went very slowly so as to enjoy every minute of this. He was responding also with pleasure and since his ass was shaved, it made our good time all that better.

His daughter came to soon and was massaging my balls and stroking her dads cock while we were enjoying one another. She was really hungry for anything she could get, that was very obvious. She spread some honey on her tits and gave them to me to clean for her. I was gobbling those firm, soft fleshy orbs with great enthusiasm. With all of this extra attention going on, my attention to the asshole I was enjoying seemed to pick up on the pace more than what it was at first. I was pumping harder and he was pushing back with more force. He had not stopped pumping his cock either and almost on signal, we both came at the same time. He shot his load on his chest and of course, mine went deep into his ass. It was incredible how amazing it felt. When the daughter saw him cuming on his chest, she again became the “maid” and cleaned up the mess, swallowing every drop.

By this time it was getting too late for me to try to drive any further that night so when I was invited to spend the night in the RV, I gladly accepted. Needless to say, we didn’t bother to put on any clothing and had a great dinner and later drinks and another blow job from the little girl before climbing into bed. It was no problem sharing the only bed they had since it was a king size and we made a sandwich out of her. I was pleasured with her breasts in my back and her hand on my cock for most of the night.
In the morning, I was treated to a delicious breakfast before leaving to drive the rest of the way home. These were 2 of the most fantastic people I had met in some time and made sure they knew that by giving the guy one more blow job before I departed.

I won’t soon forget those 2 and hopefully, we’ll decide to turn into a rest area somewhere again in the future.

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2011-06-12 12:55:20
Such a hornee story x x

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2010-12-24 17:25:14
After reading all your stories I have to say you have potential. You need to stop referring to his cum as a “reward” and you need to go into better details with the sex and blowjobs. You are a well writer but this could be better…..


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2010-11-17 22:20:38
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2010-09-10 01:01:40
I have to tell you, I have gotten more opportunities at rest stops than any other time I remember. Guys are ready more than not to get with it and you just need to let them know you want it me!!!

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