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Abby and her brother face what could be the end.
I stripped off my clothes. I adjusted the water temperature in the shower for no real reason than that I was a bit apprehensive, then checked to make sure that the doors to the hall and Abby's empty room were locked. I slowly opened the door to my room and looked inside.

It was Friday night, bedtime. Another week was over. Abby sat on the edge of my bed in her pajamas, brushing her long, curly red hair slowly. She looked at me standing naked, my dick a beam shooting straight from my body. At this point, it only took the simple thought of my sister to make it hard. Abby gave me a small smile and kept brushing her hair.

I climbed into the bed behind and slid my legs under the sheets, my body and dick facing her back. I touched her lower back as she kept brushing. I was a little antsy, since we only had about 20 minutes together.

It had been nearly a month since Abby had moved into my room temporarily. For the last two weeks, Mom had made me sleep on the couch to give Abby more privacy, clueless about what we had actually been doing. Since Mom would sometimes check around the house late at night, I hadn't tried to sneak back into my bed with Abby, giving my sister and I little opportunities to be alone together since. It had been a week since our last one, when we were aided in getting alone time by Abby's friend Izzy, who had discovered and kept our secret.

On Thursday, the carpet people had come and put new carpet in Abby's room. All the water damage had been repaired, and once we moved her stuff back in on Saturday, she could move back in there. This would be her last night in my room. Not wanting to miss another chance, I'd come up with the idea of telling Mom I was taking a shower and sneaking into here with Abby after she'd gone to bed. I kicked myself for not thinking of it earlier. So many missed chances.

Abby hadn't really been herself this week, or at least she hadn't been the relaxed and playful Abby I'd come to know the last month. She was quieter, more distant.

"You alright, Abby?"

She turned to look at me. "Yeah." She obviously wasn't, but I wasn't going to pry right now. She put her brush down, clicked off the light and laid down on her back beside me. Our lips came together in a kiss, and I caressed her belly. As our kissing became deeper, I slid my hand up under her shirt to her breast. As I squeezed her, her hand moved to my thigh and gripped me. Her hand slid down to my dick and gripped it and she began stroking it.

Not wanting to fall behind, I slid my hand down her front and into her waistband, pushing past her hairs until they reached the soft flesh of her pussy. We stroked on each other, and I began pushing my finger into her hole. She wasn't as wet as she often was. In general she seemed a little more mechanical this time, without the sense of abandon that she usually exhibited. Maybe she just needed a little more time to relax and get into it. I figured this might be just what she needed to get out of her funk. I slid my finger in and out shallowly, giving her juices a chance to work up.

Raising her hips in the air slightly, she pulled her bottoms down and off and rolled onto her side, facing away from me. As she scooted back to me, she reached between her legs and grabbed my dick, squeezing it between her thighs and she nestled her butt into my pelvis and stomach. I pressed into her, feeling her firm, round butt cheeks spread slightly against me and my dick push between her thighs. I wrapped my lower arm around her under her head, allowing me to rest on that elbow and reach her breast. My other hand petted her pubes, and a pressed a finger between her squeezed thighs along her pussy. She opened her thighs and bit and stroked my dick as I slid my finger into her.

After just a moment, she pushed my arm back from her with her elbow and wiggled her ass down my pelvis slightly, pressing the length of my dick along her pussy. She again squeezed her thighs together and started rotating her hips, grinding herself along my shaft. I could feel her pussy lips wrap a little ways around me, now much wetter, with my head against her clit, her fingers pressing it in harder. She slid her pussy along my length, her ass rubbing against my stomach. With my free hand I grabbed her hip, steadying her and pressing her harder against me.

Slowing the pace, she rotated her hips forward a bit more. With careful control, she let my head press between her pussy lips. Each firm rock of her pelvis brought my dick farther between her lips, until I felt the pressure of her pelvic bone vanish into softness. The head of dick was now right at the entrance of my sister's vagina, dipping ever so slightly into it.

My body desperately wanted to just thrust, pressing my whole dick into her in one move, but instead I completely froze, finding myself unwilling to take that step yet. Despite everything we'd done together, the idea of actually fucking Abby had never seemed possible. I never figured Abby would be willing, and though I'd never even really thought about it consciously, the possibility of impregnating my sister terrified me. Even so, at that moment I knew that if she pushed my dick inside her, I couldn't stop myself.

Abby held me there a moment, holding the tip of my dick ever so slightly inside her. Suddenly, she opened her thighs, pulled herself off me and rolled onto her back next to me. Both of us seemed in a state of slight shock, and we lay there stiffly a minute, saying nothing. Finally, she grabbed me and hugged me tightly.

"What is it?" I asked her.

"I'm sorry, its just..." She trailed off. Was she upset about what had just nearly happened? Though I had never had pushed her or even suggested it, had she somehow felt pressured or obligated to go that far, but couldn't?

"It's okay, Abby. I never wanted to make you feel-"

Abby cut me off. "Its just, how long can we do this?" Her voice was a frantic whisper. "We can't keep this up forever, always pretending to everyone else. We'd never be able to lead a normal life."

"Oh," was all I managed. So that's why she was upset.

"We're supposed to graduate, move out of here, go to college, get jobs, have families. How I do any of that if I just want to be with you? Our whole lives would be a sham. We'll have to stop sometime. And being so close to you has just so... amazing... that I know the longer we keep going, the harder it will be to ever stop."

I didn't respond, didn't know how to. I didn't want to stop, but I knew somewhere deep down that she was right. Being with as close with Abby as I was now, not just sexually but emotionally, had become so important to me, I knew that I'd never want to give it up. But how could we live normal lives apart from each other, always hiding our true selves from everyone?

We both sat up on the bed next to each other. I think Abby knew what I was feeling. She hugged me again, and we held each other tightly.

"Tomorrow I'm going back to my own room. This may be time to let this go. Let it be just a weird thing that happened during that weird time I shared your room, and maybe we can both get over it."

I wanted to disagree, but had no arguments. I knew she was right. We simply held each other, saying nothing, and savoring what may be our last moments together the way we were.

It had been nearly 30 minutes since I started my shower, much longer than my usual. I somehow managed to pull myself from her and went into the bathroom. I stopped at the door and looked back at her pale skin in the dim light that came from the bathroom. Her breasts were still covered in her thin camisole, her nipples erect. Her legs were closed but even in the dim light her red pubic hair seemed to blaze. She looked sadder than I'd ever seen her. I forced the images from my head and closed the door behind me.

I slept poorly that night on the couch, thinking about her constantly. How hard it would be to see her everyday, pretend I didn't feel the way I knew I would. Every time I saw her in pajamas, every time she sat by the side of the couch, every time she would look at me with sadness in her eyes, and I'd know she remembered it, too... it would be hell. I couldn't even imagine her dating someone else, let alone marrying...

Somehow I managed to fall asleep. They let me sleep in until about 10 before waking me to help with Abby's room. We pulled the furniture in from the garage and brought her stuff out of my room. Trying to act normal while moving Abby back was the hardest thing I'd ever done. We had all the main things set up by evening. I went alone to pick up Izzy to bring her over for dinner with us.

"So, you get Abby's room set up again," Izzy asked after getting in my car.


"What's wrong?"

"Abby and I have decided to, uh, stop."

"Stop what?"


"What? Why?" I explained our reasons.

Her reaction surprised me. I expected Izzy to be saddened for us, but instead she seemed genuinely angry.

"What does it matter to you?"

"You guys were awesome together!" It's what she'd said about us the week before, when she'd watched and even given us instructions when Abby and I gave each other oral sex.

I started to get mad back at her. Were we just playthings to her, then? Was she just upset that her show was ending so soon? She didn't even have the decency to pretend to care about her friend's broken feelings. I fumed at her until we got home, but didn't feel like bothering to say any of it. If she was that shallow, then I could just be done with her, now, too.

We got home and went inside. Around Mom, Izzy's demeanor changed suddenly, and she acted perfectly content as she said she'd already eaten, and would just go check out Abby's room until we were done. I could tell she was still mad as she went in there.

After dinner, Abby went into her room with Izzy. Not wanting to be with either of them right then, I went into my bedroom and locked both doors. It was again my own personal fortress, and I wouldn't let anyone in there again.

I came out around 10 to let the dogs in. Mom was just heading to bed herself and told me to take Izzy home. I walked stiffly into Abby's room. Abby was on her bed and Izzy was sitting on the floor. Both seemed dour. Abby had clearly been telling Izzy all about it.

"Come on, its time to go home," I told Izzy coldly.

Izzy didn't budge from her seat on the floor. "Come in here a minute and close the door," she said.

"Its time to go-" I started to repeat.

"I'm not getting up until you come in here and close the door."

I wanted to just grab her and drag her out, but knew that was a bad idea. Angry, I went in and shut the door behind me, intent on ignoring anything she said and just getting her out of there.

Izzy calmed herself a bit and took a deep breath. "My mom died in a car wreck almost 3 years ago. What I remember most about her is how much she and Dad loved each other. It wasn't until she was gone that I realized how special it was. They lived for each other. I've looked around at couples on TV, grown-ups in real life, and I've never seen any couple that accepted and supported each other like they had until I met you two.

"When my Mom died, it broke my Dad. Since then, he's worked harder, made lots of friends, we've moved to a bigger house, gotten a better car, lived a life like everyone thinks he should, but the whole time I could see he wasn't the same. None of it mattered to him, not really. I know he loves me, but I could never fill that void.

"What I've learned is that if I ever find something like that, like what you have, I'm not going to give it up. I think its better to build a life around one thing that really matters to you, no matter how hard, than around a thousand things that don't." Her voice had gone soft, the anger gone, as she poured out her heart. We all sat in silence. She got up. "Alright, I'm ready to go home now."

When I dropped her off, I apologized for being short with her. I'd clearly misread her anger.

"It's okay. Do you think what I said will make a difference?"

"I don't know," I answered.

I drove home, and thought about what my future would be without Abby. I'd had only one real girlfriend before her, and it'd been nothing like what I had with Abby. I couldn't imagine feeling the same way about anyone else. Izzy was right; I'd spend the rest of life trying to forget, going through the motions of everything else. As I went back into our quiet house, I knew what my heart wanted.

I pushed the door to Abby's room open slowly. She was still sitting on her bed where she'd been. "Hey," I said.

"Hey, she said back solemnly. I closed the door and sat down beside her. "I just don't know what to think. It just seems so impossible, but I think..." She sighed and stared at the floor. I put my arm around her shoulder and held her. She looked up at me. "Do you love me?"

Despite what I wanted, I didn't dare do anything that would push her towards a decision she wasn't comfortable with and might regret. Still, I had to tell her what I felt. "You're my sister, Abby. I've always loved you, and always will, in a way I'll never love anyone else. And now..."

Suddenly, Abby kissed me. Her lips pressed hard into mine, as she seemed to try to push all her feelings of fear and anxiety. After just a moment of surprise, I hugged her tighter and kissed back, and we sat with our lips pressed firmly and stiffly into each other.

We gradually softened, kissing at each other's lips, and her tongue pressed into my mouth. It was the most passionate kiss I've ever had.

She finally pulled back from me and we stared in each other's eyes. Abby yanked her pants and panties off. Spreading her legs, she leaned back on her bed. She put her hand on my head, and gently guided it downward towards her crotch. "Kiss me," she said simply.

Our eyes still locked, I got onto my knees on the floor in front of her. Licking my lips, I leaned right into her and placed a firm, wet kiss right in the middle of her pussy. Our gaze finally broke as she closed her eyes and leaned her head back, feeling my lips caress her moist flesh.

Abby was as aroused as I'd ever seen her. Her pussy was covered in moisture, it lips visibly swollen. For the first time her smaller inner lips poked up above the outer ones, laying slightly on the inner edge of her red fuzz. Her lips were spread far apart, and I could see the darkness of her vagina inside. I dove my tongue into it.

Abby grabbed the back of my head with one hard and pressed me into her, clenching her butt. She was trembling. I slid my tongue in and out of her as deeply as possible, letting her juices ooze into my mouth.

Abby pulled me back from her head. "Take off your clothes." I stood up and complied, stripping as quickly as I could. Abby rose from the bed and pulled off her shirt and bra. Grabbing my shoulders, she twisted me around. "Lay down," she said.

I lay down on her bed, Abby wasting no time in climbing on top of me, straddling me. She laid herself down on top of me, breasts pressing into my chest, her mouth by my ear. I took a deep breath, smelling the lavender scent in her room mixing with the sweet smell of her juices still on my mouth. My dick lay against my stomach, and Abby lowered her hips onto me, again pressing her pussy onto the length of my shaft.

Rising just a bit, she slid her hand between us and grabbed my dick. She slid my head all around her pussy, our mutual moisture making everything smooth and slick. She again brought the head of my dick to the opening of her vagina, pressing my tip ever so slightly into her and pausing, as she'd done the night before. I was practically holding my breath.

She pressed the head of my dick into her hole. My butt clench and I gasped; surprised I didn't cum right then. She slid me my head in and out of her in slow motions. I found my hips rising slightly to meet each one.

Holding my dick tightly in her hand, she pressed me into her further. My dick could barely squeeze into her, and she gasped, pulling back just a moment. Slowly, timidly, but steadily, she slid deeper onto my dick, letting her vagina stretch around me. She pulled her hand back up to get it out of the way, and slowly slid down me, until her pelvis reached mine. Spreading her legs as far apart as she could, she let her full weight press into me, pushing my dick as far inside of her as she could. I grabbed her by her hips and butt cheeks, holding her onto me tightly. We lay motionless a minute, breathing and feeling. She was so tight, yet so warm and wet, simultaneously pressing against every square inch of my dick. At that moment, nothing existed except for her pussy and my penis.

She slid back off of me partway, every movement still slow and careful. "Go slow," she whispered in my ear.

Slowly, I pushed my dick a little deeper inside her again. I moved slowly and shallowly, not pressing all the way in again yet and not pulling out. With each push, she stretched a little more to accommodate me, and the movements became slicker. I sped up slightly, letting my dick move farther back each time, until I was almost pulling out of her after each thrust. I pulled back slowly until just the head of my dick still hovered in her hole and held her there, enjoying the anticipation. She was quivering.

I forcefully thrust into her, pressing my dick as deeply as I could get it. Abby gasped breathlessly. Lost in my arousal, I began thrusting into her harder and faster. I held her hips tightly and pushed her into me with each thrust, pulling back each time to let myself slide along her a little more. She again spread her legs, pushing herself into me with all her weight.

Our pace increased quickly. She was moaning with each of her quick, shallow exhalations as she bounced on top of me. We quickly approached climax.

"I'm going to cum," I managed to say in heavy breath. I tried to lift her up and pull out of her.

Instead, she wrapped her arms under my shoulders and thrust down onto me with all her might, easily overcoming my weakened hands, her body starting to pulse with orgasm. This last, deep thrust into her easily made me cum with her. Giving up any resistance, I grabbed her ass and pulled her into me, both of us just pressing and holding onto each other as hard as we could. My dick jumped inside her with pulse after pulse, squirting my cum out. Her butt and thighs clenched rhythmically and her vagina squeezed my dick, seeming to try to milk every last drop of cum out of me.

I came down from my orgasm first, and continued pressing into her and holding her tightly until she was done. Totally spent, we just laid there together with my dick still in her pussy, letting all the emotions from our roller-coaster last couple of days just fade away.

When she finally dismounted me, my dick was almost back to its normal size, only slightly still erect, and damp from tip to base. She collapsed next to me on the bed and cuddled up to my side.

Rationality slowly returned, and I found myself tense. "I'm not so sure that was a good idea. I mean, what if you..."

To my surprise, Abby smiled at me. Crawling over to her nightstand, she dug into it until she pulled out a small silver sheet and showed it to me. It had four rows of punch-out pills, the first row already gone. "Izzy gave me these last week. She has a whole bunch of them." I was elated, and all signs of tension vanished. Abby cuddled back into again. The world suddenly seemed like a great place once more.

"I guess we've made up our minds, then?" I said.

She kissed my cheek. "I love you so much, brother. I never want to be apart from you."

We lay there until I was nearly asleep. I finally got up, collected my clothes and headed for my room through the adjoining bathroom. As I entered, Abby called after me.

"Don't lock your door. You're still going to be sharing your room with me."


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Izzy had a dildo. Does everything need to be explained? lots of ways girls lose their hymen.

i also would have liked this story to continue. but there are many reasons why stories don't continue. I continued a series that I liked following my o

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