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I year in the life of Francine
Francine's personal charity.

Kate and Roger Anderson were now married for five years and still loved each other deeply. One afternoon while they were at the gym working out when young women introduced her self to Kate. He name was Francine and she knew Kate from college and asked her, “Kate I remember you as person who was open minded about sex and Lesbian relationships.” Kate said, “Francine I am married now and I don’t know how my husband would feel about sharing their bed with another women.” Francine said, “I would love to make love to you and sleep with you.” “If you don’t mind I can please your husband as well.” “I promise not to try to come between you and Roger.” “Please don’t feel jealous.”

Francine was tall woman who was slim with blond hair, blue eyes, shallow breasts and long legs. She saw nothing wrong with seducing Kate and Roger.

“Kate I could bring you some pleasure you would not like to miss and I would pay rent to sleep in your bed and would love to cook or help around the house.” “Kate if you don’t mind I will ask Roger if you want.” Francine gave Kate one of her cards after writing her cell phone number. She walked away.

Kate looked at the card that had her name and occupation as a marriage counselor.

Roger who was 6’3” and with muscular build and Kate was 5’10” with light brown hair. Kate said, “Roger I just encountered a woman who wanted to pay rent, cook and clean house for the right to sleep in our bed.” Kate said “She says she is a lesbian but she also said she could make love to you if I was not jealous about it.” “Kate, I don’t mind because we have king size bed and plenty of closet storage.” Roger said, “Kate do you have a jealousy issue.” Kate said, I am open-minded but I would not like to loose you to another women.” Roger said, “Kate I love you and I would never leave you to another woman.” Kate said, “I love you Roger so much I will not mind you having another women in our bed with on one side of you and she on the other side with you in the middle.”

Kate called the phone number Francine wrote down. “Hello Francine this is Kate.” “If you can pay $1,000 per month and do the dishes and be my personal sex slave you can sleep in our bed.” “I ask Roger and he said he would like you to come here.” Francine said, “I will bring the money and be your personal sex slave and do anything you want me to do sexually or otherwise.” “I will never have sex with Roger without your permission.” “Can I come over today? Kate said, “We go to bed early because we go out running in the early morning and you can sleep in our bed.” Francine said, “I also go out running in the morning.” “I will see you in few minutes.”

Kate answered the door to let Francine in and they kissed. Francine then handed her a check for $1,000
And took off all her clothes and put them in a bag with her shoes. Kate said, “Francine you have a beautiful body.” “Do you shave off your pubic hair regularly?” “Kate I shave regularly, if you want I will shave you if you want.” “I just need some scissors, a razor and some shaving cream. Kate got what Francine needed and took off shoes pants and panties and put a towel down on the bed and sat down and spread her legs. Francine used the scissors to take most of the hair off and then used the shaving cream on her before using he razor to take of most of it and carefully stretching her skin beside her vagina and ass to get every hair. Francine cleaned up the mess and Kate went to the bathroom to use the mirror and liked what she saw. She took off her shirt to expose her breasts to see if she liked it. Kate said, “Francine thank you for the shave.” Francine said, “Men have to shave their face every day and we women should do the same on our pussy. Francine embraced Kate and they kissed passionately. Francine took Kat’s hand and led her to the bed and had her lye down. Francine got over her and kissed her again. She then kissed her nipples making them rise. She lifted Kate knees and moved them out and using her fingers and tongue she was able to bring her to an orgasm. Kate thanked her and returned the sexual favor bringing Francine to an orgasm.
Kate washed her hands and drank a glass of water before putting her finger in her own vagina and tasting it to compare the taste of Francine she concluded it was different but not much.
Francine said, “Kate I like being naked because I have to shave and shower everyday anyway there is much less laundry to need to be done.” Francine put on her pants and shirt and tied her shoes and said, “It is too bad I have to get dressed to go out to the car to bring things in but I don’t want to take a chance to go jail for being naked.” Francine made sure she had her keys and went out to the car to bring her clothing and hung it up in the walk-in closet that had plenty of extra room she then went outside again and opened her trunk to get out a box of sex aids she had and it was heavy because of the Sybian machine inside. Kate held the door open for her. Kate was still naked and soon Francine was too. She went to Kate and embraced her into a kiss. Francine lifted out the Sybian machine from the box and said, “Kate where would you like me to put this?” Kate led her to the extra bedroom that was devoid of anything and she put it on the floor. Kate turned on the light and asked, “What is that thing?” Francine said, “You will like this Kate” Francine had her get down on her knees and lower her vagina on the 5inch dildo. Francine plugged it in and showed Kate the remote describing what she would do and after Kate was all the way down she turned it on and had the dildo orbit to reach her G spot an the vibrator on low turning it up higher and observing Kate as she began to organ and turn it down and up again for Kate’s pleasure. Kate had a second powerful orgasm and then a third and forth and fifth. Kate had her jaw drop and she had hard time standing. Francine helped her stand and walk. Kate said, “Thank you very much Francine, that was wonderful.” “I never dreamed I would have to recover from orgasm and you gave me five of them in only ten minutes.” Francine sat on the dildo and took the remote and she had the remote to control the machine for herself as Kate watched Francine had about five powerful orgasms in about ten minutes. She turned it off and just sat there until Kate took her hand to help her stand. Francine said, “I never thought I would fall in love with a machine.”

Francine had her laptop computer that she was typing on and she said, “Kate do you remember when you had your last period?” Kate said “about ten days ago.” “I have been trying to get pregnant for nearly a year. Francine said, “I may be willing to help.” “You may implant your egg in me or just get Roger to fuck me when I ready.” “ I am a blue eyed blond, I am 6 feet tall with an IQ of 145.” “I have no history of cancer in my family.” “I not ready to have a family now because I am not married yet and I would give the baby to you.” “I am doing research on why women living together tend to have there period at the same time.” “I could be a wet nurse for you because I have began to love you Kate.” “I had my last period 8 days ago.” “That is close enough for us to come together in one or two months if none of us gets pregnant.” “When Roger gets back he will love your shaved pussy” Kate said, “Francine you are tall beautiful woman and I want to thank you for your offer to bear a child for us.” “I am not concerned about a baby having my DNA but if had Roger’s DNA I would love that child as if it mine.” “Francine you should start monitoring your body temperature like I do every month so see when you ovulate and I will tell Roger to fuck you and leave his seed in you.” Francine said, “I will do that because I want to you to have a family.” “That would be part of the duties of a sex slave.” Kate said, “I need to start dinner for Roger and you because he will be home in about an hour.” Francine said, “I will help you if you let me know what to do.”

When Roger got home he had to use the bathroom but when he came out and was two beautiful women working in the kitchen only one of them was his wife. Kate said, “Roger I would like to introduce you too Francine who has volunteered to be our sex slave.” Roger said, “You both are incredibly beautiful women” “I really like that you have shaved pussy’s.” Roger said, “Please don’t dress because I love seeing you naked. Francine served his dinner and Kate poured his wine. They then both sat at the table and they all ate. Francine put her hand in his lap and announced, “Kate your husband needs your service.” Kate was washing dishes and said Francine I am sure Roger wouldn’t mind if you gave him a blowjob,”

Francine unzipped his pants and lowered them and then put her lips around his swollen penis until he ejaculated in her mouth. She swallowed his cum and rose to kiss him. He put his arms around her felling her smooth skin as his wife watched.

Kate understood Roger’s attraction to Francine after the blowjob. He never came home to two naked women ever before and he kissed Kate after kissing Francine. Kate explained to him Francine’s willing ness to accept his seed if she would be willing to bear his child.

Kate took her temperature before going to bed and it was 98.0º. Francine used the same digital thermometer and her temperature was 98.1º the temperature inside the house was 81º because it was hot today and Roger was trying to save money on electricity.

There was no need for blankets or sheets and Roger would sleep in the middle with his wife on his right and Francine on his left. All of them were naked. When Roger woke up the next morning he was on his back with his arm around Kate on his right and his left arm around Francine and each of them had their legs on him he was holding both the women in the bed. Kate got on top and mounted his again hard penis to make love and Francine was kissing him.

Both got up before did and he dressed for the morning run, as did Kate and Francine. They served the breakfast before getting out the door. Francine and Kate were together at the start with Roger behind watching their legs. They ran for an hour and they all picked up the pace for the last hundred yards with Francine winning out with Roger and Kate just behind. Roger took the fist shower and Kate and Francine shared the shower after that. Roger’s job as a phone company supervisor pay him a gross of $72,000 and Kate was a writer that had yet to sell anything she wrote but Francine was a truly beautiful woman that has shaved his wife pussy making her more sexy and with Francine around Kate was having fun with her sexual favors. Roger would never forget the blowjob Francine gave him taking his entire penis in her mouth and letting him cum in her mouth and not losing a single drop. When she stood to kiss him he began to have feeling for her

Kate and Francine were both naked and kissing after several orgasms on the Sybian machine. They held their breasts together and were hugging and had their mouths together tasting each other’s tongues with their arms their naked bodies. Before lunch they each took their temperature and again it was only about 98º. Francine used the vacuum cleaner on all of the carpet Francine was learning where the food was stored and she said she would prepare dinner this time because she thought it was her duty to do all the housework and cooking because she considered herself a willing slave for this and sexual favors.

Kate expects to ovulate in two days but she is checking her temperature every day to be sure. Francine will ovulate in about four days and Kate says she will let Roger leave his seed inside on that day.

Never has Kate been happier with Francine helping her and giving the powerful orgasm that made life so pleasant. Francine was happy to do all the cleaning and this tall beautiful woman was beautiful when she was naked with perfect breasts natural blond hair and beautiful blue eyes. She eagerly did the housework letting Kate do her writing. Francine had barely perceptible ribs and very little fat and weighed only 140 pounds that was little for six-foot a tall woman that was perfect in every way. Francine was extremely intelligent and wanted to help here as much as she could to give Kate and Roger a family. She loved Kate and wanted to serve her as much as possible. Kate loved Francine for who she was and but at the back of her brain she was questioning her motives.

Francine never realized how much she wanted to serve in the way she was. She was independently wealthy and wanted no more than this role for herself for the present.

Before preparing dinner Kate took her temperature and it was 98.1 again. She could not remember ever ovulating before and being able to provide Roger with a family. She used to be extremely busy all the time and worry about money as well. Now Roger has good job and Francine has helped out a lot and Kate felt she still could get pregnant under these vastly different circumstances.

Francine would eagerly provide Kate with an orgasm using her tongue and fingers to touch the right places and drive her to an orgasm. Kate did not have pay her back but Kate had Francine spread her legs so Kate could lick her clitoris and use her finger to tickle her G spot driving Francine to an orgasm. Kate was beginning to love the taste and delicate odor of Francine’s vaginal discharge. Francine felt the same about Kat’s vaginal discharge. Francine was writing about her feelings about serving Kate and Roger and becoming part of this family as well. She loved Kate and Roger and would do anything for them including let them use her body to impregnate. Francine took a bigger role in preparing dinner helping Kate wherever she could. She was beginning to love her role as sex slave now.

Roger got home and was served a wonderful meal by this beautiful naked woman and his wife also naked that she never was before. They both had shaved pussies and smelled wonderful. Roger said nothing about this at work but his thoughts came his way and caused him to smile much of the time that was noticed by coworkers causing there own smiles. Francine had told Kate she would volunteer to be a receptacle for his cum if she wanted and would all the use of any of her holes of her mouth her vagina and her ass. After dinner Kate told Roger that Francine would volunteer her mouth, vagina or ass to satisfy his sexual as receptacle for him to ejaculate in tonight. Roger considered her a fresh piece of ass and chose to use her vagina to relieve him of his cum.

Roger led Francine to his bed and stripped naked him self and lied down and watched Francine lower her vagina on his hard cock and he could now suck on her breasts as she leaned over. This was a turn on for Francine who had two orgasms before Roger shot his ejaculation inside her. Roger leaned over and kissed her. Kate was watching the whole thing standing over the pair and felt some turn on from seeing her husband having sex with another woman in front of her and she felt she enjoyed watching them copulate. Francine loved doing this and Roger thought it was wonderful to be able to fuck this beautiful woman with his wife watching. Roger thought Kate was a beautiful woman and now she was so much sexier than before. It was wonderful to have two naked women at his beck and call. He never dreamed of this before and now it was for real.

Again Roger had two women sleeping him, one on each side and he woke up ready for more sex and it was his wife Kate to provide it.
Kate took her temperature before breakfast and it was 100.1º. Francine had 97.8º Kate thought she was ovulating and she welcomed her husband’s seed now. Kate put a pillow under her knees to keep all of it in while Francine made breakfast for her and Roger. She then took a plate to Kate who was still in bed with her knees up and lifted her shoulders and stuffed the pillows up so she could sit up and handed her the meal with a fork to eat it with a napkin to clean up. Kate had never had breakfast in bed before and she looked at the woman that served it standing there naked ready to feed her bit-by-bite if she needed to have it.

Roger went to work smiling from what he saw at home while Kate was still in bed with a pillow under her butt and Francine spreading her legs to give her and orgasm using her tongue and fingers.

Two hours later Kate took her temperature again to find it 99.4º with Francine it was 98.0º. Kate did not feel sick but she felt good feeling she finally was able to get pregnant.

Kate and Francine were at the sex machine getting multiple orgasms with Kate fist and then Francine.
Kate felt Francine was here from heaven because she made herself so useful with her sexual favors and as cook and maid cleaning up wherever needed and Kate feeling she really should help. Later Francine slipped on some shorts and a tee shirt with her shoes and a broad hat in case the sun came out and went outside to start the mower. She mowed the front lawn and went in the back yard to mow it as well and started a mulch pile with the trimmings. She washed Kate’s car and used a vacuum to clean the interior. She came back in and took a shower before drying off and getting Kate to spread her legs so she could taste her delicate vaginal discharge and drive Kate to two more orgasms. She then made herself available for Kate’s fingers and tongue that felt so good to Francine.

Both Kate and Roger loved Francine for the help she was providing.
Two days later Francine had a temperature of 100.1 and was ovulating and Kate had Roger make love with her an ejaculate inside her vagina. This time Kate served her breakfast in bed so she would not leak any precious sperm. This time Kate was the one to taste her pussy and drove her to an orgasm without needing to get out of bed. Kate said, Francine, I love the taste and odors of your vagina I cant resist tasting it for you. Kate insisted she remain in bed with the pillow under her butt to not leak out sperm.

When Francine finally got up she went work cleaning the house with Kate helping her both of them naked as usual. There were two tall beautiful women showing all of their skin, each of them proud of it.

Three weeks later Francine was pregnant and so was Kate. When Roger got home he walked in to find two smiling naked women. Kate said, Roger I want to tell you I am now pregnant and so is Francine. Roger who desperately wanted a family was now smiling too.

Francine continued to pay $1,000 every month even when she providing more service than that. The extra money let Roger keep the house warm so Kate and Francine could be nude all the time, as they liked. The difference was, they were both very pregnant now but still wanted to show it all.

The next day Francine called a doctor with one nurse for a home delivery as Francine was feeling like she was ready. He came in and created a sterile area to deliver her baby and Francine had an eight-pound baby girl. Before the doctor left Kate was in labor and two hours later she had an 8 pound 2 oz son. Kate’s breasts were full of something and she took her son to her breast and he sucked on it until he was sleepy. Francine was doing the same with the infant girl she had. She was a wet nurse now because she would leave this baby here some day soon so Roger and Kate would have an instant family. Two day later they got the birth certificates in the mail showing Fran and Kathy as twins from Kate as the mother and Roger as the father.

Francine would hire and pay for a woman to help as a nanny. She left a check for $250,000 to send this girl to college and walked out dressed this time kissing Kate and Roger goodbye.

Francine got in her car and drove away. She would find another couple she could help for a year or so to give them a better life and use her body entertain them sexually and to give them a child. She wanted to do this for couple more years before looking for a husband to have her own family. Francine was tall and beautiful, smart and exuded love for everyone she met.

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