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Chapter 1
Alyssa was a something of a good girl. She was considered to be shy, although she was very smart and quite articulate in certain settings. She could talk your head off about exotic animals, third world countries, the stock market, colonialism in Africa, or politics; but, she had to like you first. She wasn’t willing to put herself out there to just anybody, she had to accept you. Like all girls who excelled in the classroom, she had a thirst for knowledge that allowed her to ravish books, documentaries, and insightful conversations. Due to her shy nature and bookish ways, she hadn’t been exceedingly popular in high school. She was good looking back then, but she wasn’t hot like the head cheerleader or seductively sexy like the school slut. She was just good looking. The school yearbook showed a girl with dark blonde hair, a petite face that hinted at potential beauty, but still needed some time to realize that potential, a slim and relatively elegant neck, a model-like collar bone and upper chest and lightly tan skin. She was nothing exceptional, just good looking.
She came from a modest home, with both parents employed during the day, two younger siblings to embrace and then torment, and a neighborhood of kids to play with. Her life was “normal.” She played with dolls and read books, at a young age she exhibited the intelligence and curiosity that would mark her academic life. Once, as a young girl, probably around age ten, she had even played “doctor” with a neighborhood boy. She could still recall the details, somewhat to her shame. She was curious and she convinced him to take off his clothes so she could see if he was any different. She was surprised by what she found. She had played with his “thingy”, looking it over, touching it, smelling it, even licking it. The boy had seemed to enjoy the last part, but she did not continue. Then she showed him her “hoohoo” and told him to explore it. While lying on the floor, her shorts around her ankles, he had touched her, smelled her and licked her. She definitely liked the last part, but did not want to give this boy the satisfaction of seeing her pleasure. So, she pretended to hear somebody coming and hurried up to pull her shorts back on. This was the last time she would play “doctor.”
Alyssa experimented a bit and found that if she was not feeling well she could sometimes make herself feel better by touching her “hoohoo”. She did not really understand what caused her to feel better, but she did know that if she rubbed it just right she would feel a lot better. Sometime shortly after her role as Dr. Alyssa, she had a bad dream. She woke up afraid and upset and after awhile she tried rubbing herself in her panties, to make herself feel better. This did not work and so she went to seek the counsel of her parents. As she walked down the hall toward their door she heard some odd noises. Her mother was moaning and kept repeating, “Oh God!” Initially afraid, Alyssa held back, but eventually she worked up the courage to walk the rest of the way down the hall. The door was slightly ajar and she could just barely see her parents on their bed. Her mother was lying down and her father was on top of her. He was moving up and down and his movement seemed to cause her mother’s cries. Her father, John, was a slight statured man, 5’9” and wiry, with dark brown hair like Alyssa’s and a tan complexion. He was an average looking man, not going to win a job as a model, but likely to get his choice of at least a couple women should he find himself in a bar at last call. Pressing open the door a bit, Alyssa could see most of his body in the glow from the two bedside lamps. His sinewy muscles were well defined, especially the ones in his arms, propping him up above his wife below. His back was well sculpted from his work as a carpenter, defined and chiseled. His butt was tensed and his legs were tight with effort. He looked like some sort of sweaty man that she might see running at the beach. She did not know what to do. Then, as she peered closer she saw that his “thingy” looked like it was going into her mother’s “hoohoo”. He was going very fast and her mother’s grunts, groans, and moans seemed to accompany the thrusting of her father. Her mother was flailing her arms around and her legs would jump up from the bed to wrap around her father’s body then return to their prone position. Alyssa was kind of afraid but slightly entranced by it all. Suddenly her father stopped his downward assault on his wife and sat up. Alyssa could see his “thingy” glistening with moisture and pointing straight at her mother. Was he hurting her? Why was it so much bigger compared to the boys “thingy?” Her father’s “thingy” was probably five inches long and it didn’t look very thick, but it sure was a lot bigger than the “thingy” she had seen in her turn playing doctor.
Alyssa didn’t understand what was going on, but she also couldn’t bring herself to leave. She peered in as her mother sat up and began to suck on her father’s “thingy.” Alyssa thought to herself, well maybe this is a good thing, since mom seems to like it, but I sure wish I knew what was going on here. Just then her mother spoke, “Oh I love your sexy dick John! It tastes so good and I love to suck my pussy juices off of it!” She resumed sucking on his dick. John was groaning and gently running his fingers through her hair. He really seemed to enjoy having his dick sucked. He affirmed this notion by sighing and saying, “Karen, you are the best dick sucker in the whole world. You’re amazing!” Alyssa’s mind was swimming with thoughts. It seemed that sucking one a man’s dick was an ok thing to do if you were in bed together. You could even let him stick his dick in your pussy if you wanted. But how do you know if he’s the right guy? Are all dicks the same when you get older? Does it go inside of her hole or just get rubbed along her lips, like she sometimes did with her finger? How does it fit inside of your pussy if that’s where it goes? All of these thoughts and more were running through her head when she was startled by a noise. She looked up to see her mother had sat up and pushed her father back down onto the bed.
“I’m going to ride your sexy dick until you come for me. I want you to shoot a nice big load in me, ok sexy man?” said Karen. John only mumbled a reply. Alyssa watched closely as her mother hunched above John’s hips, grabbed hold of his dick, and slowly sat down on it. Karen was a skinny woman. She had the build of an endurance runner, with a little more curves. She was 5’7” with blonde hair and milky white skin. She enjoyed being outdoors and her physique showed it. She had perky A cups that had gotten a little bigger since she had children. Her body was muscular and her legs were long. She had a small little butt, not really noticeable unless she wore a tight waisted dress or skirt. Her hips looked like they had barely been made for child bearing and she had undergone a C-section birth with every one of her children. She was pretty to some, average to most, but beautiful to John. Her slight frame was custom made for his dick and he couldn’t think of a time when it hadn’t been a tight fit for him inside her. Tonight was no different, as she lowered herself onto his dick, which was the biggest she’d ever seen in her limited sexual adventures, she let out a moan and slowed herself to allow her pussy walls to accommodate his dick.
Alyssa watched as her mother sad all the way down on her father, let out a sigh, paused for a moment then started to bounce up and down on him. Her mother was really enjoying this. It was fascinating. She was no longer afraid for her mother, but was still afraid of being caught, so she remained as quiet as possible. She watched in awe as her mother bounced up and down on her father’s dick, moaning and grunting. After a couple minutes of this Karen hunched down, kissed John and feverishly pumped her hips up and down. Alyssa noticed a squishing sound as her parents bodies slapped together and then she saw her mother’s body tense up as she pulled away from John’s dick. Suddenly her mother gave a hushed shout and Alyssa saw something squirt out from between her mother’s legs. It looked like her mother had peed herself, but Karen was obviously enjoying this, not ashamed to have wet herself. Her body shook as three squirts of the fluid escaped her and her moans slowly silenced as she collapsed back onto John. Alyssa had seen enough. She stepped away from the door, careful to not make a sound and scampered back to her room. She jumped into the bed and spent the next hour trying to figure out what had happened. She had so many questions, but she wasn’t going to ask her parents or they would know that she was spying on them. She had to figure this out on her own. A sexual curiosity had been awakened in you Alyssa and she would be preoccupied by it for a couple days at most. However, as with most young children, the world is such a big place and there are so many things to learn that Alyssa eventually gave up trying to explain or figure out that night as it slowly faded from her immediate conscience. One day she would figure out what her parents were doing, but it wouldn’t be anytime soon.
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