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Yes, I know it’s far fetched, even impossible, if you want to be technical then I don’t recommend this story for you. I hope you enjoy it anyway.
Yes, I know it’s far fetched, even impossible, if you want to be technical then I don’t recommend this story for you.


Fallon wished she could go back in time and listen to the doctors as they explained to her parents what had happened after the accident. Never really told her, and when she’d looked at the medical reports and results for exams the doctor lingo confused her. And since her regular doctor was too smart for his own good, the babbling that came out of his mouth was worse than the stuff on paper.

So, she had to live with it. The only thing she was able to wrap her head around was that her nerves had been damaged, or something along those lines.

Not fair.

She was born this way. That was the only thing the test results had proven. A rare case, the experts called her.

So, she lived with it.

Fallon had managed to get a job at a coffee shop, she explained her condition to her employer, and he accepted it, and tested it out to see if she was telling the truth. She resented him for it, but who wouldn’t be curious.

Her coworkers quickly found out too, and she lived with it. Fine. Only problem was when Sean, her obnoxious coworker, decided to play games with her. She’d filed several complaints, but he couldn’t get fired, he was her boss’s son.


Sean handed her the steaming cups of coffee, when she turned around he let his fingers slide along her back, she bit her lip, hard, to hold back her moan.

“Stop it,” she mumbled, taking the coffee to the table of waiting businessmen. When she went back into the kitchen he was waiting.

“Awe, c’mon Fallon, I’m just havin’ some fun.” He gave her a devilish smile.

“It’s far from funny, Sean. It’s serious. It’s not my fault. And you don’t turn me on.”

“Really? Okay then, if you say so.”

He took a step toward her. She took one back. He had her backed into one of the counters, she couldn’t move. He gripped her arm, her eyes rolled back into her head a little bit and a small moan escaped her lips. “What don’t I do?” he asked, keeping her wrist.

“Fuck,” she breathed. He rubbed the inside of her wrist, she felt like she might explode.

She was starting to slide down the front of the counter, sinking to the floor. He crouched down in front of her. “I wonder what kissing would do to you, LiveWire.” He brushed the tips of his fingers across her lips, they parted under his touch. She was breathing heavily.

Mr. Stevens came into the kitchen just then. He took in the scene and understood. “Sean!” he barked. “Quit toying with my waitress, there are customers out there!”

Sean let go of Fallon, straightening up. “Sure, sure.”

Fallon took steady breaths to calm herself. When she could finally stand she rushed out of the kitchen to serve the new customers before Sean could continue torturing her. Her pussy was dripping, her panties were soaked.

It wasn’t her fault she had an overactive nervous system. And, after puberty, every touch drove her wild.

* * *

Fallon didn’t know how to get back at Sean for the months of his fooling around. She couldn’t. She’d just have to get a new job, not let her coworkers find out about her problem. Only tell her boss, just so he or she wouldn’t wonder what was wrong with her if she didn’t touch them.

* * *

Sean was determined to get her horny enough to have sex with him, to make her desperate for sex with him. He knew she‘d cave soon. After nearly ten months of working with her, he knew the best spots to drive her crazy. The insides of her wrists, her neck, her shoulders, her lips- maybe her entire mouth, but he hadn’t got to kiss her- her ankles, the back of her knees, her waist, her back. Then there were the more obvious spots, her butt, her tits. Once, he’d cornered her and groped her ass for about two minutes before she had an orgasm. What other woman could get so hot off that? He could only imagine how crazy she’d got if he got inside her. Overactive nerves or something he’d heard her say to another coworker, Cindy. It was amazing, a miracle. At least, it was to Sean. She didn’t seem to mind it rough either; he fantasized about her being one of those girls that had a thing for bondage or something.

He’d tried that out today, grabbing her wrist hard. She seemed about ready to fall over and cum right there. Okay, that was an exaggeration, but it didn’t matter. His experiment had proven successful, his hypothesis proven to be, most likely, true. He was gonna get her, gonna drive her crazy. Gonna get in her pants, one way or the other.

* * *

As soon as Fallon got home she masturbated. It didn’t take much- damn her nerves! - Just a thumb on her clit and one or two fingers in her pussy. She’d gone on for an hour, determined to make herself cum until she nearly couldn’t anymore. Better that than Sean being able to make her wild. She lost count of how many orgasms she had. And, when she’d decided to give up and get a tall glass of water, she wasn’t even that tired. Multiorgasmic to the tenth power.

She went to bed still wet. The cool sheets on her back and neck didn’t help calm her down.

When she woke up she was wet, her pussy was tense. She’d had a dirty dream; an unidentified man fucking her like his life depended on it.

She showered, making her wetter still. Finally, she gave up and decided she needed to cum. She already was dressed. She pulled off her pants and thong stilling on the edge of her bed, pinching and rubbing her clit. She thought about her dream and it wasn’t even a second later before she exploded into a powerful orgasm.

She cleaned herself up and put her bottoms back on.

It wasn’t even five thirty when she got there. Sean was wiping down the front counters. She could hear Cindy and Heidi in the kitchen gossiping.

“Hi Fallon,” Sean said with a taunting smile.

She glared at him, unwillingly stepping behind the counter so she could get to the kitchen. When she passed, he reached back to her and he goosed her. She let out an unwilling moan.

Fallon spun around, anger glazing her eyes, but he saw the underlying lust. He wanted her to be wet; he was determined to make her horny.

“What’s your problem?” she hissed at him.

“There’s no problem, I’ve got you figured out.”

She turned a pale shade of pink. “Touch me again, Sean, and so help me I’ll-” He slid closer to her. In the quickest second of her life, he grabbed both her wrists. She gasped and closed her eyes, he put his hands behind his neck and she was still too surprised to move. Then his hands moved down her back to her ass, kneading it. “Oh, God,” she moaned in his ear. His cock twitched. Her hands clasped behind his neck, not to hold him but in her pathetic attempt to hold in another moan.

“C’mon, girly,” he breathed in her ear, blowing into it.

She let out another low moan. He wanted to slip his hands under her pants and continue his teasing, but it was two minutes after five thirty and he saw one of the regular’s car pull up at the curb.

He gave her as another squeeze before ducking out from under her arms to click on the open sign. She gripped the counter, breathing heavily. Heidi came out form the back.

“He still messing with you?” she asked quietly.

Fallon only nodded, going to take the man’s order.

After work, Fallon decided to confront Sean, but with Heidi there for back up. He clicked off the closed sign and the last customer of the day left a tip on the table and departed.

“Sean,” she said in a confident tone. Her pussy was still wet from the morning and various other touches throughout the day. Her pussy was tense and she needed a quick fuck or chance to masturbate.

He looked up from the table he was wiping down. “Yeah?”

“Quite messing around with me. I mean it.”

Heidi was behind spying from the kitchen, ready to come intervene if Sean tried anything while Fallon was talking to him.

“I don’t understand,” he said simply.

“The hell you don’t! All day, all you seem to wanna do is play with me. I don’t enjoy it!”

“Your body says otherwise,” he snickered.

“It’s not funny!”

“You’re right,” he agreed. “There’s absolutely nothing funny about a woman with a soaking wet pussy. It’s not funny, it’s extremely sexy.”

Fallon didn’t know what to say, she wanted to retort, but he was moving toward her again. She glanced back at the kitchen door.

“Maybe I just want you, Fallon,” he whispered. “Want you bad.”

“The feeling’s not mutual,” she spat.

“Isn’t it? Think about it, Fallon. If you told some guy you were dating that little touches like that made you crazy, he wouldn’t touch you in an effort to be polite. You know how that is? You’re a hot chick; surely you’ve been on a date.”

“That’s not the point. I-”

“Long black hair, lightly tanned skin, mysterious dark eyes. You’re a tease. I’ve seen your nipples hard, I’ve made them hard. It’s sexy on your perky tits. C-cup, right?”


“And you’ve got an ass, Fallon. You’re a goddess. I’m just teasing the tease, that’s all.”

“Well stop! I don’t appreciate it.”

“But don’t you? C’mon, Fallon. I’m the first guy to defy you. Doesn’t some dark part of you want to be controlled? Maybe even taken advantage of?”

No, no, no! she thought. It wasn’t fair! Where’d he get that idea? Why’d he have to be right?! Damn him.

“You’re hesitating,” he pointed out.

“Shut your mouth, Sean.” She turned on her heel to go back to the kitchen and escape out the back door before.

He advanced quickly; he’d only bee a few paces away from her on the first place. He wrapped his arms around her, only of his hands moving straight to her crotch, feeling her up through the thin material.

“God,” she purred. “Get off of me.” It was a weak protest, barely audible as well.

“You’re soaked,” he whispered. “I can feel your wetness- your warmth- through this material.

“Stop it,” she breathed.

He smacked her ass, not hard though.

She breathed a sigh.

He brushed her hair out of the way and kissed her neck. She couldn’t help but moan.

Her hips moved back, pressing into the crotch of his pants where a bulge was growing.

That’s when he stopped, knowing that she wouldn’t.

“No,” she moaned. “God, please, no.”

“I thought you didn’t want me to touch you, Fallon,” he reminded her.

She turned around and grabbed the collar of his shirt in both her hands, pulling his face closer to hers. “Kiss me,” she breathed. She was so tense, she needed to do more than masturbate. She needed sex, hot wild sex. And she didn’t care if she got it from Sean or anybody else.

He cupped her face in his hands and their lips met. She was quick to open her mouth and moan, wrapping her arms around his neck. His lips parted as well and his tongue found hers.

“Don’t stop,” she instructed. “I- I want you to feel something.”

He sucked on her bottom lip, her eyes rolled back in her head. She took one of his hands and put it down the front of her pants, into her thong.

She pulled away to breath, he kissed her neck. “I’m gonna cum,” she moaned.

“I’m just kissing you,” he teased. He opened her lips with his first and ring finger than put one finger inside her, just barely penetrating her. “Cum for me baby,” he breathed.

Her lips found his again. “Make me.” He wanted to see if he could do it, just kiss her. She was incredibly tight, he left just his one finger in her so he could feel her orgasm. Their tongues danced and he soon learned that she liked it when he sucked her bottom or upper lip. He bit it then sucked it into his mouth. Her hips were rotating a little on his finger. He wanted her to cum that second, so he shoved his first finger in her tunnel too and pressed his thumb onto her clit.

“Sean!” she moaned, all but collapsing against him with she climaxed on his fingers.

He pulled his fingers out, her juices coating them, pooling in his cupped hand. He tasted her.

He grabbed her waist, she sighed, and set her on the counter. Their tongues tangled, she reached down and undid the button on his pants. They fell around his ankles and he kicked them aside.

“Be careful,” she panted. “I’m oversensitive.” She winked. “And multiorgasmic, tenfold.”

He smiled. “Even better than I imagined.”

“Kiss me,” she breathed.

As their lips met again, she grabbed his cock and put it at her entrance, sliding forward on the counter so he was about an inch inside her. Both of them moaned at the same time. He reached down to her snatch and pinched her clit.

“Of my God,” she moaned. “Do it now!” She attacked his lips for another moment. “Do it now, I can’t wait anymore!”

He disregarded her earlier warning about being careful and slammed into her. Her nails dug into the back of his neck. She started trembling, her pussy clenching around his cock. “I’m cumming!” she cried out. He kissed her neck, her moaning got louder. “Fuck me, Sean!”

She clung to him, pushing her shirt covered tits against him, he pulled almost all the way out then slammed back in, getting faster and faster with every stroke. She was moaning and screaming every dirty thing she could think of, he was close to climax when she went over again. He kneaded her tits when she leaned her head on his shoulder and panted like mad, coating his cock with more of her liquid.

“Stop,” she pleaded.

“Why?” he asked, pinching her hard nipples through the fabric.

“Because . . . I can’t.” Her pussy was still clenched tight around him. Wave after wave of bliss, it kept hitting her, wouldn’t stop. She wrapped her arms around his neck tight as her pussy kept clenching around him. One orgasm, right on top of the last. “I-I’m gonna…” Then she lost consciousness.

When she slumped against him he stopped. “Fallon,” he breathed. He stroked her cheek lightly. A few seconds later she blinked.

“I’m dizzy,” she whispered. He started to pull out. “No! Don’t, please. I need you. I-” she blushed and looked away from him.

“What is it baby?”

She glanced up at him, he grabbed her chin and made him look up at her. She tried to distracted him with a kiss. He kissed her back, probably twice as enthusiastically. When she pulled away for some air he looked at her expectantly. She turned a deeper pink. “I’m on the pill,” she mumbled. “I-” she said the next words quickly so they melted together “Iwantyoutocuminsideme.”

He smiled at her. “I’ve wanted you for such a long time,” he breathed.

She was still horny, he knew how to turn her on. “Fuck me,” she begged. “Fill me up.”

He started pounding her again. She tried her best not to cum and for about fifteen minutes she was successful. “God!” she cried. “I can’t take this!”

He pushed as far into her as he could go. He cock twitched in her and he lost control as she came on him again. He released, shot after shot coating her insides. She climaxed again.

When both of them had caught their breath, she looked at him. “Why’d I wait so long to do this?”

“Never waiting again,” he breathed.

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PmoIvv Good day! I do not see the conditions of using the information. May I copy the text from here on my site if you leave a link to this page?!...


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This does exist. Its called persistent sexual arousal syndrome. Look it up...


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a very good story! write more!

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Quite well written. Oddly topical, also, as I have an acquaintance with a similar...ailment. While I don't know the origin of her condition, if I was going to play armchair-physician I would guess her condition is more psychological than neurological.

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Though not in line with the theme: mind control, its very much ok. More please

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