A young man goes for a run and ends up in the middle of something.
It was a warm summer morning and I was out for a run. I woke up hornier then I had been in along time and thought a nice run would get my mind off of it. I had left the house wearing running shorts and no shirt. The morning sun felt good on my skin. I hadn't planned on running anywhere in particular and found myself off my usual route. After a few more miles I found myself at the notoriously gay hook up park. I guess my horny 26 year old mind got the best of me after all. I decided to keep going but took one of the side trails that goes around the park instead of through it. There were random hot guys wandering around the park and I locked eyes with a few of them but kept running. I ran up a heavily wooded hill at the end of the park that backs up to the national forest. The trail here got thinner and obviously less traveled. I slowed down and just as I was thinking to myself that I made it through with no interaction I came upon a man sitting on a shady park bench by himself. He was an older gentlemen in what I would imagine is in his early 50's. He was sitting there naked except for his running shoes stroking his cock which had to have been about 8 inches. He had a beautiful well sculpted body and I could see a light dusting of silver hair on his strong masculine chest. He had one hand slowly stroking his cock and the other resting on the back of the bench. I watched for a minute and noticed I was instinctively rubbing my now hard cock. After another minute or so he finally noticed me, and acknowledged I was there with a slight nod. I finally gave up and listened to what my smaller head was saying.
I walked over to the bench pulled off my shorts and sat down next to the man. We were both hard and stroking our cocks on the park bench in the shade. I finally spoke and said "I have been watching you for a little while now."
"I know" he says, "I saw you walk up but I like being watched so I kept quiet."
Without asking I reached over and wrapped my hand around his cock. He let go putting his hand down to his side, closed his eyes and tilted his head back as if looking to the sky. I started slowly over my hand up and down his cock and I felt it get even harder. It must have grown another half inch since I touched it. I was stoking both of our cocks, one in each hand. I looked at his hot, sweaty body and couldn't believe I was doing this on a bench in a park during the day. Thinking that made my heart beat faster from the fear of getting caught. My dick was really hard now and I was at my full 7.5 inches. This guy was so beautiful and was making light moaning sounds as I started rubbing his cock a little faster. I move closer to him on the bench to get a better grip. His hard cock felt good in my hand. Without saying a word he took the hand he had draped along the back of the bench which was behind me and put it on the back of my head. I knew right away he wanted me to suck his dick but wanted him to force me down so I resisted a bit. He took my cue, grabbed a fist full of my hair and shoved my mouth down over his dick. He left his hand on my head and pushed down until he was satisfied I had it as far down my throat as I could get it. This cock was so thick and hard I had to open my mouth as far as I could to get it all in and I swallowed every inch of it. He loosened his grip but kept his hand on my head. I slowly began to slide my wet lips up and down the shaft of his amazing cock. I wrapped a couple fingers around the base of his cock and firmly grasped his balls in my other hand. He let his head hang back again and let out manly deep groan. I started to work his cock a little faster all the way up to the tip and back down to my fingers. I felt his hand begin to grab my hair again a he started pushing my head down on his cock. In barely a whisper as if he were out of breath he said "you suck good dick." I felt his hips start fucking my face and his hand push my head down even further. Though I have no problem deep throating the thickness of his dick was starting to make my jaw tired. I licked and sucked as fast as he could force me to. He put his other hand on the back of my head now and was really starting to fuck my face. I took it as best I could but I was really getting sore. Just as I was about to try and pull off I felt his dick swell and balls tighten up. I could tell he was about to cum and that he had no intention of letting me of his cock.
He looked down at me said "I'm going to cum in your mouth but I don't want you swallow it. Not a drop." not a second later did I feel his warm batch of cum begin to fill my mouth. He pulled my head off his dick a little as if he knew it was going to be a big load and it was. It tasted bitter sweet in my mouth and I almost swallowed it. I love drinking up cum straight from the source but did as was told and let it flow past my lips and down the sides of his beautiful cock. After the last shot I lifted up my head and sat back up on the bench. He was grabbing his still hard cum covered cock. It looked so good I wanted to lean over and lick it clean.
"Why couldn't I swallow it?" I asked.
"Because it would be much harder to do this," and with his strong tanned arms and in almost one swift move he stood me up in front of him and started to sit me down on his cock. I never fuck without a condom and tried to push myself away. I'm not sure if it was his sheer strength or my now raging desire to see what his cock felt like up inside me but I felt my arms begin to lose their strength. I felt the head of his still hard cock tickling my hole as if he were purposely taunting me. I gave up resisting with my arms all together and let him take control. He started very slowly gently pushing his mushroom head in my ass. I reeled with pain and pleasure. I don't know if I closed my eyes but lost all sense of vision and only felt his thick cum lubed cock slide slowly deeper into my ass. I could feel every inch pushing up and in. I finally felt his balls pressing up against my ass and knew his cock was all the way inside me. He grabbed onto my hips and slowly started lifting me up his thick cock. I grabbed my cock and started stroking it as I felt his hard rod sliding out my tight hole. Just as he got to the head of his cock he lowered me back down onto it. It filled my ass and hit just he right spot. He began lifting and lowering me faster over his hard dick. I opened my legs as wide as I could to make sure he went all the way in. I started using my legs to help lift myself up and he really started to pound his cock into my hole. I couldn't help but whimper every time he shoved it in. I knew we were out in the open but I just couldn't keep quiet. I must have been totally oblivious to my surroundings but when I opened my eyes to look around a bit I noticed one of the hot guys I passed earlier on the trail standing about 20 feet away with his shorts around his ankles and hard dick in hand. He was in his mid twenties and had a nice skinny and smooth body. His dick was a little longer then the guy fucking me but not as thick. The older guy motioned that he come sit next to him on the bench. The boy sat down and continued stroking his hard cock. "Want any help with that?" asked the guy. Without saying anything the boy nodded excitedly. I thought the guy was going to reach over and jack him off, instead he stood up being careful not to pull his dick out of my ass. We both turned and he bent me over so my mouth was inches from the new guys cock. I wrapped one hand around the base of his hard rod and took the rest into my mouth. Never did I think I would be in the position I was in but it felt so good. With the older guy behind me fucking the hell out of my ass I sucked the young guys dick as best I could. I had never been used and taken advantage of like this before. My cock was rock hard and flopping around beneath me, slapping against my stomach and thighs. The young guy had such a great body I could see his perfect abs and sculpted chest. I felt him grab the back of my head and pull my mouth farther down his cock. Since it wasn't too thick I let it slide down the back of my throat. He moaned with pleasure then said "no one has ever taken that much of my cock down their throat, god" The guy behind me grabbed hard on my hips and started pounding me much harder now. He was getting close and so was the guy I was sucking off. I felt his balls get tight in my hand. The older guy said "oh fuck I'm gonna cum up you ass!" Just then he rammed it in one last time and I felt his cock pulse as the cum shot out deep into my ass. This really got the young guy going and without warning he released a load into my mouth. They were both cumming in my two holes at the same time and I hadn't noticed at the time but I was also shooting a load all over the grass below me. Every part of my body that could feel pleasure was overloading with ecstasy and euphoria. My skin began to tingle all over and my legs started to lose their strength and shake uncontrollably. I drank up the last of the young guys cum removed my mouth his cock and set the side of my face next to his now softening rod on his lap. My legs stopped shaking and the older slowly pulled his dick out of my ass. He leaned over wrapped his arms around my chest and leaned me back up. My legs still weak began to give out but he held on tight and kept me from falling. I could feel his hard body pressing up against my back and butt. I finally caught my breath and he released his grip. I looked down and the younger guy was sitting there lightly rubbing his semi hard cock. I sat down next to him and the older guy picked up his shorts put them on and began walking away. Turning around he said "thanks guys that's exactly what I needed" and he jogged off down the path. "My name is Mike" said the young guy. "Nice to meet you" I said. "Wanna come back to my place for a shower and relax?" said Mike. "Yeah" and we put our shorts on and I followed him to his place.

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oh my god ima girl and i was finger fucking the whole timee

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