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kids dream of making it big to be with the one he loves
i'd love for someone to edit this im not a fan of proof dont judge me on that...

i've had a hard life. my mother had me when she was just 14 and my dad 17, you'd expect that my dad would be a typical teenager and leave my mom and me but he didn't. The memories i have of my dad are some of the best he was always there for me. when i was born he already dropped out of school and got a job to feed me and my mom. he died in after being robbed getting money out of the atm machine outside a gas station. i was nine.

my mom moved us to a small one bedroom apartment, i hated it, at the time i couldn't understand death or where my dad was. i used to go to a near by park and sit under a apple tree that was growing near it. there where a lot of kids there but i had changed after my dad died turning inverted. not a usual trait in a nine year old i was considered a outcast and no one talked to me, though they did talk about me. there was one girl who sometimes sat with me but she was japanese and i could understand what she was saying and she couldn understand me. still, we became friends and just sat together. we'd make motions to try to understand each other and eventualy we began to learn each others language. i was finaly able to tell her my name was shaun and told my hers, ayama.

my mother was always going out to the clubs and i would sneak out to the tree and sit there for hours and sing a song my dad always whistled.

when i was in the 7th grade i rember walking home from school past the park and seeing ayama with two guys who always teased us, they where brothers both bigs with blonde hair. i started walking to them knowing something was up. i saw ayama looking at the ground shaking her head no, then one of the brothers grabbed her by her hair and threw her to the ground..i saw red and ran to them, even though i was small i'd been in more then my fair share of fights and knew one thing that always worked, the sleeper hold. i jumped on the brother who threw ayama to the ground and threw my arms around his neck locking them and pulling tight. we fell to the ground and the other brother was soon on me punching and kicking but i didnt let go. when he saw i wasnt going to let go he started stomping on my face. after about three stomps my vision was getting blurry i closed my eyes waiting for the next hit but it never came. i opened my eyes to find ayama clinging to his legs, he tried to kick her off but she wouldn't give. then he bent down and punched her in her nose.

agian i saw red and let go of the brother who i had in a sleeper hold, he started gasping for air and coughing visciously. i was already on the brother who was still punching ayama in the face before he was able to see me coming, i knocked him to the ground and started wailing on his face he was bloody when i was pulled off him by the police. his brother had gone to a payphone and called them saying that i just started going crazy and hitting them, and ayama.

i was taken to the local precinct until my mom got home from work and came to get me. i was given a court date and was told that the parents of the boys where pressing charges.

that night i snuck out and sat under the old apple tree singing when ayama showed up. she started speaking fast and i motioned for her to slow down i couldnt understand. then she took a deep breath and said she was moving. my heart sank and i felt like i was going to throw have a friend for 5 years just the two of you and to be split up it was just like losing my dad again.

''when?', i asked.

''this week''she said tears in her eyes

''where are you going?''

she hugged me and said''back to japan to live with my granparents''.

we sat there cuddled under the tree talking till mornming and did the same till she left. the night before she left i told her that one day i'd make something of myself and we'd spend the rest of our lives together. she looked into my eyes and kissed me,that was the last time i saw her.

my mother had started dating the lawyer who represented me at my trail for the fight and two years after ayam had left they where engaged. she came hom,e one day and told me we where moving in with him and his kids, who i'd never met before, just out of the blue. i felt agian like i was being torn apart from everything i knew. by then i was 14 and in the 9th grade. before we moved in with them i went to the apple tree and carved my and ayamas name into the bark.

when we got the lawyers house, i'd asked and found out his name was tom, it was gigantic based on the two bedroom apartment i'd spent my life in. there where two boys throwing a football behind the gates in the front yard they where twins both looked 17 and where built like linebackers. when i got out of the car one of them looked my way and tapped the other said something and started laughing.

i just followed my mom who took me to my room and left me. they twins came in shorty after and i already knew they where not here to make friends.

...........ehh its late illpost this and write the rest of it in two weeks... dont judge it by this part hopefully it'll get way better..also i lioke to build up to the sex not another author said.. jack meets jill, jill sucks jack, jack licks jill, jack and jill fuck, the end.. thought it seems like thats all most of you want..what ever though.. vote it doesn' take but 1 click and 5 seconds of your life. a comment would be nice too,comments really are what make me keep writing a you can see with my bodyuard series no comments no more chapters.


2010-09-19 15:50:22
people vote posite and leave comments on whether or not you liked it why or why not. i wanted to make this my 1st story that i follow through with i dont care if you dont like the next chapters but id like to have some type of info to base it off of

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wasnt the end its only half of the 1st chapter it was late so i just posted this part next time i get on the computer hopefully ill write 2 more complete chapters..wanna get pwnd in modern warfare leave ur psn name ill add u

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its a good story but the end came too soon

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