a scorned lover and a jealous friend show a prissy heiress what's what while her parents are gone
Chloe Leto stepped briskly into the barn in the cool autumn morning. Her long, thick black hair was in a braid that hung down her back, and her icy white skin blended perfectly with the snow that fell around her. As she stood in the open she stuck out her pink tongue and felt the chill of a snowflake landing silently and melting in her mouth.

The previous day, two of the ranch's farm hands had raped her, but, despite herself, she enjoyed it! They used no condoms, and as she felt her tender pussy ache, she regretted what she had done. She unbolted the latch on her horse's stall, slipped the halter on, and began to saddle up.

When the horse stood tied, she brought out her saddle and settled it onto the mare's back, making sure that it fit just right.

"Need any help?" Billy, one of the farm hands, asked as he peeked around the corner at her.

Her eyes narrowed, and she responded with a blunt, "No."

He frowned, and approached her in a mocking manner, saying, "But, Chloe, don't you remember anything about last night?"

"I don't want to," She cried as she turned away from him.

He stepped behind her, wrapping his strong arms around her small, frail body and whispering into her ear, "You know you enjoyed it."

His warm breath on her cold skin sent chills down her spine and made her heart race. She couldn't move, and her breath grew quick.

He noticed her fear, and a cheshire cat grin covered his face as he pressed his hard cock firmly against her ass.

She gasped and tried to pull away with a squeal, but one of his large hands covered her mouth quickly, and she stood still and rigid.

He kissed her fair neck gently as he grinded his hard on into her more. She felt tears in her eyes, and she managed to softly remove his hand from her face.

"I'm not going to scream," She said quickly as he moved his hand to cover her mouth once more, "I just couldn't breath so well. Besides, I need to work Belle."

He nodded; he understood about the horse. But, he remembered himself as he saw her turn away. He placed a strong hand on her throat and squeezed tightly as he pressed his lips against her ear.

"Listen," He whispered through his gritted teeth, "If you tell anyone, I'm going to fuck your little cunt so hard that they'll put you in a wheel chair, got it?"

He spun her around to see her large, doe like eyes staring at him. She nodded in fear, and he turned, walking out of the barn.

She exhaled and felt her shoulders relax.

I should tell or cry or something, but I just don't want to think about that right now! She thought.

She tightened the cinch on her mare's saddle and mounted up, swinging her limber legs over the horse's back.

She squeezed her calf muscles against the mare's side and started out into the day. The horse picked up a steady trot, and they were on the working land in no time.

She kissed to the horse, and she began to canter. Chloe moved her hips rhythmically to match Belle's movements, and it made her think of riding Cody . . .

"No," She said to herself, "I'm here to work."

As she rode on, she couldn't help herself. She found herself thinking of Billy and Cody more and more, and jumped when she heard herself utter a little moan.

Belle cocker an ear back at her, and Chloe urged her forward. As the mare stretched out in a canter again, she found herself rubbing her lit against the seat of the saddle.

She groaned in pleasure as she thought of how Billy had grabbed her, kissing her neck and rubbing his boner against her ass. She thought of how strong his ams felt around her, so warm and safe and . . . male!

"That's it," She realized, "They're just so male! It doesn't matter if I like them or not, they're so male and I'm so female! It's just instinct! I can beat that!"

She smiled and pushed the mare home, her braid flying behind her and her wet pussy rubbing against the saddle the entire way. When she reached home, she dismounted and handed Belle's reins to Cody, who had waited for her.

"How was your ride?" He asked sweetly.

"Fine," She said as she watched him un tack the impatient mare, "It was great."

"You look different," He said as he studied her.

"I shouldn't," She said as she shrugged her shoulders.

He set the saddle down on the hitchrail and led the mare into the barn. He put her in the stall, gave her a scoop of grain, and turned back to Chloe.

"Look," He said in a low voice, "I'm sorry about the other night. It wasn't right, what Billy and I did to you. I'm so sorry, Chloe. Will you forgive me? Ever?"

"Yes," She hugged his, and quickly melted in his warm embrace, "Of course I forgive you."

Billy walked around the corner, and Cody smiled smugly at him over her shoulder. He let a hand wander to her cute little ass, and he gave a light squeeze that made her jump and squeal.

Billy looked on angrily, and Chloe left the hug. She turned to see Billy, who stood looking at her pitifully.

"You okay?" She asked with a tilt of her head; she didn't realize how much she and Cody bothered him.

"Yeah," He answered with a jaded smile, "I'm just fine."

"Ok," She perked up, "Great. Now that we're all friends again, do you want to go inside for some hot cocoa?"

"Yes," Cody looked at Billy and replied through gritted teeth, "That sounds great."

"Awesome," She smiled, "I'm going to go ahead in and get started on that."


Chloe stood in the kitchen in her nightgown, her robe, and her fuzzy socks searching for the hot cocoa recipe.

"Hey," Cody said as he walked in, setting his hat down on the table near the door.

"Oh," She said, surprised, "Hi! I didn't think you would be in that quickly."

Billy followed him inside and shut the door behind them. He gave a short smile to Chloe, then sat down in a chair.

"How's the hot cocoa coming along?" Cody asked.

"Not too well," She responded with a disappointed sigh, "I was going to use the special recipe that my mom always uses, but I can't find it! I've checked everywhere-"

"Did you check in their room?" He asked, "That's where it was the last time you couldn't find it."

"No," Her face brightened, "I didn't!"

She stepped daintily up the stairs and went into her mother's/father's room. She searched through their drawers, but found nothing.

"Need help?" Billy asked as he leaned against the doorway, watching her.

She jumped at the sound of his voice, but quickly apologized, "Billy, I'm sorry. I didn't see you there. No, I don't need help; I don't think my parents would like it if you were looking through their-"

He snatched both of her tiny wrists and slammed her hard down onto the bed. He straddled her, and she kicked helplessly as he looked into her eyes.

"Am I not good enough?" He demanded, "How is Cody better than me, you little slut!"

"Stop!" She squealed as she kicked and squirmed trying in vain to get away. What she didn't realize is that her squirming rubbed her 32 B breasts against his smooth chest, and it only made him want her more and more . . .

He muffled out her cries by kissing her lips gently. She crumbled into his kiss, and all her fighting stopped.

"Chloe?!" Cody cried from the doorway. Chloe broke the kiss with Billy and stared at him from across the room.

"Cody," She scrambled out from underneath Billy and crawled towards the edge of the bed, "Cody, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to-"

He grabbed two handfuls of her nightgown and ripped it as hard as he could, splitting it all the way down the front. She screamed and cried out, but Billy held her wrists tight and all she could do was squirm.

"You little slut," Cody grumbled as he tore off her lacy bra and panties. He stuck two of his large fingers in her, and she screamed as he withdrew them.

"Do you see that?" Billy taunted.

"Look at this, you little whore," Billy pushed her head up so she would be forced to see, "If you didn't mean to, why are you so wet?!"

He tore off his own clothes, and she looked in terror at his throbbing erection.

"Cody," She pleaded, "Please, I'm sorry! I love you, you know I do! Don't do THIS!!!!"

Her cry rang out in the room as he plunged his entire cock into her at once. She went from being empty to being completely stuffed, and it hurt like hell.

"Ow!" She cried as she felt tears running down her face, "Please, stop!"

"Lay down!" Cody shouted, and she laid flat on her back to receive the fucking that she knew was coming.

She wept continuously, and Billy whispered sickly in her ear, "You want this, you little whore. You were wet just from kissing me and being under me. I saw you rubbing your pussy against the saddle on the horse. You're our little bitch and you know it."

"I am not!" She cried.

Cody hacked away at her insides, carving her out with his huge dick and her recently virgin pussy. She squealed with every thrust he made, and he watched with lust he blood his dick was bringing from her tight pussy.

"I hope you're ready," Cody leaned down and whispered, "Cause I'm going to cum soon."

She felt her own climax nearing, and she wrapped her legs around him, forcing him deeper inside her. She clawed at his back, drawing a little blood, and it pushed him over the edge. He shot his hot load in her with a groan, and she felt herself trembling as the orgasms ripped through her.

He kissed her tenderly in all her favorite places- her neck, breasts, ect.- and Billy watched hungrily from the side while he stroked his rod.

"My turn." He said with his usual masochistic grin.

Chloe snatched a handful of blankets and covered herself while backing away from him.

"No," She whispered in fear, "I can't take anymore after that and yesterday! You'll tear me apart!"

"I would tear your pussy apart," He nodded in pretend understanding, "But your little ass has never been touched."

Her eyes grew wider than ever, and she backed away quickly in true fear, "No, Billy! No! You almost tore my snatch apart and now you want my ass?! There's no fucking way!"

He smacked her hard across the face, and she trembled with fear as he looked down on her.

"You don't have a choice in the matter," He stated, "You belong to us. We will do with you what pleases us. Bend. Over."

With a frightened tear, she returned to the bed and got down on her hands and knees in front of him. She felt so exposed!

"This will only hurt at first," He whispered to her in a surprisingly calming voice, "I promise."

He massaged her little hole with his thumb and lubed it up to the max, making sue that she was relaxed and absolutely ready before he made a move.

"Ready?" He asked her.

"I have no choice." She said as she looked in the distance and prepared for the pain.

He eased his head into her, and she snatched handfuls of the bed sheets as he continued to push in.

"Holy shit," He groaned in pleasure, "This is the tightest thing I've ever felt."

He went farther and farther, and Chloe took a piece of the sheet in her mouth, biting and screaming into it. She felt like she was being split in two!

Finally, she felt his balls against her ass and she knew that he was all the way in. He began to pull out, and she discovered that she kind of liked the feel.

The second time pushing in wasn't so bad. She let the sheet out of her mouth and only gripped with her hands. On the third time pushing in, she didn't even need to do that!

"Oh god, Chloe," Billy moaned, "This feels so good!"

She bit her lip quietly, but didn't say a word. He continued to thrust in and out of her as fast as she could, and she looked at Cody who sat with his arms crossed across the room. She yearned for him.

"Damn, Chloe!" He shot his load into her little ass, and she screamed, suddenly having orgasms and collapsing onto the bed.

Billy stood to his feet and stepped away from the bed, and from Chloe, who was drifting in and out of consciousness.

"I have to go before the boss and the misuss get back," He said urgently as he pulled on his jacket, "I'll see you later."

He left the room, shutting the door behind him. Cody turned to the bed where Chloe sat, panting and looking at him scared.

He said nothing, but left the room. When he returned, he tossed her a pair of underwear, a bra, and a nightgown.

"I brought you these," He said rubbing the back of his neck, "Sorry for tearing the others."

She said nothing, but dressed herself with shaking hands.

That night, as Cody slept in the guest room to watch Chloe, he heard a door shut and the bed move. She curled up against his chest and whispered, "Goodnight."

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2015-03-06 19:40:06
However times had she been raped, eh matey? Well, let's take another candidate, let's say me, for example. The first time was when I was nearly 3. Ok, it was molestation and apparently one has no memories at that age, but I could remember his face for years. Then at 3, another man. Then at 4. Then at 6, which continued until I was about 7. After this, I discarded femininity altogether, becoming a little 'boy'. Ok, all molestations, but it was damage enough that I've never had a semblance of a normal life. So trying to discredit some-one by the number of times she was forced to endure sex (rape), even if her body responded by liking it, makes you seem like a sexual predator yourself. The 2 boys apologized to her, she knew them, as she grew up with them, so her 14 year old brain concluded that they meant what they had said and wouldn't do it again. Asshole.

anonymous readerReport

2011-07-02 04:18:36
I would love to kill every rapist I find -- like the asshole who raped me, for example. I just bought did, until his girlfriend walked in 'nd called the cops. As for those rape victims -- comes many side affects. Some people who actually got raped get turned on by it, even if they don't want to. Some even start wishing to get raped again. I've had many friends who have gotten raped 'nd I how it affected them.

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2011-06-06 01:35:03
Wow.... this sight is clearly for us perves(:
So We Like It Rough? Thats None Of Your Dam Business ,
Why Dont You Get You Some Nice Amish Porno Where They Hold Hands?! :D
Sincerely A Gir Who Likes It Rough <3

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2010-09-18 11:35:20
How many times have you been raped now? You're either extremely unlucky or you in around asking for it. Or the whole thing could be a load of bovine excrement

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2010-09-15 18:16:57
i like the story but if the reader cant tell the difference btw fact and fiction that is on him bsides what woman who havent been rape have not dream of it and wanted the passionate side of it w/o the violence just being thrown down and told to take it cause u kno u want it......... i'm gettin horny just thinking bout it

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