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Things take a turn for the weird as my sister and her daughter start to think of it as home.
Part 7

My sister Susan and her daughter Amelia had been living with me since shortly after the death of Susan's husband, and "my" house was now "our" house. Susan and I had quickly renewed our long-lived relationship, and she slept in my bed most nights. Like the house, it was really "our" bed, now. To any outside observer, my sister and I appeared as husband and wife, and we never did anything to stop people from making that assumption.

Amelia had also grown comfortable with the arrangements. She had made several friends in the neighborhood, started the 8th grade, and would soon celebrate her 14th birthday, her first since moving into the house. She no longer referred to the house as "my uncle's," instead seeing it as "her's." I was glad to see her invite friends over and truly see the house as her home.

One sure sign that Amelia felt at home was that she never changed her habit of running around rather scantily clad. Around the house, she seemed equally comfortable wearing panties and a bra as she did wearing jeans and a t-shirt. As Susan remained silent on the issue, I left it alone. In time, I got used to seeing her run around half-dressed, and chalked it up to the "younger generation." And truth be told, Amelia is a beautiful young lady, and has every right to be proud of her body. So long as she wasn't showing it off in public, I could live with it.

Our nights had settled into a workable routine. My sister played housewife and kept up with cleaning, laundry, and cooking. She typically had dinner ready to go shortly after I got home from work, and we ate as a family. Amelia would work on homework, visit with friends in the neighborhood, and watch shows or play video games.

Most weeks, my sister and I would find some excuse for "date night." Though it wasn't advertised as such, these nights were a chance for the two of us to develop our emotional relationship and we treated them like the dates they were. Over time we shared many dinners, went to the movies together, and Susan even managed to get me to hit some of the local clubs. Though not a big fan of dance clubs and bars, Susan always made it worthwhile to go on those dates.

Of course, Susan was always ready to handle some of the other tasks of being a housewife. Sex with my ex-wife had been a once-a-month opportunity. If more than a day went by without making love with my sister, she would practically drag me to bed. Sometimes, we made love multiple times in a day. Susan did everything she could to keep it exciting, and I made sure she knew how much I loved and appreciated her. I tried to make sex as exciting for her as she made it for me.

In addition to "date nights," we tried to have weekly "family movie nights." Typically on the weekends, we would plan an easy dinner, often pizza or some other delivery, and watch a movie together. We rotated who got to pick the movie so it wasn't always an action flick or love story. Often, these nights went right from movie night into video game competitions between the three of us. Well, usually all three of us. Susan often passed so she could finish up housework or just spend some time pursuing her own desires.

On one of these nights it was Amelia's turn to pick and she selected "Almost Famous." Susan watched part of the movie with us, then said she wanted to get some cleaning done upstairs. Amelia used that opportunity to jump from a lounge chair onto the couch that Susan and I usually shared during movies. She leaned against my chest and I put my arm around her shoulder, hugging her into me.

We continued to watch until there was a scene of several young girls dancing around a hotel room. Amelia grabbed the remote, hit the pause button, and ran into her room, returning a moment later in her panties and bra. She started the movie, and started dancing around the basement mimicking the girls in the show. When they stopped, she jumped back on the couch, grabbed a blanket, and covered herself as she leaned back into my arms.

I was completely shocked at her behavior, and unsure what to do. While I had been around Amelia in swimsuits and seen her plenty of times in her underwear, I always tried to keep some separation between us at those times. Now, Amelia had practically climbed into my arms. I could feel her bare skin on mine, and felt familiar twinges in my pants as my body reacted to the scent and touch of a female in my grasp.

Freaking out, I paused the movie again and stood up. I told Amelia I was going to get some snacks, and quickly headed upstairs. Susan must have seen my face as I walked into the kitchen because she asked, "What's up?"

I wasn't sure how to answer, as there might not have been anything worth mentioning at all. Still, I had always been honest with my sister, so I told her. "Amelia just stripped down to her underwear and started dancing around. Then, she sat down in my arms."

"Don't worry about that, Tom. She's always been like that, and you should know, by now, that she isn't overly modest. She's pretty open about her body."

"I know. But it's just weird having it be her. She's my niece."

"Yeah. And I'm your sister."

I blushed, thinking about it. Susan was right. I was completely okay sleeping with my sister, but the idea of touching my niece's bare skin sent me running upstairs. I gave her a kiss, told her she was right, and headed back downstairs with some cookies and sodas.

When I got back to the basement, Amelia had laid out on the couch. She sat up to eat the snack, and I sat down with her and started the movie, again. As she ate, Amelia stretched her legs out and laid them across my lap. That wasn't much of an issue while I was eating as my hands were busy. Once I finished my cookies and set the soda down, I had to figure out where to put my hands. I settled on the back of the couch, which wasn't quite comfortable, but was safe.

Once Amelia finished her cookies, she slid further down the couch until her head was back on the pillow. The end result was that her butt was now right next to my legs and her legs were completely over mine. As my arm got tired of being positioned practically behind me, I dropped it down and rested it on Amelia's knee, hoping it wouldn't make her any more uncomfortable than it made me. She must have been fine with it as she didn't move or say anything.

The movie continued and I started to calm down as my focus was directed away from my niece and toward the television. That all changed again when Amelia declared that she was too warm and pushed to the floor the blanket that was covering her. In addition to putting my hand back into direct contact with her bare skin, I was left staring down at her pantie-covered crotch and bra-covered chest.

My heart started to beat faster as I thought of my sister's comment, "Yeah. And I'm your sister." Though Susan had been a bit younger when we began our relationship, it was situations just like this that led to many of our sexual encounters. My body was responding like that of a young teenager on a first date. I was shaking with nervous energy and unsure how to react. Nervously, I squeezed Amelia's leg just above the knee and joked about her being a prime target for me to tickle.

Amelia joked right back, telling me she wasn't all that ticklish, which I knew to be false bravado. Like my sister, Amelia is quite ticklish, though I'd never had her in quite the same position.

Rather than tickle her, I rubbed my hand over her leg and asked if she wasn't getting cold.

"No, Uncle Tom, I told you I was getting hot. I'm much better, now."

Still nervous, I put my hand back on Amelia's leg, my hand shaking slightly. I was even more emotionally confused than before. Amelia obviously had no problem with my touch, and I was struggling with that fact. Despite the relationship I had with my sister, and the fact that I had been with young teenagers in my past, having my 13-year old niece laying on the couch wearing nothing but panties and a bra was weird. Every time I looked down at her, though, I was impressed with what I saw.

My niece is different from my sister in several ways. Though Amelia keeps her hair about shoulder length like her mother, her hair is a dark brown compared to Susan's blond locks. Where my sister has always been very flat, Amelia is already quite a bit more developed, though far from huge. Her 36B chest is certainly more of a mouthful than Susan's 34A tits. And Amelia is much closer to my height than Susan. Looking down Amelia's body, I saw more similarities and differences. Like my sister, Amelia is extremely light, probably weighing no more than about 90 pounds. Her hips and waist aren't quite as developed as her chest, and she has the straighter frame of a girl just starting puberty.

Looking at her panties, I realized for the first time that they were somewhat translucent. That was obvious because I could see the very faint outline of dark pubic hair through the material. Judging from what I could see, Amelia wasn't yet grooming herself the way Susan did. It was hardly necessary as it appeared the hair on her mound wasn't as thick as it would surely be when she got older.

Still, the sight of that hair caused my cock to stir in my pants. In fact, I was certain Amelia had to feel it when the blood flowed, causing my shaft to lengthen and thicken under her leg. If she did, she didn't say or do anything. She just stayed where she was with her leg resting on my growing cock. And I stayed where I was trying to figure out what to do.

In the end, I simply relaxed and stopped worrying about it being my niece in my lap. I thought about how I would respond if it was some other 13-year old girl. Or how I would react if it was my sister, instead. I watched the movie, and just relaxed.

As I did, my hand stopped shaking and I started to rub my niece's leg, again. But this time I didn't pretend it was to warm her up, and I didn't say a word. I just massaged her leg as I would if it were any other girl sitting in my lap. And as I would with any other girl, I slowly started to work the massage up Amelia's leg. With my eyes locked on the t.v., I caressed her from knee to upper thigh, then back down.

By the time the movie came to an end, the massage had moved more to Amelia's inner thigh, and I was nearly brushing her pantie covered mound with each rub up her thigh. As the credits rolled, Amelia worked her way onto her stomach and asked if I would give her a back massage, too.

No longer concerned about Amelia's lack of clothes, I agreed to continue the massage and knelt in the center of the couch so she could put her legs on either side of me. My cock was now fully erect and the sight of Amelia's beautiful ass in the see-through panties did nothing to solve that situation.

Leaning forward, I started to knead Amelia's shoulders in my hands. She closed her eyes and leaned into the pillow, enjoying the massage. I worked on her shoulders for several minutes, than started working my way down her back. When I reached her bra strap, Amelia reached behind her back and undid the hook so it wouldn't get in the way. Past the point of being too shocked, I didn't say anything and kept massaging her back and shoulders.

As I massaged, I worked my way up and down Amelia's back. When I reached her lower back, the touch turned into more of a caress than a massage. I was thrilled at the prospect of giving Amelia the same kind of massage I had so often given my sister nearly 30 years before. I gently massaged Amelia's butt-cheeks then moved down to her legs. I massaged up and down her legs, working my hands back to her inner thigh and closer to the crotch of her panties.

Amelia, enjoying the sensation, started to spread her legs ever so slightly, and her breathing got faster and shallower. Without actually touching between her legs, I started to massage her right at the leg opening of her panties. I was using more pressure now, and keeping my hands at the top of her inner thigh rather than moving up and down the leg. Amelia responded by spreading her legs wider.

Then I saw it. The slight darkening of the fabric of Amelia's panties that indicated they were getting wet. My niece was responding to my touch in ways I hadn't really expected, but welcomed. And once again, my sister's comment popped into my head. "Yeah. And I'm your sister."

I took one more look at my niece laying there practically naked and decided to see where things would go.

The next time my hand moved up to her inner thigh, I brushed my fingers firmly against the obvious wet spot on her panties. Amelia's response was exactly what I'd hoped it would be. She gasped softly, rocked her hips back, and started breathing even more noticeably. The quick brush of my fingers had confirmed that her panties were, in fact, wet. They were actually wetter than I had thought, so the second time I touched her pantie covered mound, I lingered there longer, used more pressure, and started to caress her right between her legs.

Amelia showed no hesitation or concern. In fact, she was quite responsive to my touch and started to rock her hips gently into my fingers. Stunned, I no longer bothered with massaging her legs, I simply started to finger her pussy through the fabric of her panties. As Amelia's panties got wetter I applied more pressure and increased to pace of my fingers sliding across her slit.

Amelia, for her part, seemed to be in heaven. She was breathing heavily, moaning softly, and starting to writhe in pleasure. From her reactions, I decided to move things one step further.

With my other hand, I reached for the crotch of her panties and pushed it to the side. Now, instead of fingering her through the panties, my fingers came into direct contact with her wet pussy as the scent of her excitement filled the room. I continued to caress her outer lips, rubbing my fingers up and down the opening. Experimentally, I worked my finger toward the top of her slit and found her tiny clit. Amelia jumped when I hit it, then gasped as I toyed with her button and waves of pleasure washed through her body.

As Amelia surrendered to the feelings, she rocked her hips back even further, and I moved my attention from her clit to her pussy. Her body language seemed to beg for more, so I eased one finger into her pussy, then pushed it until I felt resistance at the opening of her cunt. Working my finger back and forth, I slowly helped her to loosen up and then pushed my finger all the way into her.

My niece moaned as the finger slid home, and pushed back with her hips. I was rock hard at the sight, ready to cum at the thought of once again finger fucking a 13-year old family member. Amelia seemed just as aroused by the thought, and continued to slowly grind her hips, pushing her pussy against my hand. As she did that, I felt her start to loosen, allowing me to begin fucking her for real. I started to slide my finger in and out of her hole, causing her to gasp and moan at the feeling.

As Amelia became wrapped up in the feelings between her legs, I surprised her by reaching around her body with my other hand and cupping one titty in my hand and starting to caress it. I felt her nipple stand up immediately, and I took that as guidance to focus on it. Amelia's breathing kicked up another notch as I started to fondle her nipples and titties. I, for one, was now glad she had unhooked her bra for the massage. Amelia seemed just as pleased, if her breathing was any indication.

Despite my desire to rip Amelia's remaining clothes off and simply fuck her from behind, I restrained myself and continued to finger fuck her and play with her tits for the next 10 minutes. At that point, I heard her start to gasp in pleasure and felt her clench her thigh and pussy muscles around my hand. Shortly after that, she started to shake as an obvious orgasm hit her.

Her panties were no longer damp from her own juices. They were soaked, as was my hand. Amelia's cum was practically oozing from her hole, and her scent was intoxicating. I slipped my hand from between her legs and repositioned her panties. I sat back down on the couch and allowed Amelia to put her legs back over mine. As she rolled over, her bra slipped off and she did nothing to put it back on. Instead, she set it on the couch beside her and reached down for the blanket she had kicked off earlier.

"I'm getting a bit chilly, now, Uncle Tom."

"Well, you can cover yourself up, a bit." As she did that, I slipped my hand under the blanket and rested it on her thigh, making sure my fingers rested on the crotch of her cum-soaked panties.

Amelia laid there looking at me, a curious grin on her face. I asked her if she was alright, and she responded with the question I knew would come. "Uncle Tom, you won't tell mom about what just happened, will you?"

It took a good deal of effort to keep a straight face, but I managed to respond without laughing at the situation. "Amelia, we can keep this between us, if you want. But you might find you can trust your mom when it comes to sharing things about yourself. Even things about your sexuality. She might surprise you."

"God no, Uncle Tom. I would die. You can't say anything!"

"Relax, honey. I won't say anything. But you should think about it. Your mom will want to know if your becoming sexually active. And I'll want to know if you're thinking of doing things with other boys."

"Don't worry, Uncle Tom. I'm not even sure what just happened. I mean, I liked it and it felt good. But I've never done that before."

I almost laughed, again. Watching Amelia run around the house half dressed, and seeing her choices in panties, bras, and other clothes, it was hard to imagine she hadn't done things, before. Or that she wouldn't be doing them a lot more in the near future, at least. "Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Playing games like that can make it a lot of fun to learn about your body."

By that time, my hand was starting to stroke her through her panties again, and my cock was pulsing against her leg. As I looked down at her beautiful face, Amelia responded to the renewed touch.

"You're going to make me get hot, again, Uncle Tom."

"I guess you can always get rid of the blanket again, if you do." I continued to rub her pussy, pushing harder against the fabric that separated my fingers from her wet hole.

Amelia's breathing told me that she was definitely getting hot, both physically and sexually. It wasn't long before Amelia pushed the blanket back onto the floor and spread her legs so I could better caress her pussy. Taking that as consent, I decided it was time to do more than smell the wonderful scent coming from between her legs.

Looking Amelia in the eye, I slipped my fingers into the waist of her panties and started to pull down. Without breaking eye contact, I slid her panties down her legs and off her feet. I put them with the bra and knelt on the floor in front of the couch. Leaning down, I lowered my face toward Amelia's body. Extending my tongue, I brought my mouth into contact with one of her nipples. Licking softly, I worked my way between both titties, teasing her nipples until they were standing straight up.

As I sucked at the wonderful mounds on her chest, my hand found its way back between Amelia's legs. I didn't slide my finger back inside her pussy, preferring instead to softly caress the lips and gently play with her clit. Amelia was overwhelmed by the sensation of having her pussy fingered while her titties were being sucked, and she melted into the couch.

Confident she was willing to go further, I started to work my tongue down her body, moving from tits to ribs, then across her taut stomach to her belly button. Amelia was filled with nervous, sexual energy and shaking from excitement. While I'm not sure she knew what was going to happen, she surrendered to the feelings and enjoyed what was happening to her body.

From her belly button, I worked my tongue across her abdomen causing Amelia to suck her breath in. I lingered in the downy hair on her pubic mound, relishing the smell coming from her pussy. I continued to finger her outer lips as my tongue wandered from her abdomen to her pelvis than down the pelvic bone toward her crotch. I licked at her inner thigh on both sides, teasing her hot pussy.

Finally, I pulled my hand from between her legs and moved to replace it with my mouth. Gently, I licked along the crease of her abdomen and leg until I reached her inner thigh. I then brushed my tongue across her crotch, lightly flicking at the outer edge of her pussy lips. Amelia had obviously been holding her breath, and the contact of my tongue with her pussy caused her to suck in hard. As she did, I slid my tongue between her pussy lips and started to lick at the juices once again flowing from between her legs.

She tasted wonderful, and reminded me of the times I ate my sister's pussy. I spent several minutes just playing with her outer lips and licking at her wet slit. Amelia seemed to enjoy the attention, and I took the time to keep her comfortable. When she started to rock her hips into my face, I worked my tongue deeper into her cunt. She gasped in ecstasy as my tongue slid inside her body, and she spread her legs and lifted her ass off the couch, pushing hard against me.

Her reactions encouraged me to start fucking her hole with my tongue, a treat I approached with pleasure. Drunk from her scent, I started to drive my tongue in and out of her pussy, lapping as much of her cum as possible into my mouth. My arms went around her body and I slipped my hands under her ass so I could pull her into my face. Amazed that my niece was letting me eat her out, I made every effort to make the experience pleasurable for her.

I worked my tongue as far into her as I could, then moved it up her slit so I could suck on her clit. Amelia continued to moan in pleasure as I took her button into my mouth and worked on it with my lips. After pulling her clit out of the folds of her pussy, I moved my tongue back between her wet lips and pushed it deep into her hole, again. By thrusting the tongue quickly and forcefully, I pushed Amelia closer to the edge and felt the tension in her body start to build. She was now clenching her thighs tightly against my head and rocking her hips into my face.

Trapped as I was, I relished the smell of her young pussy and continued to lap at her juices. For years, my sister had been the best pussy I had ever eaten. My niece made it a competition, and my cock got even harder as I thought about finding a way to do a side by side comparison of their pussies. Those thoughts caused me to force my tongue even further into Amelia's pussy, and she started to cum for the second time that night.

When the climax hit her, she tensed up and arched her back, pushing her head into the pillow. I thrust my tongue in and out of her several more times, enjoying the taste of her cum, then forced her legs apart so I could sit up. Amelia collapsed onto the couch and practically purred. Her breathing started to slow down as she recovered from the orgasm, and she opened her eyes to look at me lovingly.

"That was incredible, Uncle Tom. I've never felt anything like that."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, honey. That's something I like to do, so any time you want to experience the same thing, we can find a way to do it, again."

I stood up, my cock standing straight out in my lounge pants. "And now, I think it's time we both go to bed. Or at least get you dressed."

"That's okay, Uncle Tom, I think I'll sleep like this. I'm too comfortable to think about finding clothes, right now."

"Well then, at least think about moving to your room." I bent down to give her a good-night kiss, but instead of getting her cheek, I found myself in a lip lock with my niece. She had turned to face me and our mouths came together in a passionate, closed mouth kiss. As we kissed, I opened my mouth, encouraging her to do the same. She responded by opening her mouth and allowing my tongue to search out hers. Though she was obviously new to the idea of French kissing, we shared a long, deep kiss that threatened to push me beyond all control. Afraid I would be unable to stop without fucking Amelia right then and there, I broke off the kiss and told her to go to bed.

I grabbed the few dishes that we had and forced myself to head up the stairs, leaving my naked niece laying on the couch, the smell of her pussy lingering in the air, thoughts of our encounter etched in my mind. At the top of the stairs, I stopped to give myself just a moment to calm down before seeing my sister. Once I had gained at least some control of my cock, I opened the door and found my sister laying on the couch watching t.v.

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