First off, this is my first story so please try to have constructive comments. This story is also being written from an itouch so if there are any odd mistakes, there's your explanation. I'm going to start off by introducing all the people that will be in this story. Thanks and enjoy!

[We were headed for Las Vegas by bus in a few minutes for a two week basketball competition.]

Hi! My name is Jack and I'm 13 years old. I'm pretty tall for my age at 5ft 8" and my favorite sport is basketball. I guess I'm pretty well built. My dick, uncut, is probably 3.5" when soft, and 6.5" when hard but I shave which makes it look bigger. 

Timothy, my best friend, is only 12 but he's one sexy kid. He's 5ft 5" and pale. He's not exactly albino, but he's not tanned either. I haven't seen his dick yet, but I hope to on this trip. (Did I forget to mention I'm bi-sexual and have a crush on Timothy? He doesn't know though...) he's currently asleep next to me because it's 5 AM and we're waiting on the last people to get on the bus. 

We're sitting at the back of the bus, so there are 4 spots. Timothy has the window on the right, I'm next to him, and we're waiting on Will and his brother Liam.

Will is another great friend. He's 13 years old, great tan, nice muscles, and, like Timothy, I haven't seen his dick yet. His brother, Liam, is the cutest 11 year old in the world. We get along so well that he's like a little brother to me. We practice bball on weekends together, play videogames, and well he pretty much looks up to me as a role model. 

Finally! Here comes Will and his brother. Liam hands his stuff over to his brother and walks over to the back.  We say goodmorning, and wait for Will. Once Will reaches us, he leans over and says, "Liam was talking about you all night... You're like his super hero!" 

I smiled and looked at Liam, who had already found a comfortable spot on my arm to lay on. Just staring at this kid made my dick twitch... I NEED to see what's hiding under those tight briefs...

I listened to music, played some games with Will, and decided to get a little rest before we got to Vegas. I plugged in my earphones, shit my eyes, and slowly eased my head onto Timothy's shoulder. I could smell his hair, feel him breathing. I had to casually put my hands over my crotch to cover my raging boner.

A few hours later, I woke up finding Will and Liam playing Tap Tap Revenge on Will's itouch. Timothy was wide awake, starring out the window. I noticed everyone was up in the bus, chatting and laughing, playing games,... I talked a little with Timothy and asked, "How far are we?"

"Ummm Coach said we're stopping for gas, in the meantime we can go use the restroom or get a drink... When we're done we probably have about 1 hour of driving till we get to the hotel..."

"Ok, cool! Sleep well?"

"Yeah I did, thanks" said Timothy with a smile on his face.

We got to the gas station and all got out of the bus to stretch. I went to the restroom followed by Liam and a few other boys of the team. I perpusely took the urinal next to Liam to try to get a glance of his cute little cock. I glanced over as casually as I could and saw a good-looking, hairless, 2" flaccid dick. My mouth was dying to have it gliding in and out of it!

We washed up and got back in the bus, fully refreshed, and I was horny as hell. I kept closing my eyes, remembering what I had seen at the ga station. I looked at Liam and smiled, he smiled back and put his hand on my hand. I sat there, pretending nothing was happening, hoping he'd never move his hand away. 5 minutes later, the bus stopped in front of a HUGE hotel. I looked at Timothy as we both said in unison, "This is going to be awesome."

We were each assigned to a room for 3. There was 1 king sized bed which we'd all have to share. Now as if by coincidence, I was paired with Timothy and Liam. I was getting hornier and hornier by the minute. We were told the rules which were:

1. Stay inside the hotel at ALL times.
2. Lights out at 10 pm 
3. Everyone goes to practice at 10 am
4. We have a basketball match every other day.

We went up to our room, unpacked, and watched a "paperview" movie. We went down for dinner and Will came to say, "Hey Jack do me a favor, take care of Liam for me. It's his first time away from home and he might get a little scared" 

I nodded and looked at Liam stuff a hotdog in his mouth,

"Looks like he's having fun to me!" I said smiling.

We got back to the room around 9 and took our showers. Once we got ready for bed, I noticed it would be burning in the room so I suggested, "Hey guys why don't we sleep in our underwear? It's going to be awfully hot..."

I was hoping they'd both say yes, which they did. I got in bed with Liam on my left and Timothy on my right. Liam cuddled up to me and wrapped his arm aroun my arm. My dick was getting rock hard because of this contact. I wrapped my own arm around his waist, slowly sliding my arm down to his dick. I finally reached a 4" rock hard dick. He smiled at me and kissed me right on the lips. 

I slowly took his hand and layed it on my dick, hoping he'd get the idea of what he was supposed to do. To my astonishement, he tugged at my boxer-briefs trying to get them off. I checked if Timothy was awake but he wasn't. He was fast asleep facing the other way.

I lifted up my butt and slid my boxer-briefs down. He grabbed my dick and started slowly jerking me off. I sighed in delight as his small, soft hands slid up and down my dick. He kissed me again, lifted up the blanket, and slid down lower. I tried to see what he was doing but it was too dark. All of a sudden, I felt my dick slide into a moist cavern. Liam was giving me my first blow-job! I could've blown my load right then but I held it. I let him suck on it a little more and then tapped him on the head. He looked up as I whispered, "My turn..." 

He gave me a wicked smile and got up. I lowered my head, smelling his boy stench. His stench was my drug. Before I knew it, I was licking his balls like of there wasn't any tomorrow. In one swift movement, I engulfed his tiny prick into my mouth. He moaned with pleasure. Before I knew it, he started shaking uncontrolably. He was having a dry orgasm.

I heard moaning coming from my right. I turned around just to find that Timothy had blown his load all over his chest. We stared, feeling embarassed but so horny.

I'll write a Part.2 if you like this! Sorry for any mistakes! Second part will have more sex scenes! Thanks for reading!

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