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Full circle for threesome
Cave Trap Part 3

Although the storm wasn’t the onset of an early monsoon season, the rain continued throughout the night and the winds abated little. Craig and Miri’s stranded yacht, the ‘Queen Of Jade’ held secure at three points. Never the less, she lifted and fell with the continuous motion of the waves.

The couple rewarded Jack for his good-natured acceptance of their sex trap with a sumptuous evening meal. Craig fried shrimp and laid it over a bed of rice with ‘Komatsuna’, (a local mustard spinach), and fresh tomatoes. Afterward there were more drinks, and then it was story telling time.

To save the battery Craig placed a dozen or more candles around the cabin. The dark brown wood glowed warmly and the candles gave off a flowery scent. That is until Miri produced a small pipe and a chunk of black hashish. “I haven’t even seen hash in twenty years” said Jack. “Laws in the states are fucked, it’s as bad as getting caught with coke”.

“You should move out here man. As it is, I practically run the base. We’re part owners of a bar besides…things are good. You could come in with us. Maybe buy out old Mr. Tanaka”? Jack thought about it as the smoke in his lungs worked surprisingly fast. His head felt warm and the rocking motion of the boat played with it like a yo-yo.

Then Miri opened her pink and white kimono and started coating her skin with some ointment. Jack couldn’t help but stare as her delicate fingers brushed over her nipples and large brown areolas.

Craig started telling him about their experiences with other single men and women. But Jack was focused on Miri’s breasts. “We both prefer young women’ he continued. “But once in a while some handsome stud comes along and dives with us. Then it’s just a matter of Miri doing her thing…like she is right now”.

“Wo what”? Jack stammered. “I was just saying how easy it is to seduce men with Miri around. She’s never failed yet and I just love having my dick sucked by some horny guy who can’t control himself, like you”.

“Yeah…I know.” Jack managed to utter. His cock had grown full again and now it poked through his aqua blue kimono. He untied the silk belt and began stroking slowly up and down his shaft. He licked his lips, and when Miri took off her kimono he moaned and started jerking faster.

“Shit Jack you’re as much of a horn dog as I am. Well go ahead and fuck her. She’s probably dying for it by now”. Neither of them thought of revealing the fact that they had already done it in the cave.

Miri and Craig had an understanding about that. ‘Nobody does any fucking unless we are together.’ Until Jack and his big flesh monster came along the pact had held. But Miri just couldn’t help herself. And now she would have him out of the water, where movements could be controlled and the thrill of Craig watching would make it even better.

As Jack went over to Miri her kimono fell away. Craig got up so she could lay across the bed, but Jack’s cock was on her ass before she could roll onto her back. She collapsed under him and he reached under and grabbed her tits. Craig watched as Jack’s ass tightened with each stroke on his wife’s ass. “You can’t put that thing in my ass Jack”.

“No, no, I just want your pussy from behind”. And he reached down to guide his cock into her. Her dark pussy lips were slick but still Jack had trouble getting more than half the head insider. Then Craig came to the rescue with a tube of KY and he told jack to lift up. He spread the gel on his hand and put it to Jack’s cock.

The huge warm cock had an unusual effect on Craig. He had never wanted to suck one. The night he was drunk and was forced into it, was fuzzy in his mind. But suddenly he felt the desire to do what a dozen men and over fifty women had done to him.

He coated Jack’s mushroom with the lube and then put more on his palm. Jack turned on his side and Craig’ s hand wrapped around the shaft and stroked slowly up and down. Miri watched in amazement as her husband give Jack a slow loving hand job.

“Oh, oh fuck”. Jack was moaning and gasping for breath. “If you don’t stop I’m gonna cum, it’s so good…no don’t stop”. And Craig kept stroking him and staring as if in a trance. Then he put his hand over the bulbous head and rubbed around and around. Then he ran his thumb over the slit.
Jack’s orgasm was building, he could feel the pressure building. Already a few drops of pre cum went into Craig’s warm hand. “Craig suck me…please. I want you to suck me”.

Then Craig took his hand away and went to wipe it clean. Jack was left openmouthed and disappointed. He stroked his cock a few times but had to bend it hard to keep from cumming. Then he returned his attention to Miri.

If Craig wasn’t going to suck him, he was sure going to cum in his wife. He put his cock to her warm pussy and forced his head inside her. She cried out but raised up to take him more easily. And he pushed until four inches of his length was in her. Miri was gasping and crying at the same time.

Jack held her hips as she opened up and more of his cock went into her. With seven thick inches buried deep inside her, Miri gasped as he hit her cervix. Jack started pumping steadily and Craig moved to the head of the bed to watch.

Jack’s ass tightened with each stroke and Craig’s cock went stiff. He leaned over and grabbed Jacks ass muscles firmly in his hands. His cock lay on Miri’s black hair. Jacks face was only inches away, he could feel his breath. He leaned over a bit further and Jack kissed the tip.

Jack started bucking harder and Miri was breathless. His motions were amplified by the rocking motion of the boat. Even with slight pressure Miri was rocked like a ship in heavy seas; but Jack was pumping in and out of her pussy with jack-hammer thrusts that had her holding the sides if the bed for dear life.

Miri’s orgasm hit like a ten car freight train. Each car pounding hot pleasure throughout her body, and sending off a message for the next one to do the same. The pounding built on itself until Miri screamed with the best orgasm of her life.

But the freight train kept pounding into her, and through her, to the other side where heaven must be. And they crashed deep inside her, exploding like a train wreck on a mountainside. Wave upon wave shocked her body and her mind was lost in a world with no rain or wind, just hot flowing magma from the center of the earth. And the earth was up inside her, filling her, and she was the mountain.

Before Jack shot his cum into Miri he opened his mouth and took Craig deeply. The dick slid past the point of no return and into his throat. He was deep throating a cock and yet there was no gag response at all. It felt comfortable in him and it ticked a little.

The boat rocked his head onto the cock over and over sending Craig into a frenzy “Yeah fuck my wife, fuck her cunt Jack, fuck her cunt”. And one hand still gripped Jack’s flexing ass muscles and he put the other between his checks. Then his middle finger slipped into the wet hole. He fucked it with his hand until the excitement was too much and he gushed uncontrollably into Jack’s mouth.

Jack felt Miri shudder like a vibrating cushion, and then there were spasms and he knew he had done something right. At the same time Craig had put his finger in just the right place, and it set him off.

He didn’t know how much cum he had left in him, but his orgasm was mind blowing and he pulsed over and over again until his cock almost hurt. As he rolled off Miri the suction on his dick made a popping sound. Then he kneaded her firm round butt, and he watched as his juices spilled from her slit in the dim candlelight.

Craig collapsed on the other bed and Jack lay on his back next to Miri. And the storm played a symphony on the overhead; beating down it’s thousands of pellets in wave after wave of drumbeat. And the overhanging trees let loose a syncopated cacophony of its own; pinging on the handrails like a percussionist’s triangle, or splashing with a thud on the foredeck.

The night wore on and by twelve they were all asleep. The worst winds had passed and the rain softened to a hissing accompaniment to the rising swells. When Jack woke up he put on a raincoat and went out on deck. He was enveloped in a darkness that swallowed everything but a few feet of the cabin. He pissed over the side and went back in.

Some time during the night Miri woke up and Jack stirred. He caught the sweet scent of her hair. She leaned over him and kissed him on the lips. He couldn’t see, it was pitch black, all of the candles had been put out. Then she spread his lips with her fingers, and her tongue slithered with his in a loving kiss, their sounds were muted by the rain.

They made out that way for several passionate minutes and then she reached down to feel his cock. He was semi-soft, but still his dick was thicker than Craig’s ever was. She slowly massaged him as they kissed.

After several minutes he was stiffening and her appetite was renewed. She slid down to him and licked his thick shaft and took the bulbous head in her mouth. His response was slow and he wasn’t fully erect, but she crawled up and sat on his cock and rubber herself on him.

She was slick at once and she tried to stuff him inside her sopping wet pussy. It had been difficult when he was hard, and now it would never work. But he was still engorged beneath her, and she trapped him between her lips and used him.

Over and over she slid on his thick meat, rubbing with delight. She made out with him like a lover rather than an experienced swinger. She let out little high pitched squeals as her orgasm slowly built. She was hot for him, he had done things to her that no man ever did before.

Jack wondered how long it would go on. He loved the feel of her hot wet pussy playing up and down his shaft and he wished he had the strength to fuck her again, but he was spent. He steadied her hips and occasionally fondled the pendulous tits swaying above him.

After a long while Miri began grinding harder on his cock. It stirred him and he stiffened a little more. She started cooing in his ear and she licked him there. She sucked on his neck as she ground herself into him and her breath was short.

Then she pushed up on her arms and bucked on him like she was riding a horse. Jack put his hands on her ass and followed her bucking motion by raising up and down against her. Miri screeched as she came on his cock, her warm juices flowed onto him and she used the lubrication to continue grinding.

Jack was amazed at her stamina but after another five minutes of grinding, his cock was worn out. “I can’t take any more, you’re killing me” he whispered. “Alright then you promised me in the cave…eat me for an hour, remember”. Jack giggled, she couldn’t want more?

Before he knew it, Miri was straddling his face. She put pillows under her knees and slowly lowered herself onto his mouth. The first touch of her trimmed wet bush felt cold. Then she was fully on him and he opened his mouth wide and took her in. Jack loved eating sweet pussy and Miri’s was sweet and young.

His tongue almost brought her to an instant orgasm but she breathed deeply and held it back. Jack took hold of her ass so he could control the pressure on his jaw, but he continued to suck and lap away to his heart’s content. When she started moaning two things happened. Craig stirred and opened his eyes, and Jack’s worn out cock slowly started to grow.

Five minutes of cunt eating wasn’t enough nor was ten. Miri was in heaven and Jack was getting hungrier for her pussy by the minute. Each lap of the tongue took them farther into a swirling, dark dream, where the only contact with reality was where his heat met hers.

Jack’s cock was hard again and he put his palm over it and pressed the head against his belly. Then a faint noise interrupted the dream and fingers went around his shaft. He felt a warm tingling sensation as Craig’s hand took hold of him. Jack started moaning into Miri’s pussy. “Uh, Uhmm, uhmmm”.

He was hard as a stone in a seconds and he lifted up to meet the unseen hand. His mind’s eye imagined Craig leaning over his cock, he thought he could feel his breathing. The anticipation was overwhelming, each waiting moment was an eternity as the fingers probed the head of his cock.

Then it was gone and he felt cool air around his aching cock. There were strange little sounds in the dark and then a lubricated hand slipped over his enormous mushroom head and down the length of his shaft. Another set of fingers went under his balls and it tickled until the hand grabbed hold and started a slow massage.

Jack felt cum boiling deep inside, welling up as the hand stimulated his scrotum. The hand on his shaft worked up and down so slowly he could hardly take it. He pushed Miri off his face. “Craig, put me in your mouth, please, suck me, please”!

But the hand kept massaging his balls and the one on his shaft started jerking much faster. Craig’s gold bracelet was jingling and the sound excited him more, like bed springs sounding the rhythm of fucking.

Miri lifted up and a moment later she settled back onto Jack’s mouth in the 69 position. He sucked hard on her pussy and drove his tongue deep inside. Jack bucked upwards with the jerking hand and then finally a warm mouth went to his engorged penis.

It was Miri and she bobbed and sucked hard, and her sucking noises added to the sounds around the center of attention; his nine inch cock.

Jack felt as if he could cum again, and the ultimate would be to shoot sperm up into Craig’ s eager mouth. He reached down and gently moved Miri’s face off his cock. “Suck me Craig…where are you. I’m gonna cum…please”.

For a few moments the jerking continued it’s pace. Then it all but stopped and the hand froze, it bent his cock upwards. “Yeah, suck me…do it Craig”. If Craig had taken him in his mouth at that moment an explosion of cum would have filled it. Then a warm tongue licked just under the pulsating head and he knew it was Craig.

Jack’s breathing became quick and shallow. Then Miri’s hair brushed over his cock and he felt her tongue on him. Then she took him in her mouth. Jack was ready to explode. Miri’s lips pulled off him and the other tongue licked the top of his member; four, five six times. Then there were two tongues licking in the dark. “Please Craig”!

“I can’t” came a soft, uncertain reply. Then the licking continued and Craig pumped the massive cock furiously. Then he plunged his mouth onto the cock and his lips covered the large head, it was much bigger than a golf ball. The slick skin was warm and drum-tight. He flicked his tongue on the tip. “Oh Craig, don’t stop, oh god”.

But Craig pulled away and he felt the cock spasm, then again. As Jack cried out, cum flew from his cock and landed everywhere. Craig instinctively brought the cock to his lips and covered the head.

With his lips locked in a frozen ‘O’ he licked and he pumped the cock. He swallowed bitter sperm. Both hands wrapped around the nine inch torpedo, milking the cum upwards. Jack put his hand behind Craig’s head and forced himself deeper.

His next thrusts shot wad after wad of hot cum well into Craig’s sucking mouth. Over and over he pulsed and spasms of ecstasy shook from his balls to the warm waiting mouth. Jack felt his seed coat the quivering tongue, the warm lips holding him like a pussy. He was in heaven.

He rolled over, but Craig held on and kept him in his mouth. Just then Miri lit a cigarette lighter and she looked on in amazement. Craig’s hand a hand on Jack’s butt and another at the base of his cock, and he was bobbing up and down the shaft with his mouth opened wide.

Craig wiped some cum from his chin and sucked it off his fingers. Then he returned to finishing the first blow job he had ever volunteered. Miri began to wonder if she was entirely happy with that turn of events. She lit a candle and went to the edge of the bed and started sucking Craig’s long cock.

Then as the storm renewed it’s strength and thunder rolled, the rain lashed at the hull, drowning out the moaning sounds. It was Craig that was moaning, sucking Jack’s cock had aroused him to no end. Now Miri’s mouth wouldn’t satisfy him.

He let go of Jack’s cock and gently pushed Miri from his own. Then he turned Jack onto his back and moved up to straddle his chest. The boat began rocking like it had earlier and Jack took Craig in his mouth without hesitation.

Craig moved over Jack’s face and hung over the edge of the bed propping himself up on a chair. Then he fucked the mouth, slowly at first. Then he was jerking into it and moving his hips. In no time at all his steaming ejaculations filled Jack’s throat as her pressed down on his face.

The sounds of Craig’s moaning and the satisfied look on his face had Miri concerned. Had the cave trap, trapped her? Had she lost her man to homosexuality? Time would tell, and for now it was on her side.

The storm showed no signs of letting up and the boat was crippled. She still had time to win back her man’s attention. While the men rested she took a pair of wire cutters and snipped a few wires in the radio. Then she lay back down beside them and slept.

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Jack, keep fucking Miri and get her pregnant. Keep blowing Craig odd if you so desire, but I'm not into the gay thing, so I would rather read about your sex with Miri and her pregnancy.

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i liked it but with most of the stories it isn't finished and still keeps you wanting a ending.


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