Daddy's loving tickling caresses finally lead to unbridled fiery passion.
Annabelle lived with her dad in a very isolated part of town. Their home was not an overly large one, only seven rooms and two bathrooms, but the plot of land around this home was expanse. Around the perimeter were tall pine trees and shorter evergreen shrubbery completely blocking the views of the road, and their neighbors homes. Even if they went to the tree-line, they could not see their neighbors homes because the distance was so great. No one was overweight up here because the walk to a person's mailbox was easily a quarter of a mile then they had to walk back. It was peaceful most times, and lonely others.

Sarah had died a few months ago leaving Scott to raise their precious Annabelle alone. He decided to dedicate his life to his daughter of three at the time of Sarah's passing. He had an addition put on the house and moved his therapy office to the house so he could be home all the time. He had the driveway lined with a brick wall going up to the house to prevent his little "Princess Annabelle" from getting hit by any of this clients when they came for their appointments.

To keep the appearance of the place, he had shrubbery planted all along this wall to keep it hidden from both the inside and out. At first everyone thought he had lost his mind when he started all this construction. After his family came one by one to see what was going on and stay with him they realized he was making the best and most logical decisions he could. They agreed this was the best way to go as it would save alot of money on daycare and transportation to and from the city.

In a few more years Annabelle would be old enough for school, but in the mean time, home was the best place for them. Often times he stood in the window watching her play in the yard talking to some imaginary friend or another. Being isolated he didn't have to worry about fighting to keep clothes on her because no one ever saw her unless they were expected. Even his clients didn't know he had a daughter unless she came running in with some imagined ailment.

Being her only caregiver was a strain sometimes because she always had energy and always seemed to be going and going and going - kinda like the energizer bunny. The only time he seemed to be able to keep her still was when bathtime came around. If he didn't get in the tub with her, more water landed on the floor than on her body. Finally he gave up on the whole "don't let her see you naked" concept that his sister harped on him. Stripping he climbed into the bath with her.

Only once he was in and sitting was he able to settle her down enough to wash her hair and body. The first time he joined got naked in front of her he immediately felt guilty and regretted it. He couldn't change his mind at this point though because her eyes were already transfixed on his dangling penis and the questions already began. She reached out to touch it before he could stop her and her torrents of questions began.

"What's this?" she asked wrapping her tiny hand around it. Scott took her hand gently away feeling the electricity sparked by her touch.

"That's Daddy's penis." He replied matter of factly hoping not to have aroused any more curiousity by his immediate reaction. Climbing in the tub he settled in the tepid water and she immediately reached under the water again for it. This time, his penis was larger than when before he got in the water. He hoped she didn't notice. He knew if he didn't call attention to her actions she would grow tired of touching him, and the novelty would wear off.

"Why don't I have one?" She asked wrapping her hands around it again.

"Because you have a vagina, Princess," he replied pulling her closer to begin to wash her. He was torn at this time by telling her to not touch him there, and by wanting her to do more than just touch him. He still regretted his decision, but hoped that once the questions ended she would go back to playing in the tub while he washed her.

"It feels hard and big," she replied she replied as she started to stroke it much to his delight and dismay.

"Sometimes it is, and sometimes it sleeps. Turn around so I can wash your back," Scott directed in a gentle non-agressive and not panicked way - unlike how he felt inside. His wife had been dead only for a few months and he had no other female companionship in his life. He couldn't bring himself to date so he didn't realize just how much he missed having someone touch him, even if it was his tiny inquisitive daughter.

She turned around, but scooted herself back so her bum touched the tip of his rock hard penis and he found his hips responding to this by pressing against her crack gently. Knowing this was wrong he began washing her hair and asked her about her imaginary friends activities today.

"So, did you and Kira have a nice tea party?" he asked her hoping to change the direction of conversation.

"Yes, we did until a big bird came and took our toast away!" Annabelle pouted. He soothed her by washing her shoulders and back gently.

"And did you shoo the bird away?" Scott asked distantly paying more attention to the painful pleasure of his raging hard-on.

"Yes, but the birdie said it needed the toast to feed its babies. We let her have it all then," Annabelle chattered on.

He was always amazed the stories she came out with when she played alone. He would have to see about some friends for her so she wouldn't have to be alone so much. He washed her arms and began caressingly washing her chest and belly. He didn't realize he was going so gently he was actually soothing her to sleep against his chest until he felt her lean back full against him. His cock was caught painfully beneath her bum as she sat squarely on it trying to be closer to him.

He lifted her gently and repositioned his legs under her so there was some cushion causing her legs to open to either side of his. Her chattering was slowing down in the way children's sleepy chatter does especially when they are fighting sleep. His breath caught in his chest when her tiny slit made contact with his throbbing hard-on. Keeping steady so as not to arouse her suspicion or panic her he tried to keep conversation up while washing her legs.

Annabelle's head started to roll as all sleepy children's do and he kissed the top of her head gently crooning - "Go to sleep, Princess. It's ok. Daddy will tuck you in bed when you are all clean."

"Mmmmph" was her only reply before her breathing started to regulate indicating her deep relaxation and sleepiness.

Working up her inner thighs, Scott began washing her slit gently opening the folds of her netherlips telling himself he had to make certain she was clean everywhere. 'After all, she was out in the yard playing nude all day!' He felt guilty and ashamed as he explored the inner folds of her being careful not to slide a finger into her open pussy. He was quickly losing his inhibition towards touching his daughter as his cock bounced against her crotch reminding him after all, he is a man.

Feeling her sleep against him peaceably he felt bolder and started to press his cock against her enjoying the feel of her heat against him. He pressed the head of his cock against her teeny clit and closed her legs around his 7" shaft lost in passion. He started to pump her small bottom against his cock knowing that as good as this felt, it would be short lived. His balls tightened as he humped her faster feeling his cock squeezed by her thighs.

He held her tightly on his lap as he slid down more to a laying position feeling the cum building inside his testacles. He was careful not to let the water in her ears and made certain her head stayed above the water although his groin just wanted to fuck something. The first rope of cum exploded from him causing him to grunt and hold her still. Slowly he slipped the head of his cock between her legs so the next rope of cum splashed her thighs. Pressing his cock against her opening the next rope splashed inside her tiny pussy. Sliding his cock against her slit the next rope covered her clit and up her belly. Needing to feel the heat of a pussy sucking at his cock he pressed the head at her opening so his next rope of cum went up inside her.

Wrapping her legs around his waning cock he knew this was the beginning of something terrible and forbidden but would want more of. He ran the shower to clean her from his cum and tucked her into bed as promised. He would not have sex with her until she was ready for him, but he began planning how to make her sexually aware without raising suspicion or alarms with anyone else. Deciding that bathtime everynight was a good start he began fantasizing about their next special bathtime...

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Sometimes I think some of those who put down or make dumb statements that they are realy jacking as that read these storys I love them. Helps me keep my self in check wishing it was me

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Sometimes I think some of those who put down or make dumb statements that they are realy jacking as that read these storys I love them. Helps me keep my self in check

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