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Well I am your brother
And I am home from out on the town, and needed a shower
So I am striped naked, and hop in the shower
The water is warm and it runs over my penis and I get a bit hard
But I’m not really feeling like masturbating so I turn away and let it soften, I finish soaping and rinsing and step out
I pull on a pair of boxers
And gather up my dirty clothes and throw them into my room
I head to my sisters room to see if she's seen one of my pairs of pants around
Her door is closed, so I knock softly, but she doesn't answer, so I open it a bit
And I step through asking 'hey sis...'
As I see you lying on the bed
You’re wearing a skimpy top and your nipples are obviously hard
You quickly pull the sheet up trying to cover yourself
By the look on your face it's obvious what you were doing
In your haste you pull the sheet too far
And I can clearly see your pussy
Freshly shaven it looks like
Your lips plumped, a bit of red color to them
A glisten of your wetness reflecting the light in the room
You manage to eek out a small 'ahhh!' in a high pitch
As I say 'ah, oh, sorry, I uh was gonna ask you, I should go'
But my feet don’t move
I’m staring now, quite obviously at your still visible pussy
You are apparently equally frozen, unable to finish covering yourself up
You shake yourself for a moment and in your horniness recognize I'm standing there wet from the shower
My nice upper body, still with droplets on it
My hair damp
You look down and notice my boxers
They are moving a bit
A little twitch every second or so
Your pussy gets wet thinking
I finally notice I am still standing there and look up at your face from your pussy
And see your new expression is one of interest, and lust
Being bold you ask me to come over to the bed
I realize I now am fully erect
And worse, I'm totally sticking out of my boxers
You say 'you have a really nice head'
I look down and say 'yeah I guess'
You motion with your arm to come over as you pull the sheet further up your body and then off to the side
I can see your flat stomach
Your little shirt is pulled up high; I see the undersides of your boobs
They look so firm and plump
Your nipples making distinct impressions through your shirt
So I walk over
And you reach your hand out to my penis
The touch of your hand is startling
It is warm
And wet
I had thought of this a hundred times
Jacking off in my bed thinking of you here in yours
Wet hand furiously going at your pussy
And now that hand is wrapped around my cock
I felt I would cum all over you right then
You roll to your side and move your head to my cock
You slip my cock back through my boxer fly as you then slide them down my legs to the floor
You say 'I really like your cock, can I suck it?'
And I manage to reply 'sure'
You bend your head down and extend your tongue
Licking my head
My balls twitch tight at the touch of your lips
I am looking at your fine legs
Drawing my eyes up to your wet pussy, definitely freshly shaven I can tell from this close
I reach down and draw my hand up your thigh as you spread your legs
Enticing a little moan from your cock filled mouth
Without thinking I blurt out 'I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long'
As soon as it comes out I’m afraid of what I just said
I shouldn’t' have said that
I shouldn’t be here; you shouldn't have my cock in your mouth
And we both shouldn't like it so much
You take your head of my cock; lick your lips and say, 'well I've wanted you inside me for a while now too'
I blush at the thought
You remove your shirt completely
And I sit down on the bed and reach over to feel your breasts
I had seen them in bras and through shirts since they were just budding
They were just perfect
They were warm and soft to the touch
I run my hands all over them
You reach over and start stroking my cock up and down in your hand
I say 'can I' while my hand reaches for your pussy
You nod your head
I reach down and feel your hard little clit
My fingers continue down your pussy lips
You are so fucking wet it makes me harder
I rub my fingers over your wet lips getting my fingers wet, as I take one and find your opening and press it in a bit
You make a little gasping noise and I press further
My fingers now reaching deep inside you
As far as they can go
And you say 'oh god yes, fuck me'
So I start to pull them out and thrust them in
Your hips start pushing into my hand and your hand goes faster over my cock
You contort your body so you can get my cock into your mouth
As I finger fuck you all I hear is a muffled
Mmm, hmm, hmm, hmm as I fuck my fingers into you
You move your tongue around the underside of my shaft while I feel my head against the back of your throat
This has to be the best most exciting sex I’ve ever had
I think you are just the hottest thing I’ve ever seen naked, much less done anything sexual with
I finger fuck you and think I’ve ruined the moment when I realize you are cumming
I say 'oh I’m so sorry'
And you tell me 'keep going!'
So I do, and you quickly orgasm again
And I just think 'holy shit!'
None of my other girl friends had ever been able to do that...
You tell me to wait a minute; you're really sensitive right now as you try to catch your breath
In a moment you look at me with deep sultry eyes of wanting and say, fuck me now, please
How can I say no
I say 'but what about...' and trail off
You say 'its okay, I’m on birth control'
My mind eased I get on the bed and straddle in-between your legs which you’ve now raised up, feet on the bed, as I position myself between your legs
You grab a pillow and throw it under your ass and hips, lifting you up, my hard cock bouncing as I move forward
I see your pussy, engorged, lips spread wide, you’re vaginal opening exposed to me
And I think 'this is it, I’m going to actually fuck my little sister'
You say 'please, fuck me. I really want you to fuck me. Now.'
Almost begging
I press forward, my cock head pressing against you
You press forward as I do the same, my cock finally sliding into you
So tight
I don’t know, I don’t think so, but damn if you don’t feel like a virgin
My cock has no choice but to dive deep inside you
Your warmth encompassing it
You head flung back
Hair a mess, all over the place
Your tits pointed
I reach forward and grab them
As I bend down and lick around one of your nipples and you say 'fuck yes, fuck me'
And I slowly undulate my hips forward and back, my pubic area grinding against your clit
My penis coming part way out of your, then sliding back in
The pussy juices evaporating a bit, making my cock and balls feel a bit cool in the night air
I look up to see you looking at me, we lock eyes and you ask me to fuck you harder
So I put my back straight and grab under you knees
You lift your legs up in the air, legs spread wide to the ceiling, and I start thrusting into you
Your moaning grows heavy
Your breath short
My cock now pounding into you
I hear as you take a deep gasping breath and hold it
As I feel your pussy clamp down on my cock in waves
'Fuck me! FUCK ME!' you cry
As I return to thrusting into you, faster than before
My effort is met with cries of 'yes yes, yes yes!'
As I get into it and start grunting a bit with each thrust
My balls now making a satisfying thwack sound against your pussy soaked taint
I pull one of your legs over in front of me, and press them together, you rolled on your side a bit, legs out front
Your pussy lips are now squished together nicely showing through your legs to me
As I move forward again to press home my cock into you again
You say 'fuck yes. Do me. Hard. Really, really hard'
I had heard you a few times when you masturbated, and gotten really hard
Even had to join you
And I had heard you be pretty loud
But nothing like this
You have wild eyes
A desire and fire I had never seen in my kid sis before
She must have been telling the truth when she said she wanted this
I keep fucking you as you come again, your pussy squeezing my cock
The sensations unbelievable
You tell me to cum
That you want me to cum inside of you
To fill you up with my cum
At this point I can’t argue I’m speechless, my balls aching to squirt my man seed inside my sisters twat
She reaches back to the head board and grabs it
Stretching her tits and stomach out further
This view I cannot stand
'AaarRRGgghhhhh’ I cry as my first spasm of spunk squirts out of me
3 more big spasms
As my cock head gets very sensitive, pins of touch shoot up my spine
As I try to just remain still as another 4 spasms of cum squirt and then ooze out of me
'Omg sis' I say
You say 'that was great'
I pull out of you
And watch a bit of cum drizzle out
Somewhat confused and overwhelmed I ask 'now what?'
You say, lay behind me and hold me
So I lay down my still partly hard cock, pressed against your ass
My hand wraps over your shoulder and fondles your tit again
They really are great
My head next to hers I whisper, 'I love you sis'
A wise ass, she says, 'I know.' matter of factly

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