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This story follows on from wife takes black cock.....

I rolled over the next morning and as I came round realise two things; Firstly that Anon and my wife Hannah were both laying asleep next to me and secondly that I had a uge erection.

Slowly I started to wank my cock whilst imagining all of the images from the night before, Anton fucking her pussy, HAnnah sucking his huge cock, and best of all Anton roughly fucking her ass. My cock got harder and harder as I stroked it and as i started getting really aroused Hannah rolled over to face me and opened her eyes.

Slowly she came too and realised that I was wanking myself off. She reached down under the sheet and took hold of my cock "let me help you witht that baby" she teased as she began to stroke me. she leaned in and kissed me hard, swirling her tongue around my mouth as she wanked me harder and harder. She began kissing down my neck, biting my nipples as she moved down under the sheet. Suddenly I felt my cock disappear down her throat as she began deep throating me vigorously. Anton was still fast asleep and Hannah greedily sucked me off.

Just before I was about to cum she stopped and came up for air. She straddled me and began to rub my cock over her already wet pussy lips. Then she lowered herself right down onto my shaft. Something felt different from normal and then i saw the glint in her eye. She had sat straight down the length of my cock deep into her ass. "i'm still stretched from Anton last night baby. See how easily you wnt into my ass".

The idea of her gaping as sent me wild and I began forcing my cock up hard into her ass. She began moaning and it wasn't long before Anton began to stir next to us.

I kept fuckig her as hard as I could and eventually Anton rolled over to face us. He smiled as her saw Hannah riding my cock with her ass and lay watching for a few minutes. He began stroking his cock to life and soon we could both see that he was fully hard. Hannah leaned down and i sucked herd on her hard nipples as i noticed Anton stand up on the bed next to us.

Hannah noticed as well and sat up again whilst still bouncing hard on my throbbing shaft. As she sat upright her face came level with Antons huge member. He held it at the base and began to slap Hannah's face each time she rose off my cock. He slapped her harder and harder with his cock and then told her to open her mouth. Hannah did as she was told and opened wide, slowing her rhythem on my cock. Anton held her by her hair and pushed is cock deep into her mouth just as he had done the nigght before. as before she gagged immediateley at his size as he filled her throat. As he entered her throat he held her head so that she couldn't move. Within a few seconds she grew short of breath as he blocked her airway with his huge cock. She began to struggle but he held he there with his strong hands. Her face started to go red as che slowly choked on his throbbing head. He held her before finally letting her go. She gasped for breath and fell onto my chest, my cock still in her ass.

"Remember who is in charge here" he teased as he watched her get her breath back. "sit up again" Hannah obayed and sat up opening her mouth. Again anton forced his ock into her mouth, but this time he started moving it in and out, fucking her face. Spit soon ran from her mouth, down onto her tits. I began to fuck her ass again and she moaned as we used her holes.

After a few minutes Anton stopped and said to me "get into her pussy" I pulled my cock from her ass and moved it straight into her sopping pussy, pulling her down towards me so that I could suck on her hard nipples. Doing this left her ass gaping skyward and Anton didn't need a second invite. He knelt between my legs and positioned his throbbing head at Hannah's ass. She gasped but i held her by her waist so that she couldn't move. I looked into her eyes and could tell the second Anton pushed into her ass making her gasp out loud. Her eyes buldged and i could feel his cock enter her ass theought the wall of her pussy. As he pushed into her his cock spread her ass making her pussy feel even tighter than it already was.

Once he was right in up to his balls we both started rocking back and forth. Fucking Hannah like this, watching her face as a huge black man filled her ass made me even harder and I began to fuck her hard, as did Anton in her ass. She screamed loudly and Anton reached round, putting his hand over her mouth. "shut up slut" he growled as he slapped her ass with his free hand. We continued fucking both of her holed hard and I could tell that she was getting cluse to cumming. With a loud scream she let her orgasm overtake her. Her body shuddered and she squirted her juices all over my stomach. As she came down from her orgasm Anton pulled out of her ass.

He stepped off the bed and walked over to where the curtains were drawn across a huge full length window on one side of the hotel room. With one strong movement he pushed open both curtains revealing a 6 ft wide, floor to ceiling window overlooking the main city square.

He walked back to the bed where i was still vigorously fucking Hannahs pussy. He reached over and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her off my cock and off the bed. She struggled to her feet and he half dragged her across the room to the window. "now the whole city is gonna see what a slut you are".

He threw her against the window face first. He moved behind her and grabbed both of her wrists forcing her hands up against the window above her head. He the crouched slightly to het his cock lined up with her pussy and with an upward thust impailed Hannah on his cock. He pushed her forward against the window squashing her tits against the window as he bagan to fuck her hard, whilst whispering in her ear "now they can all see what a black cock slut you are baby". Hannah tried to fight him off but he was way too strong. "stop fighting baby or there will be more punishment" he growled as he lifted her clean off her feet with every upward thrust into her wet hole. I watched from the bed and noticed that her juices were actually flowing down her legs.

After a few minutes he slowed and pulled his cock out of her pussy. He loofed down to the city sruare below "look baby you have quite an audience" he laughed. With that he grabbed her hair again and pushed her down onto her knees. "Now open up and show your audience what a good cock sucker you are" Hannah was now obviously enjoying being the centre of attention and opened her mouth as well as starting to grope his balls. He slapped his cock against her face again before pushing his head forward into her mouth. He fucked her mouth hard, making her gag. Whith her free hand i saw Hannah reach down and begin rubbing her clit. Within a few minutes she came hard again as Anton publicly fucked her throat.

The sight of his white slut cumming whilst sucking his cock sent Anton over the edge. As about 20 people in the square watched the free porn show he pulled his cock out of my wifes mouth and started to wank himself over Hannah's face. Withing a few seconds his balls tightened and he unleashe 5 or 6 hugh squirts of cum all over her face and hair.

When he had finishe Hannah colapsed to the floor where she knelt. Anton went to the bathroom, got dressed, took my mobile number and, after agreeing that we would all have to meet again, left the room.

I walked over to where Hannah was laying on the floor next to the window. She was laying on her back and I needed to cum. I got down between her legs, lifted them up and plunged into her ass. It only took a few seconds looking down at her covered in a massive cum load for me to fill her ass with my own load.

for the next half hour we both lay on the hotel floor before finally rousing ourselves and getting ready to leave after the best sex filled 12 hours of our lives. We both agreed that Anton would become a regular part of our sexual lives.

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