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The start of the last night of camping
Part 18

Being a Sunday, and late in the day, anyway, the girls announced they had decided we would just hang out and enjoy our last evening together at the cabin. The girls, of course, wanted to go swimming at least one more time and Cassie asked if we could just go skinny dipping. Much as their mother and I liked the idea, we told them to put suits on, at least until we could determine if anyone else was around.

The girls quickly threw their bikinis on and ran down to the lake. Kelly and I grabbed our suits and followed as the girls started swimming around. We all congregated on the raft, laying out to catch some last minute sun before the long weekend came to a close. After looking around to be sure we had the lake to ourselves, Kelly removed her swimsuit and laid back down naked. Cassie and Sarah were quick to follow their mom's example and were quickly nude, themselves. I didn't make a move, but quickly found myself naked when Cassie and Sarah each grabbed a side of my swimsuit and pulled it down and off.

I feigned shock, then said, "None of us has sunscreen on. If we get sunburned, it will ruin our night."

Kelly responded saying, "Nothing is going to ruin tonight, if it means I have to go get a bottle of sunscreen."

"We're not going to be out here very long, Tom, and we should be swimming, anyway," added Cassie. With that said, she jumped in the water as Sarah climbed the ladder and went down the slide. Both girls seemed completely comfortable with their nudity, and I was perfectly happy to watch them playing in the water and on the raft without their swimsuits.

I sat there looking at the girls, and Kelly said, "You're getting totally spoiled, Tom. What are you going to do when we go home?"

I turned to look at her, enjoying her nudity as much as that of the girls, and answered, "I don't know. Spend more time at your house? Either that or start having sleepovers at my house. Of course, I'll be pretty worn out after this weekend. I've had more sex in the past few days than I've had at any other time in my life, even with you."

Kelly started laughing. "Is that a challenge?"

"No," I said, laughing at her response. "I'm just saying that with the three of you showering me with attention, I'll probably need a week to recover. But I'm okay with all the spoiling. The weekend isn't over."

Kelly rolled over to me and her mouth met mine in a deep kiss. "You're right about that," she said as she leaned back, "The weekend isn't over." She then got up and dove into the water with her daughters, encouraging me to follow. Since it was getting late, I dove into the water to spend a little more time splashing and playing with my three ladies. While there was plenty of innocent contact, today's swim was not the raw sexual encounter some of our other swims had been. We simply enjoyed our time and our nudity together.

Like me, the girls were also being spoiled. Their opportunities to swim naked, much less swim naked with their mom and me would be seriously limited in the near future, though I hoped this weekend would open up some options regarding the use of the pool they have in their backyard.

Eventually, the sun started to set, and we started to get hungry. The girls had given up swimming and were laying on the dock hoping to put the finishing touches on their "all over" tans. Kelly and I were sitting nearby watching them. Finally, Kelly stood up and suggested we head back to the cabin for dinner. The girls jumped up, grabbed their towels, and walked toward the cabin, not bothering to cover up at all. I followed, enjoying the view of their naked bodies against the green of the lawn. I had never thought about the nudist lifestyle, before, but spending a weekend with these three certainly gave me reason to think about it, now.

And between the constant nudity and the multitude of orgasms, I no longer had a constant hard-on around them. Then again, none of them had gone to any great lengths to arouse me since our lunchtime sex, and I was sure that any one of them could have quickly changed the state of my cock had they wanted. Only time would tell what the evening might hold in store.

For starters, though, we had to decide on dinner. As usual, Kelly took charge of that while the girls and I took care of getting dishes and drinks. That gave us time to settle down and watch some t.v. before eating. Cassie and Sarah laid claim to one of the couches with Sarah laying in front of Cassie as they had every other time they were together. I sat watching the girls, amazed at all they had done to make my weekend so incredible. I could barely imagine what summer vacations for the next several years might be like.

Kelly quickly put together the makings of sub sandwiches. That would allow us to make our own dinners and still eat together in the living room. Everyone made their sandwiches and we congregated on the couches. As we sat, I noticed that Kelly once again had a cup with three spoons.

"What's that for," I asked.

Kelly had a smirk on her face and a twinkle in her eyes, and it was apparent she was struggling with the desire to tell me. Cassie and Sarah were both giggling. It seemed they all knew something I didn't.

"We'll discuss that after dinner," was Kelly's answer.

Since it was unlikely I would get an answer earlier than that, I focused on my dinner. I didn't waste any time teasing the girls or trying to arouse Kelly. I ignored the t.v. and worked on eating. But I didn't rush, as I knew Kelly certainly meant after everyone was done. Once I was done eating, I did start teasing all three girls to hurry up and finish so we could learn Kelly's secret.

"Maybe we already know, Tom," Cassie shot back.

I stuck my tongue out at her.

She knew my common response to that and shot it back at me. "Don't stick it out unless you're going to use it."

"Maybe I would use it. But everyone is eating, so I can't."

Sarah, showing more of the confidence she had been gaining all weekend said, "You can always keep eating, Tom." As she said that, she spread her legs open in silent invitation. The sight of her bare pussy certainly was inviting, but I wanted to find out what Kelly had in mind.

"Sorry, Sarah, Thursday was your night. Tonight hasn't been decided."

Kelly finished up her dinner, grabbed the cup and spoons, and said, "Since everyone seems to be done, we can sort out the sleeping arrangements for tonight. We've each had one night with each other, and tonight will just be luck of the draw."

She held the cup out to Sarah, then Cassie, and they each picked a spoon out. Kelly took the last spoon and set the cup down. "We'll do this the simple way, and say that whoever has the spoon with the '1' gets to sleep with Tom."

The girls agreed, and they all set their spoons on the table at the same time. I quickly realized that all three spoons had a '1' taped to them. I looked at Kelly, then the girls. All three were giggling and laughing. "Amazing," said Kelly. "We all get to sleep with you, tonight. I must have messed up when I was making the spoons."

"Yeah, I'll bet," I responded. Much as I wanted to pretend I was upset, the mere thought of having Kelly and her girls in bed, together, put a wild grin on my face. There was no way I would be able to hide my excitement.

"I think he likes it, Mom," said Cassie. Then, to me, she added, "Of course, we don't have to go to bed until later, if you want to stay awake."

I laughed, then pretended to yawn and replied, "I'm pretty sure it's past my bedtime, already."

It was Kelly who put the brakes on my plans. "We won't be doing anything until the dinner mess is cleaned up and I take care of a few things that need to be done before bed. You three can watch some t.v. until I'm done. I'll see if I can't find something to watch."

Kelly went to the bedroom and returned with one of the videos from her private collection and threw it in the DVD player. From the title, "A Family Affair," it was obviously an incest themed movie. The girls became glued to the t.v. as the movie started with a "family" dinner with a mom, dad, and two daughters. The dinner quickly broke up as all four moved to a bedroom for an impromptu orgy. Cassie and Sarah sat up and became completely focused on the show. I got up and wandered into the kitchen to help Kelly.

"Interesting video you picked."

"I told you at home that I would only break them out for 'educational' purposes. If we're all spending the night in the same bed, this is clearly educational. Just look at the girls."

I had to admit the girls were either extraordinarily turned on by the movie or extremely uncomfortable with it. They were both squirming around, most likely trying to figure out what to do. I was just as aroused, and told Kelly that anything else could wait until morning.

"Let's go join the girls. Maybe we can learn something, too."

With Kelly's hand in mine, I returned to the living room and sat on the couch between Cassie and Sarah. Kelly sat on the floor between my legs. The man in the movie was now laying on the bed with the woman and one girl sucking his cock while the second girl sat on his face forcing him to eat her out. Cassie, completely turned on by the movie, was the first to react physically. She reached for my lap and took the shaft of my dick into her hand. As she continued to watch the movie, she started to slide her hand up and down in rhythm to the cheesy porn music.

As Cassie gave me a hand job, I leaned over toward Sarah and brought her face toward mine so I could give her a kiss. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and started sucking on hers. She responded hungrily, turning so she could wrap her arms around my neck. As we kissed, I dropped one hand to between her legs and slipped a finger into her already wet pussy. Sarah began to moan as I started to finger fuck her.

I started to moan myself when I felt a pair of lips join the hand on my cock. More exciting than just receiving a blow-job is that I wasn't sure who was giving it to me. All I knew was that it wasn't Sarah. When I eventually pulled myself away from Sarah's mouth, I looked down to find Cassie sliding her mouth up and down on my cock. At the same time, I saw that Kelly had repositioned herself and had her face in Cassie's crotch.

I put my hand on the back of Cassie's head, then breathlessly suggested we move to the bedroom. Both Kelly and Cassie seemed too preoccupied to even respond, so I had to pull Cassie off my cock, a difficult thing for me to do. Sarah was already moving, and I followed her cute, naked ass toward the room we would all share. As I did, Kelly pulled her face out of her daughter's pussy and forced herself to follow.

By the time Cassie made it into the bedroom, Sarah and I were already in bed playing with each other. And by the time Kelly arrived with more pillows and her box of toys, Cassie had joined us in the fun. Kelly joined us on the bed and we started what remains as one of the best nights of my sex life.

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2014-10-23 23:47:30
Too bad Sarah wasn't introduced to pissing and ass fucking.

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2013-06-19 23:28:00
You said tom's kids at even YOUNGER than Cassie and Sarah. You SO need to bring them into the story. Less up to Tom eventually fucking his youngest daughter up the ass. Like a six yr old.... Mmmmmm


2011-06-10 01:07:24
I know this will have to end soon but I wish you had 20 more chapters of this wonderful story. Likeemyoung!!! 10 / 10

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i agree a fantastic end would be the way to go, but all i can see is this beibg a permanent swap of family's. happy families all round

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2010-08-30 04:53:21
I've read this from the oppurnity series and I love this story and I hope that you keep writing more of this story. But all good things must come to an end and I hope that you will wrap it all up in a fantisic finish!

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