Ok so so first things first visit my msg board it got pics and you can post there to

Next sorry the first story was so hard to read I will try to do a little better this time. i put more editing time into it

So I left off with fucking Darrell’s ass for the first time that was fun. But the next day sucked . Darrell is 3 years older then me so of course when we were around all his friends he would kick the crap out of me to impress them.

Anyway he punched me really hard in the stomach and usually I would just take it but not on that in front of every one I kicked him in the balls as hard as I could. Please remember he was bigger then me. He went to the ground and started to cry all his friends cheered me as I walked away I went home sat in my room and I played super Nintendo turtles in time if I recall correctly

The end lol just joking

I got a call from Darrell after everyone had left he said my dads gone to work come on over. When I got there Darrell was sitting on the couch and his little brother Cory was sucking his cock Cory was a year younger then me so 5 or 6. Darrel said go ahead fuck him. I got behind Cory who of course was on his knees already I spit into my hand jerk my cock till its really slippery and sunk my cock into his little ass nice and gentle. I fucked him slow for about 15 mins just enjoying the feel of his ass .

Darrel got jerking his came over to my face and lifted his cock so his ball were in my face. I started to lick and suck his balls while I fucked his little brother then he came on my face. Cory then moved my cock slipped out of his ass and he licked the cum off my face. Darrell started sucking Cory’s little cock I wondered how long they had been doing this.

After Darrel got his fill of sucking the little cock, we sat around for a bit watched Jeff’s porn. I started to think about when Jeff fucked my ass then I told Darrell to fuck my ass, but then we saw something on the screen I got Cory to lay down I got on top of him in 69 Cory and I sucked each other off while Darrell fucked me from behind. after a while I rolled us over and Darrell went to the other side and fucked Cory from behind I watched his cock go in and out.

Then Darrell asked to Cory to trade places so now. Darrell is on top of me and I see Cory’s little cock going in Darrell’s ass. after a while we roll over and Cory started to fuck me. I barely felt it but he was having a good time so it didn’t matter to me. I concentrated on sucking the cock and playing with Darrell’s balls.

of course the phone rings Cory answers it and its my dad I had to go home for supper. after supper I went to my room and thought about something all three guys in that family have fucked my ass. I was proud.

On Saturday of that’s week I went to Darrell’s knowing they were at there moms. I walked to the usual sound of porn, but it wasn’t porn. there was Jeff fucking a woman on the couch where, well the day before Darrell fucked me really quickly while Jeff was in the shower. Anyway she was on her back and Jeff was on top of her. her head was turned toward the couch she was hugging him really close.

When she did see me standing there she freaked out. she stared screaming at me Jeff immediately told her not to yell at me, and to get the fuck out. she got dressed and as she was walking out the door said fuck you I was going to let you fuck my tight ass. and then slam the door. then Jeff looked at me with a smile and said no way is her ass tighter then yours. He then said im guessing you have never tasted pussy before. I shook my head and could see a white cream on his cock. he said lay down on the couch and I did he got on top of me and slid his cock into my mouth I loved the taste of the woman’s pussy and as he stared to fuck my face he finally blew his load in my mouth.

He never got soft the then me to his room. he laid down and I got on top of him and he reach into the drawer and got some Vaseline lubed his cock really good and I sat on his cock. I got him all the way in me and he’s about 8 and a half inches. I bounced myself on his cock he just kept telling me that loved my ass and that he loved fucking me.

Heres the weird part I loved it to maybe to much. because for the first time ever. I came all over Jeff’s chest, that must have set him off because he came in my ass. I didn’t feel the cum accept the swelling of his cock, but when I got off him some cum came out of my ass. he looked at me and said that was awesome. we went and had a shower together.

we paid special attention to our cocks, he cleaned my ass out really well then licked it for a while, then he then asked me to do the same I didn’t much care for that. once we got out of the shower I was still hard I asked Jeff if I could fuck him he said when you get older and a little bigger. but he still sucked my cock for 20 mins.

I made him cum twice that day he loved it. as he was walking me to the door he was naked and soft just as he started to open the door to his garage I turned to him and started sucking him again. I got him nice and hard then said bye and left.

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