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Abby and her brother leave too many clues for Abby's new friend. A bit slower than the others.
It was Sunday. I woke up alone in my room kind of late and got out of bed, nearly 10. Abby must have been already awake. For almost two weeks, I had been forced to share my room with my 15 year old sister after hers was took heavy water damage in a storm. It had turned out to be an eventful time.

Mom was already gone to work for the day. As I went to the bathroom I realized I was again a free man. On Saturday I had become Abby's slave for the day after loosing a childish bet and a childish argument. Abby had not only made me do a school project for her, but had made me walk around naked all day except for a bowtie. She had teased dick with soft touches and kisses, and when she found me jerking myself, she made me show her porn while she masturbated. Finally, she had me give her a massage, which escalated into more.

As I went into my closet to get dressed, I thought again about how she made commanded me to kiss and lick her ass. I'd never had any fantasy about doing that before, but my arousal after a day of teasing and how much it turned her on had made it very hot. I hoped I'd get to try it again soon.

By the time I was ready to pick out clothes, I had a large hard-on. Being alone with her all day again boded well for me. I decided against anything restrictive, and simply grabbed a t-shirt and some loose fitting workout shorts. I went to find my sister with my dick making a good-sized tent in front of me.

I found her on the couch talking on the phone. "I'll see you in a bit," she said, and hung up the phone. "I'm glad you're up. My friend Izzy's going to come over for the day and we need to go pick her up." She jumped up and headed to my car. I was a bit put out. My hopes for the day were shot before they started. What's more, with someone else over with Abby all day, we'd have to hide any indication of what was happening between us. I sighed and followed her.

Abby had just started high school a couple of months ago, and was having a hard time adjusting. She'd fallen out with her old friends from middle school and had been pretty depressed about it. Within a week of her moving into my room, she'd finally made friends with Izzy. I knew having this friend was important to her, so I had to be supportive.

Abby had told me a bit about Izzy. She was new to the district and had similar trouble making new friends.

We reached her house and Abby ran to the door. As she and Izzy walked back to the car, I saw why they'd become friends. They could have been sisters, especially since they wore similar clothes. Izzy was just a bit shorter than Abby, but looked a bit more mature, with a fuller figure and rounder face. Some might have considered her slightly chubby had she not been so well proportioned. Both had pale, clear skin, though Izzy's seemed to somehow be a shade whiter even that Abby's. The most noticeable difference between them was their hair. Abby had long, wavy, fiery red hair while Izzy's was jet-black and cut fairly short. Izzy wore glasses with thick, black, rectangular frames with small lenses.

They got in the car and Abby introduced us. I could tell immediately that Izzy was every bit as shy as Abby was. No wonder it had taken them two months to become friends. It's a wonder either of them had started talking to the other in the first place.

We got home and went inside. Our two dogs rushed up to Izzy excitedly, sniffing her legs. I pushed them back, trying to get them off her.

"It's ok, I like dogs," Izzy said. She patted my German Shepherd, Willow, on the head. The dog took an immediate liking to her and started following her.

They headed to the couch to watch a movie. I headed into my room for a while to give them some space.

After killing some time, it was nearly lunchtime, so I headed back into the living room to check on them. I walked up next to the couch on the side near my sister. "How's it going?" I asked.

"We're doing ok," Abby said. She wrapped one arm around my legs and hugged me. "You need anything?"

"Nope, just checking on you."

"That's nice of you," said Izzy. "Are you two very close? I always wondered what it would be like to have a brother."

"Yeah, we're pretty close," Abby replied. "He's sweet and takes care of me. Just yesterday he helped me with my school project." Still hugging my legs with one arm, she turned and looked up at me, her nose almost brushing my dick through my shorts.

"That's cool, especially since you're about the same age," Izzy said.

Abby looked back to Izzy. "Yeah, he's just a year older than us."

"This is my favorite part," Izzy said, looking back at the movie. Izzy and Abby watched, and I stood there, my mind wondering again to the day before. I had stood in the same spot by the couch, and Abby had teasingly stroked and kissed at my dick for a few minutes until her show came on.

I was shot back to the present by Izzy's voice. "Do you like this movie?" I realized she was looking at me.

"Uh, I wasn't really paying attention," I said. "You girls want any lunch?"

"No thanks, we already had some popcorn," said Abby, pointing at the bowl.

"Alright. Enjoy the movie," I said. Izzy and Abby looked from me back to the TV. As I pulled back from Abby, I felt my dick rub the side of the head just a second, and realized I was sporting another large tent in my pants. Thinking about the day before had set off my hard-on again. I ducked into the kitchen as quickly as I could.

Had Izzy seen it? I wasn't sure. I'd become so used to being horny around Abby at home, I wasn't aware of myself doing it, even with company over. I was mortified at the possibly that Izzy might guess what Abby and I were doing. Izzy had talked to me and looked at me while I had it, surely she noticed it. And it was sitting there right next to my sister's face. I was almost in a panic, but tried to think reasonably. There are a hundred reasons a teenager might get a hard-on without it having to do with his sister. Even assuming she'd seen it, there's no reason to believe she'd even think it was related to Abby. I got some lunch and ate in the kitchen.

Soon their movie ended and Abby stuck her head into the kitchen. "We're going into your room for a bit. Is that ok?"

"Sure." After she left, I thought some more, and realized that might not be the best idea. My dick now as limp as it'd been in a week and a half, I practically ran to my room. They weren't there yet, and I heard them through the connecting bathroom in Abby's room. They walked through the bathroom into mine.

"That sure sucks about your room, Abby," Izzy said. "No wonder you needed some new clothes. Its nice of your brother to share his room for a while."

They saw me as they came in. "I just wanted to straighten up a bit for you."

"Don't worry about me," Izzy said. She sat down on my bed, Willow following behind her and sitting on the floor in front of her. "Have you been sleeping in that thing for two weeks?" Izzy asked me, pointing at the rolled up sleeping bag in the corner. I'd had a hard and uncomfortable night in it the first night when Abby came into my room. The next night, Abby had insisted I sleep in the bed, so we'd shared it, leading to our first encounter. Since then we'd shared the bed every night. The first week, I'd left the sleeping bag out for appearances, but since Mom never came into my room, after that I'd gotten lazy and left it rolled in the corner.

My heart raced as I looked at it. I'd dropped my backpack on it Friday after school, where it had sat ever since. It was another possible clue. Not thinking to answer her, my eyes darted across the room, trying to see anything else that could give us away. The bowtie Abby had made me where the day before was sitting out on my computer desk. The computer itself had lots of porn, including some pages that linked to brother/sister incest porn. Abby's pair of shorts she wore for pajamas laid on the floor, the crotch showing patches of white where her juices had soaked them.

Again I forced myself to stay calm. While to me all those things were reminders of what Abby and I had done, to anyone else they were just curious facts, dots Izzy wouldn't even know connected. I gathered myself enough to answer Izzy. "Yeah, it’s a little hard on the floor, but I've gotten used to it."

Then I realized another clue we may have left behind. Several times I'd cum hard in Abby's hands and had shot spurts wildly, not caring where they went at the time. I tried to look around nonchalantly while I straightened for any telltale spots of white in strange places. On my bed sheets, maybe 12 inches from Izzy, was I line of distinctive white spots. I looked at Abby with a bit of a scared expression, and her eyes followed mine to the spot. She walked over and sat on the bed next to Izzy, scrunching the sheets up to conceal it.

"It must be hard sharing a room together. Do you take turns getting ready in the morning?" Izzy asked.

Abby spoke before I could. "Usually, I get up first, take my stuff and get ready in the bathroom so he can get ready in here." I stupidly nodded in agreement, unnecessarily trying to reinforce her story.

"Still, it must be a bit awkward not having much privacy. Have either of you ever, um, walked in on the other naked?"

My mind shot back to the morning after the night I spent on the floor. I'd taken a shower and walked back into my room naked to get dressed, as I usually did. Abby had been in my closet getting ready herself, and was naked too. We'd stared at each other in a bit of shock, seeing each other naked for the first time since we were young. It was the first time I saw her soft tits, her round, firm ass, the bright red pubic hair and the outline of her pussy.

Abby again spoke first. "Uh, no. We're pretty careful to give each other some space." My eyes met with Abby's at that one, and she couldn't help but smile at me.

I decided we needed to change the subject. "So Izzy, you're new to the area?"

"Yeah, my dad and I moved in over the summer."

"How do you like it?"

"It was pretty hard, but I'm having more fun now that Abby and I are friends."

"So you just live with your dad?"

"Yeah, my mom died a couple of years ago."

"I'm sorry to hear that." That was a conversation killer, and for a moment we all just sat silently. I decided it was time for me to leave them alone. "I'm going to watch TV a while and get out of you girls' hair." I stepped out the door, but left it open a bit. Still worrying about what Izzy might know, I stood just outside and listened.

"So do you have to share the one computer, too?" asked Izzy.

"Yeah, mine was damaged in the flood, and I haven't gotten a new one yet," Abby answered.

"Have you found anything interesting on there?"

"Uh, what do you mean?" I could hear the tension in Abby's voice. I tried to come up with some excuse to go back in and interrupt them.

"Guys like to look at stuff on the Internet," Izzy said awkwardly.

"I wasn't really looking for anything like that," Abby said, trying to side step the issue.

"Have you ever had a real boyfriend?" Izzy asked.

"No. I've only been on a couple of dates, nothing that was serious. I didn't like them."

"Same with me. Most guys aren't as nice as your brother," Izzy said. They both seemed a little bummed, and again Izzy changed subjects. "Who needs a guy anyway. Have you ever looked at porn online?"

Standing in the hall away from the door, I could almost hear the two of the blushing as they talked. "A couple of times," Abby said shyly. She had indeed.

"I do sometimes. A lot of it is weird, but some of it turns me on." Both girls started giggling, trying to break the tension. "I really like ones where the girl gets eaten out. I imagine a guy doing it to me. How awesome would that be?" They giggled again.

After the last two weeks, Abby knew quite well what that was like. It had quickly become a favorite.

"I bet it's nice," Abby said. Her voice almost cracked when she said it. For a minute, they talked more softly, and I couldn't here. Izzy seemed to be prodding Abby a bit.

"Come on, tell me. I told you my favorite. What do you like looking at?" Izzy said.

"Well, there was one video I liked. The guy was lying naked on the bed with the girl on top of him, right in his face. He was eating her out while she was sucking on his dick. She sat up and pressed into his face and stroked his penis." This wasn't a video she'd seen, she was describing what we'd done the night before. "They orgasmed at the same time. His penis pulsed in her hand and shot off like a cannon, all over her." Abby paused a moment, apparently lost in thought.

"Sounds pretty fun," Izzy said.

"It was. Knowing how turned on he was the best part. He came so hard. His sperm felt so warm as it dribbled down." Abby stopped, catching herself. "I bet," she added, trying to cover. There was silence. I wished I could see the look on Izzy's face, I wish I could know what she was thinking. Had Abby given us away?

Abby quickly changed the subject to clothes, and both chattered on about that, their sex talk seemingly forgotten. After a few minutes of listening, I decided we were probably safe, and went into the living room.

A bit later, both girls came out. "We need a guy's opinion on Abby's new clothes," Izzy said.

Abby and Izzy had gone to the mall earlier in the week and bought some clothes. I followed them back into my room. I had little interest in fashion, but would play along for Abby's sake. Plus, it might give Abby a nonchalant opportunity to pose herself for me.

Abby went into the closet to change. I sat in the computer chair and Izzy on the bed, scratching Willow's head idly. The first outfit was dark jeans and a black blouse. It was pretty modest and I was pretty bored. "Looks great."

Abby changed into her next shirt. It was a tighter t-shirt, again in black, with some white large white prints across the front. "Uh, it fits you well."

"You need to do better than that," Izzy said. I tried to think of something better.

"The black really shows off your nice skin," I said. It was apparently good enough. A few more outfits followed, clearly showing Izzy's influence. I made similarly dull remarks. Finally, Abby seemed done and sat down with Izzy.

Izzy nudged Abby a bit, giggling. "Show him the last one."

Abby appeared tense. "I don't know if I should. That was just for fun."

"Come on, he can give you a guy's opinion" Izzy said. I was pretty curious now.

"But he's my brother." Whatever it was, I knew that wasn’t really the problem. She just didn’t want to show me with Izzy there.

"It's not a big deal. Besides, who else are you going to show it off for?"

Abby clearly wanted to show it to me, and Izzy's arguments were apparently good enough excuse to let her do it with Izzy there. Abby returned into the closet. As Izzy and I sat waiting, I looked over at Izzy. Her head down, she had a small smile on her face and was looking at me, but cast her eyes down when I looked. She looked like the cat who'd swallowed the canary. Her eyes moved up to the closet.

I realized the door was open and Abby was standing in front of me. She was wearing a black corset on her top, squeezing her breasts together. Her long, curly red hair fell over her shoulders, covering them. Below her exposed and flat belly was a garter belt with frills dangling down a few inches. The panties were black but partially see-through, and her red pubes were clearly visibly through it. The garter belt connected down her thighs to the black stockings that covered her shapely legs.

She posed a bit in it, turning around and bending slightly to show off her butt. Her white, round cheeks and crack stood out clearly through the panties.

"What do you think?" Izzy interjected.

If I had been thinking more clearly, I might have pretended to be uncomfortable at the sight and somewhat mad at the thought of my sister having that to show a boyfriend. As it was, I barely managed a "uh, it looks good on you." My mind was totally wrapped in the sight of Abby's body. I couldn't help but stare, and Abby was looking right back at me.

"I need to go the to bathroom," Izzy said somewhere through my haze. "I'll be back in a few minutes." As she went into the adjoining bathroom, I became aware that I was now alone with Abby. I stood and stepped to her. She leaned and whispered in my ear.

"I got this for you," she said. Our lips met in a kiss. With one hand I grabbed her ass and with the other started rubbing at her pussy through her panties. Her hand slid up my loose pant leg and grabbed my dick. She pulled it free from my pants and stroked me as we kissed.

We held it for just a moment, then quickly pulled ourselves apart, anticipating Izzy's return. In one quick motion I sat in my chair and tucked my dick back away, placing my hands so as to try to casually conceal it. I turned my attention nervously to the bathroom door.

My heart skipped a beat. The door wasn't quite closed all the way. No one forgets to do that in someone else’s house. Izzy pushed the door open, and came back in with the same coy look she had earlier. She hadn't even thought or bothered to flush before she came back in. She must have been watching us!

She tried to act though nothing was different, but quickly saw from the horrified, silent expressions on Abby and myself that we knew it was. Her smiled dropped away, and she seemed suddenly ashamed. "I'm sorry," she said so quietly I could barely hear her. I think if she hadn't needed us to drive her home, she'd have run out of the house right then. "I didn't mean to spy on you or trick you, I mean, I was just trying to see if you guys really were, I mean..." She was near tears.

I was terrified. This girl knew. There was no doubting it now. I was suddenly aware of how bad discovery could be. If she told anyone, Abby and I would be ostracized. We'd never be able to show our faces at school. And if Mom found out! She'd split us up, maybe even send one of us away to live somewhere else. It would crush us both.

Abby was near tears, too. "Please don't tell anyone," she begged Izzy.

"Of course not, I wouldn't, ever." We all sat and stared at each other. Even if she didn't, this could mean the end for Abby and me. This shock alone could break the spell that had been over us.

"I think we'd better take you home now," Abby told Izzy. It seemed this might also mean the end of their short friendship.

"Please, I'm sorry, Abby. I still want to be your friend."

"I don't know if that's possible. Whenever I look at you, I'll think of this."

"There has to be some way to make this better," Izzy pleaded. I could tell she was heartbroken herself. She had pushed too hard and had broken the one friendship she'd been able to make. She reminded me so much of Abby I couldn't help but feel sorry for her. Still, I didn't see any way to fix it.

"I'm sorry, Izzy, but even if you never tell, if you were still friends this would just seem like a gun pointed at Abby, waiting to go off," I said.

We sat silently a minute, then I stood up, ready to go.

"Wait!" Izzy said, standing up. "What if..." she hesitated, speaking softly. "What if you knew something like that about me? Then we'd be even again." She seemed genuinely desperate.

"I don't know," I said. "It would have to be something we'd know it was something that could ruin you as badly as this would us. And we'd have to know for sure it was true." It seemed unlikely Izzy had such a secret herself.

"There is something. I've been doing it at home for a while. If people found out about it, I could never show my face again." Izzy was torn between two possibilities that horrified her, and it showed. "Ever since I've started, I've worried that people would figure it out, that they'd somehow know. It scares me every day."

I thought a moment. "Alright," I said. "What is it?" Even if it couldn't restore their friendship, dirt on her might at least help ensure her silence.

"I'll have to show you, she said." I moved over next to Abby. Izzy sat down in the computer chair, placing her purse on the floor next to her. She put her hands on her pants as if to unbutton them, but hesitated. "I've never imagined doing this in front of anyone else before," she said. "It'll take me a minute before I really start." Abby and I sat down on the bed as Izzy undid her pants. She closed her eyes, took a deep and pulled them off with her panties.

For the first time really, I looked at Izzy's body. Her skin looked as smooth as Abby's, her face soft. With her short, black hair she reminded me a bit of Snow White. Still covered by her shirt, I could tell her tits were bigger than Abby's. Seeing her in her normal school clothes, I hadn't noticed, but in the t-shirt she was in today, she clearly had D-cups. She had a thin layer of fat on her belly but firm thighs. Though her waist was bigger than Abby's, so were her hips, making her body look more mature despite her face.

Between her legs her pubes were as black as the hair on her head. Even with the dark color, I could tell it was denser than Abby's. It was trimmed to a uniform, short length. From my experiences with Abby, Izzy seemed to be aroused already, as her pussy lips were wide open and glistening.

Until then, I had just seen Izzy as a competitor for Abby's time and little more. Seeing her suddenly part naked in front of me, I wasn't sure what I felt about her.

"I need to get ready a little first," Izzy told us. She started rubbing on her pussy, her eyes still closed. I still couldn't see where she was going, or what she thought was as damaging as incest. She continued rubbing on herself, her body relaxing some.

She stopped and opened her eyes, looking at us both, more ashamed than I could ever remember seeing Abby. "Please don't think I'm gross," Izzy said. She turned the chair away from us and bent down to her purse and fiddled there for a moment. She turned back towards us, leaned back and spread her legs again. I saw she had something smeared across all her fingers of her left hand and down nearly to her palm. It seemed gooey, and she held her hand up to keep it from running. She reached down and smeared some onto her pussy.

She reached her hand down, and I suddenly realized what she was doing. Surprised, I looked over at Abby next to me. Her eyes were wide open and staring at what was unfolding, and her hand gripped at the sheet.

Izzy's hand reached towards my dog Willow, who was interested. Even as Willow took a few licks of the stuff, I caught a whiff. It was the sweet smell of honey. Izzy drew Willow in between her legs with the honey on her hand and brought to her thigh, smearing some up to the top of her thigh. Willow's tongue lapped at the honey, following the trail up her leg until each lick ended on the edge of Izzy's pussy lips. Not hesitating a moment, Willow started licking straight up on the side of Izzy's pussy. When she'd cleaned it off, she moved to the other side. Izzy reached down and applied some more, this time deep between her fat pussy lips. She leaned back more and closed her eyes.

Willow tongue dove deep inside, looking for every last drip of honey. Izzy was breathing more heavily, and with her free hand was caressing her pussy around Willow's tongue. With two fingers, she slowly separated her lips, letting Willow in deeper and deeper. Pushing her aside for just a moment, Izzy lathered what was left of the honey into her pussy, and Willow dove back in. Continuing to spread herself apart, she took her other hand and started rubbing vigorously on her clit.

It took her just a minute more to cum. Her butt lifted slightly from the chair and she could barely keep herself from squeezing Willow's head between her thighs. Willow, completely undeterred, slurped rhythmically into her, her long, fat tongue nearly vanishing deep inside Izzy's pussy with each lick.

Settling back into her seat, Izzy released herself and gripped the arms of the chair, eyes still closed. Willow's tongue continued to lick at her, moving farther up to clean off what Izzy's hand had smeared on her clit. Izzy gripped the chair tighter and exhaling, thrust ever so slightly again.

Willow gradually lost steam and Izzy pulled her gently aside, closing her legs and sitting up. Abby and I just sat silently, still watching her. Blushing, she got up, grabbed her pants and went into the bathroom.

She came back in fully dressed and stood before us, as if awaiting judgment. "You do that at home, too?" I stammered.

"Yeah, I have a lab. I saw it on the Internet, and once I'd tried it it felt so good I just kept doing it. Every time a dog sniffs me, I'm just sure everyone will guess that its more interested than it should be. And I know every boy would think its gross. I've tried to stop, but every time I get real horny and do it again."

Izzy was near tears again, seeming to regret her decision to show us. None of us knew really what to do next. We'd all seen our more private secrets exposed, but nothing quite seemed to be broken. Abby finally broke the tension. She stood up and gave Izzy a hug. Izzy started crying and seemed to melt a bit in Abby's arms. Her tension seemed to slowly ooze from her. Abby looked inquisitively at me.

"I think everyone has secrets they keep from people who are too judgmental. If it feels right and no one gets hurt, I don't see how it can be so bad."

"So we're ok, then?" Izzy asked.

"I think so," I said.

We all went in and sat down on the couch. We spent an hour watching TV silently, processing and coming down from the adrenaline rush of what had happened. We left to take Izzy home before Mom got off work. As we dropped her off, I wondered if Abby and Izzy could still be friends. I found myself hoping they would.

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