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Chapter 6

“Morning Beth,” Jason said, glancing up from the text book he had propped up in front of his cereal bowl. In spite of his sister’s wane skin the thirteen year old blond was almost dancing as she walked into the kitchen.

“Why are you so happy all of a sudden?” Jason asked watching Beth dance over to the cupboard to get a cereal bowl before she joined him at the table. “I haven’t seen you this happy in months.”

“Where’s mom?” Beth said, returning to the cupboard to look over the available cereal.

“She went shopping,” Jason said, flipping the page in his book before he continued, “she should be back soon, she said she was only going to pick up a few things.”

“Maybe I should wait until she gets back to tell you the news,” Beth teased.

“But . . .” Jason encouraged his blond haired sister.

“But I can’t wait,” Beth sighed pouring cereal into her bowl and then setting the box down on the table before she dropped her bare ass into the chair. “I was catching forty winks and letting your cum soak into my womb when my stomach started acting up. I barely managed to make it to the bathroom before I lost my cookies. Once things settled down I pulled out one of the pregnancy tests mom keeps in the bathroom and guess what.”

“You mean you’re . . .”

“Pregnant,” Beth said with a firm nod. “Congratulations Jason, you finally succeeded in knocking up your little sister.”

“And it only took about six months,” Jason said with a grin. “Are you sure you’re up to breakfast?”

“We’ll see,” Beth said with a shrug of her bare shoulders. “All I know is that I’m so hungry right now I don’t care if I’ll keep it down or not.”

“So how do you want to celebrate?” Jason asked, holding his finger on a spot on the page he’d been reading.

“What do you mean?” Beth asked before she shoveled her first spoonful of cereal into her mouth.

“Don’t you remember?” Jason said with a wistful grin. “When Liz and Nancy found out they were pregnant we all celebrated with an orgy where I popped your cherry and fucked mom for the first time. And when mom found out she was pregnant we celebrated with weekend fuck party.”

“That’s right,” Liz said thoughtfully.

“So, what do you want to do to celebrate your pregnancy?” Jason asked again.

“Oh, I have an idea,” Beth said. “How would you like to fuck me in the ass?”

“Are you serious?” Jason asked with a startled blink. “I thought all of you decided not to fuck in the ass because it was a waste of sperm.”

“It is,” Beth said, licking her lips before she continued, “but since we’re all pregnant now it doesn’t matter.”

“I have an even better idea,” Jason said with a grin, “why don’t we turn it in to a pool party and I’ll fuck all four of you in the ass - that is if the rest of the girls agree.”

“I’m sure they will,” Beth told her brother as she gave her belly an affectionate rub. “Mom and Nancy gave me the idea when they told me about having dad fuck them in the ass when they were both pregnant. I know you never fucked Liz in the ass, but I think she’d be willing too. And I think turning it into a pool party is a great idea too. We haven’t really done anything with the pool since we had it built. Our fans will love watching us strip out of our swimsuits and get fucked in the ass. Are you sure the pool cameras are up to it?”

“I’ll double check them before the shoot,” Jason said, “but we may have to wait until this afternoon for the fuck party because mom wants me to take my math test right after breakfast.”

“Actually that’s one advantage to being home schooled,” Beth and Jason’s mother said, walking into the kitchen and crossing to the counter with her bags of groceries. “We can always put off a test if there’s a good reason to do it. So what are we suppose to celebrate with a fuck party? If it’s something good I can put your test off for a while.”

“I’m pregnant,” Beth told her mother before Jason even had a chance to open his mouth. “I just confirmed it with one of the home pregnancy tests you keep in the bathroom.”

“Well, this is a good reason to celebrate,” Karen said, almost as excited as her daughter. “So what kind of celebration were you talking about?”

“We were thinking about having a pool party and I’d fuck Beth in the ass for the first time,” Jason told his mother.

“Only Beth,” Karen asked her son with a teasing grin. “I can’t speak for anyone else, but I haven’t had a good ass fuck since our father died.”

“I’ll be happy to fuck any and all of you in the ass,” Jason said with a broad grin, “or anywhere else you want me to fuck you.”

“Good,” Karen said with a nod. “In that case I think we can set your math test aside until after the pool party. In fact you can take the test while the four of us go shopping for Beth’s new wardrobe.”

“Thanks mom,” Beth said through a mouthful of cereal, “but I don’t need any new clothes yet.”

“Yes you do,” Karen said. “Maybe you haven’t noticed but your tits have already started growing and you’ll need some new clothes for that - even if you don’t need any maternity clothes yet.”

“Do you really think they’re growing?” Beth asked, jostling her breasts in her palms.

“She’s right Beth,” Jason said, looking closely at his sister. “I’d say that you’re about the same size right now that Liz was the first time I fucked her. I didn’t really notice it before because I see your tits every day and didn’t really notice how much they were growing.”

“Does this mean I can wear that special swimsuit you bought me?” Beth asked her mom with a leer.

“We’re all wearing our special swimsuits,” Karen told her daughter, “just think how much our fans will enjoy watching Jason strip us out of our suits to fuck us in the ass.”

“I think this could be our best seller yet,” Jason said. “All four of you pregnant and getting fucked in the ass - even if Beth isn’t showing yet we’ll make sure the news gets into the video.”

“Of course we will,” Karen said. “Now Jason, if you’re finished with breakfast I suggest you get your suit on and go out to check the pool - both the pool itself and the cameras. I’ll call Nancy and Liz and we should all be there by the time you have everything ready.”

“Hold on a second,” Karen said as Jason slid his chair back from the kitchen table. “There’s something I’ve been thinking about.”

“What’s that mom?” Jason asked, settling back in his chair as his mother continued.

“Are you sure we’re charging enough for the web site?” Karen asked. “I’m not worried about lower level charges, but considering what we’re offering and the chances we’re taking if we get caught do you think we might want to raise the price for the diamond membership? We could say that the original $50 a month was an introductory offer and give our current members a special deal where they can buy up to a year in advance at the current price, but starting in three months we raise the price to $100 a month.”

“I guess that could work,” Jason said thoughtfully, “I don’t think we’d lose many of our fans, and I’m sure most of them would agree that the site is worth the price. If it is a problem I’m sure our customers will let us know before the price goes into affect.”

“Well now that that’s taken care of,” Liz said, “why don’t you get things setup for the shoot.”

“I’m on it,” Jason said, getting up from his seat and heading for his room to change into his trunks.

* * * * * * *

A half hour later Jason finished cleaning out the pool and checking the cameras for the shoot. He looked at the cool clean water and brushed the sweat soaked hair out of his eyes and said, “Why not? We did put the pool in so we could enjoy it and not just because it made a good setting for some of our videos. Why shouldn’t I enjoy a nice relaxing swim before the shoot?”

Jason put the skimmer away and headed straight for the diving board at the deep end of the pool. He made a clean dive and swam all the way to the shallow end of the pool before coming up for a breath.

“You just couldn’t wait for the rest of us could you Jason?” Beth asked as soon as her brother poked his head out of the water.

“No I couldn’t,” Jason said with an impish grin, he could feel his cock hardening in his trunks while he looked at his sister in her black string bikini that barely left anything to the imagination, in fact if the thirteen year old had had any pussy hair it wouldn’t have hid that much. Behind Beth Jason could see his mother, Nancy, and Liz, all dressed in one piece bathing suits that stretched across their pregnant bellies and tits. “Why don’t you dive in and join me sis?”

“Tempting,” Beth said hesitantly, “but now that I’m finally pregnant I better take it easy. I’ll just climb into the shallow end here.”

“Are you serious Beth?” Jason asked, acting surprised for the camera. “I finally managed to knock you up?”

“That’s right Jason,” Beth said, climbing down the ladder until her bare feet touched the bottom of the pool. She half swum through the water to meet up with Jason and give him a kiss.

“So how do you want to celebrate now that you’re pregnant?” Jason asked, pulling his lips away from Beth’s.

“I thought we’d do something we haven’t done before,” Beth said. “We’ve been so busy trying to knock me up that you never fucked any of us in the ass.”

“That’s right Jason,” Liz said as she eased herself into the water behind her mother and aunt. “The three of us were talking about it and we decided we’d like to celebrate Beth’s pregnancy with a good ass fucking - especially since the three of us are getting so big that it’s not very comfortable when you fuck our pussies.”

“Well, since you’re all knocked up I guess it makes sense to fuck you all in the ass,” Jason said with a broad grin. “So, who do I start with?”

“We are celebrating Beth’s pregnancy,” Nancy said with a sigh, “so I guess it’s only fair that you fuck her first. Just make sure you leave enough for the rest of us, ok?”

“I will,” Jason promised, pushing Beth up against the side of the pool and coming up behind her. “As much as I love your new bikini I think we better take it off before something happens to it.”

“You first,” Karen said, grabbing the waist band of her son’s trunks and pulling them down. Jason stepped out of his shorts and his mother tossed them up to the pool’s walkway.

“Thanks mom,” Jason said, reaching for Beth’s top and sliding it over his sister’s raised arms. A few seconds later the bottom of Beth’s suit joined his trunks and her suit bottom.

Jason inched Beth as few inches to the left to make sure she was lined up with the nearest underwater camera and then reached around to play with his sister’s pussy while his mother pressed her swollen belly against his back while she stroked his quickly hardening cock.

“So Beth,” Jason whispered in his sister’s ear as he slid one hand up her flat belly to her tits and left the other one twiddling her pussy lips. “Are you ready to lose your anal virginity?”

“I sure am,” Beth giggled, opening her legs a little and trapping Jason’s stiff cock between her thighs. “It’s not like I have a hymen in my ass. If I could deal with losing my virginity and having my brother’s baby than my first anal experience is nothing.”

“You won’t think so once you get Jason’s cock in there,” Nancy told her half-sister/niece with a grin. “If you’re like my mother and me you’re going to love this - not as much as getting Jason’s cock in your pussy - but almost as much.”

“Ok, now I’m getting impatient,” Beth said, wiggling her ass against Jason’s groin, “so let’s do this already.”

“Did anyone remember to bring some KY jelly?” Jason asked, turning to look at all of his half-sisters in turn, “in that case I guess we’ll have to do this the natural way.”

“What does that mean?” Beth asked suspiciously.

“That means I’ll stick my cock in your wet pussy until I have a good coating of your juices on my cock, and then I switch to your ass before the juices get washed off in the pool.”

“So do it already,” Beth said, barely able to contain herself when her brother pressed the head of his cock against her slit and started to ease it into her cunt.

In spite of all the fucking they’d done in the last seven months Beth’s pussy was still tight enough that Jason had to ease his cock into his sister’s belly instead of slamming it in the way he’d like to do it. After the first couple thrusts Jason was able to pick up his pace, coating his shaft with his sister’s slick juices until he was sure he had enough to slide it into her ass.

“Beth,” Jason hissed through his gritted teeth, “as much as I love your tight little pussy, it’s time to switch to your virgin ass. Are you ready?”

“Ready and willing,” Beth said with a soft gasp when Jason pulled his cock out of her slit and shifted it to the puckered opening of her ass. With a steady pressure Jason pushed the head of his cock between his sister’s ass cheeks and felt the shaft ease into her tight hole until he was buried balls deep in her bowels.

“Are you ok Beth?” Jason asked, rotating his cock in the pregnant thirteen year old’s back door.

“I’m fine,” Beth said breathlessly, shifting up and down on her toes and sending ripples through the water so that it washed up against the side of the pool. “This feels so weird, it feels like I’m taking a shit in reverse, but it feels good. Almost as good as getting your cock in my pussy.”

“I knew you’d like it,” Karen told her daughter as she pushed her swollen belly against her son’s ass, pushing his cock even deeper into Beth’s ass. “How could any child of mine not like ass fucking as much as I do.”

“Well I like it,” Jason said, glancing over to where Liz was sitting on the edge of the pool while Nancy had her head between her daughter’s thighs so she could eat the girl’s pussy. “It’ll never replace fucking you girls in the pussy, but I still like it.”

Jason felt Beth’s ass cheeks tighten up around his cock and realized his sister was about to cum with his cock buried deep in her bowels. When he felt his balls quiver with his own approaching orgasm Jason slammed his cock as deep as it would go in Beth’s ass and held it there while she shivered and screamed through her orgasm. Their mother pushed her swollen belly against Jason’s ass so he couldn’t step back but shot his full load deep into his sister’s bowels.

“Wow,” Beth groaned when she finally caught her breath. “Anal sex may not be as good as vaginal sex, but it’s still good.”

“Just wait until you’re too big with your brother’s baby to enjoy a good hard cock in your pussy,” Karen told her daughter as she reached around to pat Beth’s flat belly. “That’s when you’ll really enjoy ass fucking.”

“So, who’s next?” Nancy asked, pulling her lips away from Liz’s bare quivering pussy lips.

“I think I’ll leave that up to the three of you to decide,” Jason said, looking from his mother to his aunt to his cousin and then back again.

“As much as I’d like to be next,” Nancy said with a frown, “I think Liz should be next. After all, you and I have already had anal sex but she hasn’t.”

“I guess you’re right,” Karen sighed, looking at her niece’s hopeful face, “but after Liz I’m next - after all he is my son.”

“Thank you Karen,” Liz said, sliding into the pool and bouncing through the water to hug her oldest half-sister. Jason watched the two of them press their swollen bellies and tits together and felt his cock harden in anticipation.

“Oh good,” Liz said with a quick glance at Jason’s rising cock, “it looks like Jason’s ready for another round.”

“I sure am,” Jason said with a broad grin, “so get your pregnant little ass over here and let’s do it for the camera.”

“Not a very romantic way of putting it,” Liz giggled as she slid her swollen belly between Jason and the side of the pool. “But I’ll be happy to do it for you and our customers.”

“I didn’t mean it that way,” Jason said with a quick blush while he reached under Liz’s belly to stroke her lightly furred pussy. “After all, our customers can only watch us, we get to enjoy everything we do together.”

“That’s true,” Liz said with a happy sigh, “and I’m ready to enjoy my first ass fuck.”

“Hang on,” Jason said as he slipped the head of his cock between Liz’s cunt lips. “I’ll get my cock lubricated and then slip it into your ass.”

Liz wasn’t as tight as Beth so Jason was able to slide his shaft easily into her juicy pussy. Whenever he fucked Liz, Nancy, or his mother Jason liked to put his hand on their swollen bellies so he could feel their babies move around while his cock was inside them. Sometimes he liked to think that his daughters were enjoying the feel of their father’s cock, anxious to be born so they could fuck him too. Once he was sure his shaft was well coated with Liz’s juices he pulled his cock out of her pussy and switched to her puckered ass hole as fast as he could so the pool water didn’t have a chance to wash the juice away before he slid it into her bowels.

With a little gasp of pleasure Liz shifted her a little wider and pushed back against Jason’s invading cock. “This does feel good,” Liz murmured, “it feels different, but it’s almost as good as a regular fuck. And I don’t have to worry about the baby if you’re in my ass instead of my pussy.”

“It is a good way to have sex when you’re pregnant - and when you’re too sore to fuck after you give birth,” Nancy told her daughter, sliding behind Jason and pressing her pregnant belly against his back while he fucked her daughter in the ass. Jason could feel the baby in Nancy’s belly kicking against his back at the same time that Liz’s baby moved under his hand.

“Jason, you feel bigger than ever with your cock in my ass,” Liz cried, rotating her ass around her half-brother’s shaft so it filled every inch of her ass hole. She reached past Jason’s hand on her belly and rubbed her quivering pussy lips with her fingers.

“I’m going to cum Liz,” Jason panted in the pregnant girl’s ear, “are you going to cum with me?”

“I’m working on it,” Liz groaned while her pussy spasmed around her fingers. “Go for it Jason.”

“Here I cum,” Jason screamed, burying his cock as deep as it could go in Liz’s bowels while his cum fired wad after wad into her. He felt Liz stiffen with her own orgasm and gasped as her ass clamped tight around his spurting cock.

“Wow,” Liz said breathlessly, “that was even better than I expected. But it’s still not as good as having your cock in my pussy Jason.”

“It was good,” Jason agreed while his limp cock slid out of Liz’s ass along with a long drop of sperm. “But I like your pussy better too - and it seems like such a waste to put my sperm where it won’t do any good.”

“Well right now it won’t do any good in any of our pussies either,” Karen reminded her son. “So this is a good time to waste your baby juice when it won’t do any good even in our cunts.”

“I guess you’re right mom,” Jason said with a tired sigh, “and since several of our regular customers have been asking for anal videos I guess this is a good time to give them what they want.”

“Speaking of video,” Nancy said, helping Jason out of the water so he could sit on the edge of the pool with his feet splashing through the water, “how much time do we have before you have to change the memory cards in the cameras?”

“We don’t have to worry about that,” Jason told his aunt, “the pool cameras are feeding directly to the portable hard drive on my lap top. Even with the feed from three cameras we should have several hours before we have to worry about running out of recording space.”

“Good thinking,” Karen told her son, stroking Jason’s limp cock and smiling when she felt it reacting to her attentions. “Remember to give me a list of computer and camera supplies you want and I’ll pick them up when we go shopping after the shoot.”

“Some of the things I want could be pretty expensive,” Jason warned, “if this idea of hooking the cameras up to portable drives works we could probably use more. That way we can have a steady feed on all the cameras we’re setting up in the houses and I can trade them out for editing purposes.”

“Considering how well the web site’s doing I’m sure we can afford whatever you want,” Karen assured her son while his cock started to stiffen in her hand. And as long as our customers are happy with the results we’ll do our best to keep up with the new technologies.”

“So Jason, are you ready to fuck your horny old mother in the ass now?” Karen asked, leaning forward to give her son’s erect cock a quick lick.

“You’re not that old mom,” Jason groaned, “but you’re definitely that horny. Yes I’m ready to fuck you in the ass, how do you want to do it?”

“Let’s do it on the side of the pool and doggie style,” Karen said so quickly that Jason was sure she’d been dreaming about this day for a long time. “Where’s the best spot for the cameras?”

“That would be where I have that mattress set up,” Jason said. “I thought one of you might want to do something a little different so I planned ahead.”

“I guess you did,” Karen giggled as she climbed out of the pool with some help from everyone else. She made her way to the mattress Jason had indicated and got on her hands and knees while she waited for her son to join her.

“So mom,” Jason said, spreading his mother’s thighs and sliding his cock between her juicy pussy lips. “Did you really make dad wait until after he knocked you up before you let him fuck you in the ass?”

“Yes I did,” Karen told her son, reaching back to pull her ass cheeks apart for him when he pulled his coated shaft out of her pussy. “Daddy was so insistent on not knocking me up that told him he couldn’t fuck me in the ass until he gave me a baby. Even then it took several months of holding out on him before he finally decided to give me what I wanted. Of course it didn’t help that my own sister let daddy fuck her in the ass almost the same day that he fucked her cunt.”

“Only because he held out on fucking me for so long,” Nancy said, sitting down next to her sister on the mattress so she had a good view of the upcoming action. “Daddy was fucking you for over a month before he finally decided that I was old enough to fuck - and then it was only because I offered him something you were holding out on him.”

“Daddy would have broken down sooner or later,” Karen told her sister as Jason pushed his cock into his mother’s ass. He could tell that this was an old argument between the sisters and he did his best to ignore the conversation while he fucked his mother in the ass.

“Fuck her Jason,” Beth told her brother, “fuck mom in the ass and make her cum.”

“Help me sis,” Jason said through gritted teeth, “get down there and play with her pussy while I fuck her ass.”

“You don’t have to ask me twice,” Beth said as she slid around her brother so she could reach their mother’s juicy cunt.

“Wow mom, I’ve never seen your cunt this juicy before,” Beth said between licks of Karen’s pussy lips.

“Well I guess I’m just excited about your pregnancy and getting my first ass fuck after all these years,” Karen said with a sigh of pleasure while she shifted her ass and pussy back and forth between son’s cock and her daughter’s tongue. Double teamed by her two children it wasn’t long before Karen felt her orgasm building in her swollen belly.

“I’m going to cum,” Karen screamed.

“So am I mom,” Jason said, slamming his cock as deep as it would go in his mother’s ass.

“Well go for it Jason, fill my ass with your cum,” Karen screamed her whole body shivering with her approaching orgasm.

“Here it cums mom,” Jason cried with one last thrust as his sperm started spurting out of his cock and into his mom’s bowels. Jason held his cock deep in Karen’s ass while his mother’s spasmed through her own orgasm and then pulled his wilted shaft out of her sperm filled butt with a weary sigh.

“Whew,” Jason groaned as one last drop oozed out of his cock and Nancy caught it with her tongue before it slid down his limp shaft.

“Don’t give up yet Jason,” Nancy told her half-brother, giving him a quick wink before she started licking his balls. “After all, you have one more pregnant sister to fuck in the ass before you’re done.”

“I know, I know,” Jason groaned. “Keep this up and I’ll be ready for you in no time.”

“You better be,” Nancy said with a good natured growl, “I’m not going to be left behind this time.”

“Stop complaining Nancy,” Karen told her sister, “I may have gotten dad before you did, but you got my son before I did, you even got his baby before I did. You have nothing to complain about.”

“I know,” Nancy said with a grin between licks of Jason slowly hardening cock, “but I still enjoy complaining. That is what little sisters do after all.”

“Sisters are also known for helping each other out,” Karen said with a grin. “Come on girls, let’s help our sister so she can fuck our brother.”

“Sure,” Liz and Beth said at the same time, squirming in to take turns licking Jason’s cock along with their mothers. With three swollen bellies pressing against his legs it didn’t take long for Jason’s cock to harden once again.

“Now that’s what I need,” Nancy said with a broad grin for her nephew when his cock was ready. “Just to give our customers something different to watch I think I’ll sit on it.”

“Do you need some help mom?” Liz asked, giving Jason’s cock one last stroke while her mother’s pussy hovered over the shaft.

“I could use some help,” Nancy said trying to see past her pregnant belly, “with my belly this big I can’t see my cunt well enough to put Jason’s cock in it. So if you could help guide his cock to my pussy and then my ass I’d appreciate it.”

“You know I’m always happy to help you mother,” Liz giggled, guiding the head of Jason’s cock between her mother’s swollen pussy lips.

Once she felt the tip of Jason’s cock set firmly between her pussy lips Nancy eased herself down until the whole shaft was buried in her cunt and she started twisting her pussy around to give it a good coating of her juices. “That should be enough,” Nancy said after a couple minutes, “time to put that cock where it’s suppose to be.”

“Whatever you say Nancy,” Jason said placing his hands behind his head while he watched Liz shift his cock from her mother’s pussy to her ass. “Just slide down my shaft and let me fuck that cute little ass of yours.”

“Not so little right now,” Nancy chuckled, giving her swollen belly an affectionate pat. “Maybe my ass didn’t swell up like my belly and tits but it’s still bigger than it use to be.”

“That just gives me more to fuck,” Jason said, watching Nancy’s milk filled tits as they swung hypnotically above him.

“Oh, I see what you like Jason,” Nancy chuckled while she slid her ass down to the base of her nephew’s cock. While Jason gave his half-sister a wide eyed grin she reached up to catch her swaying breasts and gave them a quick squeeze until milk sprayed out of the nipples, a few drops landing in his open mouth to give him a taste of Nancy’s sweet breast milk.

“You do know what I like,” Jason said, licking his lips and lifting his ass off the mattress to thrust his cock as deep as it could go in Nancy’s ass.

“We all know what you like Jason,” Liz said, leaning close enough for her half-brother to catch her swollen nipple between his lips and suck on it until her milk filled his mouth and he swallowed it before sucking more out of tit. “We know what you like, because we like it too, right mom?”

“That’s right,” Nancy muttered past her own nipple before it slipped free and bounced wildly every time she slid her ass up and down Jason’s hard cock. Out of the corner of his eye Jason Beth sucking on one of their mother’s nipples in her mouth while Karen had the other one between her own lips.

“Oh my God, Jason,” Nancy screamed, bringing his full attention back to her and away from everyone else. He pulled his hands from behind his head to catch Nancy’s swaying belly. “I haven’t had a good hard ass fuck in thirteen years. I never knew how much I missed it until now.”

“I’m glad you’re enjoying it,” Jason groaned, “but I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to hold out. How close are you?”

“I’m close,” Nancy panted, “let it go Jason, let’s cum together.”

“Here I cum,” Jason screamed, his balls pulling tight against the base of his prick and firing load after load of cum into his half-sister’s bowels..

“I can feel it Jason,” Nancy screamed as her whole body shivered through her own orgasm, her swollen belly and tits jumping enticingly before her nephews eyes. “I can feel your cum shooting into my ass and it feels so good.”

“So Jason,” Karen said, giving her son a wide smile while her sister rolled off the horny fourteen year old and stretched out on the mattress with a contented sigh, “you just fucked all four of us in the ass. I hope you’re as happy as we are.”

“Mom, I have four pregnant horny girls begging me to fuck them twenty-four-seven,” Jason groaned while Beth started licking his cock clean. “If I was any happier I’d be dead.”

“That’s good dear,” Karen said with a smile. “Now the four of us need to get ready to go shopping. So once you get the energy to move I want you to make up that list of things you want us to get so we can pick them up while we’re out. On top of that I want you to take that math test we put off earlier. I can trust you not to cheat on the test, right?”

“Scouts honor, I won’t cheat on the test,” Jason sighed.

“You were never a scout Jason,” Karen chuckled, “but I’m sure I can trust you anyway. I also know that you’re good enough at math that you don’t need to cheat, just make sure that you do a good job on the test, ok?”

“Ok,” Jason said, giving his mother a tired grin. “I’ll make you proud of me mom.”

“I’m already proud of you Jason,” Karen said, patting her swollen belly affectionately, “but I’ll be satisfied when you pull top grades for your home-school classes.”

“I’ll do my best,” Jason promised, “but I think I already got top grades for sex education.”

“You’ve got that right,” Beth agreed.

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