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Phoebe dropped onto the sofa and closed her eyes for a second before picking up her book again. Baby sitting Jamie’s boys was exhausting. The three boys, aged five, three, and one, were something beyond hyper. If they hadn’t been Jamie’s kids she would never had agreed to watch them.

Her little brother Justin was the only kid she actually liked. She had just turned seven a month before he had been born and when his mom, her dad’s second wife, had left abandoning her three month old son, Phoebe had happily helped her older sister, Sandra, care for their infant brother. Justin had been like a living baby doll for her and she still marveled sometimes at the fact that he had survived her overly enthusiastic care.

Sandra, ten years older than Phoebe, had followed in their oldest sister Cassie’s footsteps and had gotten as far away from their authoritarian father as she could as soon as she graduated from high school. Jake had never been the easiest man to live with, but Phoebe, the baby for the first seven years of her life, had always gotten away with anything while her two oldest sisters bore the brunt of his anger, especially after Justin’s mom had made her escape.

With both of their older sisters gone, Phoebe had felt that Justin was her responsibility even though her grandmother had moved from her home in New York to stay close enough to help her son raise his two youngest children. She was closer to her little brother than she had ever been to Cassie or Sandra and she knew that he adored her as much as she did him.

She sat up and laid her book on the coffee table when she heard the front door open. Trina Murphy smiled as she stuck her head in the living room door. “Hey,” she said dropping heavily into one of the chairs opposite the sofa. “How have you been?”

Phoebe shrugged. “I have this stupid sinus infection. I’ve been on antibiotics for two weeks.”

Trina grimaced. “I know how you feel,” she commiserated. “I get them, too. Did the boys give you much trouble?”

“Tyson and Alex fed the baby crayons,” Phoebe said slipping her feet into her shoes.

Trina shrugged. “I’m sure they’ve fed him worse,” she said tiredly as she leaned forward to hand Phoebe two twenty dollar bills. “Jamie’s waiting in the car to take you home.”


Phoebe slid into the passenger seat and leaned across the console to kiss Jamie lightly before he put the SUV in reverse and backed out of his driveway. She leaned back in her seat and smiled over at him.

“Did you have a nice time?” she asked reaching out to caress his thigh.

“It was okay,” he said glancing over at her. “I spent the entire evening thinking about you.”

She let her hand glide up the inside of his leg and brush against the growing bulge between his thighs. She turned slightly in her seat and unbuckled his belt before unzipping his slacks. She practically purred as she pushed her hand into his pants and began to stroke his nearly erect cock.

Jamie groaned and lifted his hips a little as she pushed his trousers down to free his rigid penis. Her fingers closed around his cock and she began to slide her hand slowly up and down. He shifted in his seat to give her better access and she rubbed her hand over the spongy head wetting her palm with the pre cum oozing from the tip before starting to stroke him faster.

“I love the way your skin feels so soft when your cock is so hard,” she murmured.

She squeezed lightly and felt him flex in her grasp. With a mischievous little smile she leaned over and stuck the tip of her tongue into the slit in the head of his cock and scooped up the pre cum gathered there. He jerked his hips and Phoebe opened her mouth and sucked him in.

“Jesus, baby,” he groaned as she began to bob up and down on his hard prick bumping against his right arm as he tried to steer.

Phoebe cupped his balls, rolling them together as she ran her tongue over the underside of his thick cock. putting her hand on his thigh, she braced herself when he made an unexpected left turn, then went back to moving up and down taking him as far as she could into her warm, wet mouth.

Jamie parked the SUV at the far end of a nearly empty parking and lifted her head from his lap. He urged her to sit up and leaned across her body to lift the lever that reclined her seat. Crawling across the console, he pushed his slacks and boxers down to his knees.

His hands slipped under her short denim skirt and he hooked his fingers in the waistband of her cotton panties to pull them down her shapely legs and off. Phoebe slid her ass to the edge of the seat and spread her thighs, propping her feet against the dash when Jamie had settled between her legs.

“I’ve been waiting for this all evening,” he breathed huskily as his lips sought hers.

“Mmmm hmmm,” she murmured as he thrust his tongue into her mouth to dance with hers.

Phoebe’s hand closed around the shaft of his tumescent cock. She stroked him several times squeezing rhythmically as she did so to milk the clear pre cum from the tip. She slid the bulbous head between the swollen lips of her pussy spreading their combined wetness before positioning his cock at the opening of her vagina.

Jamie thrust his hips against her, pushing slowly into her warm, wet depths. “Oh, fuck,” he groaned low in his throat. “You are so tight.”

Phoebe wrapped her arms around his neck and rocked her hips to meet his hard thrusts. Her breathing quickened as he drove his rampantly hard cock into her, his balls slapping wetly against her ass as he plumbed her velvety depths.

She rhythmically clenched the muscles in her tight cunt on his thrusting cock loving the feel of him moving inside her. His girth stretched and caressed her rippling vaginal walls. Her hands glided down over his back, the muscles flexing under her hands as he fucked her hard, his tempo increasing as he quickly neared his climax.

Phoebe closed her eyes and held him tightly as his lips blindly searched for hers. She gave herself up to the sensations of his body moving on and inside hers. The tingling feeling of her approaching orgasm began to build in her lower abdomen and she dug her fingers into his lower back.

Jamie felt her body begin to tense. He pounded his cock into her hot, young cunt, his breathing growing ragged. He felt his balls tighten and draw up against his body. Phoebe arched her back driving herself onto his turgid cock and ground her pussy against his pubic bone.

She moaned into his mouth and he felt her cunt clamp down on his cock. The contractions of her orgasm gripped him inside her, rolling over his hard member, milking the semen from his testicles. He tore his mouth from hers, his breath hissing through clenched teeth as he erupted into her, his hot sperm washing over her receptive cervix.

He continued to thrust slowly into her as they came down, their breathing returning to normal. He kissed her tenderly as he grew soft inside her. She groaned when she felt him fall out and trail the sticky wetness of their combined cum across the inside of her thigh.

Jamie reached behind the driver’s seat for the box of baby wipes he’d stashed there and handed her a few before taking a couple to clean his cock. He pulled his trousers up and climbing back into the driver seat. Phoebe did the best she could to wipe up all of his cum off her tender flesh before slipping her panties on and straightening her skirt.

She returned the seat to it’s upright position and Jamie reached for her before he started the car. She leaned toward him and he kissed her deeply. He broke the kiss and rested his forehead against hers, his hands tangled in her silky hair.

“I love you, baby girl,” he said huskily.

“I know,” she said smiling softly. “I love you, too.”


Phoebe closed the front door as quietly as she could and locked it before heading up the stairs. In the bathroom she stripped out of her clothes and tossed them into the hamper before taking a quick shower. She wrapped in the huge, fluffy towel and crossed the hall to her room.

The light by her bed was on and cast a dim circle of light that didn’t penetrate the corners of her room. Her dad lounged against her pillows wearing only his boxers. He sat up when she entered, one foot dropping to the floor beside the bed.

“It’s 0130,” he said, his voice slightly slurred.

“I know,” Phoebe said crossing the room to her dresser. “I’m sorry I woke you.”

She opened her top drawer and picked up a pair of panties. Before she could slip her foot into them her dad’s arms closed around her, pulling her back against his body. He swayed unsteadily on his feet as he held her tightly in the circle of his arms.

“Daddy, I’m really tired,” she said leaning against him. “And what if Lorraine wakes up and you’re not in bed?”

“She’s not here,” he mumbled as he leaned down and pressed his lips against the side of her neck. “We had a fight and she left.”

Phoebe sighed. “Daddy, you didn’t hit her, did you?”

She felt him shrug and she shook her head ruefully as she tried to pull away. Jake pressed his hands firmly against her stomach, refusing to let her go as his lips continued to explore her throat. She sighed again and relaxed against him.

“You smell so good,” he murmured against her skin.

He slipped his hands under the overlapping edges of her towel, one gliding up to cup her firm, round breast, they other sliding into the damp folds of tender flesh between her thighs. Phoebe moaned softly as his fingers brushed her swollen clit. Jake’s lips caressed her jaw line and she turned her head to offer him her mouth.

“Baby, I need you,” he whispered huskily against her lips.

“I know, Daddy,” she said turning in his arms.

She wound her arms around his neck and Jake pulled the towel away from her lithe body before enfolding her in his embrace. Phoebe pushed up onto her toes to meet his lips. He lifted her off her feet so her face was level with his and she wrapped her legs around his waist. One arm beneath the fleshy globes of her ass supported her weight and with his other hand roaming over her back he pressed her tightly against his chest.

His mouth moved hungrily against her lips, his tongue thrusting demandingly against hers. Phoebe’s hand cupped the back of his head and she kissed him back with a passion that matched his own. Jake massaged one firm ass cheek and dragged his mouth away from hers.

Her breath caught in her throat as she felt his teeth against the soft flesh where her neck curved into her shoulder. He sucked the skin held lightly between his teeth and she gasped.

“Daddy, you’re going to leave a mark,” she warned hoarsely.

Turning with her in his arms to stumble toward the bed. He laid her down and leaned over her. His mouth closed over the peak of one firm breast, his tongue circling her stiff pink nipple as his hand caressed her quivering abdomen before gliding down to test the wetness between her thighs.

“Daddy,” she said urgently when his lips left her breast to trail kisses across her stomach, “I want you inside me.”

He lifted his head to look at her and her hands cupped is face gently urging him up. She met no resistance as he lifted himself to cover her body with his. She pulled her knees up and cradled his hips between her smooth thighs. Jake buried his face against her damp, sweetly scented hair and grasped the shaft of his turgid cock to guide the head to the tight opening of his daughter’s cunt.

He groaned as he pushed his entire length into her warm, welcoming body. Phoebe exhaled loudly and pushed up to take him deeper. She began to rock her hips to meet his slow, hard thrusts.

No matter how much she loved Jamie, and she did, no matter how good he made her feel when he moved inside her, it was nothing compared to what she felt with her father. There would never be anyone that she loved more the the man lying in her arms right now. There would never be anyone that made her feel the way her daddy did when he made love to her.

Jake twined his fingers with his daughter's and pushed up to gaze down at her beautiful face as he increased his tempo to thrust into her lush body faster and harder. He felt the warm, moist walls of her pussy caress his turgid cock, grasping him as he withdrew, providing exquisite friction as he thrust back into her. He watched the emotions playing over her face as he fucked her. Her head was thrown back, her eyes heavy lidded, her lips parted. Her chest rose and fell rapidly.

“Daddy,” she gasped, her body tensing as her orgasm began to build. “Daddy, fuck me hard. Hard. Make me cum.”

He gritted his teeth, trying to hold back until she’d cum, and pounded his hard cock into her, his balls swinging against her ass as he slammed his pelvis against her. She bucked her hips wildly, grinding her wetly sucking cunt against his pubic bone every time he buried himself inside her. Her whimpering moans drove him to a near frenzy.

“Come on, baby,” he growled as he felt his balls tighten in preparation to release his load. “Cum for Daddy. Come on.”

Her body arched against his and he felt the muscles in her vagina rippling over his swelling cock. He pressed as deeply into as he could as she came hard feeling the head of his cock nudging her cervix.

“Oh fuck,” he groaned as his balls let go and he flooded her womb with semen.

“Daddy,” Phoebe moaned, her hands grabbing at his flexing ass to pull him into her. “I can feel you cumming.”

Jake held himself deep inside her as another rope of cum erupted from his twitching prick. He began to thrust into her slowly again, shivering as his pulsing cock was milked dry by the spasms still rolling through his daughter’s tight pussy. He slowed to a stop as his cock deflated.

He held her close and kissed her gently as she traced his spine with her fingertips. Rolling onto his side he lay with his face close to hers and stroked her hair. She pressed against him and nestled her head under his chin.

“You should go to your bed before you fall asleep,” she murmured drowsily. “She might come home.”

Jake kissed the top of her head and wrapped his arms around her before closing his eyes. “I don’t fucking care.”

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2011-09-29 04:23:09
Phoebe is turning into a hot little cumbucket slut for her age. Wander what her step-mother will do if she findes daddy and daughter fucking?. Daddy will be spending a lot of time in jail after his courtmartial maybe.

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2010-12-14 19:52:31
Amazing series. I'm enjoying watching the story evolve, and it really is very sexy watching the father/daughter relationship.

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2010-09-28 16:25:13
This is an exellent and well written series. i have come to enjoy the non sexual parts just as much as the sexual. again, you write likable characters that are easy to connect with and realistic.

keep writing ^_^

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2010-09-25 02:59:11
It would be nice during a DNA Test that it was Jamie, serve the sister right.

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2010-09-25 02:57:56
My money is on Justin.

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