This is my first story, please feel free to give me constructive criticism.
Finally, it was May 25th, and our pool was uncovered for the season. Even though I had spent the whole day helping my dad unhook the tarp and balancing the chemicals, I still had enough energy to masturbate to porn on my computer like I did mostly every day. Being 16 wasn’t the only reason I was horny all of the time. I also live in a house where I was mostly home alone all of time since both my parents worked late, and my only sibling, Christine, was a freshmen in college. This made sitting in front of the computer screen with my pants down a very easy thing to do.
Part One
Our neighbors were Mrs. Onnit on the left, and the Hendersons on the right. Mrs. Onnit was 74 year old widow who never came out of her house. But the Hendersons were great family friends. They were a family of five. The parents of the house were Susan and Brian. Although I knew them well, I was much closer with their three daughters. The oldest was Larissa, who was my sister’s age. The youngest was Annie, who was 10 years old, and in between those two was my personal friend, Lindsay, who was three years younger than me. When we were little, Christine and Larissa would have sleepovers all the time at our house (Christine had a bunk bed). Many times Larissa would bring Lindsay over with her. Sadly for Lindsay, Larissa and Christine would end up ignoring her unintentionally. Being 10, the only thing I could think of doing to make her feel better, was asking her if she wanted to play N64 with me. Then one day she came into my room to play without me asking, this was the beginning of our friendship.
The older Lindsay and I got, the more we hung out. When I was 13, Lindsay started to come over without Larissa. Normally when this happened, we would end up just playing with my new PS2 slim and watching TV. When I turned 14, my parents decided to build an in ground pool. Although I had fun with the younger Henderson girls, the pool was mostly occupied by my sister’s senior friends and Larissa. Unlike when we were 13, Lindsay and I weren’t as close anymore. I had met new friends in High School, and she was getting through middle school. We still hung out, but things seemed to be more awkward between us.
It was now June 21st, the first day of summer after my sophomore year and I was about to sit in front of my computer to jack off when I heard someone knock on the back door. I went downstairs to find Larissa standing on our back porch. I walked over and let her in. “Hey Mark!”
“Hey, what sup?”
“Can you and you and your sister invite us to go in your pool?” she chuckled. I could see Lindsay and Annie walking from their backyard to ours. I waved, and they waved back.
“Umm, well my sister went to the store but she should be home in ten. But I’d be happy to go in with you guys!” I quickly ran upstairs to throw on my bathing suit. When I went back downstairs I saw Lindsay taking off her tank top to reveal her blue and white striped bikini top. I hadn’t seen her in a bathing suit since last year, and even then, it was a one piece. Now I could see that she had a solid B cup, maybe even a C which was big for her age. Then she fixed her long dirty blond hair away from her light blue eyes. All of a sudden, I had a feeling that had never come over me before. But before I could realize the thought, she was pulling down her shorts. Now I could see the matching bikini bottoms. I now noticed that Lindsay had perfect curves with a perky ass. Looking down, I noticed that I had half of a stiffy. Quickly I grabbed a bag of potato chip and put them into a bowl in order to get my mind off of the sight I had just witnessed. But it had barely worked; I couldn’t get over the fact that she had gotten extremely hot over the past year. I walked outside to the pool. I saw Annie first, “Hi Annie.”
“Hi Mark! Do you like my haircut? I got it this morning!” She had gotten it cut all the way up to her shoulder and it looked really cute on her.
“I do, A lot actually! I think I have a crush on you!” I chuckled. She laughed and blushed.
“Hey! That’s not aloud!” laughed Lindsay across the pool.
“Oh I’m just kidding!” I replied with a smile.
Just as I said that, Larissa yelled “CANNONBALL!” and jumped in. Annie followed her, and yelled the same thing but in a much higher voice. I walked over to Lindsay.
“So what have you been up to?” I asked her.
“Oh you know, school crap, but let’s not talk about that! Come on, its summer!” she answered.
“I understand completely!” I laughed.
“So what do you think of my new bathing suit?”
“I like it a lot!”
“Do you now? Or do you just like what’s under it?” she chuckled in a quiet tone. Then immediately, she jumped into the pool. I stood there for a second really confused. But in order to not look stupid I jumped in also. While we were in the pool, we started a small, just for fun game of basketball. At one point, Lindsay playfully pushed me underwater. In retaliation, I grabbed her ankle and pulled her under, and before I knew it we were wrestling in an extremely flirty way. Unfortunately, I started to get a boner. Luckily my sister walked to the pool just in time. And all three of the girls hopped out to give her a hug, getting her soaked like the rest of them. My sister put on her bikini, and jumped in the pool with us. Throughout the rest of the time we were in the pool, I kept catching myself staring at Lindsay. A few times she noticed me staring but she seemed to not mind.
When we all got out of the pool and dried off, my mom showed up. “Hello everyone!” The Henderson girls gave her a big hug like they did to my sister. My mom was in a very good mood since she got a raise at work and decided to make us all baked macaroni and cheese and hot dogs. When we sat down to eat, I noticed that Lindsay was slightly rushing to the table in order to beat everyone to it. I had sat down earlier since I had helped set the dishes. Without hesitation, she grabbed the seat next to mine. While we were all eating, Lindsay and I talked to each other the whole time about random stuff like Halo Reach and how stupid Justin Bieber was. When everyone finished eating, my mom told the Henderson girls they could sleep over tonight if they wanted to. Larissa and Lindsay were thrilled to but Annie had plans already to sleep over her friend’s house. I wasn’t too disappointed by this because Annie could be annoying sometimes if you hung out with her too long. Lindsay and Larissa left our house around seven to get their stuff.
While they were gone, I quickly ran up to my room to jack off. I had to do this because I had been staring at Lindsay’s perfect body for the past three hours. But just as I was about to rip my pants down, my sister walked in and asked, “Mark, can you do me a favor?”
Startled by her untimely entrance, “of course,” I stuttered. “What is it?”
“Well tonight Larissa and I were thinking about going to a party and I was wondering if you could hang out with Lindsay alone for me. Is that okay?”
The word “alone” immediately put sex into my 16 year old mind. “Yeah, that would be fine. Umm, I guess we can play Xbox or something.”
“Thank you Mark, is there anything I can do, just let me know, okay?”
“Sure!” I had really wanted this conversation to end since there was a boner growing on my pants. But as soon as she left, Lindsay walked upstairs and into my room.
“Hey Mark! Whatcha doin?”
Quickly I lied and said, “I was just about to play Xbox. Wanna play?”
“Only if you put in gears 2!” she chuckled.
“I was planning on it!” Unlike most girls, Lindsay kicked ass when it came to video games. She probably shocked the other players in the game by going 13 and 1 as a guest. But I was used to this since I had been playing games with her my whole life. Soon enough, the minutes turned into hours and it was midnight. My parents had gone to bed and we were getting pretty tired ourselves. I turned off the Xbox when Lindsay fell asleep during a match. Even though I was tired, I wasn’t falling asleep. So I went to my computer to check my Facebook. When the monitor turned on, it illuminated my room and I could really see what Lindsay was wearing. While we were playing, she had gone to the bathroom to put on her pajamas. Now I could see that her pajamas were a pair of boxers and a tie-die t-shirt. Not wanting her to wake up while I was staring at her, I went over to her and said, “Hey sleepy head, I think it’s time for bed!” I chuckled. Then I helped her out of my bean bag chair, and down the stairs onto the living room couch.
I put a blanket over her and right when I was about to leave the room, I heard her say, “Wait one sec.” I turned around to see her half sitting up on the couch. “Come here real quick, I want to tell you something.”
“Yeah what’s up?” I asked as I walked over to her.
“Come down here, it’s a secret.” I laughed a little and got on one knee so that we were face to face.
“I’m here, what is it you wanted to tell me?”
“Keep it quiet, but I think your kinda cute.” She chuckled
“Well I kinda think you’re cute too.” I knew she was extremely tired and I just figured that she was being loopy, so I went along with her. Then she leaned forward and gave me kiss. Although I was sixteen, I had never kissed a girl before. But before I could comprehend what happened, she went back down to her pillow and fell asleep, and I went upstairs to jack off.
Part 2
I was now hornier than I had ever been in my entire life. It had been a week since I had seen Lindsay, and I couldn’t stop thinking about her. Now when I jacked off, the only thing that I could think about was Lindsay taking off her bikini. Some days I would even sit on my back porch for an hour or two hoping that she would see me from her house and come over to say hi. But this didn’t happen, and it drove me crazy.
It was now Friday evening and I had just got back home from sleeping over my friend’s house. After the thirty minute walk home, I walked into my house to see my mom and Mrs. Henderson sitting at the kitchen table laughing. “Hey mom, hi Mrs. Henderson.”
“Hey Mark, how was hanging out with Jake?” said my mom, still laughing a little.
“It was good. Hi Mrs. Henderson, how are you?”
“Very well, and yourself?” Mrs. Henderson responded.
“Good,” I said.
“Oh Mark, do you have anything to do tonight?” Asked my mom.
“Not that I know of, why?” I said.
“Well your father and I got tickets to see a show tonight in the city with the Mr. and Mrs. Henderson. Would you be okay with hanging out with your sister tonight?”
“Of course, but what time will you be back?
“I don’t know really, but we were thinking about getting a late dinner afterword, so maybe 1 to 2 in the morning.”
“That’s fine, you guys will have fun. I need to go take a shower, but it was nice seeing you Mrs. Henderson.”
“It was nice seeing you too.” Said Mrs. Henderson. After I took a shower, I went into my sister’s room. She was sitting by her desk, typing on her computer.
“Hey sis, whatcha doin?” I asked her
“Just talking to people online, what’s up with you?” She said.
“Nothing, did mom tell you what they’re doing tonight?”
“She did, would you care if I went to a friend’s house with Larissa?”
“Nahh, I can make my own fun.”
“You should throw a party!” Christine laughed.
“I’ll try!” I chuckled.
An hour went by, and first my parents left. Then Larissa came over for a minute, and she left with my sister. The sun fully went down and I found myself watching TV and being extremely bored. My sister’s idea of throwing a party came to my mind a few times, but I figured that I would end up getting caught. Also I didn’t have that many friends. So I settled for going upstairs and sitting on my computer. At first I checked my facebook, and then I played Fallout 3 for a little bit. Again, like always, I ended up going to watch porn, but just as I was getting a boner, someone knocked on my bedroom door! I quickly went back to facebook, and asked, “Who is it?”
“It’s me!” I could hear that it was Lindsay’s voice. “May I come in?”
“Yeah sure.” She opened my door slowly. When she walked in, I could see that all she was wearing was a green t-shirt and her bikini bottoms.
“Why are you in your bathing suit?”
“Welll, Annie fell asleep, and I was just sitting around doing nothing, getting really bored. So I decided to come over and swim..Maybe. But only if it’s okay with you.”
“Of course it’s okay with me, but I just need to throw my bathing suit on.”
“Okay, I’ll see you out there. And one more thing, you should really answer your back door when I knock. Walking through your house like a creeper isn’t my favorite thing to do!” she said sarcastically, and then walked out of my room and closed the door. I immediately through on my bathing suit and ran outside to see Lindsay already swimming in my pool. She looked up at me and said “Nice pecs macho man, hahaha, you been working out?”
I lied and said, “a little.” But the truth was the fact that I had been running and lifting weights in my basement for the past three months, and apparently, I had gotten pretty buff.
I quickly jumped into the pool. Lindsay’s hair was a little darker than usual since it was wet, but I didn’t care, I actually kinda liked it because it brought out her blue eyes even more. After staring at her for a second, I swam over to the filter and flipped the switch to turn on the light in the pool. Since the porch light was the only other light on, it was dark by the pool, but light enough where I could make out all of her perfect features. “Lindsay, can I ask you a question?” I asked.
“Sure. What is it?” She responded.
“Well, do you remember what happened last time we hung out?”
“No, can you remind me?” she asked with a smile.
“Umm, it was late, and when I brought you downstairs to the couch, you you…”
“I kissed you!”
“exactly, why?”
“I told you already, I think you’re cute. I always have, even when we were little.”
“Yeah, I think about you a lot, especially this past week, mostly about us kissing.” While she said that, she had slowly been walking over to me and now she was only a few inches from my face. “Do you want to kiss me?”
“Trust me more than you know.” Then I leaned in and pressed my lips against hers. Slowly I moved my lips with hers, then I could feel her sticking her tongue into my mouth and I responded by meeting hers with mine. For about five minutes, we did this and it got faster and faster. As she pushed herself harder towards me, I pushed back. Her breathing seemed to be getting faster and louder. And I soon realized that a rock hard boner in my pants, and it was rubbing against her leg. I figured she could feel it but she didn’t seem to mind.
“I can see that you’re getting excited.” She giggled. “I learned about it Health class last year, apparently that’s what happens when you’re…horny!”
“I’m sorry, but you’re just so beautiful.” Then when I said that, she ran her hands down my chest and to the edge on my bathing suit. “Can I touch it?”
“If you want to.” But before I could even finish what I was saying, she was already untying the knot on my bathing suit. She slowly undid the zipper, and crawled her hand to the base of my twitching cock.
Then she wrapped her fingers around it and yelped, “It’s so big!” Then she kissed me again and started moving her hand back and forth on my dick.
“It’s not that big, mmm that feels good!”
“You like that?”
“Yeah I do, how did you know how to do that so well?”
“I’ve talked to my sister a couple times about it!” she laughed. Then she pulled her hand out of my bathing suit and reached behind her back, and before I knew it, she had dropped her bikini top into the water. Now I could see her tits, although I had seen loads of them on the computer, I had never seen them in person. And I had never seen any as perfect as these. They were perfectly round with a little hard nipple on each. Slowly I reached up and ran my hand over breast and started caressing them. She leaned in and started kissing me harder than before, and when I pinched her nipples, she moaned into my mouth. Then she backed away and grabbed my bathing suit and pulled them down over my hips so that they fell to my ankles. I was a little nervous since I had never been naked in front of a girl before. But she made me feel better when she said, “sorry, I’m a little nervous, I’ve never done this before. You’re sixteen; I bet you do this with girls all the time.”
“I don’t actually, I never have, and I’m probably more nervous than you.” But as soon as I said that she was already grabbing my dick and rubbing hard. Since this was my first time, I was feeling the urge to cum very strongly. But then I leaned up against the side of the pool, and leaned back a little so that my cock was out of the water.
“Would you mind if I kissed it?”
“Of course not!” So Lindsay got to her knees so that just her shoulders and shoulders were above the water. First, she kissed the tip. Then she ran her tongue up and down my dick. I moaned a little, and gave a soft chuckle, but then started to open her mouth and wrap it around the head of my dick. Every time she went down, her mouth went lower and lower. I could feel her tongue working along with the rest of her mouth. “Oh Lindsay!” I gasped as she kept going faster and deeper. I could feel an orgasm coming, and quickly I said, “Lindsay, I’m gonna cum soon if you don’t stop!” But she didn’t stop and I had the best orgasm of my life. While shaking, I shot hot streams of cum into her mouth. When she took her mouth off, she didn’t spit, she just wiped her lips a little.
“How did that feel?” she asked.
Even with my heavy breathing, I was still able to gasp, “really really good!” Then she came back up off her knees and stared me in the eyes. I ran my hand down her wet hair, down her back until I came upon her bikini bottoms. On each side of her bikini, were two knots. I untied the one on the right, and then the one on the left which made them drop to the bottom of the pool. At first, I ran my hand over her leg but then I moved my hand over her vagina only to find out that it was completely bald. I used two of my fingers to push apart her pussy lips. Then I felt the edge of her tight little hole. Slowly I slid one finger in. Even though it was so tight, it was slippery enough for me to easily slide a second one in there. At first I moved my fingers up and down very slowly, feeling the heat from her pussy. Then I started moving them faster and faster with more pressure. Lindsay’s breathing became very heavy, and it seemed to moan with every exhale.
“God that feels good! Mmmm!” I quickly pulled my fingers out of her pussy, grabbed her hips, and hoisted her onto the pool edge. Next, she spread her legs and I was able to see her little pink pussy. But before I could stare at it too long, she grabbed my head and gently pushed me towards it. First I kissed her leg but quickly moved towards he clit. I ran my tongue through her lips until I found it, fully erect. As I started licking it she threw her legs over me so that the bottom of her thighs were sitting on my shoulders. In a way that I had learned from the porn that I had seen, I massaged her clit with my tongue. “Fuck!” she gasped. I could feel her legs tightening around my head, but before I could keep going, she said in a serious tone, “Mark, I want you to stick your dick in me.”
“Are you sure?”
“I’ve always been.” Without any hesitation, I picked her body back up off the ground and into the pool. While she was still in my arms, I slowly lowered her onto my dick. I could feel her pussy slowly envelope of the head of my dick and slide down to the base. It was tighter then I had ever imagined. “Ow!” she gasped.
Quickly I pulled my dick out and asked, “What’s wrong?”
“It just hurt a little, but keep going, it felt really good too.” So I re-aligned my dick back into her. Slowly, I picked her up and let her back down over and over. Then I started doing it faster. Her breathing picked up again. Now she practically yelled every time she exhaled. I moaned along with her. The harder I pushed her down on my dick, the louder she yelled. A few times she screamed. Then she grabbed my shoulders harder than before. Her nails were almost piercing my skin. I could feel her pussy walls tightening around my dick, while her entire body started to shake rapidly. Then she yelled, “Oh my God! Fuck! Fuck! AHHHH!” She closed her eyes and took deep breaths. While she was doing this, I realized that I was about to cum. But before I could think about it, she reached her arms around me tightly. She was shaking rapidly, and letting out little high pitch yelps. Her shaking settled, and she released her grip around my body. I could feel her pussy relieving pressure on my dick. Then she said, “That was amazing!” She then hoisted herself off of my dick and instantly grabbed it with her hand. She shook it rapidly and within seconds, I shot streams of cum into the water. This orgasm was just as intense the first one I had. Lindsay stared into my eyes and gave me a quick kiss on my lips. She reached down and grabbed her bikini. Then she walked out of the pool, put her bikini back on, then her shirt. She then said, “This is gonna be a great sumer!” and winked at me.” I stood there in my pool, just watching her walk to her back door, open it, and walk in.


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