This is Part 2 "The Basketball's Coming!" Part 3 will be coming soon! Sorry for any odd mistakes! Thanks and enjoy! 

I watched, thinking of what I should do next. Timothy was staring right at me, slowly drifting towards my cock. I realized I hadn't jizzed yet. I looked at Timothy, then at Liam. Breaking the silence, Liam said, "Well? What now? I'm getting tired so make up your minds!"

Timothy and I both chuckled at the remark. I stared at Timothy again, slowly drifting towards his wet, flaccid dick. I asked, "Well Timothy? Are you gonna suck my cock?"

He got up with the biggest smile on his face I'd ever seen. He grabbed my dick with one hand, and started kissing my lips pationatly. His face slowly moved down to my balls, which he licked so well that I could've blown my load right there. I threw my had back in ecstasy, when all of the sudden my dick jolted with excitement. My cock was being rammed into Timothy's mouth. My dream was coming true!

After a few minutes of licking and sucking, I felt my hot boy seed rising up to the tip of my cock. I tried to say, "I'm going to cum!" but all that came put were gasps for air! The feeling was so great! I finally let out everything I had into Timothy's mouth. 1 squirt, 2 squirts, 3 squirts, 4 squirts! This was the best orgasm i'd ever experienced!

He sucked all the remains of sperm off my dick, and kept it all in his mouth. He got back up an we kissed, swishing the jizz through our lips, when he swallowed everything in one gulp. He said, "Your sperm tastes so good!"

We looked down at Liam who had already fallen asleep. His smooth, baby butt was so vulnerable... I was tempted to shove my dick inside his little puckered hole... I just thought *maybe another day* and fell asleep with a smile on my face, spooning Liam.

I woke up the next morning, Timothy was taking a shower and Liam was still fast asleep in my arms. He looked so cute that I could've stayed there forever. Our coach knocked on our door saying, "Boys! Get ready! Breakfast in the lobby in 5 minutes!"

Just at that moment Timothy came out of the shower completely naked. I walked up to him and gave him a "goodmorning" kiss. He smiled and patted my butt. I quickly washed up and put some loose clothes on. We were all ready in about 7 minutes. We ran downstairs and took our breakfast. Today was our first game. We had to win this! I was NOT going to ruin these perfect two weeks! We got ready, and took the bus to the stadium.

That day, we won 54-38! I had scored two 3 pointers and a few lay-ups. Liam hadn't played that game because he had a stomach cramp caused by all those pancakes he stuffed down his throat.

We visited Vegas after the match, buying souvenirs and messing around. I stuck with Liam and Timothy. We say a pharmacy and an idea jumped into my mind, "We should go buy some lubricant!"

"What for?" asked Timothy,

"To fuck eachother tonight, duh!"

"Sounds fun" said Timothy, "Let's do it!"

We walked inside and bought a water-based lubricant. The clerk looked at us funny but I said, "It's for my parents" with an innocent look on my face. She believed me and let us go. Success! We were going to have some fun tonight...

The rest of the day went by in a blur because of the sheer excitement of thinking about tonight. Finally, it was 10:00. Everyone was in bed, except for us.

We sat next to each other and fondled each others penises until they got hard. Timothy said, "I wanna fuck you first Jack!"

I hesitated, but then gave in to Timothy's beautiful face. I said, "Fine... But I want Liam after this!"

Liam smiled and kissed me, then slid down to my dick and kissed my cock head. The ecstasy gave me an electric shock, just making me crave Timothy's dick. 

Timothy told me to get into doggie-style. I was happy to oblige, when I felt the most interesting feeling in my butt. Timothy was rimming me like crazy! It felt SO good! His tongue would plung in and out of my tight butt-hole. He finally got up and grabbed the lube. He squirted some on his hand, and applied it to my ass-hole. The cold feeling felt so great... He handed me the lube and I applied some to his throbbing dick. He closed his eyes and moaned.

I payed on my back, propping up my butt with a pillow. Timothy aimed his cock at my hole, slowly pushing it in. It felt so good! His head finally just slipped in. I relaxed as much as I could, leaving him an easy entry. He slid all of his meat, straight into my butt! I was surprised it didn't hurt that much... I started feeling something wonderful inside me as he pumped in and out. For some reason I knew he was rubbing my prostate. It was like being on the verge of cumming, but not letting anything out! It was a constant feel of wonder! 

Timothy lasted a few minutes before he let his warm juices flow into my butt. It felt so nice! I wanted him to stay like that forever... But he pulled out, letting his sperm drip from my ass. 

Liam stared in amazement, impatient to have me cum in his butt.

I got up, grabbed Liam's dick, and sucked it hard... I grabbed the lube and applied some to my dick, then to his ass. I let him stay in doggie-style for me to have a better entrance. I stuck 2 fingers up his tight hole, trying to loosen it. He yelped at the feeling of having something in his hole, but then started to moan, "Just stick your dick in there already!" screeched Liam,

Timothy smiled at me as I slid my dick I'm his little puckered hole. I could already feel his cheeks squeezing my rock hard, lined up dick. I pushed in slightly faster, listening to Liam's reactions. I didn't want to hurt him, I wanted to give him the time of his life.

I pumped in and out as hard as I could. I could see Liam was enjoying it because he threw his head back in ecstasy. I could only last a few minutes before a let out everything into his body... He moaned in pleasure, "Hmmm that feels so good..." said Liam, feeling my sperm rush through his ass. I pulled out and rolled Liam over. I kissed him nice and hard, letting our tongues play.

Timothy took over, and sucked Liam's dick till he had an orgasm. Liam shook and moaned so loud that I was afraid the coach might hear him. We all took a shower together, cleaning ourselves up and cleaning each others dicks.

We got back in bed, Liam fell asleep almost instantly. I got on top of Timothy and embraced him, grinding our still hard cocks together. It felt like heaven... We kissed a few minutes, and then decided to go to sleep.

Timothy spooned me from behind, and we both fell asleep as soon as our eyes shut.

We woke up the next morning, and went to breakfast. Will walked up and asked, "What were those noises coming from your room?" with a stern look on his face.

I hesitated. I didn't know what to say.

Part 3 coming soon! Sorry guys if the stories are a little short! I just don't have that much time on my hands! But there will be more to come ;-)

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