The Lost Ending Chapter
For over a year people have asked for the ending to this story. I was confused because I had actually already written the ending and loaded it on to the site long ago. But somehow it disappeared. I guess I have to chalk it up to a computer error on XNXX's side, as I was getting votes and comments. So I am now republishing it for all of you that didn't get to read it. So this has been dubbed The Lost Chapter..LOL.

I hope that you all enjoy this last chapter. I am going to try to add more detail as my writing skills may have improved a little since. But please take note that I am not a professional writer and I have no desire to pay someone to edit a story that I am putting out here for free. I also did always suck at English, even in College...... I am here only to tell a story that others might enjoy.

If you have not read Young Passion or Young Adult Passion, you might want to so before reading this chapter or you will be lost and not understand this story. This is the concluding chapter of my innocent youth turned sexual deviant. I was brought into sex early, mostly because I was curious. But running into those who wanted to use me for profit while guaranteeing my future was the reason that it went so far. In some ways too far for most people. I personally have No Regrets.......

If you do like stories involving underage children, prostitution, lesbianism, this story is not for you....


My last story left you hanging, Me and Mallory was looking at what I thought could have been one of the nicest dicks I had ever seen. It was a great length and thickness and we couldn't control our enthusiam at the possibility that we could have that inside of us. It had belonged to Matt, one of the breakfast delivery men at the Hotel. We had already shown him us naked twice as he delivered food to our nudist room, and now he was back on his day off to be our tour guide at a $100 a day for his next two days off. But twice time when he saw us naked, Mallory wanted him to return the favor, what he got was molested........ Here is the conclusion!!!

I couldn't wait any longer. I dropped to my knees in front of that huge thing and I starting licking it. Mallory also dropped to her knees beside me. We both licked and sucked on that dick for at least 15 minutes. We heard Matt moaning, but to be honest we didn't care about Matt, just his over sized dick.

" Oh yes suck it. Oh yes girls."

" Do you want him inside you first ." Mallory asked.

" Oh hell yes. God I am going to love this."

I lowered my pussy down to his now hard foot long dick. He was so thick that I knew it was going to hurt a little, but I didn't care because I knew that within a few minutes I would be in ecstacy. I lowered myself and could feel his head at the opening. I slowly started lowering myself as I felt his dick stretch my pussy. I couldn't get all of him inside of me, actually maybe only about 8 inches and that was bottoming me out. Times like this I always wished that I was not such a small girl. Even now I had the body of a 13 year old, even though my breast had grown to a light "C" cup. No I wish I was more Mallory's size. She was now almost 5'5 and she was just a little larger framed than me although she was also skinny like me. I bet she will be able to take almost his whole dick, did make me slightly jealous.

I started moving up and down on him. His dick so tight in me that I felt my inside tug on my every upstroke. God did it ever feel good though. I had never had anything that big in me before and I was loving it like any slut would. I rode him for at least 5 more minutes before I felt myself shudder with a very intense orgasm. I couldn't hardly move the orgasm was so intense. I sat on his dick for at least a minute.

" Hello my turn" Mallory said with a laugh from behind me.

I reluctantly got off his dick and immediatley felt as though I was empty inside. I crawled over to the bed and watched as Mallory climbed on top of Matt. Mallory slowly lowered herself onto his dick, and as I suspected she took all but about 2-3 inches of his massive dick into her pussy before bottoming out. I watched as she started fucking riding him and I knew that she was feeling the same pleasure that I just felt.

After a few minutes she wanted to change positions. She got off and went to the bed, she got on the edge and Matt followed her queue and came up behind her and inserted his dick into her.

"Oh fuck, Of fuck Matt." She screamed out. I just knew every room around us have to have heard her and it really made me laugh.

I watched as he took Mallory to her first orgasm, then a second. Then it was his turn. He was going to cum.

" Oh I am going to cum." he said.

" Come here Jenny, cum on our faces Matt."

Getting off him we both got onto our knees on the floor and waited as he stroked his monster cock to shoot out our waiting load of cum. Then it came, load after load came out splattering both of our faces. By the time all of the cum was out of his dick we were covered with him. All over our faces and dripping down our faces all down onto our breast and stomach.

Mallory and me were such cum sluts. Just seeing cum all over each others faces was more than either of us could stand. I honestly thought Mallory was so hot with all that cum on her. I leaned forward and took my tongue and started licking all that cum straight off her face. I cleaned load over a regular load off of her face. After which she leaned in all did the same for me. By the time we were done every bit of cum was totally gone from both of our bodies.

We looked over at Matt and we and smiled at each other. But it was time to get going if we were going to enjoy our day. We had spent almost 45 minutes with our little detour, we had to get going. We threw on our clothes and ran out within 5 minutes. We were going to be cutting it short on getting there on time.

Luckily the drive only took us an 1 hour and 45 minutes, so we got to the port 20 minutes
early, gave us time to buy our tickets and then get on the boat. The Boat was awesome. I don't think I had ever been on one so big and spacious. The whole bottom floor was open to the waters. Part of it was in glass and the other part open to the winds. In the glass area was at least 20 round tables all of them with 4 chairs. The outside area also had maybe 12 tables, they were picnic style tables but weren't wood. They were metal and fiberglass I think.

Then there was the upper deck. The upper deck was divided into multiple sections. They had a really small open area at the front, maybe only 5 feet by the width of the ship. This was standing room only. Then it had a formal Dining area. It had maybe 10 tables, but they were a lot more elegant than the ones below, this was also enclosed in glass. Behind that must have been the Kitchen and crew areas. Their was also a few rooms that can be rented, but they had to be booked in advance. The thought of sex on the water did have it's appeal, but there is a time for everything. I wanted to enjoy my vacation and the beautiful scenery.

What a wonderful ride it was. The islands were just so breathtaking. For the most part we were a few miles off the coast, but we did go in closer to some of the small islands that surround it. We also went close a few times when there were waterfalls and other attractions. Mallory was the camera geek, and she was taking pictures so fast, I bet she took at least 5 rolls of pictures. But that is why I loved her, she always thought ahead, sometimes even more than me. She knew this was something we would want memories of. But I also wanted to make sure that Matt took some of us together, after all when we look back I wanted to see pics of us together.

We spent the day hugging on each other and staring off into the water. They offered refreshments the whole trip and offered dinner at 6 that night. I don't remember what we ate, but it was really good. They also served alcohol, but me and Mallory knew better than to even try, but would have if we thought we could have gotten away with it.

Dusk was particularly beautiful. Mallory stood behind me, holding me, as we watched the sun go down. I noticed that others were watching us the whole trip, I am sure that Mallory noticed too. But I honestly didn't care, we were in love and we didn't care if the whole world knew it.

We pulled into the port a little before 10. We so enjoyed ourselves, but being out all day did have it's effect on us. We were tired and craved our bed, two hours later we were home and we sent Matt home for the night and we got into bed, we cuddled and faded off to sleep.

We had told Matt to come to our room at 9am the next morning. We were barely awake when we heard a knock on the door. Mallory got up and went to the door and opened it.

" Room seeerrrvce. " The guy mumbled as he stared at her young naked body.

We had totally forgot that we told them to bring us breakfast at 9.

" You can put that over there." Mallory said pointing.

The guy brought it in, just for kicks I got up from under the covers, giving him a full veiw of my young 15 year old body.

"Damn, you two are too young to be answering the door naked. Yawl to but on some clothes girls."

We just laughed at him as he walked out the room. This I guess was the reality, while a lot of guys thought the perversion of a young 15 year old was hot, some didn't.

"Well then, I guess he isn't getting no pussy." We both burst out laughing as we grabbed each other falling back onto the bed. We started kissing and then another knock at the door. This time it was Matt.

" Damn I think I could spend forever seeing you two all hot and naked."

I reached over for him and he fell onto the bed with us. Within minutes we had him naked and laying flat on the bed. I went down to kiss him, as Mallory went straight for his dick. She stuck it into mouth and starting really sucking him. I could feel what she was doing to him by the intensity of his kisses to me. He was getting horny as hell. I couldn't take it anymore, my pussy was dripping wet within only minutes. I climbed over his face and lowered my pussy down on to his mouth. His tongue felt so good on my pussy and he had me screaming.

I then looked behind me to see that Mallory was moving into riding him. I decided to turn toward her and face her while Matt kept eating me. Matt's tongue was great, but seeing Mallory in total ecstacy, had me feeling the orgasm coming, the sight of Mallory's titties bouncing up and down, her moaning and her dirty "Oh Yes I love your big dick" talk, had me about to orgasm. I couldn't hold it any longer.

"Open your mouth all the way Matt" I moaned.

He did just in time for my juice to squirt out my pussy and straight into his mouth. He had no choice but to swallow at least two mouthfuls of my squirt juice. I then playfully rubbed my pussy all over his face, wetting it with my juices.

The sight of this also brought Mallory over the edge, and Matt right along with her. They orgasmed together and hard. We all got up satisfied and me and Mallory got into the shower. We then got ready and left the hotel. We never did eat the food we had bought, it was cold anyway and I don't do cold eggs. We went over to a small diner right down the road, they served breakfast till 11 and I wanted breakfast. We ate and then sat around figuring out what we wanted to do today.

" We can go parasailing, rock climbing, repelling, go see some waterfalls, uh"

" Thats it !!! I want to go see the those beautiful waterfalls that I have heard so much about. What you think Mallory?"

"Ya that is good, I heard that they are beautiful would love to see them and maybe even a Volcano."

We left the restaurant and went with Matt to go see the valcano first, as it was on the way to one of Hawaii's largest waterfalls. The Volcano and the Waterfall was beautiful, we spent til 5pm that day out. But the night was mine, so back at the hotel I paid Matt and he left.

I had already planned tonight with Matt behind Mallory's back. Tonight was going to be special and I sparing no expense. I had Matt go to incredible extremes the day before we went out on the boat. Our night started at 8 but we had one issue. NO DRESSES !!!!! Damn I thought. So I kind of had to let part of the cat out of the bag.

" Mallory, I have made some plans for us tonight, I am not going to tell you what I have planed, it is a surprise. But we do have to go to buy us some dresses. There is that dress shop we passed a few blocks up, I thought we would go and find us something."

Mallory agreed and we left and went to the dress shop botique. It took us an hour but we have found two dresses. Mine was a cute black dress. It came down a few inches below my crotch and I really liked it. But OMG Mallory had a dress on that turned me on to no end. It was also red and it was long and had a slit all the way up to just an inch or two below her hip. Together we had spent $550 area for them both with shoes. We got back home and we fixed our hair and our make-up and we exited the room looking very nice. One thing was sure, I was going to have a really hard time thinking about anything other than Mallory tonight. She was fixed up so beautifully.

We exited the elevator in the lobby to being stared at by every man and woman there including the Hotel employee staff. Once outside, the Limo that I had ordered was out in front of the Hotel waiting for us. The driver opened the door for us and then we left on our night together. Matt had pulled out a lot of stops for us, even bribing the driver who would be driving us. He told him to have us two bottles of champagne cold and in the Limo and he would get a $200 tip.

The limo driver was told in advance our itinerary. First stop was a really ritzy restaurant about 15 min from the Hotel. We had reservations there at 8:30. The limo driver came around and let us out at the front door to this restaurant. He was told to pick us back up at 9:45. It was the most lavish place that I had ever seen. This whole place just oozed high class.

I don't remember what Mallory had, but I remember ordering the largest Ribeye steak they had. I was really hungry and tonight wasn't about money, it was about a high class date with the only person I would ever want to spend forever with. Tonight was special, and all I knew was that I wanted Mallory to really feel how much I loved her. We talked about so much. Held hands some and of coarse we got noticed. Not only were we hot as hell, but we also were being affectionate to each other, but it was in a respectful way.

After we ate the Limo was back out front. We got back in, our next destination was a night club. Matt's cousin was the owner's girlfriend and she was going to meet them there and personally escort them in so that they could get in. Us both being underage really made it hard to make things happen, but so far we had learned that money makes the world go around, and we had money and was still making more of it.

We arrived at the club and our driver opened the door and we got out. There was a line of people trying to get in, but they could only allow so many per the fire marshals instruction. But that didn't matter to us our escort was there and we were getting VIP treatment tonight. She introduced herself to us, her name was Bronica, she was really hot. She was about 18, very tall I would say 5'11 area, slender but not overly boney, She had red hair that went halfway down her back, blue eyes, and a smile to die for. I didn't think that anything would take my eyes off of Mallory tonight, but I have to admit this one did. But as I looked over at Mallory as we all went into the club, I could see that her eyes were all over her ass as she walked in front of us. So I felt better about not being the only one.

Once inside she took us to a reserved table.

" We rarely reserve these tables, but Matt and I are not just related, but we played together the whole time we were growing up. Not to mention that I really owe him for helping me when no one else would. He asked as a personal favor, so you two must be special. Now I got you in, but the waitress's will not serve you alcohol, but I can get them for you and hang out with you tonight. That way no one will say anything. Will that be okay?"

The honest truth was that I really had wanted alone time with Mallory tonight, but I can't lie. Right then I was wanting Bronica. The only person I ever just saw and wanted was Mallory. I looked over at Mallory who looked at me and nodded.

"That sounds great. I think I want a screwdriver."

Mallory said that would be good for her as well. Bronica left the table to go to the bar.

" I am so sorry Jenny, you brought me out on this special night out and I know that I am staring her down. I can't keep my eyes off her, she is just so beautiful."

" I know I feel the same way. I meant for this to be about us, but as soon as I saw her I wanted to strip her naked and eat her. So operation fuck Bronica?"

" Oh God I love you, my little slut." Mallory said staring at me with that beautiful smile on her face.

Why we couldn't control ourselves is now obvious, we had both been exposed into sluthood early in life. Not that either on us would complain about it. But what Mallory said was true, we were sluts and we were whores. But I had no regrets and I knew the Mallory didn't either. Our decisions had already given us a life that I never thought possible. I don't know if most would call it luck, but I sure did. Everything just worked out too perfectly.

So while we waited I looked around the really big dance club. I would bet at least 300 people were there. Half of which were on a huge dance floor that took up half the club. Then there was probably a hundred tables that were scattered all around the club around the dancefloor. The strobe lights were flashing everywhere and it was just so cool. I have to admit their was some hot girls in here, and some hot guys as well.

Bronica came back with drinks and as the night progressed we all got more friendly and at times we were on the dance floor together and we were rubbing all over each other. We had told Bronica that we were bi-lovers and that we sometimes play with others, she seemed excepting and even told her that she had always been curious. Each drink got us more and more horny and more over each other. At one point on the dance floor I looked at Mallory who was rubbing all over Bronica. I was rubbing all over her front. Mallory smiled at me knowing what I was about to do. I leaned it and I passionately kissed her on her lips. She returned to kiss and I knew that we had her in our web.

As 1am came we were all feeling no pain, but I honestly wasn't too drunk. Me and Mallory had been sipping ours and Bronica seemed to have a high alcohol limit. I was ready for the next step. The limo was waiting outside and we were back at the table.

" Bronica, we have the Limo til 3am. Then it will be dropping us back off at the hotel. We both want you to come with us for the night.

"Oh ya that would be fun. Let me go talk to my boyfriend Jimmy and tell him that I am going to go hang out with you and then just go home for the night."

She came back 10 minutes later and smiled and said, " All is good, lets go."

Once in the Limo we told him to just drive us around for two hours and get us back at the Hotel by three. We raised up the glass that separated the driver from us and the night was on. We had purposely let Bronica get in second, so as to have her in between us. We grabbed the champagne and turned the slow music on low. We sat and talked about sex and drank all of one bottle, at this point we were rubbing her all over as we chatted. I turned to her and once again I kissed her full on the lips and frenched her. I then let go and Mallory also reached in and kissed her.

We kissed, made out, and had a good time the rest of the limo ride.

We pulled into the hotel right at 3am. Having had a great time we wer hoping it wasn't over yet. I paid the driver and then he was off.

I kissed her again and asked. " Will you stay the night with us? We have big hot tub in our room and a King sized bed."

" Ya I want too. "

As soon as we were in our room, Mallory was running the hot-tub water. It would take 20 minutes to fill up, and I had so intention of waiting. I wanted her so badly. I started kissing her and we made out for at least 10 minutes. I pushed her back to the bed and she sat down. I stripped down out of my dress, then took off my bra, and then my panties and garter belt. I was completely naked in front of her. Her eyes eyed my young 15 year old body with lust. she wanted me and I wanted her. I pushed her back onto the bed and I straddled her waist and leaned down to kiss her red lips. I didn't just want to kiss her, I wanted to make love to her. Her hands immediately went to cup my breast. She rubbed my breast while I kissed her.

Knowing that it was almost time for the hot-tub to be ready. I sat up then got off the bed in front of her, I pulled up to sitting and took off her shirt, and then I took off her bra. She had nice and perky c cup tits with big small nipples, I like larger nipples personally, but we don't all get them. I stood her up and leaned in to suck on them. Her hand sensually went onto the back on my head and rubbed it while I sucked and lightly bit her nipples. I then reached down for her skirt. With a tug a pulled it down only to realize she didn't have on any panties. My type of girl I thought. About this time the hot tub was ready.

Mallory had already stripped down and was getting into the tub. Me and Bronica joined her. I let her relax for a few minutes and when I looked at Mallory and nodded her to go to Bronica. She did and I sat on the other side as I watched them kiss and rub each others tits. I sat in the corner an watched as their fingers went to each others crotch. It was so hot. Watching Mallory with anyone turns me on, watching this hot babe and her was even more erotic. Here was a bi-virgin and my girl going at it hot an heavy.

I had to put my own fingers down onto my pussy and start rubbing myself as I watched. Mallory moved up and pressed her tit right into Bronica's face. Bronica looked slightly hesitant, but then she took it into her mouth and started sucking on Mallory's nipples. Mallory's nipples had really grown over the last year and now they were almost as big as mine, and extremely suck-able. Bronica was now in heaven with that nipple in her mouth. I could tell that years worth of fantasy was now coming true with her.

Mallory looked over at me with a oh yes look, she was loving this. Mallory couldn't handle in anymore. She wanted to eat her and I was going to watch. She got her to sit on the edge of the tub and she leaned in and started licking Bronica's pussy. Mallory ate her through two orgasms as I watched. Then Mallory came and got me and we got out of the hot tub, dried off and went to the bed. Mallory and Bronica got down on the floor at the foot of the bed and my pussy and they took turns licking me. Then Mallory asked her to keep goin on me and she moved up over my face and lowered her pussy to my mouth. I quickly started eating her pussy and didn't stop until she had orgasmed three times and I had went off twice thanks to our new friend.

I was honestly sexually satisfied, but I honestly didn't want to stop. I wanted to please Bronica most than she had ever been pleased before, looking back maybe in my drunken state I was trying to win her, but to what I didn't really know. I went over and grabbed our strap-on. I put it on and then went to Bronica that was on the bed. Mallory grabbed the lube and coated the shaft well and I preceded to enter her. She was flat beneath me and I fucked her for all it was worth and Mallory licked and sucked her nipples. I fucked her to 3 orgasms before I was just out of beatth and too light headed to continue.

I crawled up into the bed and we all passed out.

I woke up the next morning at 10am, they were both still sleeping and I realized that I still had the strap-on on. I took it off and went to jump into the shower. I don't know how long I was in there, but I was taking a long one this morning. I won't deny it, I had a slight hang over. Both of the girls got up and came to pee while I was in there,

I came out to them both naked on the bed looking at each other and kissing and talking. I think most would have been jealous, but I knew how Mallory felt about me, and so I trusted her. I just came up behind Bronica and sandwiched her. We were all still naked when we heard the door knock. Mallory got up and answered the door and Bronica was looking for cover.

" Don't baby, you have nothing to be ashamed of, trust me." She relaxed and just laid there as the guy from the other day came into the room shaking his head from already seeing Mallory naked. He then saw us both naked laying on the bed with my arms around Bronica. He was delivering our food at the time we had requested it.

" Damn girls are you trying to kill me. I am not but 35, and I come in here and you are young and naked and ......"

" We are giving you a hard on." Mallory interrupted pointing down at his dick.

" Well yes." He stuttered out, "How am I suppose to work with that."

" I see your point, this is all our fault and it just isn't fair. I think it is only fair that we fix it girls." Mallory smiled towards us.

Me and Bronica got off the bed and came over to him. Mallory stood behind him not letting him back away. We both dropped to our knees, undid his pants, and grabbed his cock.

His name was Reginald. He was a black male, 6 foot area, maybe 175, short hair, with a 8 inch thick cut cock.

" How old are you." He asked me.

" I tell you after you cum down my throat." I shot back at him with a smile.

Me and Bronica took turns sucking him, then we got Mallory down on her knees and she also sucked him. He went at him for about 10 minutes before we noticed he tensed up. As promised, I took his dick into my mouth again and he was about to cum, I swallowed his dick as far down my throat as I could. He then emptied his nut sack down my throat in multiple shots of cum. I sucked him dry and then licked his head clean.

He thanked us, got his pants up and then headed toward the door.

"By the way, I am 15." I shot out.

" Well you are a really hot 15 year old. All of you are lovely, hope I get a chance to return you the favor."
He said as he opened the door and left.

" One thing is for sure, I want him to return that favor..." I said.

" You are such a slut Jenny." She said laughing and Bronica laughed too.

We ate, got dressed, and decided to go walking by the beach. We told her everything that had happened to us and how we now own our own home and have money saved up.

" So you two are more or less high class prostitutes?"

"Yes I guess you could say that. We personally just see it as a chance to have sex with guys and get paid for it in the process. The money they are giving us is ridiculous, and they are doing as much for us as we are them. It is just a win/win/win/ for us both." Mallory said.

" Well I have a confession. Me and Matt use to have some fun. We used to kiss and he would play with me and eat me, but he never would let me see him. I know it is wrong, but I fell in love with Matt at that early age and I honestly still love Matt, always have."

" Did you ever tell him?" Mallory shot to the point.

" No, I mean he is my cousin. I didn't want him to think me a weirdo, plus time passed and we didn't get to see each other much"

We let it go and just walked around for the day. Bronica told us that her boyfriend was abusive to her and that she had only stayed with him because he bought her a car and jewelry, and clothes. She told us that it was getting old though. She almost just wanted to be in love and not care what she had. Her parents didn't like him, she told us. They had threatened to kick her out. She started crying and I grabbed her as she unloaded her anguish on my shoulder. I didn't know what we were going to do, but I was somehow going to fix things for her.

But Matt would be off at 5 today, but I didn't know how long Bronica was going to stay.

We went back to hotel and waited. While there she started talking about always wanting to do something sexual out of the blue like she did last night and this morning. She said that she just wished that she could be more sexually open. I had an idea, and I privately talked to Mallory about it.

" You are so bad." she told me.

" Bronica, me and Mallory want to play this game with you we bought a few days ago. It is called "Truth or Dare".

" I have heard of it but never played."

" We haven't either. This will be a learning experience for us all." Mallory shot back

We started playing and as time went on she learned a lot about us and us her. But soon as the third round came, truth or dare tuned into Dare only on the cards. All of a sudden we were stripping down. Bronica was the first one stripped all the way. It worked out good because the card said either take off an article of clothing or perform oral sex on any naked player. With Bronica naked, I went own on her and ate her out for the 30 seconds it said I could. Over the coarse of the round, Bronica had gotten ate 3 times and she was horny as hell. The fouth round demanded that we all strip the rest of the way down before starting.

That round we all got ate at least 2 times. Then the last round came. Round Five.

Round five was interesting because it had numbers on the cards. At the end of the game the person with the lowest number had to do whatever they were told. No matter what is was, we agreed to this before we started this round. Now I was hoping that she would lose because I had plans for her. As we kept up with the numbers it was close all the way. But in the end my hope came through. Bronica was the lowest so she had to do whatever we aked her to do and the timing was perfect.

"Bronica, me and Mallory have talked it over. We know you said you don't have a lot of sexual experience so we want to give you one you will never forget. Mallory just got back from calling a guy we met here in Hawii to come and fuck you. But you will have to wear a blindfold the whole time and you can't see him or talk to him till it's over."

I got her ready as Mallory went to work on the other half of the plan, she waited outside for Matt.

" Hey, look I got to talk to you about something. You have been so good to me and Jenny that we want to thank you for everything. We found this girl earlier and brought her home with us to have sex with. She is so hot and she has this fantasy of wanting a guy with a big dick to fuck her. But she wants you both to have never seen each other before the sex and she wants no talking during sex, just moaning only. Will you please play along and you could both have a great time?"

" So she is hot?"

" Do you think we would bring home an ugly girl? Yes she is hot, extremely hot. I tell you what, if after you are done and you remove your blindfolds and you think she is ugly, I will pay you $300 dollars. What you think?" Mallory said to him.

"OK, should prove interesting.

" Do everything with her, just feel your way around."

Mallory opened the door a little and peaked in around the bathroom wall to make sure she was naked and had her blindfold on. She walked him in and stripped him. One sight of that dick and I really wanted him, but this wasn't about us. We were trying to fix two people up, in a maniputive way of coarse. I hope they wouldn't be mad.

Mallory led him to the bed and sat him down and turned around and started exploring with his hands all over her naked body. I couldn't believe this was happening, they were cousins and they were about to fuck with-out even knowing it. This was awesome. We watched as he found her lips and moved in to kiss her. She was trembling and very nervous, but she was playing along. She reached down and felt his dick, I saw her surprised reaction even through the blindfold and the kiss. She fell into his arms and they made out for at least 10 minutes.

Then he broke off and started kissing her neck, she moaned out load and he kept at her neck taking her nervous shivers away. He then moved down to her tits and started nibbling on her nipples and then he kissed his way down to her pussy. He got between her legs and started licking her. She was in heaven. She was rubbing her tits and squeezing her nipples and moaning so loudly. He must have ate her for 5 minutes before she gave up that first orgasm. I watched as he stuck his tongue in and scooped it out and swallowed.

"Ok, now it's the girls turn to suck the boy's dick." I said. We helped rearrange them. We got her up, him on his back and but her on all fours right over his dick. I took her hand and placed it on his dick and she was in awe of the awesome size of it. She stroked him for awhile and then started slowly sucking his knob and then licking him from top to bottom. Not forgetting his nuts, she took them into her mouth one at a time and spent a good 5 minutes savoring his walnut sized balls.

When she came back up she was horny as hell and she guided that dick into her mouth. Sucking on it, she was only able to get about a forth of it into her mouth. I knew in an instant that he was going to be way too big for her, so I put on my strap on and I started fucking her while she was sucking his dick. I went at her for a good 5 minutes, loosening her up for his big dick.

" Now that you are good and loose, why don't you get up on him and ride him. Remember guys, moans only, no words."

We didn't have to help on this one. She simply moved up and saddled him. She lowered her hairless wet pussy down onto his dick and although it took a minute, she finally got him inside of her and slowly started moving up and down on his dick. They were both moaning so loudly and I could tell that Matt was getting closer.

" Guy, when you get close I want you to smack her leg, girl you will move down and suck him off and swallow his cum."

After about 3 minutes and her orgasming again, he slapped her leg and she immediately moved off of him and went down to his dick. She stuck him back into her mouth and she sucked him and jacked his dick and then it happened. He shots load after load into her mouth. She tried to swallow it all, but it was just too much of it and a lot left her mouth and went down his dick to his balls. But I give it her, she went back for it and licked it all up and swallowed every drop.

We rearranged them again facing each other and sitting up. I got behind Matt and Mallory behind Bronica. This was the moment of truth. Either we were going to get a thank you or a bitch out. We didn't know but we both reached for their blindfolds and then took them off of them at the same time. Their eyes opened and both gasped. They didn't move just stared at each other and then they grabbed each other and kissed again. We moved off of the bed and sat is the chairs. After a minute they looked over at us.

" I am sorry we tricked you two. But Bronica told us of your early childhood crush and you had told us that you two were close. Bronica is being hit by her boyfriend Matt. She needs the man of her dreams. Related or not, she loves you and by that kiss, I think you love her too."

They stared back at each other and tears came down Bronica's face. " I am in love you Matt. I have been since I was 7 and it has never went away. I didn't know they were going to do this, but I am glad they did because I am tired of hiding my feelings for you. I don't care what anyone thinks, I want you and I need you."

Matt's look went to love in a second. I could tell he was a little annoyed at first, but now he was happy. He looked over at us both and said "Thank You" as he cried holding her as well.

That night we all went out to a restaurant that was on the 12 floor of this large building. From that spot you could see all the way out into the ocean. It was a great place. We told him of what had happened the night before and he looked at her.

" I am Bi, Now..... I think..... Are you ok with that?" Bronica said with a hopeful voice.

" Ya, just don't leave me out. I want to have fun with you and watch you." Matt commented

He went on to tell her what happened between the three of us. She laughed.

" You know I have never had an orgy? Why don't we all stay together tonight?" Bronica said.

We are looked at each other.

Two hours later we were back at the hotel. Mallory again filled up the tub while we all chatted. We all knew what was coming next and were all open to each other now. This time Mallory striped down first, then I started, Bronica and Matt followed. I could tell they were a little nervous in front of each other, but we all got into the hot tub and we were enjoying talking with each other. The thought of us all naked together about to have sex had me ready to jump someone. But I let it go and let it take it's time. That time didn't take long.

Bronica and Matt started kissing each other and Mallory's hand found my pussy while we watched them. They were passionate, and the fact that I knew that were related turned me on even more. They were young, in love, and it was all because of me. Bronica turned around and she lowered herself down onto his dick while facing us. She rode him up and down until she orgasmed. They she got off of him and Mallory went over to him as Bronica moved over to me. Mallory got top on him much the same as Bronica had and she started riding him. She also rode him and came. It was now my turn, I got on him and I rode him through one orgasm and kept going until I was having my second one. Matt tensed up and I knew he was also cumming. I felt squirt after squirt land on my vaginal walls.

We relaxed in the tub for awhile before we got out. Once out, Mallory put a DVD that we had bought at the Adult store into the player. It was called "Barely Legal". We watched almost all of it before I moved onto Bronica. I started kissing her and making out with her. It was so sensual and loving.

" Thank You for doing what you did for me". She whispered to me.

" No problem, baby...." It wasn't just an expression. I didn't know how, but I did know that I loved her, not like Mallory, but a deep friendship.

We went back to kissing and we paid no attention to Mallory and Matt. This was all about me and Bronica at the moment. We went at each other hot and heavy. We then got into a 69 position and started really eating each other. We ate each other to orgasm before we even looked to see what Matt and Mallory were doing. What I saw shocked me. Mallory was on all fours and Matt was actually trying to get his huge dick up her ass. She was crying but begging for it at the same time. Matt finally got it in and pushed about 4 inches in. He gave her time to adjust and them started going in and out of her. With each thrust she cried out in pain.

"No Don't Stop" She would scream at him if he slowed down. Her BDSM pain side was coming out again and she wanted to feel the pain. She would throw her ass back onto his dick as he rammed her and scream with pain every time. I couldn't understand why Mallory has such a pain complex. She wants to be punished, but for what. I still hadn't gotten to the bottom of it but maybe in time she would open up to me.

" Oh Yes Matt, Yes baby, fill my ass, FILL MY ASS WITH YOUR CUM !!!!!"

He was now going in at least 8 inches, I didn't even know that was possible, but she was taking it.

" Oh Yea I am cummminnggggggg............" Matt bellowed out. With that he filled her ass with his cream.

Till this day I don't know why I did what I did next, but I wanted his cum out of her ass. I went over to her laid flat on the floor.

" Mallory I want you to push it out into my mouth."

" Do what? Are you serious?"

" Yes"

Mallory, always dong anything I asked her placed her ass over my mouth and pushed it out into my mouth. I swallowed some of it, then I pointed at Bronica and fingered her over to me. She came over and I spit it into her mouth. She also swallowed some of it. Then she point at Mallory.

" Hell noooo !!!!! I am not doing that sorry."

So Bronica swallowed it all. I couldn't blame Mallory for not wanting it. After all it was gross to do it to begin with. I have ate it out of a pussy, but not an ass. So far this was the only limit she had.

Matt went and secured them a room for the night, Mallory paid for it, and me and Mallory settled in for the night.

"Mallory I got a question for you. You told me about why you like pain, but I think there is more to this. Will you tell me? "

Mallory looked down and she started crying. "It's my fault. Mom left because of me."

"How was it your fault ?"

" I was a bad girl. Mom always yelled at me because I didn't act right. She told me that I was worthless and that she never wanted to see me again. It's all my fault and I need to be punished for it."

" My God Mallory, are you serious? It wasn't your fault. Your mom had issues. She was a drug addict and a theif, that wasn't your fault. She had issues baby and took them out on you."

I grabbed her and held her and she cried in my arms.

" I love you Jenny. I will love you til I die. I promise I will, just don't leave me."

" Oh baby, I have no plans to leave you. I love you too and I always will."

We fell to sleep in each others arms.

We had successfully went through 5 days of our vacation. I didn't know what tomorrow had to offer.

We woke up at a little after 8. We had room service bringing us food at 9, so we got up, got a shower, and got dressed. We got our make-up on and then I went to count our money. So far I have paid for most everything. So I was down by now to a little over 2000. Mallory still had 4200. So we were still okay, but I had a plan that I needed to talk to Mallory about. Room service was at the door and I opened it to see it was Matt. He pushed our cart in and hugged and kissed us and thank us for what we had done for them. He then left to go back to work.

As we ate. I had to talk to Mallory.

" I think that we need to make a little money. Not for us, but for Matt and Bronica."

" Ya I know Matt needs a car and probably Bronica as well now she leaving that jerk."

" Well there is that video store guy. Maybe we can get his thousand and see if he has friends?"

"Ya, but I don't want to kill our whole Vacation. Maybe just one a day hour and a half tops? Two for one?"

" Ok, well lets go to him. The place opens at like 11."

We went out walking around waiting for the place to open. Unfortunately it didn't open til 12. So we had to look around and shop. We browsed for 2 hours and then we went back a few minutes after 12.

" Hey we were hoping that you would be here. We was wondering if that 1000 offer was still open and when you would want to play." Mallory asked.

" Yea I would love that. I got someone coming in at 3 today, I could leave for a few hours. So tell me how we do this."

" Well, we have a Hotel Room right down the road. It is just us here so we won't be interrupted. We figure that an hour and a half should be adequate. We are on birth control and clean and we hate condoms. We want to see the money before we play, any hole you want, anything but crap and pain." I said.

We all agreed, gave him the info, and we left. I didn't want to tell him about what we wanted until after we had sex with him. That way he knew what to tell others. We left and went back out looking around. We got back at 2 and we took a shower and changed into some skimpy clothing and re did our make-up and hair. We waited for him and at 3 he arrived.

He wasn't a bad looking guy. He was in his early 40's, about 5'8, 150 area, blk hair with a little gray, with a tan. We answered the door together brought him into the room.

" I want us all to play, but I think I want to focus on you." He said pointing at me.

" After all, you are only 15 and that is what I want."

" No problem baby." I said as I walked over to him and kissed him. " I really want you to fuck my young 15 year old pussy. But first we got to count the money." He handed it to me and I gave it to Mallory and I pulled him to the bed. I started making out with him as he reached down and grabbed my tits. I then reached down and grabbed his dick.

He pushed me over onto my back and undone my loose nighty to show him my tit's and nipples in full detail. He then went down and sucked them into his mouth. Sucking on each one.

" Oh yes baby, suck my young titties, suck them daddy."

That seemed to encourage him. He was getting really turned on. After a few minutes he moved down to my pussy.

" Oh yes baby, eat my little girl pussy. Eat me daddy eat me....."

And eat me he did. He went after we with extreme enthusiasm and he had we about to come.

" Oh fuck yes I am cumming, I am cumming !!!" and with that I came and soaked his face."

" Oh damn you came hard!!!" He said standing up dripping.

Mallory had a towel ready and handed it to him.

I got off the bed and went over to him and kissed him again. I unbuttoned his shirt and took it off. Then I went for his pants and undid them letting them fall to the floor. I then got on my knees. I wanted to suck his dick. He wanted me and it made me want him. I did find myself a little disappointed. He was really small, only about 2 inch soft and as I sucked him he got to maybe 4 inches hard . This was one of the bad things about whoring. You didn't always get the average to large dick, sometimes they were just small.

I sucked him for at least 15 minutes, then he wanted in my pussy.

" Oh yes baby, fuck my young pussy baby. Fuck me hard !!!!" He sped up and fucked me.

Mallory had stripped and was just waiting for her queue. He waived her over, and she got on all fours over me and he now had two pussy's to choose from. He went back and forth for awhile before deciding to fuck Mallory in her ass. Mallory told him where the lube was and he went and got it and lubed her hole and his dick. He slowly stuck it in, Mallory just smiled down at me.

Mallory enjoyed the anal pleasures more than me. I could take it on occasion, But I think Mallory could take it everyday. He fucked her ass for at least 5 minutes before emptying his cum into her ass.

" Now I want to watch you eat it out of her ass." he said.

Now I had wanted and enjoyed this the other day, but I really wasn't in that mood right now. But business is business. If he wanted me to eat it out of her, then that is what I would do. After that we came over to me and kissed me.

" That you so much. I have always wanted a young teen girl but I never thought I would get the opportunity. You both are so hot and so fun. Now next, can you two 69 each other with Jenny on top. I want to watch Mallory eat you."

We got into position and he jerked himself some as he watched us eat each other, when he was hard again he grabbed the lube and I felt it on my ass. I knew what was next, and somehow wanted it. Maybe it was knowing that he wasn't that big and it wouldn't hurt as much.

He entered my ass, and as he fucked my asshole, Mallory ate my pussy and I ate hers. This was very erotic for me. I was getting so close to cumming. Then it happened. It was like I had an anal orgasm and a vaginal orgasm at the same time, then he unloaded his cum into me. I was betting on his next move and well it happened.

" Okay now I want you to eat my cum out of her ass." He said to Mallory.

I started to say something but Mallory just did it. I knew she didn't want to, but she did anyway. I guess she figured as I did, he paid so she had too.

" Oh you two have been delicious. This is a dream come true for me. Thank you." He said grabbing one of us then the other giving us a huge hug.

In that moment. I was really happy. Yes this guy paid 1000 dollars to fuck us, but he would have this memory forever.

" By the way, do you have any friends or associates that would like to play? Same deal? We going to be here till end of week." I asked.

" I will ask around. I don't know of any off the top of my head though."

Over the rest of the week we just relaxed a lot, he wasn't able to find us anyone to play with, so we went to the beach a few times and hung out at night with Matt and Bronica some. We knew there was plenty of things to do and places to go, but we were there to relax some too and just slow down.

The day finally came for us to leave. It was kind of bitter sweet because I had already gotten attached to Bronica and Matt. But I also was ready for home and my own bed and my family. We got in Alabama at 6:45pm, Dad and Jennifer was there to meet us and we talked about our trip all the way home.

Well that was the Hawaii trip, but I guess you would like to know our futures?

We continued at the new building until I turned 18, Mallory and Bronica both joined in occasionally, but of coarse the money was getting lower. The one good thing was that Mallory's dad let us have all the profit at that point to pay for Mallory's schooling, although he still set up people for us. We were about to stop it altogether until a young girl named Julia came and tried to get a job at Mallory's dad's strip club, she was 14 and begging for work with a bad fake ID card. He called us and we went to talk with her. She became our new girl and our business continued for 3 more years, paying for most of Mallory's college. In the end Jason went in and tore it all out.

Well let us start with Matt and Bronica. Bronica was kicked out by her parents before we had actually left Hawaii because of the night she stayed in the hotel room with Matt, Matt asked his mom if she could some stay with them and she said yes. But, almost a year later his mom, a religious bible-thumper, caught them having sex and kicked them out. Something about God punishing her for their sins in her house. Good grief.

They had no where to go and called us. We immediately bought them tickets and they came to live with us for awhile. Matt got a job with Roy, whose dad had had a stroke a year or so back. They had hired a few guys but none worked out, but Matt seemed to fit right in. Bronica got a job at the local nail salon, the only one at that time in this area. Most times she made a lot more than Matt, and with in 2 years she went on to manage the place.

Matt finally got to go to college, and decided that he wanted to be a teacher. He graduated and now teaches at a Elementary school a few miles up the road from our house. Bronica went on to buy that Nail Salon, well with me and Mallory as 25% silent partners. They got married and live as husband and wife with no one knowing but us that they are cousins. They even have one child, a boy that me and Mallory spoil rotten.

Dad and Jennifer actually did get married and they are happier than ever.

Mallory went on to get her Doctorate in Optometry, and now works as an Optometrist at one of the Optical chain stores in our area. She makes about $130,000 a year and loves her job.

John, her dad, unfortunately passed away just days before her graduation. Mallory was so upset that he didn't get to see his daughter get that degree. We hated him passing as he is responsible in part for us having each other and what we obtained. We did end up inheriting his house and club. The house we sold to Matt and Bronica, even though they do have to commute a little ways to work, they love it. The Strip Club is now ran by my brother Jason, although we are now on the straight up. We split all profits with him equally.

My little sister is now 15 years old. God where does time go. She is a good sweet girl and we all love her. She is spoiled by all of us though. Actually she doesn't know it, but we have all been putting money into an account for her for years and when she turns 18 she should at least have enough to pay for college.

Guess that just leaves me. I skipped a year after high school and then started back and went for and got my Degree in Law. I graduated and went to work for other law firms for quite a few years, but my desire to defend those accused of the injustice of statutory rape would become my focus. I have long believed that it is either rape or consensual sex. I believe that the child has the right to decide as I did. I have a 68% success rate at getting at least a hung Jury. That made me an expert in this field and I get calls from lawyers for consultations all the time. Of coarse I charge then a consulting fee.

We still live in the same house, in the same small town. We did add on to the house twice. It is now over 4000sq feet. Sometimes I think we over did it, But I love this house and we have everything we need here.

Looking back I wouldn't have remembered half of this with out the Diary that I started when I turned 11. Still today all these years later I still write in one, I am on number 14 now.


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