My wife Jenny and I were going out separately for a change which we never really did as we very rarely went out, so we always tried to be together when we did. How ever this particularly weekend our three kids had been collected by my brother and taken to visit my parents in Portugal for their summer holiday. Jenny and I were also on leave for two weeks so we were both up for a big evening out, her with the girls and me with the boys.

The girls were going clubbing and were all going to be doing coke and E which Jenny had not done in a long time so I gave her the mandatory caring "take it easy and call if you need me" and off they went.

Now Jenny is HOT! 5' 10", athletic build with gorgeous muscular legs and sexy size 6 feet which always look great wrapped around my cock. She has a tiny waist and awesome Puerto Rican day parade ass, great for slapping and even better to fuck. Her lovely tight pussy shaved clean and always wet and juicy. She has the hottest little perky B cup tits topped with really suckable pretty pink pierced nipples. Now the piece de resistance is her absolutely stunning girl next door face. Blue, blue eyes, tiny pointy nose sprinkled lightly with freckles and full naturally scarlett blowjob lips. Her beautiful shoulder length wavy auburn hair finishing off the masterpiece.

She is never left alone by the guys when she is out and has a very provocative way about her without even trying, so needless to say they were bound to have loads of fun between the lot of them.

The guys and I were off to a local strip club and going to be out all night if they had their way with me, and they would, as it had been a while since they had had me to themselves. As far as I go, my name is Michael, I'm 5' 11", 198 pounds and very athletic, bald head and I shave everything other than my legs as I hate hair on myself. Quite handsome I've been told. Blue eyes, pierced nipples, pierced lower lip or "librette" and tongue, gauged or stretched ear lobes and almost full body Polynesian tattoos. My cock is around 7.5" long, quite girthy and cut.

The night went on and all went really well for all of us and at around 4am I received a text from Jenny to say she was home and safe and that I should come home soon as she had a surprise for me. I thought it was probably some left over coke or pills and that I'd be in for a day of hot sweaty drug induced fucking. How wrong I was and how our lives would change after this evening.

I got home quite inebriated and tired and was actually looking forward to a line or two of coke or a pill. I opened the front door and there at the top of the stairs I was greeted by a very, very wired sexy wife in a french maids outfit. Tits and nipples clearly visible in the half cup bra she had on and ready for sucking on. Getting to the top of the stairs I grabbed a tit in my left hand, an ass cheek in the right and squeezed firmly as I pulled her into myself and kissed her deeply, my tongue filling her mouth as she sucked it in. All three sensations causing her to come on again. Her eyes rolling back in her scull to examine her brain for a while. I picked her up like this and carried her to the sofa in the living room as the bedroom door was closed and being in the state I was, I was not planning on trying to open it while carrying Jenny.

By the time I had sat down on the sofa next to her and had a big line of the coke which Jenny had already cut for me, Jenny had stopped rushing and was all there again . " Hi sexy man, oh it's soooo good to have you home." She said, sitting up and giving me a really tight squeeze. The coke now having its full effect on me and my cock springing into rock hard life at the thought of ripping off her little outfit and fucking her senseless. I stood up and started taking off my clothes. Jenny rather clumsily stood up and tried to help.

Between the two of us we got me down to my under ware. My throbbing cock head poking invitingly out from my waistband and within seconds Jenny had dropped to her knees, yanked my shorts down and had greedily started sucking my cock taking it deep into her mouth. I grabbed a hand full of hair at the back of her head and as she took me all the way into her mouth I pushed the remaining two or so inches firmly down her throat and past her tonsils causing her to gag fiercely. I held it there until her body began to buck for oxygen at which point I pulled out letting her take a deep breath and rammed my cock straight back down again to the hilt and so I went on, thick saliva dripping off my cock and running down her face. Her eyes watering and bloodshot looking up at me filled with pure lust as I fucked her face. My balls tensing up as I could feel myself starting to cum. Load after load of my thick salty cum shot straight down her throat. All the time holding myself buried all the way into her throat until every last drop of my cum had been swallowed.

Pulling my dripping cock from her throat I slump onto the sofa and after composing herself and swallowing back some of the thick saliva and cum mixture, she asks " Would you like your surprise now you dirty, dirty man?" Her eyes again rolling back in her head as she sucked on her inner cheeks and rushed a little more. " Mmmm, yes, I think that would be a good idea but have you got any of those pills left? " I asked " Yes, loads and loads of coke too. We ran into an old friend of Nicky's who is loaded and bought us all a good stash." She replied quite pleased with herself. " Nicky also left me with hers which I have used on your surprise..............." She said, clearly not intending to.

Now very intrigued and wanting to speed things up a little, I asked for the pills and giving the rather full looking bag a good look, I grabbed one. After pouring myself and Jenny a tall glass of Jack and coke each, I chomp it and quickly and rinsed the vile bitter taste down with at least half the glass. " WOW! That was grim. " I exclaimed.

Jenny now starting to come down a little also grabbed another pill and added it to her already crazy cocktail for the evening. We were both soon coming on and decided to head for the bedroom.

I opened the bedroom door and as I was rushing really hard I thought I was seeing what was in front of me but Jenny, as I turned to her said " Yes it's real. " In front of me, tied up and gagged were two naked bodies. One male and one female both of whom looked up at us with utter fear in there eyes. Neither seemed to have been older than eighteen at most. " Are you out of your mind Jenny? " I turn to her and whisper. " What the fuck were you thinking? How the fuck did you even get them in here?" I ask. " Well, we were all dancing together and they both started giving me a rub down, one thing lead to the next and before I could stop rushing off my tits he was finger fucking me and she had her tongue down my throat. So I gave them a pill each and asked if they wanted to come home with me which they were both all to happy to do." Jenny went on " We got home and I ran a bath for the two of them in which they both passed out, so after dragging them in here to dry them off and feeling their hot, warm, sexy bodies I kind of decided that I wanted to keep them so I tied them up like they are now." She explained

" His name is Jack and she is Lauren, I've looked in their bags. Lauren has just turned 17 and Jack is 19. They also told me earlier that they were step brother and sister. Nice, aren't they? " She adds.

The room was hot. I felt my skin dripping with sweat and no surprise that my cock had again turned to stone. Both Jack and Lauren were very, very sexy. Lauren had long blonde hair and very pretty face. Her eyes green and her tits huge for he age, at least a 34C and quite a sporty figure. Jack was well built and very toned had brown eyes, brown wavy hair and a large cock and balls, at worst 3 inches bigger than me and clean shaven. In my state even I wanted some of it.

" I am so fucked Jenny but I want you to do as I say now and follow my lead okay." " Yes master " Jenny replies jokingly. " Good girl. I want you to straddle Jack and I will straddle Lauren." " Slap his face hard! " I order and Jenny does exactly that and I do the same to Lauren. " Jack and Lauren, listen to me now" they both look at me intently " I am going to take off your gags but one sound and they will go back on and you will suffer. Do you understand ? " They both nod indicating yes." You both look thirsty and I am dieing for a pee so best you drink up cause that's all there is for the two of you" " Do you need to pee? " I ask Jenny. "Bursting" she replies. "Great! These two look desperate for a drink so I think we should give them one." " Mmmmm, that sounds so gooood. " Jenny says. Jack and Lauren were both clearly still fucked as neither protested and I could swear I heard a mmmm come from one of them if not both.

I pulled off Lauren's gag first and then Jacks, neither made a sound. " Right, first you both look like you could do with another pill so open up and I want you to chew it properly " I say. They both do as I say and both cringe at the awful taste and as they finnish chewing I raise myself up on my knees so that my now semi hard cock is positioned perfectly over Lauren's face, Jenny mirroring me so as to get her little pee hole over Jacks mouth. I start to slowly let the pee drip from the end of my cock in a steady stream into Lauren's mouth and she begins to swallow greedily. Jenny however didn't seem to have the control I did and her piss squirted from her pussy filling Jacks mouth and coating his face and body but he too drank greedily. I could see an enjoyment on Jenny's face I had never seen before, an almost evil pleasure filled her face and then she sank her dripping cunt down onto Jacks mouth and began to grind herself fiercely onto his face. Seeing this caused me to react in the same way and I shoved my quickly hardening cock into Lauren's mouth, past her tonsils and down her throat and kept it there. When she began to buck a little, I pulled all the way out allowing her a breath and then steadily but firmly, began a rhythmic pounding of my cock down her throat. Jenny seemed to be having a ball grinding her clearly visibly swollen clit into Jacks mouth and from Jacks raging gigantic erection, so was he.

Jenny had also noticed this and with amazing dexterity, spun around on Jacks face without her pussy leaving his mouth for a second. " Oh my God that looks so good. " She said, then turned to me as if to ask permission. With a nod from me she quickly grabbed Jacks 10 or so inch cock in both hands, her fingers not quite able to reach all the way around. She then spats on its fist like purple head and proceeded to massage the saliva along with copious amounts of his pre cum into his giant cock shaft. A very muffled " aaaaaaarg, FUCK ME!!!!! " came from between Jenny's legs and in response Jenny began to massage with more speed and strength and without warning took Jacks cock as deep as it would go into her mouth. She eased her mouth off of Jacks cock and as she pushed her mouth down onto his giant member again, Jack raised his hips to try and get a little deeper. The joint effort causing his throbbing cock to push right passed her tonsils and slide its full length down her throat. " OH, MY, FUCK!!!! AAAAAARG!!!! That's so good!! " Jack shouted as he managed to pull his piss and pussy juice coated face away from Jenny's cunt for two seconds before Jenny mashed herself back onto his mouth as she dislodged Jacks cock head from half way down her throat.

Jenny then started deep throating Jack in earnest, gagging and spluttering with every throat full of giant cock. Thick saliva flew all over as she impaled her face to his massive balls and off again. Again and again Jenny did this and soon both her and Jack were moaning loudly and I knew they were both about to cum.

Jenny bucked her hips harder and harder into Jacks face. His tongue exploring her drenched cunt hole. She started to cum, and my God did she squirt. " OH FUCK ME THAT FEELS SOOO GOOD, AAAAAGH JESUS YES!!!!! " She screamed as female ejaculate and pee coated every inch of Jacks face, filling his mouth over and over.

Jack started to cum, his massive balls tensed and then exploded." OH MY FUCKING GOD I'M GOING TO CUM !!! Jack bellowed. Jenny tried to swallow every one of Jacks enormous blasts of thick, tasty cum but after her throat and mouth filled, it over flowed down his shaft and coated his balls. She pulled her cum filled mouth away and Jacks last squirt of thick salty white cum splashed over her top lip and chin. Both Jenny and Jack collapsed and began to rush like never before.

All the while I had been face fucking Lauren. When my cock was shoved balls deep down her throat I actually managed to swivel myself all the way around without extracting my cock. Once in a sixty nine position I leaned over, grabbed behind both her knees and hoisted them up exposing in full her sweet puffy pink pussy lips which were surmounted by a light blond thatch of pubic hair. I was about to taste her lovely young pussy and all I needed was for Jenny to say yes. So looking over in her direction as she lay still rushing, head lying on Jacks massive semi deflated cock I managed to get the approval I wanted.

Now raising my body weight off of Lauren and elevating my hips released my cock from her throat allowing her to gasp for air. Our mutual body sweat pooling in her sweet belly button as it dripped off me. Lauren's thick saliva dripping off my cock onto her sweet young face. Without warning I lower my mouth onto her now clearly moist and horny pussy. My warm breath being the first to catch her swollen little clit, then my tongue and lips " Aaaaaaag! " A deep moan escaping Lauren's mouth and oh my God did she taste divine. Her body clearly betraying her by the amount of pussy juice leaking from her cunt hole into my mouth. I flicked my tongue quickly over her engorged little bud causing her body to buck uncontrollably then slipped it between my front teeth and bit down quite firmly. A soundless scream escaped her lungs as if winded and before her voice returned my now raging cock was slammed deep into her throat. " Fuck the whores face baby! " came my encouragement from Jenny all of the sudden as she lay there lapping away at Jacks massive cock head.

So obey her I did. As I pumped my solid cock in and out of Lauren's face she spat and gagged as I did. I began to lick Lauren's pussy more fiercely now and soon the little whore had her first orgasm, juice squirting from her little slit into my wanting mouth.

I swallowed a mouth full of Lauren's juices then drove my tongue into her tight little cunt hole and then I stopped. My tongue had found something I had not expected. Her hyman was still in tacked, she was a virgin. I didn't think it possible but my cock felt like it had grown another inch or so longer from pure excitement. " Jenny, look what I found " I shouted excitedly. Jenny sat up and moved in closer to examine what I was on about. I pulled Lauren's dripping labia apart and there it was plane as day, a perfectly un violated hyman. Jenny bent in close enough to poke at it with her tongue a couple of times and then with her index finger. " Oh my fuck Michael, I want to help you do this PLEASE! " She asked and I nodded in agreement. I sat up straight. All my weight on her face, cock in her throat, Lauren's body bucked for air and all I did was reach over to her chest and grab a firm tit in each hand and squeeze really hard. Again she bucked even harder, this time however I slid my cock from her mouth entirely. Her breath returning to her and with it a rush that rendered her basically unconscious for a little while. As I stood up on the bed to move around, I grabbed a nipple in between my thumb and fore finger of each hand and pulled so hard that Lauren's naked, bound and abused body almost lifted off the bed and then I let go only causing her to rush even harder. I made my way around to Jenny who as I passed her on the bed grabbed me by my pulsing balls and began to lick and suck my cock clean of Lauren's thick saliva and my pre cum. I leaned forward and kissed her passionately also licking Jacks remaining cum off of her face and chin. He to tasted really good.

Jenny guided me down between Lauren's sexy wide spread legs. I took my position on my knees in front of this gorgeous virgin cunt, my cock getting harder and bigger by the second. In Jenny's left hand she held my rock hard cock shaft and aimed my aching almost purple cock head right at its target, while her index, middle and ring finger of her right hand were buried deep in her once again dripping cunt. Her small finger slipped into her tight little ass hole as her thumb massaged her deliciously swollen clit.

We wanted Lauren to be with us for this part so I leaned forward over her and pinched both her nipples really hard causing her to come to with a start. With that I began to massage her upper thighs firmly pulling her closer into me. Jenny began to rub my pre cum dripping cock head up and down Lauren's slit. Then a little closer again, my head now brushing against her hyman as Jenny rubbed it up and down. I moved my hands lower down and around cupping Lauren's firm seventeen year old ass cheeks and looking at Jenny who had lined my cock up and mouthed the word, now! With that I shoved my hips forward and pulled Lauren in towards myself as hard and fast as I could and slammed strait through her last bit of innocence." OH, MY, GOD, AAAAAAARG, YES, YES, YES !!!!! " is all I could say as I lay there with my throbbing cock buried deep inside Lauren, its head pressed up tight against her cervix. Lauren's eyes like saucers and mouth open wide. Screaming without sound as her cunt is stretched painfully to fit around my invading cock.

Jenny seizing Lauren's gaping mouth as the opportunity it was, quickly jumped up freeing her sodden hand from her dripping pussy and plunged it down on Lauren's face shouting " Eat my pussy you dirty little slut, suck my clit and lick my ass until I cum." Then leaned forward grabbing Lauren's tits and squeezes them tightly in her fists.

Feeling Lauren's pussy walls loosen up a little I began to slide my cock out of her pussy to its head and in no time had a good, smooth, firm rhythm going. Her cunt still tightly gripping my cock. Jenny letting go of Lauren's right tit, sits up facing me and slaps me in the face and says, " Fuck the little bitch nice and hard, fuck the dirty little whore, ram that big cock of yours into her!!! " Then slaps me again. With that I began to ram my cock as hard as I could into her now willing little pussy. Each time a little deeper, until my full length was smashing into her. My pubic bone ramming into her clit " Aaargh, Aaargh, Aaargh, Aaargh " the muffled moan coming from Lauren as her whole body begans to vibrate from the pure pleasure she was now experiencing. " Yes, that's it baby suck my cunt, shove that tongue into my ass, yes." moaned Jenny

I started feeling her pussy clench tightly around my cock as she came really hard. Her pussy shooting juices up against my body and all over my now welcomed cock. The sensation driving me over the edge as I scream " YES! YES! YES! YES! " punctuating each with ramming my cock balls deep into her and squirting a thick load of fertile, sticky, thick white cum deep inside her virgin cunt.

Jenny soon follows suit and cums screaming " FUCK, YES, FUCKING YES, YES you dirty little cunt sucking whore" she squirts piss and cum in gush after gush into Lauren's waiting mouth and over her face. The three of us collapsing next to Jack in a tangled heap of body parts and fluids. Jenny and I leaning over to kiss each other and Lauren passionately......... More to follow soon.

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