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Hey. This is my first story that I've submitted. I wrote it a few hours ago and haven't really read through it too much. It's just something I thought up. Tell me what you think of it, give me advice if you want. Looking forward to feedback. Thanks! P.s. I hope I kept the names consistant. :P
Jake didn't mind his twin sister Gemma. Sometimes she was great to be around but sometimes
she could be a right pain in the arse. They'd grown up together like any other brother and
sister, fighting over trivial things like who controls the remote, or who uses the shower
first. When Gemma asked for a lift to the shops Jake was going to say no but he had nothing
else to do so he thought why not. They drove mainly in silence to the local mall which was
about 5 kilometres away. They lived at the end of a very long dirt road with no other houses
around for a few kilometres.
"We'll meet back here at the car in 2 hours, ok Jake?" said Gemma when they finally arrived.

"Sure," Jake replied. "Whatever."
They went off their separate ways and Jake decided to flip through CD's for a while. He
didn't really intend on buying anything but he spotted a CD from a band his sister really
liked so he thought he'd buy it as a surprise for her. Nothing wrong with being nice to his
only sister, he reasoned to himself. After the 2 hours was up he waited outside the car for
his sister to come back, and when she finally did she was laden with bags filled with
clothes and other accessories.
"Shit!" exclaimed Jake when he saw how many bags she had bought. "You really know how to
Gemma laughed and asked him to help her pack her stuff in the back seats. They hopped in and
started driving home.
"Hey Jake, do you like what I bought?" said Gemma with a mischievous smile on her face,
holding up something Jake could only see in the corner of his eye. He turned his head to see
what she was holding up and blushed a deep red. It was a very sexy, very revealing lingerie.
Deep red with little frilly bits, Jake couldn't help but imagine his sister in it, which
made a stirring in his loins. He tried to change the subject.
"Here sis, I bought you this." He threw the CD onto her lap.
"OOhhh wow, thank you!" Gemma squealed. She leaned over and pecked his cheek causing him to
blush even more, if that was even possible. She put the CD in and started playing it at full
blast, bouncing in her seat to the rhythm. Jake looked at his sister and smiled. She was
bouncing around screaming along to the lyrics thrashing her hair around and it was quite

Jake saw a man on the side of the road with a stand with "LEMONADE" printed on it. He pulled
over and got him a glass for himself and his sister. As he sped off down the dirt road he
took a large gulp of the lemonade. His sister, on the other hand, decided to gulp it all down
in 1.
"What the fuck?!" she shrieked, looking into her glass, and then there was darkness.

Jake awoke to his sister screaming his name.
"Jake, JAKE, wake up, please Jake get me out of here."
He opened his eyes and his vision was blurred. He could make out a figure above him, and
that he was in an extremely small room, and someone was tied down next to him, staring at
him. As his vision cleared he realised it was himself. He was in a 5m by 2m room, every wall
was a mirror except 1 which had a door with a mail slot, which was also mirrored.
"JAKE, help me," screamed Gemma.
Jake looked up and gasped. Gemma had not a shred of clothes on. Well, that's not true. She
had gloves and socks on to stop the chains from digging into her skin. There were 4 chains
that protruded through the ceiling that dangled down and were attached to giant padded cuffs
which held her ankles and wrists up. Her arms were held above her head like a very wide "Y"
like in the YMCA dance, and her legs were being held up in the splits, spreading her
pussy lips apart exposing her completely. She couldn't cover herself from her brothers gaze
and there were tears running down her face, ruining her mascara.

"Don't worry Gemma, I'll help you get out," Jake said, trembling. "I just have to get out of
this first."
Jake was cuffed down too, except these cuffs were attached to the ground. His arms were
useless by his side, and he couldn't move his legs. He tried to wiggle side to side but he
was restricted by metal pegs keeping his midriff in place.
"Shit. I can't help you Gemma, I'm stuck and I can't get out." he said, trying to calm his
nerves and figure out what happened.
"What the fuck happened? Everything just went dark.”
"It was in the cup," said Gemma. "On the bottom of the cup was written 'I drugged your lemonade.'"
A little metallic squeal distracted them. The mail slot opened and a piece of paper floated in with big black words on it. Jake couldn't see it as it was lying on the ground near his head.
"OI bastard, let us go or we'll call the police!" screamed Gemma. She tried struggling but
knew she couldn't get out of the cuffs.
"What the fuck does that mean?" Gemma asked. "It doesn't make any sense."
"What does it say?"
"It says 'Riddle me this. As soon as one comes, one can go.' It doesn't make any sense." replied
Jake stayed silent, he didn't know what it meant and was scared as shit. What kind of madman
would cuff people naked in some sort of fucked up contraption. He couldn't help but stare in
awe at his sisters body. Her tanned long legs in the splits and her pussy lips open, her
private areas burned explicitly in Jakes eyes. He couldn't help it, he started getting
erect. Gemma had a stunning body. Her tits weren't massive, but they were firm and untanned. Her areolae were pink and small and her stomach was so sexy and flat. She had tan lines around her tits which Jake found rather sexy. It wasn't long before Gemma noticed his predicament.

"Hey you sicko stop perving on me, turn your head." she shouted in horror at her brother openly gazing at her naked body.
Jake turned his head but his sisters naked glory was on display on all the mirrors.
"I'm sorry, I don't mean to, I can't control it," he said in almost a whisper, ashamed of
himself for getting hard at his naked sisters struggling body. His penis was now fully
erect, pointing straight at his sister. Her pussy was shaved bare except for a line of neatly
trimmed hair above her slit in a runway line. It was so sexy and Jake's dick couldn't help
but show its desire. When his penis hit full mast it seemed to trigger something. Gemma's
chains started unwinding slowly from the ceiling lowering her down and Gemma saw what was
going to happen.
"Oh god you're going to impale me, he's going to impale me, I'm going to lose my virginity
to my brother," she said in hysterics. "Oh god, oh shit, oh fuck."
Jake was turned on by his sisters dirty mouth, but he didn't want to impale her, what would he
tell his parents, what would his friends say if they ever found out. This shit is illegal,
he kept thinking, over and over. His dick seemed to disagree though. It stood out tall,
waiting, wanting.
"Lose the erection Jake, think of something disgusting. Think of anything else, lose the
erection Jake, lose it." she shouted. The chains were lowering her further and further. She
was half a metre away from being impaled, and that gap was lowering every second.
"I can't, I'm trying but it's not going down, I'm sorry sis, I'm so sorry." he cried out.
Pre-cum oozed from his slit and it dribbled down his dick.

Her pussy was getting closer and closer to his dick, it was almost touching when Gemma used
her thigh muscles to lift her pussy up away from his dick. She lifted herself up around 20
centimetres but the chains kept lowering until she was around 10 centimetres away from her
pussy being impaled by her brothers dick, when suddenly the chains stopped lowering. Her
thighs were straining on keeping herself pussy away from her brothers dick.
She started breathing heavily as she struggled to keep herself from getting impaled on her brothers dick. She lasted 10 minutes before she felt her thighs started to hurt, 10 minutes crying quietly. She dropped a few centimetres. She was 5cm away from her brothers dick. It was covered in pre-cum and Jake watched with his eyes wide open. His dick wanted it so bad but he felt horrified. Gemma
lowered even more. Her pussy lips pressed against her brothers dick head.
"Aah!" she exclaimed, in a half moan, and she raised herself up again.
Jake moaned. Her pussy had felt so good. The shaven lips were centimetres away from his
throbbing member again.
She couldn't hold herself up any longer though, and it wasn't long before Jakes dick was
poking his sisters pussy again, and she kept getting lower until Jakes dicks head suddenly
popped inside her pussy. They both moaned, Jake in lust and Gemma in fear. She kept
lowering as she slowly relaxed her thighs. Centimetre by centimetre her pussy enveloped his dick. It squelched softly as she dropped slowly down his pole. It wasn't long before she felt a resistance. Her brothers dick was pressing into her hymen. she tried again to lift herself up but her thighs were so tired and she slowly kept dropping further. With a tiny *pop* and a large pain he burst through.
Gemma shrieked in pain but it subsided quickly as Jake kept entering further and further. She
stopped when she had 3/4ths of her brothers dick in her. She wasn't holding herself up
anymore and was only being held up by the cuffs around her wrists and ankles. Jake was in
pure bliss, it felt so good, and Gemma could feel herself getting wet too, despite her
desire not to. Jakes hips gave an involuntary thrust.
"Oi you bastard, what the fuck are you doing?" cried Gemma in anger. She tried shaking free
again but it only made Jakes dick move around inside her pussy and make it feel better.

"I'm sorry Gem, I didn't mean it. I really don't want to be hard but it feels too good. I'm
sorry." Jake said, whispering.

Gemma tried to lift herself off. Her pussy muscles tensing around her brothers member as she
tensed her groin and thigh muscles to lift herself up. She lifted a few centimetres up but
then gave up. Jake was in heaven, his sister was lifting herself up and down his dick.

They stayed in silence for a few minutes. Jake couldn't help but notice that his sisters
nipples were now erect. Was it the cold or was she feeling horny? Was it some of his own
pre-cum dribbling out of his sisters pussy and dribbling down his cock, or was it some of her
juices, he didn't know.
"I think I figured out the riddle," said Gemma in a quiet voice. "I think it means as soon
as one of us cums we'll be set free."
As soon as she uttered those words, the two chains holding her feet up lowered down until
she could touch the ground. The chains were too heavy for her to move around, all she could
do is lift herself up and down.

"So.." Jake said. "Who's going to cum, you or me?"
"Well, you like you're about to explode any minute," Gemma smirked. "But if you enjoy it
I'll fuckin' kick you in the nuts."
She started grinding her hips, flicking them forward and grinding back with her brothers
dick hilt deep inside her. Jake was in heaven. His sexy sister was grinding around with his
dick right up her. She did a change of pace and started bouncing up and down his dick. He
started meeting her half way, thrusting deep inside her pussy. His balls slapping against
her butt.
"Hurry up and cum Jake, stop holding back," said Gemma gritting her teeth. Despite this, she
was really enjoying it and felt a tingling building up deep inside her.
She stopped bouncing and started grinding again, her clit grinding up and down her brothers
pubic bone.
"Gem, I'm nearly there," said Jake, his voice full of pleasure. Her pace quickened, flicking
her hips forward faster, grinding on his dick. Her tits were bouncing up and down in-front of
Jakes eyes.
"Ah, Gem, Gem I'm gonna cum." Jake shouted. His balls emptied. His dick swelled. He shot
rope after rope of cum deep inside his sisters pussy.
"Sis, I'm done, you can stop," said Jake after he finally finished. He managed to shoot 7
giant ropes of cum inside his sisters pussy.
Gemma didn't stop, her chest was heaving and breasts were bouncing as she kept grinding,
until she screamed out in pleasure and Jake realised that she was cumming.
"Aahhhh I'm sorry Jakeeeeee," she squealed.
Her pussy muscles contracted hard on his now deflating dick, it pushed him out of her and it
flopped on his belly. It was covered in cum and pussy juice. Suddenly Gemma's pussy shot
warm liquid all over Jakes belly and dick. It wasn't urine, but a mixture of cum and pussy
"Sorry Jake, I'm a squirter," she said quietly, shamefully, after she had recovered from her
massive orgasm. It had seemed to last for at least half a minute.

A metallic *click* echoed around the room and the cuffs all clicked open. Gemma dropped onto
her brother, the cuffs no longer holding her arms up.
"I'm sorry for cumming Jake," she said again, trying to clean her pussy juices off his belly
and cock.
"It's ok Gem, you couldn't help it."
Jake got up and helped his sister up and hugged her. His dick pressing up against her slit.
He couldn't help but feel slightly aroused again, even though he had just had just dumped the biggest load of cum in his life. Gemma hugged him back. Her hard nipples and breasts were pressing up against his chest. They walked across to the mirror door and were suprised to find it
unlocked. Outside they saw they were in an even bigger container with a big roll up door.
When they opened that they realised they were on the side of the dirt road, about 3 kilometres
away from their house. They were in the back of a truck. As soon as they stepped out the
truck took off, leaving behind it a trail of dust."
"You sick motherfucker!" screamed Gemma. She threw a rock at the truck but it was long gone.
"C'mon Gem, lets go home."
Gemma turned to Jake and looked in his eyes and suddenly brought her foot up and tapped his balls quickly, not hard enough to bust them, but hard enough to make pain shoot through his body.
“That's for enjoying it,” she said with a giggle.
They walked in silence, Jake's arm wrapped around Gemma's shoulder, both still as naked as
the day they were born. Gemma had a mixture of her own and her brothers cum dripping down
her leg and Jake had her juices drying out on his stomach and matted in his pubic hair. His
dick was standing to attention in-front of him, wobbling side to side as he walked. Gemma
gave it a tug and said.
“Doesn't it ever go down?”
Maybe the nights events weren't so bad after all.


2015-12-15 09:55:32
ignore person b4 me who hates thisbwork of art.
It is a great story

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2013-07-26 13:46:55
never post a story without proofreading and using a good editor. never post a story without properly tagging it, you need to list everything not just the parts you like. delete the trash and stop writing you suck at it, don't give up your day job you will never be a writer just a hack.

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should be tagged reluctance and bondage and drugging delete this shit and properly tag it asshole

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6/10. a little too pervy for me. i prefer romance and a little playfulness.

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Would love to hear more stories about who the truck picked up next!

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