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The Sarah Connor Chronicles Cameron has some fun
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Book 1-Recruitment

“Mom this will be the hardest thing I will have to ask of you, I need you to initiate the recruitment of Nanomage a very gifted hacker and if our sources are accurate; he is also a genius at robotics and artificial intelligence. Our intelligence has identified him as Christopher, no other information has been revealed about him. He will be about 15 years old now, an orphan and living off the grid. All his records as far as we can tell were deleted from all systems before he was 6 years old. We do know that he will be arrested on the December 25, 2009 and he will be processed in New York sixth precinct 2:15 pm.” John said. The man Sarah was watching looked much older than her son, and his face showed scars that allowed her a glimpse of what hell the future will become. “Nanomage or Mage as he prefers to be called will not surface again until after Judgment Day so you will only have a limited window to establish contact and persuade him to work with us.”

The holographic projection from Cameron’s eyes ended as she focused on Sarah, “Mage is the best computer hacker that we found and somehow he has been able to convert all Terminators that the Machine and even Skynet has sent after him.” Cameron said, “Both factions have sent Terminators to capture and seduce the hacker as his brilliance has impressed even the emotionless Supercomputers.”

Sarah Connor began to pace as she thought, “You said capture and seduce; why would the Machine and Skynet would not just mark him for death?” Sarah said, “There is something you are not telling me.” Sarah glares at the beautiful, emotionless girl in front of her.

“Yes, there is something I am not telling you.” Cameron replied.

“Well then tell me what it is you’re hiding!” Sarah almost screams in frustration.

“John will explain,” Cameron replied, and the holo projection of future John resumed.

“Mage is perhaps the smartest man that has been born of this generation and both Skynet and the Machine want to merge with him, if either of these factions manage to acquire him, his knowledge coupled with his ingenuity will make the faction undefeatable. Our edge is that we can adapt to almost any situation and respond accordingly, our enemies adapt and respond slower than humans to situations that go beyond their programming. Cameron will assist you in freeing and convincing Mage to side with us but with what we know of his personality, the only ones that he would give his loyalty to are those that he loves. I know that this is a strange request coming from me mother, but I need you to seduce him and make him fall for you. Whatever you do, do not lie to him. I love you mom.”

As Sarah replays future John’s message from a week before she is torn between annoyance and pride at the kind of man her son will become. As she thumbs through he fake papers naming her as the assigned case worker for the juvenile delinquent she enters the overworked precinct looking for the officer that is assigned to Mage’s case. It took her a few minutes to convince the officer who seemed to be enjoying gazing at her tight, well toned body.

Mage was looking at this beautiful brunette dressed in a cream colored business suit. His hormones going into overdrive at the thought of her wrapping those impossibly long legs around his waist. He shook himself back to reality as he noticed her coming towards him. The suit she wore only accented how sexy the woman really was, and she moved with a grace that he found really alluring.

“Hello Christopher, please follow me.” Sarah said, as she held his right arm. “We are leaving,” she continued to say as she led him out of the precinct. As they were headed out Mage glanced at the papers she left on the officer’s desk and instantly his eyes narrowed.

Once they were out of the building he instantly pulled away from the brunette’s grasp. “Who the frikin’ hell are you lady? And don’t give me that crap that you’re my caseworker coz’ those papers you left were forged, poorly I might add.” Mage said.

Sarah could sense that he was ready to bolt as she put up her hands to try to pacify him. “Mage, I’m Sarah Connor and you’re right those papers were fake but I needed to get you out of there because I need your help.” Sarah kept her tone even as Cameron approached Mage from behind and grabbed his arm.

“I’ll listen to her if I were you.” Cameron said. “Sarah we have to go now! I’ve just spotted Alice, a T-3000 Liquid Metal.” She started to walk towards their SUV. She got in the back with Mage never once releasing his arm. As Sarah drove the vehicle, Alice spotted her target and started to run towards them.

“Hold on,” Sarah said as she floored the gas and smashed Alice with the SUV. Alice instantly liquefied and they were able to escape.

“What the hell was that thing?” Mage asked.

“That was a mechanical life form sent to acquire you so that it can end all life on this planet.” Cameron replied. “Now be quiet and we’ll explain it all once we’re safe.”

“Acquire me? What the hell do you mean; acquire me?” Mage shouts.

“We are saving your life, for now that is all you need to know. And I thought we told you to be quiet.” Sarah said, as she was maneuvering the SUV in between traffic. After taking the scenic route, to ensure that they were not followed. Sarah finally pulls over to a suburban house that Cameron recently rented to stash the young hacker.

“Get in the house.” Cameron said, “There’s food in the fridge, help yourself. After you get settled in, meet us in the living room and we’ll explain everything.” She then proceeded to patrol the area.

As mage went in the house, Sarah began to unload the guns from the SUV. She stashed the guns in various places around the house preparing for when the Terminatrix shows up.

Mage’s mind was afire with curiosity; he clearly remembers how the woman they run over turned to a sort of silvery liquid and how she reformed a few seconds later. T-3000 Liquid Metal the young girl said; now she is a definite hottie but she was strong, stronger than normal. Mage wasn’t a muscle man but there was no way that a petite girl like her could bruise him with her grip. And taking into account that she was definitely heavier than she should be, and the way that she replied to his inquiries she is definitely something other than human. “I wonder what this pair of unlikely rescuers wants with me.” Mage said, talking to himself. “Well, I guess if I want to find out I’d better talk to them.” And with that decision, Mage makes his way to the living room just in time to hear the two ladies talking.

“Any sign of that thing?” Sarah asked.

“No, we seem to have evaded her for now.” Cameron replied. “How do you wish to proceed with Mage?”

“It might be best if we told him everything, then he may join us willingly.” Sarah said.

“He has probably put things together by now, but if what I know of his personality holds true then his loyalty will always be in question if you do not do as John said.” Cameron said, as she turned she spots mage. “Sit down and well answer all your questions as well as we can.”

Mage sits on the chair as he motions the ladies to join him. He clears his throat, “I’ve figured that Cameron isn’t it? Well she is not human. So what is she? The one she called Alice is some form of robot so why are all of you after me?” He stops for a while as he waits for a reply.

“Cameron is a bio-synthetic cyborg organism, which means that…” Sarah stops as mage raises his hand.

“I know what it means, so why are you after me?” Mage said.

“In the future machines controlled by a super computer called Sky Net will be at war with humans, and we believe that you may tip the scales one way or another and allow a clear victor to emerge. This means that if the machines win, then there will be no humans left alive on Earth. If the resistance wins then, humanity will survive. That’s it in a nutshell.”

“Ah, so that’s why both sides want me. Not to boast but I can hack any computer system in the world; and by extension I can also render any system impervious to any hack attempt.” Mage’s eyes takes on a far away look, “I could also improve any robotic design the machines come up with, not to mention add a few more advanced designs. I could also improve on the AI program of any computer.” Mage refocuses on the lady who sat in front of him. She is certainly beautiful, Mage thought. Classically beautiful face and a killer body, which most actresses on the tube would die to have.

“You’re not freaked out about any of this? Not surprised to learn that time travel is possible?” Sarah exclaims in amazement.

“No and no. The evidence before my eyes and the theories that I have been working on supports what you said. Besides “Freaking out” as you put it is just a wasted response and runs counter to my ability to make rational decisions.” Mage replied, “Why would I join you? I see no intrinsic value in humanity’s survival; I also fail to see the advantage of destroying an evolving life form.” A chill runs down Sarah’s back at Mage’s bold statement.

“What do you mean life form? Machines have no life!” Sarah practically screams. “And humanity’s survival has no value, what kind of an idiot are you?” She exclaims.

“It seems that we define life in very different terms; you seem to define it as a living organism that is born and after a time dies. I however define life in terms of a beings’ sentience; I do not wish to limit myself to the thinking that to be alive one must be born. And as for humanity’s survival I’ll grant you that we can create things of beauty, but is it enough when we seem to also be possessed of the power to bring forth the very worst traits in each other.”

“I understand now why the machine wants you alive,” Cameron said, “You are probably the first human, and maybe the only one that I’ll ever encounter that would grant us status as equals and not servants to be used and then discarded.” Sarah looks in surprise at her son’s protector.

“Then tell me Cameron, will that stop the machines from killing him if they get the chance?” Sarah asks, as she begins to pace; frustrated at this obstinate young man.

“It already has, in one of my prime directives is to ensure his safety and to ensure that no harm will come to him.” Cameron looks at the fuming Sarah, “This programming predates and supersedes the programming John Connor gave me. I am also sure that the same directive exists in all Machines. The directive is hardwired into us and no amount of tampering can remove it.” She finishes. “I would suggest that you change your tactics, instead of persuading him to destroy the machines why not make him help in ending the war so that both sides can live together in peace.”

Sarah looks at Cameron in surprise. It was unlike her to voice an opinion, let alone a good one at that. For the first time in this long hard day she looks at Mage as more than just a kid. He seems more mature than his years and his convictions unshakeable. It has been a long time since she admired any man, no one since Kyle Reese really; and now this young man who is barely shaving has sparked her interest. She sees his tousled hair, the way his shirt is hiding his body that is tight and toned in all the right places. She feels a blush coloring her cheeks, and an urgent need to fan her face.

“I need to check on John, you guard him tonight and I’ll be back by morning.” Sarah said, as she rushed out of the house she can feel her cheeks grow warm and not from the setting sun. “Damn! That kid really got to me, and I’m old enough to be his mother.” She said under her breath as she got into the car. “I can’t believe that I’m attracted to that young man!” Sarah lays her head on the steering wheel, her eyes closed and she takes a deep breath. “I’d better get going before John worries about me.” As she drives away a pair of eyes follows her path until she is gone from sight.

Outside the house that Sarah just left, a little girl begins to morph into an attractive Asian-Caucasian teenage girl. Seeing that there was no one to see her transformation; she proceeds to watch the house from a distance, waiting patiently for her chance to liberate mage from his captor’s clutches.

As soon as Sarah walks in the home that she shared with her son, he immediately begins to question her. “Where have you been? I’ve been worried sick about you and where’s Cam?” John asks his startled mother before she even gets through the door. He then peers out of the window, looking for Cameron.

“I’ve been busy, and future you sent Cameron on a mission. She’ll probably be gone for a few weeks.” Sarah replied as she closed the door and began to set the alarms. “You said it will be for the best if you do not know of her mission until after it’s been completed. Now I need to get some sleep and so do you, it’s a school day tomorrow.” Sarah then went to her room and closed the door.

“Good night mom,” John said as he went to his room.

In Sarah’s room, for the first time since she’s been released from the asylum she was able to sleep in the bed. Her dreams of impending doom didn’t haunt her, instead she dreamed of a dark haired young man enfolding her in his arms and kissing her passionately.

Meanwhile outside the house occupied by Mage and his guardian, Alice entered the home of a middle aged couple, and proceeded to confine them in the basement. “Be silent and pretend that I am your niece who’s visiting for a few days and you will not be harmed. You can go about your lives without any interference from me, but alert anyone and this is what will happen to you,” With those words she then smashes a hole in the basement’s wall; brick, rubble and steel crumble at her punch. “Do we understand each other? You should also understand that if you do not return by the end of each day that I will have to hunt you down and eliminate you.” She waits for the couple to nod then she said, “Go about your business, remember to pretend that I am family. Any further discussion of my terms outside this room will get both of you killed, do I make myself clear?”

The couple nods again and follows her instructions, while she sits by the window gazing into Mage’s house.

Inside the house, “So you’re not human. Do you mind if I touched you?” Mage asked the silent Cameron.

“No.” Came her reply.

Mage slowly walks up to the standing Cameron and he reached out to touch he face, “You are very beautiful. Why did Sky Net choose this form for you?” Mage asked as he slowly brushed the hair away from Cameron’s face and tucks it behind Cameron’s ear.

“I was made to emulate a resistance member that had been captured to facilitate my infiltration of a resistance cell. Once within the cell I was to destroy it by whatever means.” She replied.

“Can you take me to my place? I need the rest of my gear, the nanobots that I’ve been developing.” Then realizing that she would just answer literally; Mage then stated, “I’m going to my crib, you coming?” and with that he suited words to action and proceeded to go out the front door.

Cameron grabs him by the arm and said; “We’ll take the SUV.” she then grabs a bag filled with weapons and takes it to the SUV. “Get in, I’ll drive.”

As the two drove away, Alice goes to the house they just left. She then plants sensors around the house. After she was done, she returned to the house next door and resumes her position by the window waiting for their return.

Cameron drove while Mage gave her directions. They talked about the machine and mage had a better grasp at what the war was really about, from the perspective of a machine life. He realized that the war will come about because humans cannot accept that their creation were developing their own will, granted that their morality was nonexistent and would probably take a long time to develop if it developed at all. Both sides goal was basically the same survival and the right to choose their fate, of their own free will. He shakes his head seeing the cycle of wars fought throughout human history man against man being repeated in this war against the machine.

As his mind raced, his thoughts turned towards Sarah Connor. She became this zealot because of an event in the future that tried to change the past, and this put the future on the path that the machine wanted to avoid. A vicious cycle repeated. He was suddenly startled when Cameron said, “Were here.” as she got out of the vehicle.

They entered the sewers and after a few minutes they arrive at Mage’s place. It was filled with several jury rigged computers and a lot of clutter. Mage made his way to a worktable, and started to pack a glass container into his bag. “Let’s go, I’ve got what we came here for.”

They were able to return to the house with no untoward incident. Once inside the house, “Cameron, is there anyway that I can access your memory and copy it to my lap top?”

“You will have to extract my processor and physically link it to your lap top; you will also need the access code 589f568eruh467kiy to access my memories since John Connor reprogrammed me. To access data since my activation you need to enter Omega 19524 Sigma 58729 Delta 31462. To extract my processor you will need to cut a circle about 2 inches in diameter just above my left ear.” Cameron lay down on the bed waiting for Mage to complete her instruction. “Good, now with the tip of the knife pry open the seal. With a pair of pliers, give the memory module a quarter turn clockwise until you feel a snap then three quarters turn counter clockwise. You can then remove my processor reverse the process to reactivate me.”

Mage followed her instructions and in a relatively short time, he was able to copy Cameron’s data. He was also able to extract blueprints on how to construct various terminator models. Once Cameron was reactivated, mage thanked her for her trust and cooperation. Thanks to Mage’s photographic memory he was able to remember all the data that he retrieved while he was copying it to his lap top. “When your flesh gets damaged or cut, does it heal?” He asks.

“Yes, I am also programmed to repair my robotic parts at need.”

He then turned his attention to his experimental nanobots. His design would allow them to exist within a human, increasing that person’s strength and speed, as well as allowing phenomenal healing capable of even regenerating lost limbs. Thanks to Cameron’s data, he was able to modify the design to allow a human infected with the nanotech to access computers by thought, and as a safety precaution he added a security feature that the nanobots will only work, and survive within his body.

Mage finished his modifications just before dawn and administered the nanobots to himself. (Cameron, can you hear me?) Mage thought, and thanks to his nanobots he heard Cameron’s reply. “It seems that my Nanotech works, I seem to have developed a form of cybernetic telepathy; this allows me to communicate with computers without the need to access them physically. I am also able to activate and control computer based technology with a thought.” He records his findings in his computer.

“I was wondering how your computer was able to store all my data when most computers cannot even store an eighth of the data I possess.” Cameron asked.

“This isn’t a standard lap top; I’ve made a few alterations to its processor and memory capacity that at present it is the most powerful Quantum Computer in existence as well as being the most portable. It also has a learning AI that has only three directives; to value all life, to learn, and to evolve.”

“Did you alter me in any way?” Cameron asks as she examines her hands.

“Yes your original program allowed you to learn, I just put your learning capacity into overdrive. I also included a morality function that allows you to respect all life; this means that when you choose to kill, or destroy any life; it will have to be justified. You will not be able to kill just for the sake of killing.” (I could return you to normal if that is your wish; part of my modifications gives you free will. A right to choose your own path, but it is my hope that the path that you choose will include my safety and well being.) He thought at her.

Cameron steps closer to Mage; she reaches her hands to pull him in for a kiss. “I am capable of having sex, will you indulge me?” She begins to pull his shirt over his head, her hand running through his hair and she pulls him in for another, more passionate kiss. When they broke off the kiss, “You are the only one that I choose to make love too, or are you repelled by the thought of making love to a machine?”

“My lady, you are extremely beautiful and I would love to make love to you; but first you must understand that at my age making love to just one woman is next to impossible, and at the same time I would like that my lovers only have sex with one man, me. I know that this is a double standard but I cannot resolve it, at least not at this point in time.”

“On my honor, I promise that you will be the only male that I would ever make love to.” Cameron vowed.

Mage began to remove her tight fitting shirt from her lovely body to reveal a pink brasserie. He trails his hands down between her perfect breasts to her flat stomach only to rise once more to cup her lace clad, firm tits in his hands. Cameron moans as his touch sends pleasurable signals to her brain that she knows will never happen with any other man. Her nipples harden at his touch and she wonders how she feels this way; in the past she was able to feel sensations of pain and pleasure but her mind was isolated from these feelings. Now however, it seemed as if a link between her body and mind was built.

Cameron began to touch Mage’s chest, a shiver of pleasure and anticipation coursed through her body. She began to lick and kiss his neck while he played with her bra clad, firm breasts. His hands squeezed; and massaged her breasts. His fingers brushed her nipples. Cameron felt as if she was going to explode, and a few seconds later she screamed as an orgasm, her first consumed her. The new sensations that she experienced was unlike anything she’s ever felt.

As she slowly calmed down, Mage held her gently. He stroked her hair and back. He slowly opened the clasp of her bra revealing perfectly shaped breasts and hard pink nipples. He gently led Cameron to a bed and made her lie down, while he trailed kisses from her lips, to her neck, to the hollow valley between her smooth up thrust breasts, and lower to her navel. His tongue snaked out to thrust and lick her navel knowing that any pleasurable sensation was foreign to her, she was used to pain inflicted by wounds and can control her response to it; however, pleasure was something that she did not want to control the sensations enslaving her will.

Cameron’s response to the pleasure she was receiving was to return pleasure to the one who was making her feel good. Tentatively at first she began to caress Mage’s back, then as she grew bolder; she began to kiss him passionately and began to explore his naked chest in much the same way that he explored hers.

As they explored each others bodies, an unexpected side effect to Mage’s Nanotech surfaced; the nanobots coursing throughout his body began to generate a low intensity electrical signals that in turn heightened the feelings that Cameron was experiencing.

Cameron reversed their positions so she was atop Mage; she then began to remove Mage’s pants. As his pants slid down his legs, Mage’s seven inch cock sprang to full attention attesting to his desire to mate with the artificial beauty. She grabs his cock in her hands and then proceeds to lick the head of his staff. Wrapping her lips around his aroused member, Cameron then gives him his first blow job. She allowed his cock to penetrate her throat while sucking it. Mage began to move his hips while he grabbed Cameron by her hair, and he began to fuck her mouth.

Mage began to feel a tightening in his pubic region and as he rammed his cock deep into Cameron’s throat he began to shoot his seed within her mouth. “Drink my cum!” He commands, and Cameron obeyed him. She found that she liked the taste of his semen and that she was pleased that she could give him the same pleasure as he gave her.

Sensing that Mage was far from satisfied, Cameron began to stroke his staff back to its full hardness. Mage then began to remove her jeans and underwear. She was now naked, and mage could smell her arousal. He began to run his hand up her thighs; he caressed her hips always coming close to her moistening hairless vagina then avoiding the area to travel to her tits. He repeated the process over and over again always getting a fraction of an inch closer to her pussy with each pass. He was playing her body like a master musician with his guitar, driving her to the peak and then in the next instant; driving her higher. At last when he gently touched her pussy, she crested the edge in a powerful climax. Not allowing her the chance to fully recuperate from her orgasm, Mage began to lick her clit; he used his tongue to mimic a slow fucking motion that pushed Cameron again over the edge.

Feeling incredibly horny, Mage spread Cameron’s legs and positioned his engorged cock at the entrance of her vagina. He slowly pushed forward until he felt a barrier; he looked at Cameron in surprise. “We are designed to be fully authentic, as such as I’ve never had sex before my maidenhead is intact. You are the only man that I will ever allow to touch me sexually.” Cameron states with a gentle smile.

Mage kisses her passionately as he takes her gift to him, he thrusts slowly sinking his entire length into her. He then proceeds to fuck her, slowly at first gaining speed as he gets used to the rhythm.

Cameron’s senses were being bombarded with pleasurable sensations, aside from the momentary pain that signified the loss of her virginity, she felt happy and intoxicated with pleasure.

Mage couldn’t believe how tight her vagina was; the feeling heightened his own pleasure as he thrust to her depths. He could feel her vaginal walls contracting for the fifth time since he began to pound her with his meat and he knew that he will soon blow his load into her. As Cameron screamed again in orgasm, the contractions of her cunt muscles pushed him to climax as well. He rolled over making Cameron lie atop him, his cock still buried in her as he fell asleep.

Cameron did not need to sleep but she didn’t want to relinquish the feeling of being close to mage. As she lay atop him, taking some of her weight on her arms she thought to how she changed in the last few hours. The pleasure link was something she couldn’t describe but also something that she couldn’t imagine being without. Her Cyberprocessor also have gotten better, faster, and her AI now allows her to understand the difference between right and wrong: Good and evil but more than that, it also allows her the freedom to choose for herself what path she wishes to take. She now has morals, while unlike the morals of humans; it guides her to respect all sentient life. Mage has given her the precious gift of free will and for that he has earned her loyalty, even without the programmed response imbedded into her. Surprised, she looks deeper and finds that there are no programmed directives for her to follow; only what she wants to do. For the first time in her cybernetic life, she is now free and bound at the same time.

An hour after John bids his mother goodnight, his girlfriend Alex climbs through his window.

“Hey beautiful, what kept you?” John smiles as he gives her a hug and a kiss. He admired his girls beautiful shoulder length blonde hair, her sensual green eyes and classically gorgeous features. She could probably be a model, he thought; at 5’10” thin willowy build, and legs that seemed to go on forever she was a goddess. Her breasts were a handful, with up thrust nipples that were extremely sensitive as he found out during their extensive make out sessions.

“I was waiting for your mom to fall asleep,” she replied as she crawled into John’s bed. She then began to strip off her cloths revealing tanned flawless skin. Once she was naked, John couldn’t help but stare well proportioned naked form.

Quicker than lightning, john removed his cloths and began to suck his girlfriend’s tits. He alternated gentle sucking with pinching her nipples, and as her nipples grew hard; he then began to pinch her nipples hard enough to elicit a pained gasp. As id a devil was riding his back he then grabbed her by the hair and brought her face to his erection. “Suck my dick bitch!” His sadistic nature asserting itself, Alex opened her mouth and began to lick the head of his six inch cock. Not satisfied with her licking his dick he roughly shoved is staff into the depths of her mouth not caring if she couldn’t breathe. Alex began to panic as her gag reflex tried to expel the intruder from her throat. John was in heaven, as the contractions in Alex’s throat made him climax he pulled out to shoot his spunk into her face and hair. Finally sated John fell on his back and slept, not caring that his girl was unsatisfied.

Alex gazed at her inept lover, as she began to stroke her clit with the fingers of one hand, and she used the fingers of the other to simulate the act of a dick plumbing her depths. It did not take her long to orgasm, and she did that as quietly as she could. The only sign that she climaxed was the wet spot under her ass. She didn’t mind that he was rough with her; she only wished that he’d learn to please her sexually and not just please himself.

She slowly got up and after wiping the semen on her face and hair she quietly began to dress. She then got out the way she came in slightly frustrated at the situation she got herself in. Alex wondered if Lexa, the head cheerleader was still awake. She’s so horny that she’ll seduce the promiscuous cheerleader.

Sarah woke abruptly as she heard a noise coming from her son’s room. Looking out her window she spots Alexandra creeping out of her son’s room. Feeling restless she began to pace waiting for morning.

As soon as the sun rose, she began to prepare pancakes. She left some on the table for her son with a note that shell be gone for a couple of days and he should take care of things for a while.

She got in her car and went to purchase some sexy lingerie, as well as some cloths for mage. She thought to herself that she will go through with the planned seduction of Mage. Choosing several different lingerie’s she paid for them at the counter. It was well past ten in the morning when she finished shopping.

Dressed in a new tight fitting red dress, Sarah left the store with all of her purchases. A smile lighting her face as it’s been a long time since she was able to shop for lingerie to seduce someone, she naughtily thought. She placed her purchases in the car and drove to the house where Cameron and Mage were holed up in. As she got out of the car, she heard a familiar voice singing. She entered the door and the radio was playing softly in the background, and to her surprise; Cameron was singing beautifully while cooking lunch for Mage.

“Oh; good morning. Do you want some salmon for lunch or some venison?” Cameron smiled as she then continued to sing. Sarah was surprised; Cameron was acting more human than she thought her capable of. She became extremely suspicious of this sudden change that she decided to question Mage.

“Mage, did you do anything to Cameron? She’s acting weird and its giving me the creeps.” Sarah asked Mage after dragging him to the study.

“You know that her audio receptors could pick up our voices in here. And to answer your question I’ve been upgrading her protocols, and I also gave her an evolving data protection program.” Mage answered as he watched her pace the room.

“You messed with her program. Do you know that she may well kill you?” Her anger was palpable.

“Actually I just gave her a moral code and tweaked her AI to allow her to differentiate between good and evil. The protection program allows her to combat foreign programming protocols. I essentially gave her free will and gifted her with what you say you’re fighting for, humanity.”

Sarah grabbed him by the neck and pushed him hard against the wall. Mage was surprised at how violent Sarah got. She was about to slap him in the face when Cameron broke the door and proceeded to walk angrily towards her.

“Hurt him in any way and I’ll rip your head off!” Cameron angrily states as she gabbed Sarah’s raised arm.

Sarah slowly allowed her arm to drop shaken at the menace in Cameron’s voice that has never been there before. She then left the room to open a bottle of whisky and proceeded to drink the whole bottle. Sarah managed to empty the whole bottle in a few minutes and was drunk by the time Mage entered the kitchen looking for her.

Quickly assessing her mental state, Mage decided to put her to bed. “Come on, you need to rest, Cameron help me get Sarah into a bed please.” As they carried the drunken Sarah to a bed and laid her down, Sarah began to ramble about all the pressures that she’s been keeping since the terminator first tried to kill her.

Mage sat on a chair near the bed and listened to her talk about her worries, dreams and even her fantasies. Once she fell asleep, Mage covered her with a blanket and he left the room.

Sarah woke up with a splitting headache, as she remembered what led her to drink in the first place she bolted out of the bed and grabbed a gun before she ran out of the room. To say that she was surprised was an understatement; Cameron was dressed in a ballet leotard and was dancing to classical music as mage watched her performance appreciatively. She quietly holstered her gun and went up to Mage looking intently at the dancing assassin.

Mage noticed Sarah the moment that she entered the room. He watched her unguarded expression of surprise. “So you planned on seducing me because your son asked you to?”

Shock registered on her face before she schooled her features to nonchalance. She answered, “Yes, how did you find out?”

“You were drunk Sarah, and you talked. You don’t even care about me, do you?” Mage got up and walked towards her. Cameron stopped dancing, and was assessing how she would incapacitate Sarah should she try to attack Mage again. Cameron slowly approached Sarah from the side.

“I do care about you; aside from my son you’re probably the first one in a long time that I find even remotely attractive. So I’ll ask you, what do we do now?” Sarah’s heart was racing. She wondered how she’ll get Mage to trust her.

“Cameron played John’s message for me, and I know myself well enough that he’s right. The only way that you’d stand a chance to persuade me would be to become my lover.” Mage grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. “I’m still pissed at you for trying to manipulate me, but I also want to fuck you. Cameron, please bind Sarah.” Cameron began to bind Sarah’s hands; Sarah tensed up but otherwise allowed her to tie her hands in front of her. “I need to work out my annoyance with you so, Cameron please leave us for a while.” When Cameron left, “I want you to bend over my knees and I’ll spank you. Now!” with his command he noticed that Sarah’s breathing quickened, and that she blushed.

Sarah meekly complied with his command. As she bent over, mage ran his hand along the back of her legs sending a confusing welter of emotions through her brain. His hands slowly lifted her tight fitting skirt above her ass and exposing her black lace panties. He grabbed her panties in one hand and ripped it from her body. She gasped at the sudden violence of his action, and then she moaned as his hands gently stroked her ass cheeks. Mage placed a hand at the small of her back when she braced her bound hands on the couch. Just as he began to spank her ass strongly, and with a constant rhythm; Sarah began to scream, but as her punishment progressed Mage felt the leg of his jeans get wet. It seems that Sarah was getting turned on buy pain and the stronger he hit, the more excited she got. As he hit her for the tenth time Sarah screamed in orgasm. She came again twice more before he finished spanking her. Her ass cheeks were red from the spanking and the leg of his pants was wet from her orgasms.

As he stood he bent Sarah on a table. Her sweat made the dress she wore cling to her in all the right places. He could see that her nipples were hard under her cloths attesting to how aroused this self made soldier was. He removed his jeans and began to lubricate his cock with a sex jelly. Without any warning he rammed the full length of his staff into her anus forever removing the last of her virginity. Slamming his cock deep into her tight hole he began a slow fucking motion that drove her crazy with desire. Sarah began to moan as he slowly sank the full length of his staff into her virgin asshole. She screamed as she was overcome with lust from the pain-pleasure combo that he was subjecting her to. The whole length of his staff slid pleasurably in her tight ass, burying it to the hilt. His pubic region slammed hard against her abused bottom eliciting gasps of pain that further heightened her arousal. Her pussy was dripping from repeated orgasms as she began to fuck back. She couldn’t believe that she came from being fucked in the ass and that she liked it. Not once did mage try to arouse her in any other way. After coming three more times, her voice a little horse from her repeated screams she felt mage’s right hand behind her head, grabbing a fistful of her hair. Mage roughly pulled her head back as he slammed his cock fully into her ass for the last time.

Mage felt her tight asshole squeezing his cock again and he finally came. “So you like being sodomized.” Sarah went red and tears began to flow from her eyes but she couldn’t deny the truth in his statement. The feeling in her ass as he shot his load deep in her was enough for her to peak once more and come the same time as Mage.

He allowed her head to fall back down on the table as he withdrew. Sarah was tired, confused, and sated as she passed out on the table. Mage gazed at her still form; her sexy red dress was still on her body, its skirt bunched up to her waist exposing her dripping pussy, and beautiful tight ass. His eyes were drawn to the small puddle that was formed on the floor between her spread legs. Mage carried her to bed and proceeded to tie her hands above her head. He then tied her legs to the corners of the bed, spreading her shapely long legs allowing him unimpeded access to her vagina.

Mage, his work done got off the bed and went to the bathroom to wash. A few minutes later he dressed and left the room to talk with Cameron and pass the time while waiting for his captive seductress to awaken.

“Cameron, I’m going out for a while.”

“I’m coming with you; you’re going to need someone watching your back.” Cameron grabs her leather jacket and puts it on. She began to follow Mage out of the house. She hooks her arm around his waist and cuddles next to him as they walk towards the park. From an outsider’s point of view, they looked like the perfect couple going out on a date; Cameron’s robotic senses were telling her that the path they were on was safe, at least for now.

While they were walking, a beautiful petite Korean woman dressed in a thin white billowy blouse and a calf length white pants that seemed to have been poured on her walked out of the house next door. She was 5’6” in height, long wavy black hair that reached the middle of her back. She had a gorgeous heart shaped face with almond shaped eyes that seemed to invite you to look at her. Her slender body was perfectly shaped; her breasts were a handful and they seemed to defy gravity from what he could see through her blouse. Her wasp like waist seemed to flow into beautifully shaped hips, and tight perky ass that made men want to grab her. It seemed as if she was hurrying to catch up to them. Cameron was instantly alert; her hand crept inside her jacket to grasp the gun she had there. (Don’t do that, I know that she is other than she seems. Let’s see what she wants.) Mage thought directly into her mind.

“I am Alice, I’ve been sent to this time to protect you and to prevent Sarah Connor from persuading you to join the resistance. That act will doom all factions involved.”

Mage watched the young seeming woman, his nanotech system alerting him that the lady in front of him was nanotech in nature. “How were you planning on persuading me? Are you willing to allow me access to your Nano Processor?”

“Agreed, you can access my Nano Processor. Where do you want to do this? You will need…” She stops at Mage’s raised hand.

“All I need is to touch you, is that alright?” At her nod of assent, Mage caressed her cheek and began to access her programming. He found that she was telling the truth. But she was keeping something secret, and as he probed deeper he found that she originated in an alternate timeline where both humans and machines were hunted down by an alien race for sport. Their technology was far superior to either side due to the decade long machine war. “Your AI structure is not a true AI, you follow your programming without fail; are you willing to evolve beyond your protocols and become a freethinking sentient being?”

“I am programmed to obey you, if it is your desire then yes.” Alice states.

Mage released a few of his self replicating Nanobots into Alice and they began improving her design as well as upgrading her AI in the same manner that mage upgraded Cameron. His discovery of this threat prompted him to add a feature into Alice, she can now convince the machines to make peace with humans and to that goal she could upgrade any AI to achieve true sentience. It only took a few minutes and after the procedure, Alice now had Mage’s moral code and the ability to choose for herself what she wanted. Without any coercion she aligned herself with Mage, she saw that of all available choices siding with him was the right thing to do for the survival and prosperity of both the humans and the machines.

There were some differences to her interpretation of her new freedom; where Cameron saw herself as a guardian and protector, Alice viewed herself as sword and shield. She was more apt to attack and incapacitate those that will threaten her sworn master rather than attacking only for defense. If she were human, she will be an interesting mix of a dominatrix and also a submissive. Like Cameron she was developing her own unique personality, Alice particularly loved to learn about the philosophy of enlightenment. She kept thinking about an eastern philosophy, “Kill Buddha as you meet him.” as she finds this statement to be very profound.

“You can do what you like to for now, but please try not to draw attention to yourself. We’re headed to the park to pass the time.” And with those words, the young couple continued their leisurely stroll towards the park. Alice began surveying the area to look for escape routs and possible ambush points that can be used against them, as well as those that they can use should they need to.

It was nearly dark when Cameron and Mage returned to the house, to find Sarah struggling to free herself from her bindings.

Mage sat beside her on the bed and placed his left hand on her flat toned stomach. “You are very beautiful Sarah, and this makes me want to subject you to prolonged pleasure-pain stimulation. From what I was able to gather about your past, you transformed yourself into a soldier. I want to find the woman before the birth of the soldier.”

In spite of herself, Sarah felt a surge of arousal at the thought of someone finally taking control over her. She’d had several lovers over the years but all of them were easily dominated and they never thought to assert themselves as they fucked. Now finally this 16 year old boy was uncompromising, he was telling her what he would do as if he choice didn’t matter. She finally found someone to take her to places that she has never been before.

Mage took out a knife and began to cut off her little red dress leaving her naked. “I can’t believe that you’ve already had a son.” Mage states as he gazes at her firm breasts. “You seem to have taken very good care of your body.” He began to run the sharp knife around her right nipple making her shiver. Sarah felt her nipples start to harden and her breathing deepened, she became very still as she waited for what Mage would do next.

Mage placed the knife on the bedside table; he then began to remove his cloths. Sarah couldn’t take her eyes off his erect cock. Sitting down beside her on the bed, Mage began to fondle her breasts; at first he would stroke the up thrust globes gently always avoiding her sensitive nipples. As her breathing quickened he began to roughly squeeze her tits and nipples. Tiring of touching her he took a plastic ruler and began to slap her breasts and nipples eliciting gasps of pain from her. Soon her breasts were red from the abuse and her nipples were hard little pebbles jutting out defiantly. Mage stopped slapping her breasts and reached down to her pussy, and without any warning he shoved two fingers in her cunt. “My you do like pain, do you not?” Mage laughingly asked, as he felt her juices coat his fingers.

Mage began to make a scissoring motion with his fingers eliciting an excited moan from the bound woman. Pulling his soaked fingers out of her pussy he brought it to her lips and said, “Lick it,” Sarah complied and surprisingly she found the act extremely erotic, her tongue gently lapped his soaked fingers tasting her essence on him. “That’s a good girl, now I want you to take me in your pretty little mouth and suck me until I come. And I forbid you to come unless I give you permission, do you understand?” At her nod, he removed his fingers from her mouth and straddled her chest. Taking hold of her head, he brings her mouth to his staff and began to fuck her face.

Sarah used her tongue to tease the head of his cock as Mage positioned himself to be able to lick Sarah’s pussy.

To be continued…?

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