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"Oh shit," grunted Ron, the silk sheets rubbing against his erection.

It was a hot, humid August night in the Burrow and Ron had stripped down to nothing to try to get to sleep. His nakedness had caused a new problem, the sheets that he was sleeping under rubbing sensually against his shaft with every movement. The more he fidgeted, the harder he became until he was left laying upon his back, his seven inch cock tenting the sheets impressively.

He looked over at the clock upon the wall, its hands telling him that it was an hour past midnight. He desperately needed some sleep, especially if he didn't want to be a walking zombie when his two friends arrived in a week's time. Both Harry and Hermione were arriving next Friday to spend the rest of the summer at the Burrows before heading back to their sixth year at Hogwarts. Ron wondered how Harry was coping at his aunt and uncle's house, hoping that he wasn't beating himself up too much over the death of Sirius. He hadn't sent him many letters, but Hermione had advised not to push the issues.

His thoughts stayed on Hermione as he slipped a hand beneath the sheets and wrapped his fingers around the length of his cock. Her pleasant smiling face and her small pert breasts, Ron picturing them jiggling as he fucked her furiously within his mind. His mind wandered onto her firm round ass, often sexily clad in denim jeans. He pumped his cock harder as he pictured her on her stomach, bottom in the air, as he pushed himself into her tight ass, Hermione moaning beneath him. With a grasp, Ron came, his hips thrust into the air, as he pumped his cum all over the insides of the sheets.

Ron revelled in the feeling, the sticky sheets across his body, before his window began to rattle. Alarmed, he jumped up and rushed over to it, flinging it open. The rattling stopped at once and the small breeze felt good upon his deflating cock, however he could see no reason for why the window had rattle. Standing naked in the window, Ron looked out at the grounds below and saw a figure that was moving through the long grass.

Dressed in a shockingly rainbow coloured dressing gown, her golden hair running down her body, Luna Lovegood was disappearing towards the forest in the distance. She had been staying with them for the past week, as Ginny had down over at hers the week before and was no doubt following some crazed theory. Feeling uncomfortable about her walking in the dark alone, Ron hastily tucked his flaccid member into a pair of boxers and jumped onto his broom, following her from afar.

He watched as Luna moved into the forest and towards the small pond that lay in the middle of it, coming clearly into view as she entered the small clearing. Careful not to be seen, Ron moved between the leaves of the tree and landed behind a thick trunk, peaking around to watch Luna move in circles, her wand flying in the air, muttering strange words. Then she did something that made Ron's eyes wide. She dropped her dressing gown.

Luna was wearing nothing underneath, her body bathed in the moonlight and revealed to Ron from his hiding place. She was facing away from him, her unblemished back hidden by much of her hair, her legs thin and toned, her ass small and tight. Blood quickly began to run away from Ron's head, making his boxers tight again as his cock quickly rose. Besides accidentally walking in on Ginny several times, he had never seen a girl naked in real life before.

Ron was shocked again as Luna blindfolded herself, wrapping a strip of black material across her eyes before dropping down to all fours, her ass wiggling straight at Ron, her pussy also peaking out from between her thighs.

"Oh Gnome King, I offer you my ass to fuck, it is lubed and ready for you," Luna said, wiggling her rear in invitation. Her dirty mouth caused Ron to harden to his full length, his boxers now obviously tented.

Ron spent several minutes memorised by Luna's wiggling ass before his mind slowly kicked into gear. He remembered a conversation between Luna and Ginny the night before, when he was going up to bed. They had been talking about the gnomes in their garden before Luna brought up the creature known as the Gnome King. She said she had read about them in one of her dad's book, and that the Gnome King was a human-sized gnome that ruled over all other gnomes in the garden.

What she had said next left Ginny in a giggling fit and Ron quickly pumping his cock at the door to the detailed deions. Luna said that the Gnome King often sought female humans for sex, his people too small for him, and that he only sought anal sex for fear of cross-breeds. If you were buggered by the Gnome King, you would receive wealth beyond your dreams.

And now Luna was blindfolded, her ass swaying in the air, waiting for a hard cock to be pushed inside it. Ron quickly gulped at the thought that crossed his mind, Luna would believe anything, and being blindfolded, if Ron fucked her she would believe that she had been buggered by the Gnome King. Light-headed and horny, Ron decided to act upon his perverted thoughts, pushing down his boxers to free his erection.

Stepping out of his only item of clothing, Ron walked swiftly over to Luna, dropping to his knees just behind her. Keeping his breathing quiet to not give himself away, Ron placed a hand upon Luna's firm behind, and guided the head of his cock to the entrance of her ass.

"You have picked me!" Luna squealed in delight, pushing back, her ass opening to accept the tip of Ron's cock.

He bit down on his lip to stop any sounds of pleasure escaping, Luna's ass being warm and incredibly tight. Cautiously placing a hand on each of Luna's buttocks, Ron pushed forward, his entire cock going deep within her rear. Luna gave a scream of pleasure and pain before whispering to be fucked, something that Ron was only too happy to do.

He began to thrust quickly, enjoying the sensation of Luna's ass wrapped his cock, as she pushed back, meeting his thrust with her own. While Ron concentrated on keeping silent, Luna screamed and purred with every movement, the sounds only fuelling Ron's fucking. Moving his hands to her hips, giving him a tighter grip, Ron increased the speed of his thrusts, his cock rocketing inside of her ass, each thrust burying his shaft deep inside her rear.

"Oh, oh, oh," Luna moaned, thrusting back, her head swaying in pleasure as Ron's balls slapped against her netherlips. "I'm nearly there."

Ron quickly felt his resolve slipping at the words and buried himself deep inside Luna's ass, his cock throbbing as he came, filling her ass up with his cum. The sensations were clearly enough for Luna, who also moaned in orgasm, her ass clenching tightly around Ron's cock.

Ron gave a grunt and moved backwards; falling onto his back, exhausted and amazed at the fact that he had just fucked Luna Lovegood up the ass. As he lay there, he heard her begin to hum a tune, cum trickling from her abused rear and down her legs. It took him only a moment to figure out that it was Weasley is our King.

"You knew?" Ron spluttered, jumping to his feet, his softening shaft dangling from his legs.

"Of course I did, Ronald. And I was worried for a moment you weren't going to take my invitation and shove your wonderful penis up my bottom, but I'm so glad you did," Luna said, taking off her blindfold and raising herself to a kneeling position to face Ron.

"You – you planned this?" Ron asked, frozen in shocked.

"Again, of course, Ronald. I wanted to have sex with you for a long time but I was afraid to ask so I came up with this plan. And I promised daddy that I would save myself for my wedding, so I had to let you use my ass, naturally," Luna explained calmly. "Now let's get you cleaned up."

Without another word, Luna moved forward and took the entire length of Ron's shaft inside her mouth. Ron, for a moment tried to protest, before her tongue began to swirl around the head of his cock, and his brain closed down, letting him enjoy Luna's wet and talented mouth.

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