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This father just can't resist his little girl when the time is right. (Shall continue if it's popular)
"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!" My wife burst into the room.
"Whaddaya think," I replied, nonchalantly.
"GET OFF HER RIGHT NOW, ERIC." Blah, blah, blah, I thought. I got to and began drawing my dick out of the pussy it had inhabited... The tight little pussy I'd been pumping to oblivion before Samantha came in... The pussy of our ten-year-old girl.

"The more you talk, the longer I'll take, Samantha," I told my wife, with a smug grin on my face. Pulling myself further and further out of Caitlin, I stopped the second I could see the tip of my penis. It had brought with it a multitude of cum.
"Oh my God. What is that? OH MY GOD, ERIC. WHAT IS THAT?!"
"You fuckin' know," I muttered, frustrated that she was ruining this glorious moment for me.
"Tell me you didn't do what I think you did."
"It's pretty fucking obvious what I done, isn't it."
"Yeah, mom. It's pretty fucking obvious," Caitlin quipped.
"Oh my God. Watch your mouth young lady," Samantha said sternly.
"Good girl," I gave Caitlin a kiss on the cheek to show my approval for her cursing.
"Nothing, now. Tell Mommy why, Caitlin."
"Because Daddy came in me," my little angel smiled and blushed.
"I want you out, Eric. Get out of this house right now."
"Baby, look happy our girl is. Try not to be such a bitch right now, okay?"
"Yeah, mommy. Don't be a bitch."

Samantha went rather quiet now. I guess she was fuming inside and speechless at this whole situation. But I didn't give a flying fuck. My eyes were locked in on everything below my little Caitlin's waist. I ignored my wife and pursued rubbing the pussy before me. Caitlin's whimpers soothed my soul and I felt myself hardening up again.
"You are a sick son-of-a-bitch, Eric. Caitlin's not one of your one-nighters, you asshole." Samantha was of course referring to the couple random bar skanks I'd nailed during our married life.
"You're right, Samantha. You're absolutely right. Because I'm going to be doing this all... the... time." She was gobsmacked. Her jaw dropped open and I could feel a storm-out coming on. Sure enough, Samantha stomped out of the room, her face red with fury. "Mommy's going to have to just get used to it, isn't she?"
"Yes, Daddy," Caitlin giggled. And with that, I slammed myself back inside my little girl. She moaned as the length of the shaft hit her deep - as you'd expect.
"You still want daddy's cream, Caitlin?"
"Mm-hmm." That was such a cute little noise for her to make. I was really going to enjoy knocking her up. That puny little waist of Caitlin's would look awesome all swollen up.


One week later to the day, I had banged Caitlin on twenty-three separate occasions. If my seed hadn't impregnated her, nothing would! While most girls start their periods at 12 or 13, Caitlin was an early bloomer for one reason or another. She'd had her first period under my supervision, and that was early last week. In fact, that's why I went for it and fucked her that first day... because I had first-hand proof that she was ready to be used and knocked up.

Samantha cried her little eyes out 24/7 about the things I done to Caitlin. Any conversations we had quickly turned into fights. I'd recently been laid off from my job, so Sam was the breadwinner for the time being. It was school holidays and that time of the year for her meant 8 o'clock starts at work and clocking off 6:00. After a long day like that, the last thing she wanted to do was have a chat with the guy who's taken on the hobby of fucking their daughter. Still - to my surprise - she hadn't yet sent any kind of threats my way. She constantly pleaded for me to stop, but hadn't made the threat of involving the police, etc. Samantha could smell my cum on Caitlin's sheets and clothes. I loved that. It was my own strange way of gloating.

"Did I tell you about her periods?" I asked Sam - not looking the old bore in her eyes, but pleased with how much I was about to shock her.
"What?" she looked my way like a deer in headlights.
"She started her periods. What... didn't I tell you?" I grinned, and the evil look on her face made me chuckle.
"No. Last week."
"Yeah," I remained casual about the whole thing.
"Is she okay?"
"Yeah, she's fine."
"What did you tell her? You told her something, didn't you. That's why she's okay with all this sick shit you're doing."
"I just tell her she's beautiful, Samantha. She makes her own decisions."
"She's ten years old, Eric. She doesn't know any better."
"Well," I shrugged, just not caring.
"You have to stop this. Eric, this is serious. It's bad enough what you're doing - but now she could get pregnant!"
"That's what I'm hoping for," I winked. Yes, I'm a complete asshole... but I like it that way.
"You can't be serious. Eric... what's happened to you?" I sense she wanted a responsible, mature answer, but there was no way in hell I was going to give her one. Haha!
"I've been filling up Caitlin, sweety."
"Yes, Caitlin has been fucking me."
"Ohmygod," Sam muttered and walked out of the kitchen in disgust. I smiled, called out to Caitlin in lounge, and fucked her on the counter. Samantha didn't dare come out of her room to scold us. She'd given up trying to put a stop to it - at least for tonight.

I had complete freedom to make this Caitlin's twenty-fourth daddy-fucking, and went at it. We spent the next two hours doing what we'd done all day, and I shot my spunk far up her three times. I also had a special gift for Caitlin tonight... her first facial. Being too sore to walk (but not the least bit angry at me about it), I carried my princess into her room and lay her down not on her bed, but her floor.
"Close your eyes when daddy tells you to, okay Caitlin?" She nodded and understood. I then stood up and jerked my dick like crazy right above her. I watched Caitlin watching me -- my cock -- and then we stared each other in the eyes. That really got my dick going, and I felt that wonderful feeling in my loins."Close your eyes, Caitlin. Close your eyes," I said, rushed as I grunted. Directing my cock down to meet her gaze, I unloaded my spunk on her gorgeous little face. String after string coated cheeks, nose, mouth, forehead, and eyelids - with a few streaks through her shiny hair.
"It's so warm, Daddy."
"It is, huh. Daddy wants you to lie there just for a little bit while he goes and gets something, okay?"
"Okay," she answered, taking the brave initiative and licking up all the cum she could reach. "Can I open my eyes, Daddy?"
"Soon, Caitlin. Soon." With that, I power-walked into the kitchen and I got mobile phone from the jeans I'd dumped there before that latest little fuck session. "Okay, Caitlin. Open your eyes," I said, re-entering her room with my phone on her and recording. I simply didn't want to miss this. I had to capture my little girl's maiden facial on camera - even if it wasn't the best of technology or quality. She opened her eyes slowly and felt like I waited an age before I could see those beautiful blues. As soon as she saw me with my phone on her, she smiled and blushed.
"What are you doing, Daddy?"
"Recording you so that I can watch it later."
"It is cool. We can even show it to Mommy." I knew Sam would just love this little home movie. HAHA!


The next day, I uploaded the minute-long capture to my PC and sent it out to a few good friends. Needless to say, they were all grateful, and two days later, one flew across the states to come stay at our place. While the wife was away, us two men played. Hehe.

Samantha knew why my friend, Greg, was there. The first night she met him, she caught Greg jerking off into a pair of our little girl's panties, so things only got more and more awkward between those two. But just like me, he didn't much care about what my wife thought. Sure enough, as Sam left for work, I grabbed Caitlin and shared her with my eager pal. Caitlin absolutely loved it. I wasn't sure how she'd take to a new cock, but her pussy dripped harder than it ever had as we double-teamed her. Her ass was much too tight for either of our dicks, so I slid a finger up there and crammed my dick in her mouth.

Greg stayed with us for almost a week before returning to his family back home. United, we made my Caitlin all the more sluttier and a lot less tight. She swallowed as much cum as we put on the table - literally. Everyday around lunchtime, Greg and I would jerk off on Caitlin's duchess as an entr?to whatever real food we were having. Of course, she was keen to eat it all and did just that.


The day after Greg left, I took Caitlin to the beach and fucked her in the shrubs. Truth be told, I was a little too complacent about being busted... after all, this was an underage girl I was banging. Somebody did sneak up on us, but it wasn't a person. It was a dog. Expecting its owners to come rushing up in search of the canine, I pulled my shorts up and ordered Caitlin to do the same. She patted the bubbly, goofy dog while I ventured out and looked around for any beach-goers - any potential owners - but there was no-one to be seen, and I had a second-to-none view of the scenery. So I made my way back into the shrubs, and there I found Caitlin on the ground with the dumb dog licking her. He was really making a feast of Caitlin's pussy, and my boner returned.

That fear of being caught subsided, and I didn't care whose dog this was or if they were far behind it. Maybe the dog had just wandered off and come to the beach itself. Anyway, I got down on my knees, grabbed Caitlin like a ragdoll, and sat her up. The dog adjusted itself to licking her ass hole while I fed my angel some good ol' cock. Her gags didn't deter me, and before I knew it, Caitlin's little mouth was gulping down my spunk.

After that, I figured that I may as well make the most of that eager canine. I had Caitlin crawl underneath the beast, and from there, the sex began. That dog didn't think twice about ploughing her little cunt. It yelped the entire time, before giving off an almighty one and blowing its own up Caitlin. His cum oozed out of her like crazy.
"Good boy," I patted him. "Good boy."
"Good boy," Caitlin copied, all giddy. And as his destiny was now fulfilled, the dog ran off and out of our sight. I had Caitlin scoop the thick white jizz out of her pussy and eat it. Then the pair of us went back to some hardcore fucking.

Thrilled to find out, I next took Caitlin for a scheduled doctor's appointment. I'm sure as hell glad my best friend's a gynaecologist, otherwise I'd have nowhere to go. You couldn't ask your average doctor to check a ten-year-old for pregnancy without them becoming extremely suss. You'd risk them asking questions and even calling in the police, because patient/doctor confidentiality wouldn't mean shit in such a scenario.

"Eric! How are you, man?"
"Good, Brett. Good," I walked into his office with Caitlin in-hand. Brett was a cool dude. He's the same age as me - 32 - and can cover up his perversions better than anyone I know.
"Come in, come in. Close the door, man."
"Caitlin, go show Dr. Reynolds what I told you to," I ruffled her hair a little as I closed the door behind me.
"And how are you today?" Brooke looked Caitlin up and down, licking his lips like the creep I loved him for. Without hesitation, Caitlin lifted her skirt to reveal the bald pussy beneath it. "And why don't you have any panties on, missy," Brett poked her, flirtatiously.
"We've been going at it today, man. Why bother?" I grinned.
"Daddy let a big daddy fuck me today," Caitlin said with a massive smile for such a small face.
"That's very naughty, Caitlin," Brett proceeded to reach out and finger my angel's pussy. Dying to see her coated with some cum, I walked up right behind Caitlin, dropped my jeans, and masturbated. With every stroke, my hand brushed the top of her head, and in no time at all, I blasted her hair with my spunk. This was another first, and sure enough, I got my phone out and took a couple pictures. Brett chuckled and we gave each other a high five. This was indisputably awesome. He licked his fingers clean of Caitlin's sweet little juices and then we got to work and the crux of the matter.

Brett got a sample of Caitlin's blood and went right off to the labs with it. Impatient to wait for the results on her pregnancy, I took my princess home and fucked her brains out once more. Brett called early the next morning with the good news. He began the call with "CAITLIN'S PREGNANT, MAN!" Unfortunately, Samantha had answered the phone, and she wasn't too pleased... Our little girl had been knocked up. I got hard again knowing what I had succeeded in doing.


2017-09-08 15:41:58
Really hot story, i love the father's attitude and temperament... wish he had not shared the girl before making sure she was pregnant with his child. Also would love a more detailed deion of the times he fucked her, how it felt, what sounds he/she made, etc... specially the first time, i feel that part would be the hottest, a detailed deion of how he found out she was having her first period and how that leads to him popping her cherry :) But all in all great story, can't wait to see how it develops further!

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2016-01-13 19:41:39
Caitlin is only 10, normal menopause age is around 51-55, write more Caitlin needs to have 41-45 babieby daddy, and their kids need to start fucking

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2014-02-17 08:42:27
Im curious what a bible thumper is doing on a sex story site. Perticularly this one.

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2013-10-17 21:18:08
Kathryn, your Holy Bible also says that Noah lived to be 950 (just one of countless ridiculous impossibilities) ergo I don't subscribe to any of the fairytale bullshit in that overvalued piece of fiction.

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2013-10-13 13:41:56
kathryn i dont give a fuck about your god

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