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Think twice before going pee in the park
It's a nice summer evening. The sun just started to set. Jenny wishes she could have stayed longer and watch the sunset with her friends but she has to be up early the next morning for her swimming practice and she still has a long drive ahead of her.
She approaches the parking lot. It's empty. Everybody is down at the beach, partying, dancing, enjoying the warm summer evening. Fortunately it's her last practice for the season and next weekend she won't have to rush this much.
She feels little pressure in her tummy. The though of her long drive home once again enters her mind. She walks to the local restrooms.... not noticing a long shadow following her.
She enters the restroom. It's a typical park one, not overly clean, with few stalls and messages scribbled on the walls.
She doesn't make more than couple of steps when the door open behind her. She intuitively turns but before she can see anything, anyone, she is pushed against the wall, her hands being tied behind her back. She is blindfolded and pushed into one of the stalls.
"We're going to rape you. There's nothing you can do about it," a rusty deep voice says. " But if you scream or do anything else stupid, we'll fuck you so hard, you won't be able to walk for a week. Understand?"
She nods still not quite awake from the shock. The word "we" freightens her just as much as the though what they can and will do to her. How many is we? She can feel one pair of hands holding her pinned against the wall. Second man kneels in front of her. His hands run up her thighs. She clutches her legs together as he nears her pussy. He pushes his hand between her legs. Only a thin wall of her panties stands between his thumb and the soft skin of her clitoris he is presing against.
"Please don't hurt me," she pleads.
Her quiet plea is met by his brief laughter as he pulls the panties down, letting them fall to her ankles.
"Spread your legs," he orders.
"Or do you want me to spread them for you," he roars when she does not respond.
She loosens the pressure and steps wider apart.
"Wider, bitch," he commads.
Unwillingly, she straddles as wide as she can fully exposing her little freshy shaved pussy to him. He moans with pleasure as he starts exploring between her legs, spliting her pussy lips apart, pulling them, pinching her clit.
Then he pulls her skirt up to her waist, exposing her now fully to the other man. The sight of her naked pussy makes him instantly hard.
"Looks little dry," he says.
The men between her legs agrees. He leans closer and places his big wet tongue on the tip of her clit.
"Please, don't do that," she starts to cry. She is held in the darkness of her blinfold, tears now flowing from her eyes. The things the rapist between her legs is doing to her are making her want to vomit. He is rough, yet skillful, sliding his slimy tongue over her clit, along the folds and in between her pussy lips. He uses his hands to pull her lips wide apart. He positions his tongue to the entrance of her silky cunt and pushes against the wall, licking his way in.
"Please stop," she cries again.
She hates the bastard groaning licking her innocence away in this very humiliating way, and even more she hates her body for responding to the stimulus. She read about it, but never believed, that a woman can have an orgasm while being raped, yet now she is litteraly experiencing it on her own skin. The little itch starting in her clit, spreading through her whole pussy, leaving it dripping wet. She wants to puke with disgust, yet her cunt burns in pleasure.
Watching the action makes the other man wild. He presses himself to her tied hands, rubbing his cock against them while using his other hand to squeeze her tits and twist her nipples.
Suddenly, the first man stands up, leaving one of him hand between her legs. He pushes his middle finger against the opening of her fuckhole.
"What is your name?" he asks.
"Jenny," she whispers wondering if she should have made up a name instead. Yet, just very few seconds later she is glad she didn't. She hears few rattling sounds as he uses his other hand to ransack her handbag for driver's licence she just got couple month ago.
"Jenny. Jenny Wett," he reads with a laughter, "you see, even your last name sugests you're a slut."
He pushes his finger deeper into her tight but very moist cunt.
"I'm glad you didn't lie to me because if you did, or ever do, I would have to hurt you bad. You don't want me to hurt you now, do you?"
She shakes her head.
"So tell me," he continues, " did you like me eating your pussy."
She gently shakes her head. The next thing she feels is an excruciating pain as he grabs her clitoris and violently twists it.
"I said don't fucking lie to me bitch..... now let's try it again. Did you enjoy me fucking your cunt with my tongue?"
Afraid to say anything she just nods.
"Thought so. Is your boyfriend fucking you like that?"
She shakes her head.
She feel the finger pressing against her cunt again, sliding little ways in.
"I don't have a boyfriend," she whispers shivering.
He leans closer to her and nearly whispers. "Are you still a virgin?"
She nods.
He pushes his finger even deeper into her cunt. "I'll tell you something. One finger is not going to rip you cherry....that if you stay really still. So if you are a good girl, I might keep you being virgin for a little bit longer."
She stays as still as she can with her legs wide apart letting him slide him finger deep into her tight cunt. She feels him moving inside her, finger fucking hers until now untouched pussy. The other man moans behind her. He slides his hand down between her buttcheeks and without wasting a second he starts pushing one of his fingers in her backdoor. She is afraid to move as she is worried that any sudden movement would give the guy in her pussy a reason to shred her virginity so she grins and lets the other guy finger fuck her ass.
The presure in her lower tummy reminds her why she headed here at the first place. She is worried she might not be able to hold it much longer, and the more she thinks about it, the more it is becaming urgent. She squeezes her pussy muscles to avoid the humiliation of peeing herself in front of the rapists.
"Liking that, you little slutty cunt?" asks the first man as he feels the squeeze around his finger planted deep in her hole.
"I need to go pee," she whispers, "please let me go pee."
They slowly pull their fingers out of her holes. The first man orders her to sqaut down and relieve herself.
"Keep your thigs open so than we can enjoy the show," he laughs.
This deminishes all her hopes for little privacy. Her nakes, wide open pussy is ready to leak out a golden flow of pee in front of them. She feels humiliated.
"Play with your cuts as you pee," orders the other, " funk that horny clit of yours."
She slides her hand down and starts touching herself. Her clit feels swolen and so sensitive. She feels first drops of her pee pushing out... and then there's the unmistakable sound of a zipped being puled down.
"Open your mouth," she hears. Next thing she knows two hands grap the top of her head and a big hard cock is shoved between her lips. Not waiting for anything he starts fucking her hard, she sound of her peeing cunt making him even wilder, pushing his cock deep in her throat.
Soon her mouth is filled with his sticky thick cum she is oderder to swalow and without a second to let her breeze his cock is replaced by the other guys cock and fucked just as hard again. She swalows second load of cum, hoping that now when they both came, the ordeal might be order.
"Two down, one to go," her forst rapist announces and with horror she realizes the presence of a third man in the tight stall. He makes a step closer, graps her by her hair. "Open really wide."
HIs cock is by far the biggest from the three. She feels her mouth will rip when he pushes hiself into her and starts riding her face. He makes all kind of moaning, roaning sound as he slowly fucks her, making it even more disgusting for her than when her mouth was raped by the first two guys. Finally he shoots a large load into ger and let her lick his cock clean.
While she was being fucked the first rapist had a chance to search her purse. Now he looks at a photo of another your girl he found there. It's impossible to miss the two are related.
"Think I found your little sister here," he laughs, "maybe we should pay her a visit two. Her cunt must be even tighter than yours."
Her heart squeezes with fear. "No, please don't hurt my sister."
"I'll think about it," he says, "if you're good enough, I might not need to visit your sister..... not tell me, do you want us to fuck you like a little whore?"
She nods.
"Say it aloud," he rises his voice. She hesitates to let the words slip through her lips but the fear of her sister's safety is too strong. "Fuck me,"she says.
"Oh, I didn't hear you. Say it aloud."
"Fuck me," she sobs, "fuck me like a whore."
They pull her down. She lies on her back, her tied hands below her. She feels the two men each grabbing one of her leg, spreading her wide apart. The first rapist is now between her legs, looking at her wet, exposed pussy. A quiet buzzing sound fills the room. She can hear it getting closer, then her pussy is hit by a strong vibration. Her already stimulated clit reacts to the sensation and her pussy starts dripping juice. She never was fucked with a dildo before. He pussy can't resist the stimulation for too long... she feels she will come soon.....ahhhh.... they drool watching her helpless pussy being brough to an orgasm...ther pussy explodes.
She lies with her legs spread, still feeling the impact of her orgasm. They untie her hands now but she is too afraid, too weak to fight at this point.
"I'm afraid we won't have time to finish our playtime today," the first rapist says. "People will start coming back from the beach soon, and I don't want to hurry this. I'm having too much fun teasing your virgin pussy. So let's make this deal. I'll leave the dildo with you and take your drivers license and your little sister photo instead...."

"Please leave my sister alone," she begs again feeling somewhat responsible for putting her sister in danger of being brutalized by these monsters. "I'll do anything you want."

"You sure will, cunt," the third man laughs and slaps her face with his dick while the first one continues.

"You will come back to the park on Monday at 1:00 p.m. That's when it's least crowded. You will go to the intersection with the upper trail.. you know where that is?"

She nods.

"From there you go through the bushes untill you reach a small meadow. It's mostly surrounded by thick bushes but one side is more open and you'll see a corn field. We'll leave you instructions there. Got it."

She nods again.

"And in the meantime, I want you to fuck yourself with the dildo every day. Make yourself come thinking of my cock riding your slutty cunt."

Another nod.

They sound as they are ready to leave.

"I think we should claim our territory," the third rapist says suddenly. "like animals do in the woods."

The two other eagerly agree.

They push her back dow on her back. She feels them standing above her...then the first string of warm liquid hits her face. Two more follow, hitting her body and pussy.

Finally they relieve themselves and leave. She lays there, her body covered in a mix of their cum, her pussy juice, and her piss as well as theirs.

She pulls herself up and walks to the sink to clean up.... already sick to her stomach thinking about the things the pigs will do to her on Monday.

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2012-08-30 03:05:56
Me and my girlfriend was reading it we are the most horniest couple ever and she just have me the best blowjob ever made her clean the rest of the cum off the computer table and on the floor god has the best mouth

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2012-08-30 03:05:56
Me and my girlfriend was reading it we are the most horniest couple ever and she just have me the best blowjob ever made her clean the rest of the cum off the computer table and on the floor god has the best mouth

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Me and my girlfriend was reading it we are the most horniest couple ever and she just have me the best blowjob ever made her clean the rest of the cum off the computer table and on the floor god has the best mouth

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spell check but otherwise good. will be waiting for the sequel.

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