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contuing with my foster brothers
I went upstairs and turned the water on to run myself a bath and went and got a towel from Renie,s room, went back into my room and put some music on, then back into the bathroom and relaxed in a nice warm bath listening to music, i never heard the door and the next thing i know John was standing next to the bath looking at me, i said "Hi John wheres Simon?"
"He will be home soon"
"ok, did you have a good day at your friends," i asked
"yes" he said "can i see your fanny again"
"dont be so rude John now go and play" Iwas totally shocked by what he had said, then he totally shocked me and said "i'll tell mum you touched my cock the other day if you dont let me see it!"
I just couldnt believe what he was saying to me, but was worried because he was spoilt and everyone believed what he told them, he couldnt do anything wrong.
I stood up in the bath covering myself with my hands and then moved them so he could see what he wanted, he moved his hand forward and touchrd the litttle bit of fluff on my mound and put a finger at the top of my slit.
"thats enough now John, please just go so i can finish my bath" i shouted at him.
He sniggered and left the bathroom.
I walked to my bedroom, turned the music off, and layed on my bed reading,
i was alone for the rest of the night, and woke early in the morning, felt fresh and happy.
It was just like a normal week nobody came to my room and i couldnt get any of the boys on there own, i was starting to get frustrated, playing with myslf each night and morning relieved some of my tension but i wanted more.
Jason the eldest was the only 1 i hadnt had any contact with, he was strange compared to his brothers, he was built about the same as Simon and Peter, but very particular about his looks, every hair had to be in place, and his clothes had to be spotless, he was handsome but rugged looking.
He was out most nights, and out at work early in the mornngs, so it was a shock to meet him on the landing mid morning wearing just his pants, he was holding his cock through his pants as he ran to the bathroom, he didnt speak, i dont think he even see me, i was about to go to the bathroom myslf for a wee, but he beat me to it, i walked back into my bedroom leaving th door wide open, my room was right opposite the bathroom door, i stripped off my bathrobe and stood looking at myself in my mirror, naked, waiting for the door to open, i could hear his pee from my room, and when it stopped and the loo flushed, i turned ready to walk out my room, just at the right time. the door handle went down and i started to walk out as he left the bathroom, walking straight into him, "Sorry Jase" i squeeled pretending to cover myself up, he looked at me and said "you should get dressed, never know who is walking about in this house" as i walked into the bathroom he was watching my ass, then followed me in. I sat on the loo keeping my arm across my tits, and started to wee, he just stood at the door watching me, "see anything you like J?" i asked,
"I'll let you know when you reach for the tissue and your tits are on show" he laughed.
"So you want to see my tits then, is that all J"
"well i can see your little fanny already, and you have got lovely tits, especially when your asleep" and laughed again.
"So it was you that cum all over my tits then Jase, i thought it was Simon?"
"Yeah sorry, i'd been out and Jackie (his latest BITCH!) was being a bit off with me for some reason, she sucked my cock till i cum in her face then she told me to stop, and left me frustrated, when i got home your door was slightly open and i just came in,,, i,m sorry" his head dropped.
"Dont worry J but you could have woken me, seems boys only want there own fun, and leave the girl out" i laughed.
I dropped my hands away from my tits, so he had a good view and i looked at the lump in his pants, it was'nt hard, i put 1 hand down between my legs and rubbed my pussy, i poked 1 finger inside, all the time staring at his pants, still no stirring, i pulled my finger out and put it to my lips and sucked on it, there was still no movement, he just watched me as i went through the routine again finger rub pussy finger in wet pussy finger in mouth, still no twitch in his pants, "Dont you like what you see J?" i asked,
"Course i like" he smiled, "come with me" and walked out and into his and Peters room, there room was divided by a false wall and a door leadinng through to to Jasons half, Peter's half was coverd in posters of Charlies angels posters, and some football pics, he opened the door for me and i walked in, it smelt lovely of a perfume smell, his walls had naked pictures of women and men in all kinds of positions, women together and men together, there were some of 2 men and 1 women, he locked the door and came up behind me and put his arms up and under mine and cupped my tits in his hands and started squeezing them, he asked "witch picture do you like best?", and started to move me so i could look at all the pictures on all the walls, there was 1 with 2 girls lying on a bed and 5 men with long cocks wanking and cumming all over them, and below was the same 2 girls licking the cum off of each other, i just stared at the 2 pics, as his hands starting squeezing my tits harder, "so you like that 1 then, is it all the cocks or is it the 2 girls you like?" he whispered in my ear,
"I like the cocks, but there is something sxy about them, they seem to be enjoying the taste of the cum, and that turns me on" i replied, he was making me tingle inside and my pussy was wet as hell.
He whisperd again "Are you a virgin?"
I shook my head, my legs went weak, and he was now pulling on my already erect nipples, "are you on the pill" again i shook my head, and he pinched my nipples even harder, he then turned me round to face him and ased me "Have you seen many cocks befor Wendy?" i nodded my head, "a few," i whisperd, he then moved me back till my legs hit his bed and i fell back into a sitting position, my head directly in line with his pants still covring his cock, "do you want to see mine?" he asked
My eyes went straight to where his hand was holding his cock through his pants, I nodded in anticipation, "Well please dont laugh", he said, "some girls have laughed at it befor and that hurts me, so i haveto hurt them,,,"
It didnt seem to sink in what he had said, i didnt react or answer, he grabbed my chin firmly and pulled it up so i was looking at his face "Did you hear what i said?" almost demanding an answer,
"Yes i heard you" as i twwisted my face away from his grip, "a cock is always something good to look at"
He then put his hand in his pants and pulled out his cock, (to tell the truth i wanted to laugh, but with the word HURT still ringing round in my head i held back), let me describe it. I know NOW that it is about 9 inches long, but this particular day i noticed it was just long, long but very thin, but it had a massive head, i mean big purple and very shiny, it looked like a long finger with an apple stuck on the end of it.... it looked wierd, almost scary, but i put on a brave face and just said "Wow thats huge, cant wait to suck that down my throat" not knowing if it would fit in my mouth, but hey its got to go somewhere.
I put my tongue out and licked the end of the Apple, and soon found the hole in the bulbous end, even the hole was large and the tip of my tongue went just inside, he had a smile on his face and told me to turn round and get on my hands and knees, on the bed, i obeyed, and straight away felt his hand between my legs and feeling my wet pussy, rubbing along the full length of my wet slit, then up along the crack of my upturned ass, my face was in front of a girl with her legs spread wide open and she had spunk dripping from her pussy, i had a close up shot of all that spunk, and hoped i would look like that later, i felt his fingers flick over my bum hole then back towards my pussy, and down to my clit, he flicked my clit and then put a finger in my hungry pussy, and lightly frigged me, for a couple of seconds, i was just arriving at heaven when he stoped and pulled his finger away, i was about to look back at him when i felt warm breath on my bum cheek and he placed a kiss on my bum cheek, then his breath was on my inner thigh, i felt his tongue touch the soft skin of my thigh, and i spread my legs wider to allow him better access to my sopping wet hot pussy, his tongue touched my lips and slid up and down and then back up along my slit, i felt the tip of his tongue poke into my tight little ass, it was a srange but sexy feeling, and i felt my ass tighten on his probing tongue, he then slid it back down towards my pussy and pushed it in i could feel him lick the inside walls, and started to buck my pussy to his rythm, i then felt his finger against my ass hole and push it against the rythm i was in, so i pushed back and he pushed his finger forward, i went forward and his finger left my bum, it was like it was my choice if it went in and how far, but as i got more worked up the further i pushed back against his finger untill it finally entered my virgin ass, this sent me over the edge, and i forced my ass on his finger and my pussy on his tongue and cum with a loud moan, sucking his finger deeper into my ass.
He pulled his finger and tongue away and replaced his tongue with what felt like 3 fingers and fucked me with his fingers, building a faster rythm, and my body responded again, and i started my pushing down on his fingers, i felt his other hand rub the cheeks of my bum again and i reached round and grabbed his hand and pushed it toward my ass, wanting his finger in there again, and told him so, "finger my ass till i cum again it feels so sexy",
He obeyed and i felt a sudden pain as he forced more than 1 finger into my tight ass, it hurt for a couple of seconds then felt good, and i rode both his hands untill i had a massive second orgasm, and leant against the wall to steady myself, i heard him giggle, "looks like you are licking that pussy of all the cum" he said, i opened my eyes and my head was on the belly of the girl in the picture and my mouth right next to her cum filled pussy, i put my tongue out and licked the picture, and murmered "if only she was full of your cum i could lick it all out", we both laughed and he pushed me down on the bed, and layed over my back, his APPLE against the crack of my ass, and rubbing himself backward and forward, tracing along my whole anal crease. He carried this on and his breathing was getting heavy, i could feel his cock sliding along my crack pushing its way along and pushing at my ass hole, i asked him to fuck me, he refused saying it was to dangerous and that i could fall pregnant, he then llifted his weight off me and turned me onto my back, his cock standing up right over my tummy, he leant forward and put it between my tits and started pumping, it wasnt long befor i got a face full, and i mean full, i have never seen so much cum from a cock, even to this day, and it spurted in great big dollops, i opened my mouth and cum started hitting my throat and tongue, he just kept spurting hot creamy spunk, the shots got lighter and started falling on my tits, and rolling down under my arms, i was covered in man cum, and smelt like a used pussy.
I started to lick what i could reach off of my face and used my fingers to scrape the rest up and lick and suck my fingers till most of his cum had ben eaten by this young cum slut. He just watched me lap it all up, no wonder he was worried about getting me pregnant, with that much cum he could get evey girl in our town pregnant with 1 cumming....
He rolled onto his back next to me and just lay there looking at me, and looked down at his cock, and it now looked normal, it was soft and the apple had dissapeared, i reached down and took it in my hand and rubbd my new friend a little bit of cum appeared at his hole, i leant down and licked it off, "Still want more, you littl tart?" he asked, I took my head away from his soft cock and nodded, he said "if you want to blow it you will have to put it in now and make it hard, not many girls can do it when the head is enlarged" he explained,
taking his advice i put my mouth right over it and started bobbing up and down on his cock, a couple of minutes of this and my tongue was forced to the bottom of my mouth, and i couldnot breathe, i startd to panic a bit, he just said "breathe through your nose, and relax" i tried this and got a bit more confortable but it was hard to blow this huge head that was in my mouth, but i also didnt know how to get it out, i seemed to be engulfed on this huge apple and was stuck, he started pumping a bit and it was really making me gag, and i thought i was going to be sick, he pulled my head down and hit my throat, a reaction made me pull my head right up, i felt my mouth stretched to the limit and my teeth scraped along his big fat head as it popped out of my mouth, i was panting and trying to catch my breath when he leaned over the side of the bed to get something, it was a little packet, and he opened it and held it to his cock, i then new he had a rubber johnny, it took a few attempts to get it over the head and then rolled it down the long shaft, he moved down between my legs, i was going to be fucked again, only this time i think i might enjoy it...
He put his cock to the opening of my sopping but tight wet pussy and started pushing, he put his fingers down between us and started to rub my juice all over the johnny, still trying to push his way in, it started to get a bit painful, but i wanted it so bad, i was bucking towards him, and it just happened it hurt but it went in, and i just cum, a quick but hard orgasm, my first around a cock, he started pumping in and out of me, i could tell he wasnt deep inside i couldnt feel his thighs on mine, he put his lips to mine and started to kiss me with his tongue, probing my mouth then he gave another push with his grion and was all in, the whole lentgh was now in my fuck hole, the apple seemed to fill me completly and felt like it was breathing on its own as i felt the blood rushing through it, he was pumping fast in and out of me, still with his tongue in my mouth i came again, my legs went up and round his backside pulling more of him into me, i didnt think my orgasm was going to stop, i could hear the squelching as his fat head pushed my cum juice out through my pussy lips, he then gave a few hard pushes and starting shooting cum into the johnny, i could feel every spurt through the big head burried in the bottom of my belly, this continued my orgasm, untill he slowed and stopped pumping, i could feel the head inside me start to lose its hold on my pussy, i tried to squeeze myself around it, but it was no good, and it flopped out, then it felt like i was peeing myself, all my cum that was squashed up behind that apple was just dripping out of my pussy, it was flowing down my ass crack, and into the sheet, i looked down at his rubber cock and it looked like a big blister hanging on the end of his limp cock, he grabbed it with his finger and thumb and pulled it off, i went straight to his limp dick and started to clean it, job done i sat up, he held the rubber up and there was loads of spunk in it, he then tied a not in it and said "take this to bed with you tonight, put it between your tits to warm it to body temperature, play with yourself untill you are about to cum, then hold this over your mouth and bite a hole in it so it pours in your mouth while you are cumming"
He stood up and looked at me on his bed, he bent forward and kissed me, he said he had to go to work, and that he wanted to have more fun with me, also he wanted to cum in my pussy 1 day, but not untill i was on the pill, he started to get dressed and i was climbing off the bed when my knees went weak from the good fucking i had just enjoyed, he grabbed me and held me up, "let me help you to your room" he said putting his arm around me, we walked out across the landing and into my room, i looked for my skirt i had thrown earlier and see it at the back of my, ileant over putting 1 knee on my matress and felt his hand squeeze my ass cheek, "i thought you had work this afternoon" i laughed, "i have" was the reply "but you put that sexy ass on show, what am supossed to do?"
I nelt there and let him fondle my bum cheeks, then his finger went to my ass hole and pushed its way in and he started frigging my ass with 2 fingers, my hand went to my pussy and rubbed my lips, god they were tender, but i wanted to cum again, he frigged i rubbed and started to cum, juices dripping down my thighs, my breath shortened and i let go my pussy just exploded and i bucked right back on his fingers and they went right up my ass, it felt so good, i clenched my bumnot wanting to release those fingers while i was cumming, then i collapsed on the bed, worn out, i didnt here him go off to work i was out for the count, dreaming about being fucked again and again, and of being filled with spunk...
I woke a couple of hours later still laying over the side of the bed naked, my whole body tingling, i could do with a bath, the smell of spunk was so strong, from my body i needed to clean up befor Rennie got home from work, i went and run a bath and got an xtra towel and wedged it under the door to stop anyboby comming in this time, i just wanted to bath and get dressed.
I went out for a couple of hours after my bath, just to see some mates, got back home about 10, Renie moaned a bit as i hadnt let her know where i was and told me i had to stay in the next day as punishment, and babysit the little brat, i was'nt look forward to that, but what the hell, i said goodnight to everyone and went up to bed.
I played some music quitly for a while and listened to everyone else as they all went to bed, about midnight i heard Ken and Renie go into there room, there bed was on the back of my wall, and i heard them giggling a bit then it went quite for a few minutes, then Renie started moaning and getting louder, Ken told her to keep it down and they giggled again, she said in reply "only if you can keep it up" and they both started laughing, then she was moaning again, they were obviously at it, i just layed there and listened, i then got out of bed and got the rubber from my drawer and held it up, it was heavy from the cum that had filled it earlier, and i layd down on top of my bed and put it on my tits, and carried on listening to the lovers next door, Renie was maoning at a more frequent rate now and she started to say Kens name over and over again, it sounded like she was cumming, about 30 seconds later the headboard started tapping against the wall only slow taps, i could picture hr with her legs wide open and Ken pumping his hard cock as far in as he could get it, i wondered what his cock looked like, and started to rub myself between my legs.
I was horny and wanted something inside me, what could i use, i grabbed my hair brush and pushed the handle inside, it felt ok but really was only thin, and didnt really do it for me, the tapping got quicker and i was getting left behind, i pulled the brush out and dropped it and put a couple of fingers in and started pumping, the brush handle slipped down and touched mt bum hole, and that made me stop what i was doing, i took my fingers out and grabbed the brush again and pushed it up my pussy, to mak it wet then lifted my ass up and put it against my bum hole and slid it in, that was a tighter fit, and i started pumping it in faster and faster, i was still listeng to them next door whe she said "i want you to cum in my mouth Ken so i can taste your spunk, you can cum in my cunt tomorrow"
With that i picked up the rubber off my tits and held it up, i heard Ken let out a groan and say he was cumming my pussy started to cum and i bit on the rubber, the spunk dripped into my mouth and on to my lips, there was loads of cum in there, i could here ken moaning and imagined it was his cock shooting cum into my mouth that thought sent me over the edge and i couldnt help but moan out loud, and sucked the rest of the cum out the rubber, it went quite in the next room, then i heard there bedroom door open, i hid the rubber under my quilt just in time as a naked Renie came walking in my room, the light from the hallway lit up her body enough for me to see some cum on her chin and some on her big tits.
She walked over to the bed and asked if i was ok, as she heard me moan, i said i had a bad dream, and it woke me up, i had a look at her body in the glow of the light and could see that she never had any pubic hair, she had big tits that sagged a bit, i asked for a cuddle, and she leant forward to cuddle me, i brushed my hand against her tit and wiped the spunk off onto the back of my hand, i saw Ken walk toward the bathroom, totaly naked and got a quick glimpse of his cock swinging between his legs, it looked all wet, but long, i told
Renie i would be ok she kissed my forhead and said goodnight,and left the room, i licked Kens cum of my hand, and swallowed it, thats a complete set i thought and fell into a deep sleep....
The next morning i woke early, got up and was downstairs befor ken and Renie went off to work, i had my thin bathrobe on and nothing underneath, i felt so grown up this morning, and asked if i could get them both a coffee befor they left for work, Ken said "yes please" but Renie said she never had time, she told me that the brat would be going to his mates this morning but would be back lunch time and i had to have him for the rest of the day. She then kissed Ken and ran out the door, i continued making the coffee and when i opened the fridge and it was that feeling again, my nipples tightened and went erect, and poked out through the thin material of my bathrobe, i poured some in his coffee and went back to the fridge, to put the mik away, and again it hit my chest, my nipples tweaked out even more, i took Ken his coffee and he was staring at my nipples, noticing this i leant right over the table to put his coffe down, my robe dropping down at the front, showing my ever growing little tits, to the man who is like a father to me.
I then went back across the kitchen and opened the cupboard where th cerial was kept, right opposite Ken, i bnt right over showing him my ass, i slightly opened my legs a bit and bnt even further, then when i was bent over i put 1 end of the belt in the cupboard and shut the door, and stood up carrying 2 packets of cerial, as i walked away the belt came undone and my robe fell open shwing my tits with there still erect nipples and my little bushy 13 yr old pussy, or cunt as Renie would say.
Ken nearly choked on his coffee as he took in the sight, i calmly put the packets down on the table and walked back to the cupboard to retrieve my belt,this time i opened the cupboard and crouched down so my pussy came open slightly and facing toward Ken, i picked up my belt and walked back to the table, and threaded my belt back through the loops, with my tits on show to Ken, I just said "thats always happening to me" and laughed, his face was bright red and he mumbled something about being late for work befor getting up to leave the house, i could clearly see the the bulge in the front of his jeans as he rushed by and out the door.
i just sat there not bothering to cover up, after all they had all seen me naked now, so i had nothing left to lose, i laughed and made some breakfast.
Jason was the first of the boys to come down the stairs, and into the kitchen, he looked at me and smiled, "nice veiw" he walked round behind me and cuddled me from behind, "I havent got time for anything else this morning, but you look good" he added, as he groped my tits, then kissed me and said bye as he ran out the door, that was short and sweet i thought as i continued to sit there, about an hour had passed and i could see the man from next door in his back garden, having a quick fag, wicked thoughts came over me, should i tease him a bit, even though he had a very pretty wife, and a teenage daughter, i seemed to like this flashing my body at people it made me feel good when they stop and stare.
I tied my belt on my bathrobe but pulled the sides open so i was fully exposed from the front, i grabbed a couple t-towels and a few pegs and walked out into the garden, and over to the washing line to make it look like i was hanging them out to dry, i watched him out the corner of my eye, and as he turned he caught a glimpse of me and froze to the spot, nearly dropping his fag, then he slowly and quitly creeped to the shed right next to the joining fence and sneaked inside, leaving the door open just enough to see me through the gap.
I accidently dropped 1 of the pegs and turned to bend down to pick it up my robe lifted way over my bum exposing my ass and pussy to mr Roberts, i carried on hanging the towels out then walked back in the house, i left the door wide open so he could see in if he went to the bottom of his garden, it made me feel so wet knowing that he hid to get a better look at me.
About 10 minutes later Simon appeared at the kitchen door, and looked over at me "morning sexy sis" as he took in the sight of my body, "morning" i replied, "would you like something to eat befor footy?" i asked,
"Depends whats on offer sis" he laughed,
"well what would you like to eat?"
"oh just something warm and wet for me i think" he smiled and walked toward me, he undone the belt and pushed my robe off my shoulders and onto the floor, he leaned in and kissed a nipple then sucked it into his mouth, i turned him slightly so i was now leaning against the table, and facing the back door, he was standing slightly to my right suking my right nipple, i moved the dining chair to my left hand side and lifted my foot onto it, so if mr Roberts was looking he could see my pussy, i put my hand down and run a finger along my wet crack then pushed 2 fingers inside myself, "someones feeling horny today then" Simon said as he took his mouth from my tit.
"mmm" was all i could reply, i reached my other hand down and groped his erection through his shorts, he went back to sucking my tits, i was working my pussy hard now and the squelching was getting louder, i pulled myself up so i was sitting on the edge of the table and then laid back, i turned my head toward Simons cock and said "cum in my mouth befor you go please" he smiled and pulled his shorts and pants down, and offered up his cock, within seconds my mouth was round the head of his cock and i was sucking for all i was worth, my second hand now free it moved down and around my body untill it found my ass hole, i gently rubbed the tight hole then pushed a finger inside and started pumping in time with my fingers in my pussy, i was getting really worked up so put more pressure on the sucking of Simons cock, i could sense he was getting close, and knew it wouldnt be long befor he exploded into my mouth, i wanted to b raedy to cum at the same time so i put another finger in each hole just in time, as he let his first spurt of spunk into my mouth coating my tongue, i started to cum myself and he filled my mouth, i l couldnt help but moan as i orgasmed and some cum dripped down my cheek to my ear his cock fell out my mouth and spurted all over my face, his cock soon stop shooting and went soft, i withdrew my fingers and sat forward, looking straight out the back door and into mr Roberts eyes, i put my fingers in my mouth and sucked them clean, spunk was dripping down my face, i got down off the table and looked at Simon, "thanx i really needed that,"
"your welcome, any time little sis" he replied, he kissed me full on the lips, and licked a bit of his cum off my face befor sayinghe had to go or he would be late for training, he left and shut the door behind him, i went upstairs and washed my face, i looked in on Peter but for some reason his bed hadnt been slept in!
Part 3 coming soon. Read what 12 yr old John has in store for the afternoons entertainment.......should be fun

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