Mark has a confrontation with katie
Saturday evening had arrived, and I waited anxiously in the lounge for Sarah.
She appeared finally, standing in the door way, “will I do?” she asked.
I looked at her.
“Stunning, absolutely stunning.”
She was wearing a white figure hugging strapless dress even shorter then the black one she had worn before, her hair was bunched up on top of her head, pinned with gold pins each side.
Long gold ear rings and a gold necklace.
God I wanted her.

“I haven’t see that dress before”
“I got this afternoon, its much shorter then I thought it would be. Do you think it will be ok, or shall I go and change?”
“You are beautiful, just beautiful, you look like a princess.”
“Thank you, I’m not taking a coat Ill wear this cardigan if it gets colder.”
I followed her to the car, and watched as I held the door open, her dress rode up and I saw her panties. “And matching white undies as well,” I remarked.
“You shouldn’t be looking there.”
“It’s hard not too.”

We drove to the restaurant and entered, she turned a few heads as she sat on a bench seat, mainly from men.
We had to wait a few minutes to be shown to our table in the restaurant, so I went to the bar to get us both a drink.
A finger tapped me on the shoulder, I turned, it was Joe from work, “out for a drink mate?”
“Yes and a meal.”
“You alone?”
“No,” and nodded towards Sarah. She waved back.
“You are with her? She is gorgeous where did you find her?”
“She’s my land lady; I’m taking her out for a meal while the kids are away.”
“You live with her? You lucky bastard, you should see my land lady fat old thing, say, is there another room at her place for me?”
“No, sorry just me.”
“Keeping her to your self hey, don’t blame you so would I.”

I got the drinks and returned to Sarah, “guy from work”
“He keeps looking over; do you think he wants to join us?”
“No way, I don’t want you going off with him, and leaving me alone, he can watch and that’s it.”
She laughed, “Why do you think I would go off with him?”
“Well I’m no oil painting lets face it.”
“If I didn’t want to be with you I would be watching the X factor at home right now.”
The waiter came and showed us both to our table.

I ordered our meals as Sarah looked at the wine menu, “would you like wine with your meal, sir.”
I looked at Sarah she nodded “yes please dry white wine if you have any”
He reappeared a few minutes later with a bottle, opened it and poured a small amount in my glass; I tasted it and said it was ok.
Thinking to myself what the hell do I know about wine?
He poured the wine and was gone.

We were ordering our deserts when a woman passed our table; she stopped and did a double take “Sarah?”
“Hello Chloe, how are you? Not seen you since the start of the school holidays.”
“I’m fine. I didn’t recognize you, you look lovely,” looking at me “I only see her at the school in jeans and baggy t-shirt, but you look amazing Sarah, looking at me again, “you must have a lot of influence over her to get her out of those jeans and into this dress.”
Thinking to myself “I would rather get her out of the dress.”

I smiled; Sarah was embarrassed and had a slight twinge of red about her face.
“Well you have a nice meal Sarah, god you look like a princess, amazing.”
She was gone.
“There I said you were like a princess, beautiful princess, and more importantly I’m with you, you make me feel so proud to be sitting with you.”
Now she had gone bright red, not daring to look at me, I put my hand on hers, she looked up, “it’s true you make me feel so proud to be with you, all these guys around, and it’s me you are with.”

We finished our meal and I paid the bill, we sat finishing our coffee “fancy going to a club, bit of dancing maybe?”
“Yes that would be nice I haven’t been dancing since,” a long pause “since he left.”
I put my hand on hers again, “do you miss him still?”
“No, God no, I wouldn’t want him back now, if he came over and pleaded with me I wouldn’t want him, not even for the girls sake, no way will he ever come back into my life, no way.”
I held her seat like a gentleman as she gathered her handbag and cardigan, and we walked out of the restaurant.
Joe was standing outside smoking, “good meal Mark?”
“Yes very nice.”
“Off home?”
Sarah had walked ahead. “No to a club, she wants to dance.”
“She could dance for me any fucking time, you done well there mate, if she gets fed up with you give her my mobile number, Ill be straight round.”
She was waiting by the car. “God look at those legs, she has gorgeous legs, had them wrapped round you yet Mark?”
“Ok Joe that’s enough mate, best not say any more, I think you have had too much to drink, Ill see you Monday”
And walked over to Sarah, “problems?”
“No its cool, bit too much to drink, his mouth was ahead of his brain.”

We arrived at the club.
I went to the bar while Sarah looked for a table, I saw several men stop her and talk to her, probably thought she was alone.
Fortunately, she found a table beside the dance area, and sat down, as I was paying for the drinks, men were still approaching her, asking if she wanted them to get her a drink.
“You caused a stir, it’s that dress.”
“I know, and if you pardon my French, I’m not going to fucking wear it again, especially in a place like this.”
“Men will be men Sarah, they all want you.”
“So they might but I’m with you.” And she gave me a peck on the cheek, as if showing all the males she was taken and to back off.

I danced with her a few times, but my dancing isn’t that good, I’m ok with slow numbers, where I can hold on, and any move will do, but as for jigging around, my arms are going one way, my feet the other.
But I wasn’t going to stop her having a good time.

When I declined she found other girls, and danced with them, if there weren’t any she would dance alone. I watched as she danced to Sharikas song “hips don’t lie,” the song that almost landed me in trouble with Katie.
I knew where Katie had got her moves from; Sarah was as sexy as Katie when she danced to that song.
Of course moving as she was, got her looked at, and one guy chanced his arm, “mind if I dance with your girl mate?”
“No, if she wants to its ok with me.”
I think Sarah was pleased to have a dance partner, I wished I could dance like him, but I thought I looked a prat, and imaged people laughing at me.
She came back after a couple of dances, “he’s quite good a good dancer Sarah”
“Yes not bad, not as good as Katie though, you should see us dance when she’s my partner.”
I could imagine what a pair of sex kittens they must be when they got together.

She hadn’t been sat for long when another guy asked to dance, she looked at me for approval, I nodded and again she was dancing.
The fast number finished and a slow one began, I was going to go to her, but the guy hadn’t left her, and had his arms around her waist, pulling her into him, his hands were on her arse, rubbing her and trying to pull her closer.
What should I do, stop him, she seemed ok with it, perhaps she didn’t want me to stop him.
I thought I would wait and see what happened next.

I saw him whisper something, and she shook her head, he whispered again, and she shook her head again. Then I noticed his hand leave her arse and go down between them, I knew what he had in mind, and was about to get up.
Then she pushed him away, slapping his face when he was at arms length away.
She stormed back to me, “that’s it, lets go, I’m never going to wear this dress again, fucking blokes. That arse hole thinks I’m a prostitute, or some kind of whore, wanted to take me outside, even offered me fifty quid for a fuck in the car park.”
“Do you want me to have a word with him?”
“No fuck him, not worth the bother, let’s go, let’s just go.”

I was secretly glad she had said no, my fighting was worse then my dancing, and I was bound to have lost the fight.

We got in the car, “that guy spoilt your night didn’t he? You were having a good time till then.”
“It’s this fucking dress, last time I’m wearing it.”
“I hope sometime you will wear it for me, maybe just out to a meal.”
“Just for a meal yes, but no dancing, why can’t they just leave me alone to have a good time?”
I had to agree.
“It probably was that dress, it did ride up a bit high when you danced.”
“Ride up? How high?”
“I could see your arse cheeks.”
“Why didn’t you say something then?”
“I liked the view”
“Yeah, along with fifty other blokes, take me home Mark.

On the way home I was under the impression, she was annoyed with me for not telling her, but there was little I could do now to remedy it.

We got home and I parked the car on the drive, opened the front door and Sarah entered. Convinced I had blown any chance I had by not telling her guys could see her arse.

I couldn’t help but make a comparison between Sarah and Katie, Sarah was upset when she knew men were watching her arse, where as Katie was upset if you didn’t look when she was showing her arse.
I closed the door behind us; she chunked her cardigan on the hall chair, “so you like my arse cheeks then?”
I stammered “yes” not knowing if I was getting into more trouble by being truthful.
“I’m going to bed.”
I watched as she walked up the stairs, her arse cheeks once again in view.
“Well? What you going to do watch the late night film?”
To say I ran up those stairs would be an understatement, I literally flew up the stairs.

She had walked straight into my bedroom. I entered and walked to her, taking her in my arms, and kissing her neck.
She responded, her arms went around my neck, and I kissed her lips, pulling me toward her she returned my kiss.
While kissing her I removed the gold pins from her hair, and it fell below her shoulders.
My hands found the zip in her dress, and slowly moved it downward. My lips now kissing her neck and shoulders, she was groaning gently as my hand grasped her breasts, I began to suck each nipple in turn, then back to kissing her face and neck has my hands caressed her tits.
We stood for ages, kissing each other, touching each other; my cock was rock hard, like a missile waiting for take off.

She stopped and pulled away, dropping to her knees she unzipped me and in an instant, her lips enveloped my cock, licking the end and sucking it into her mouth.
I held her head, running my hands through her hair as she sucked on me. I had to hold back, I couldn’t come now, but I could feel my cock filling with sperm, I was too late, spurt after spurt entered her mouth, she didn’t take me out , but swallowed every drop. Until I hadn’t any more to give.

I pulled her up to her feet, twisted her and lay her on the bed; she was laying there expectantly in just her white panties. I began kissing her belly, moving downward, placing my thumbs in her waist band I pulled her panties down.
Her pussy was there for me to see for the first time. “You are shaven?”
“I wax, don’t you like it?”
I didn’t need to answer verbally, but my tongue and mouth showed her I did like it, and licking and sucking her lips into my mouth once again caused her to groan in pleasure, my thumb gently rubbing her clitoris.
Her legs were around my neck holding me in place as she enjoyed the sensation of my tongue and mouth.
Suddenly without warning my mouth was full of fluid, I tasted it, it was sweet, I realised Sarah was a squirter, I had heard of them, even seen them on DVDs but had never witnessed it, and I loved it, and swallowed each squirt as it came from her body.

By now my cock was hard once more, and I slid up the bed and between her legs, and slowly I entered her.
I pumped that gorgeous pussy slowly at first, then faster, harder, her head moving from side to side, as her tongue licked her lips, her groans grew louder, and her body shaking, pulling my face downwards, we kissed once again. This time we kissed until Sarah had to stop, as she screamed at me “fuck me, fuck me harder you bastard, and make me fucking cum. I need to cum, fuck me with that hard cock.”
That was it, she squirted once more, covering my balls in her juice, and I couldn’t hold back any longer, and once again I shot my load, this time deep in her body.

I lay beside her, holding her close to me.
She turned “I’ve got something to say you may not like”
“What is that?”
“For a long time I’ve had feelings for you, and tonight confirms what I have suspected for some time, the way you said you was proud to be with me, and eager to defend me, and protect me, and just now the way you made love to me, and didn’t mind when I came in your mouth. You just seem to enjoy me in every way a you can, and I enjoy being with you.
Mark, I love you very much, I never thought I would be able to trust and love a man again, after he left, but I trust you, and love you so much. I don’t expect you to love me Mark, but I wanted you to know.”

I leaned on one elbow looking down at her, “but I do, I do love you, I’ve loved you for ages. I didn’t say anything in case it complicated things, and Id rather be with you without telling you, then lose you because I had told you.”
She once again kissed me, “I’m so happy, when the kids are back I’m going to tell them you love me, and tell them I shall be sleeping with you in here now.”
“Do you think they will like it?”
“I don’t care, it’s my life, I’m their mum, I do as I like.”
We kissed and cuddled up once more, both exhausted, but very, very happy, and we slept.

And so it was for the next three nights, we made love, and it was beautiful.

This was our last night alone in the house the girls would be back tomorrow.
Sarah lay beside me asleep, breathing slowly and deeply, almost like a cat purring.
My arm around her, holding her close to me. My free hand I moved down her body, and touched her smooth pussy.
Then for some unknown reason Katie came into my mind, she was smooth also, and for her age she should have had some hair down there.
Had she seen her mum’s pussy and decided she like the look of it? And shaved or waxed hers.
Then I asked myself a question that I couldn’t answer.

Had she waxed for my benefit, or was it like that when Frank was here.
I still couldn’t get the sight of Katie on the sofa, her pussy lips almost on show, out of my mind.
Here I was laying beside a mature woman, a woman who had told me she loved me, and all I could think about was her twelve year old daughter.
I had to do something to stop Katie.

To carry on being tempted by Katie was playing with fire, I had to try and stop her.
I couldn’t break Sarah’s heart once more, as her husband had.

Katie was getting more brazen now, sitting in positions that were hard for me to ignore.
I knew I had to do something to stop her, and to take the temptation of touching away.
After all I was only human.
So I came up with an idea.


School had started again.
Over the next few weeks, I had been ignoring her show of flesh, I would talk to her, I didn’t ignore her in that respect.
And each time her panties were on show I would look away, or tell her to cover her self up.
On some occasions I bent down and pulled her skirt over her panties
Even when she left her bedroom door open and lie on the bed in her underwear I would make a point of shutting her door, and make sure she knew I had done it.
When it was homework night, I would sit with her at the kitchen table, thus avoiding her throwing her legs over mine.

I could tell she was beginning to get annoyed with the way I wasn’t responding to her exhibitionism.
She was beginning to get abrupt with me in the answers to questions I asked, and very short tempered towards me, some nights she would wear leggings or pyjamas, instead of a short skirt or even shorter nightie.
At last the show of flesh had almost stopped; she didn’t want to be close to me any more, and sat in the chair to watch TV, instead of beside me on the sofa.

I thought at last I’m winning, playing her at her own game and she doesn’t like it.

I arrived home one night from work, and I was talking in the kitchen with Lauren and Sarah. I heard a rumpus from the lounge and went to investigate.
Katie was with a boy play fighting on the sofa; her skirt was around her waist, underwear on full view, not only to him but me also.

I stood at the door a few seconds, before she spotted me, purposely opening her legs to my gaze. I ignored the pose, and just said to her “your mum will go mad if you break that sofa, fighting on it like that, and cover yourself up.”
The boy then looked around at me and sat up, Katie lay in the same position and snapped back “Who are you my father?”
I turned and walked away feeling rather small; she had never spoken to me like that before.
“Just cover your self up.” I said again.
“Why? Making you horny is it, thought you liked looking at my knickers, you never complained before?”
I wasn’t going to argue with her, I went back into the kitchen with Sarah.

“Who’s the boy?” I asked Sarah.
“A boy from school he’s stopping for dinner”
“I stopped them from fighting on the sofa, how old is he? He looks quite a lot older then Katie”
“Don’t you think he’s a bit too old for her?”
“No, same age difference as us”
“But she’s only 12”
“He’s ok I’ve known him since he was a baby, nice boy, nice family.

We ate dinner together, if I chanced to look at Katie, she was scowling at me, and when I tried to make conversation with her, she ignored me, except for Lauren and Sarah speaking, we would have had our dinner in silence.
I helped clear away the dishes; Lauren had gone upstairs to watch her DVD.
The noise began again, I went through and looked around the door, they were now wrestling on the floor, her skirt was once again around her waist, and his hands were all over her.

Again she made sure I saw everything, even placing his hand on her bum.
I stood several seconds watching, his hands kept trying to touch the lower part of her body, even more now Katie had given him some encouragement.
I went back into the kitchen.
A few seconds later Katie came in the kitchen, scowled at me and pushing pass, “Mum, Simon and me are going upstairs to watch a movie on TV.”
“Ok Katie, don’t make too much noise Laurens up there watching a DVD”
I looked at Sarah then Katie “do you think that’s a good idea, letting him in her bedroom?”
Sarah looked at me and almost snapped my head off.
“Mark what’s up with you tonight? You have been like a bear with a sore head since you got home, I’m her mother, I will decide what she can or can not do, and if I trust them both to behave in her bedroom its none of your business only mine.”
“Sorry Sarah I didn’t mean to interfere”
“Well I’ve had to bring them up on my own, and at this point I don’t need a stranger telling me the right or wrong ways of doing things”
“Sorry, I didn’t realise I was still a stranger.”
I turned and walked pass Katie who was grinning like a Cheshire chat, she must have enjoyed the telling off I had just received.

I went to my room and lay on the bed, a few minutes later I heard Simon and Katie coming up the stairs.
I heard Katie tell Simon “shh be quiet or you will annoy the lodger”
They both laughed and went into her room.
I lay there fuming, fucking lodger!
It was bad enough being called a stranger after all these months, but to be called a lodger after all the things I had done for her was going too far.
I had a mind to have it out with her but knew I would fall fowl of her mother once again.
For two pins Id fucking pack my bags and fuck off, see how they would manage without my money, there are other digs in town I could go to.
Perhaps Joe would like to live here in my place. Then Katie would get her wish.
Joe would have her knickers off in a second, then he would fuck Sarah till she was red raw.
I was sure of that from the comments he made at work.

I grabbed my towel and headed for the bathroom, Katie’s door was open, but I didn’t look in, I slammed the bathroom door, and Katie’s shower gel fell on the floor from the shelf beside the door, it rolled across the floor towards me, I kicked it as hard as I could, it hit the far wall and the top came off, shower gel was all over the floor, just inside the door.
If someone had come in they would have slipped, I said “fuck it, it can fucking stay there, I’m not the fucking hired help, she can clean it up”
As I showered I looked at the mess, and was hoping it would be Katie that would slip on it, maybe even break her leg, serves her fucking right.
I got out of the shower, and once again looked at the gel, now all over the floor, twice as much mess as before.

I got a sponge and cleared it up, moaning under my breath, “if Katie had put it somewhere fucking safe it would never have fallen on the floor, and there wouldn’t be this fucking mess now.”
I threw the towel and sponge in the laundry basket and put the top back on the gel, and shut the bathroom door.

I walked passed Katie’s room again, this time I did look; the music was very loud,
Katie was laid on the bed, her boyfriend beside her, his back to me.
Katie noticed me, and looked towards the floor; my eyes followed hers, in the middle of the floor lay her panties, then I looked back at Katie.
Simon was leaning up over her on one arm looking into her eyes, whispering something to her.
I couldn’t see where his other hand was, it was around her bottom I imagined, touching that tight little bum that I had seen so often in the past, caressing her cheeks, feeling her smooth skin, maybe even his fingers were underneath her and he was touching her smooth pussy. It was obvious she wasn’t wearing her panties.
Katie got off the bed saying “hold on Si the lodger is peeping at us around the door, nosy old bastard”
She looked at me and slammed the door shut.

I don’t know what happened for the next hour, that’s about the time Simon left. I was sitting on Laurens bed watching her toy story DVD.
She seemed a bit surprised I had asked if I could watch it with her but I told her “you are the only friend I have left Lauren.”
She snuggled up with me and we watched it to the end.
Katie had said good bye to Simon and walked past Laurens room, she saw Lauren snuggled up in my arms watching the movie. “Trying it on with my little sister now are you, maybe I should tell mum, and you’re much too old for Lauren, like Simon is for me.”
I didn’t answer her, couldn’t be bothered to have another argument with that selfish bitch, I looked back at the movie, Katie went to her bedroom and slammed the door.
Lauren looked up at me “what does she mean Mark trying it on with her little sister? Trying what on?”
“Nothing Lauren, she’s in a bad mood, that’s all”

Lauren was asleep.
The movie had finished, I turned the DVD off and put the film back in its box, then turned the TV off.
I bent down and picked a pair of Laurens panties off the floor to take them to the laundry basket in the bathroom.
As I passed Katie’s door it opened, immediately she saw the panties in my hand.

“What you doing with those, keeping them as a souvenir, going to sniff them when you are in your bed, masturbate while you smell them, dirty old bastard.”
“What’s your fucking problem Katie?” that was the first time I had sworn in front of her.
“I’m taking them to the bathroom, clearing up to help your mum,”
“Yeah, right, so you say, put them in and then take them out when no ones looking I expect”
“Why are you being like this to me?”
“I bet you think I’m a slut for having Simon in my bedroom, don’t you, obvious you don’t trust me, or would you have preferred to have taken his place? Put your hand up my skirt and feel me.”
“No, not at all. I didn’t think that for a second.”

“You were jealous of Simon kissing me, you wanted to kiss me but I chose Simon, and you didn’t like it, you didn’t like the way I was kissing him, and you wished it were you. And the way I was enjoying him touching my pussy, that’s why you were peeping around the door, until I saw you and closed it.”

I couldn’t believe I was hearing all this.

“What would you have done if I hadn’t seen you, stood there wanking, wishing it were you and not Simon? But you couldn’t touch me so you went off to find Lauren, and touch her instead.”
I stood there stunned, not knowing what to say or do

By now my blood was beginning to boil, and I could have easily have slapped her around the face.
I didn’t of course, just continued to the bathroom and threw Laurens panties in the basket.
Katie laughed “Ill check to see if they are there later, bet they aren’t, Simon got me all juicy and wet, maybe I will rub my knickers on my cunt and throw them in the basket, then you can smell my cunt while you wank, and you will have a choice then which to smell.”

“I told her “I’m not standing her listening to your foul mouth Katie”, and turned to go.
She grabbed my arm and spun me round, her arms going around my neck, trying to kiss me.
I pushed her away, but I used to much force, and she landed on the floor, banging her head on the wall.
I bent down, sorry for what I had done, “I’m so sorry Kate, I didn’t mean to hurt you.”
“Kate? You called me Kate.” She stood up and went into her bedroom.
Slamming the door shut.

That had made my mind up, I was leaving tomorrow. Be rid of this girl and her foul mouth.

Sarah was sitting on the sofa, I sat in the chair, I didn’t say anything to her, I was still fuming from what Katie had said.
Sarah got up and came back a few minutes later with a coffee for each of us.
Putting it on the small table she looked at me and said “I’m so sorry for snapping at you”
“I didn’t realise after all this time of sleeping together I was still a stranger, Ill see the manager tomorrow, see if I can be moved somewhere else, either up here or another part of the country”
She flew across the room.
“No please don’t do that, stay here” she put her arms around me, and kissed me, “I’m truly sorry, things had got on my nerves today, and you seemed to be in a bad mood which didn’t help, but I am sorry for all I said, of course your not a stranger, I love you, you know that.”

“No, I think Id better go, Katie looks on me as a lodger, seems Laurens my only friend. I’ve just had another argument with Katie, and I know how she feels about me now, I can’t live in an atmosphere like this.”
“Katie has always had a bad temper you know that, she will be a different girl in the morning, and I don’t want you to go,” she bent down and kissed me, at that moment Katie stood at the door.

“Christ, now the lodger is trying it on with my mother, first my little sister then my mum where will it end, I don’t feel safe in my own home any more.”
Looking at me she said “do you want a pair of mum’s knickers too, complete your set, wonder which one you will like the best, Laurens mums or mine”

Sarah looked up at her and shouted, “Go away, just go away, I’ve seen and heard enough of you today”

“You should have seen what he was doing to Lauren on her bed”
She looked back at me, “nothing we were watching a film”
“So HE says. If I hadn’t come along who knows where it would have ended”
“Tell me what he was doing then.”
“He had one arm around her and his other hand his was between her legs, I think she was too frightened to stop him, good job I saw him, if you ask me.”
“Katie you are a liar, Mark wouldn’t harm Lauren, we both know that, it’s that spiteful way you have surfacing again, I don’t believe you now go”

“You would rather believe the lodger then your own daughter, well when Lauren tells you in the morning what happened maybe you will believe me and not HIM”

“Why wait till morning, lets clear this up now.” Sarah told her
She got up and went upstairs, we followed. She walked into Laurens room and she gently woke her.
“Lauren sweet heart, did Mark come in your room earlier?”
“What did he do?”
“He lay on my bed with me”
“And then what did he do?”
“We watched toy story together”
“Did he touch you any where?”
“No, we just watched the film, why?”
“It ok sweet heart go back to sleep now.”
She kissed her and we left.

Down stairs in the lounge she looked at Katie “well that’s sorted that out”
“She was a sleep when he did it” Katie protested.
“When you said it had happened they were both awake and watching the film”
“Well I made a mistake, she was asleep”
“Katie, tell the truth, don’t lie to me, if it’s true what you say I will have to call the police, and Mark will be arrested.”
Katie looked at the floor.

“I promise I will believe you, tell me, all you have to do is tell the truth, and I will believe you. Now tell me honestly, on your sister’s life, what was Mark doing with Lauren?”
There was along pause, she never looked up, and finally she whispered “nothing”
“Pardon Katie we didn’t hear you”
“Nothing, he didn’t do anything”
“So what were they doing then?”
“Watching the film”
“And where were his hands?”
Still looking at the floor “one was around Laurens shoulders, the other by his side”

“Thank you Katie, doesn’t it feel better to tell the truth? Had you have said any thing other then that I would have called the police, and had Mark taken away”
“No don’t do that mum, please don’t call the police, he didn’t do anything to her”
“Ok then, now give me a kiss good night, say sorry to Mark, and go to bed, school in the morning”
She kissed Sarah good night and told me she was sorry for what she had said, and left, crying all the way to her bedroom.

“I’m so glad you got that sorted out, I didn’t fancy a night in jail”
“That’s the biggest problem with her, telling lies, she does it to try and get Lauren into trouble, but if you insist on the truth, then she will tell you the truth, had she still insisted you had touched Lauren you would have been on the way to the police station. I knew you hadn’t done anything, just a matter of getting to the truth”

We cuddled up, glad it was all over, and at least I had a new friend, Sarah.

The following day I had a doctor’s appointment, so I was late leaving.
Sarah asked if I would drop the girls off at school, I was ok with Lauren but very reluctant to take Katie, I didn’t want another argument with her, especially this early in the morning, but I agreed to take them.

I dropped Lauren first, her school being closer, then I drove Katie to her school.

I pulled up out side, “why do you hate me so much Katie? I’ve never done you any harm; in fact I try and help you when I can.”
“I don’t hate you”
“Maybe you didn’t a while ago, but it seems you do now”
“You hate me too.”
“I don’t and never will.”
“Then why are you ignoring me?”
“I’m not ignoring you, what I am doing is ignoring you when you expose yourself to me. Do you remember when you danced in front of the television? That was the sexiest dance I have ever seen, even better then Sharika could do it. You stirred up urges in me that I shouldn’t have for a twelve year old girl; I’m a man and only human. What I did when you lay on the sofa, touch you like that made me feel ashamed afterwards.”
“But I stopped you.”
“Yes, you did and I’m thankful for that, but I should never have had those urges, it was only your dancing that caused it. What if you hadn’t stopped me, and your mum had come in, I would be in prison now, and on the sex offenders list. You can’t mess with peoples brains Katie, it’s only a game to you but it could ruin other people’s lives so easily. And what was that stunt you tried to pull last night, telling lies about Lauren and me. That could have landed me in prison too. Its just a big game to you, I don’t know why you do it, unless you don’t want me living in your home any more and this way your way to get rid of me forever.”

“I don’t want to get rid of you, I want you to stay.”
“Then why did you do something like that?”
“I was jealous.”
“Jealous? Jealous of what?”
“Of the way you kiss my mum.”
“We are the same age and we love each other.”
“And of Lauren, you used to let me sit beside you and cuddle me, now it’s Lauren that gets the cuddles you won’t even sit beside me anymore, when I sit beside you, you get up and move. Then I saw you cuddling her on her bed and it should have been me.”
“That’s being silly.”
“Its not, you don’t like me anymore you even called me Kate, I hate that name, only people that don’t like me call me Kate.”

I had a confession to make as well.

“To be truthful Katie, I was a bit jealous, of Simon. I watched you fighting with him, and having fun, we used to have a laugh together, and now you were having fun with him, I wished it were me with you laughing and playing around, like we used too. Instead of all these arguments and bad feeling between us, and when I saw you on the bed with him, and your panties on the floor I think I freaked out.”
“They weren’t the panties I had on, they were a pair from the draw, and I threw them on the floor. I knew you would stop and look, that’s why I left the door open, and I also knew you would see them on the floor. Do you really think I would take my knickers off for him? I don’t even like him that much.”
“I hoped that you wouldn’t, but I didn’t know, what were you doing all that time with him then?”
“Playing on my Playstation” she replied.

“All I want is for us to be friends again, and stop arguing with each other.” She told me.
“We can be friends but you showing me your body has to stop, I’ve told you why.”
“Ok then, can we try again?”
“I would love to be your friend again Katie.”
“So we are friends again then, Ill treat you nice, and you will be nice to me, and not argue any more.” She thought for a moment.
“If we are friends again, can we do my homework on the sofa again?” Katie replied.
“So you can put your legs over me?”
“I feel comfy and safe like that, and I think I learn more” she laughed

“I had better go Ill be late for school.” She leaned over and kissed me, another wet sloppy Katie kiss.
I pushed her away,” see what I mean, if someone had been passing what would they have thought then, you kissing me like that?”
“They would think it was a father kissing his daughter goodbye”
“I don’t think fathers would kiss like that do you?”
“My father might.”
She got out the van and walked round to my side, I wound the window down.
“Oh by the way Mark, I wasn’t playing games, see you tonight.”
She walked to the school gate and blew me a kiss and waved.

I was so glad it was over; my plan to ignore her had back fired on me.
But I was relieved there would be no more arguments and bad feelings between us.

To be honest I did prefer it the way it was, Katie’s double meanings, her little shows of flesh, and the occasional flash of panties.
That was Katie, I had to take it or leave it, and I preferred to take it.

I had tried to go against Katie and lost.
From now on Katie and I would be back as we were the best of friends, an exhibitionist and a voyeur.

It will be nice to watch Katie again.


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