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Ashley and Tracie thought a little home Christmas party would be fun and by the weekend we had all the supplies, including a small fortune worth of liquor. Tracie told me she hadn’t really drank much but that she was excited about being taken advantage of by Ashley and I. She had no idea what that would mean.

We danced, laughed, and generally fooled around. Multiple times I sensed we were moments from tearing clothes off, so I did my best to calm the party down. By midnight Tracie was plenty wasted and called me out after I pulled away from a kiss.

“Jeez, you fucking tease, don’t you want to fuck this,” she giggled, sliding onto the couch on all fours and sticking her ass high in the air.

“Yeah, Mark, I think you’ve kept us waiting long enough,” Ashley said, spanking Tracie’s ass hard. “Fuck this gorgeous ass with me, baby.”

My cock agreed with them, and they knew it. “Well, actually, I have a little surprise that I’ve been waiting for. I ordered up a little entertainment, so, let’s just enjoy that for a while first.” Ashley looked at me with knowing eyes while Tracie seemed thoroughly confused.

I headed off to the bathroom and sent the short text to Jessie. Hardly a second after I reemerged the doorbell rang, she must have been waiting down the street.

Tracie, who’s head was swimming from a little too much rum, sank onto the couch. Ashley and I sauntered over to the door and swung it open. There stood Jessie, in a Santa hat and full length red with white trimmed Santa coat. She smiled and politely asked if she could come in from the cold.

“May I take your coat?” Ashley asked, winking at me.

“Oh, no, sweetie, it’s a little nippy out,” Jessie replied. We led her to the living room, which was only half-lit and had the sound of dance beats pulsing.

“Who’s that?” Tracie asked. Jessie said nothing as Ashley and I dropped onto the couch next to Tracie, she simply walked to the table and poured four drinks. She handed one to each of us and then downed hers in a single gulp. I noticed she had fire-engine red heals on when she spun around and took her place at the center of the room.

“Seriously, who is…” Tracie was interrupted by Jessie smoothly dropping her coat in one motion. “Oh, wow,” Tracie slurred, her watery eyes wide and taking in the breathtaking sight before us.

Jessie’s tits were two softballs hidden by a candy cane colored bra. Her stomach was smooth, tan, and made my jaw drop. She had on festive panties that I suspected might be a thong but couldn’t tell, and the whole ensemble was draped by a pink, mesh overlay.

Jessie began her routine without any provocation. She swayed with the music and hypnotized the lot of us. When she spun I saw that indeed she wore a thong that split a fantastically firm ass. She tantalized us, bending and swirling, sliding clothes off temporarily and giving us brief views of fresh skin, all of it obstructed by the pink mesh. She worked her way closer to us and ran her hand across Ashley’s cheek. I took the opportunity to glance at my girls and gauge their reaction and, it seemed pretty clear, they were hooked. Ashley sat back in awe but her eyes fluttered as Jessie’s hand grazed her. Tracie was up and on the edge of her seat, and I watched her fighting to keep her hands to herself.

Soon the pink mesh number was on the ground and I heard Tracie holler for Jessie to ‘take it off!’ Jessie giggled and sauntered over to us, sliding her coat over with her. “Santa brought a gift for you, and you, and you,” she smiled, poking a playful finger at each of us.

Jessie sat her heavenly ass on my lap, grinding it down against my cock, with her legs across Tracie. “Your present first, young one,” she smiled at Tracie and reached down into her coat. Tracie was absolutely enraptured.

What she pulled out was one of those enormous candy canes you see in stores, at least a foot long and thick. She unwrapped it, licked the tip gingerly, dragged it seductively from her lips to her panties and then handed it to Tracie. “Use it as you see fit,” she smiled. Tracie’s eyes were wide and she licked her lips.

“And for you,” she winked at Ashley before reaching back into her coat. She pulled up a fuzzy collar and a short, fuzzy leash. Ashley was equally wide eyed as Jessie took the initiative and snapped the collar around Ashley’s neck. Jessie then arched her back and gave the leash and sharp yank, pulling Ashley’s face down hard into Jessie’s supple cleavage. For a second, no one moved. I waited in anticipation, knowing what happened next was hugely important. It seemed Tracie, who was nearly panting with desire but even in her drunken state still didn’t want to cross any lines, was waiting to see how Ashley responded.

After a moment of hesitation, Ashley’s mouth opened, her tongue slide out, and she began furiously licking and sucking at Jessie’s soft mounds. Jessie eased her bra off and her big nipples poked free for an instant before Ashley smothered them. My cock was crying underneath Jessie.

Tracie squealed with joy and attacked. I held Jessie’s panties aside, touching her myself for the first time really, and exposed a mostly bare pussy with a tiny patch of dark hair above her clit. Tracie licked her lips and leaned in, uncoordinated thanks to the liquor, and landing hard in Jessie’s pussy. Jessie sighed deeply as my women both worked her mercilessly with their tongues.

I watched with skyrocketing lust as Tracie’s candy cane disappeared inside Jessie sopping pussy. Tracie carefully and slowly stroked it in and out of her, causing Jessie to shutter with each insertion. Jessie sat up, much to Ashley’s dismay, and rocked on me as Tracie worked her near orgasm. Jessie held me and crushed her luscious tits against my face as she came hard on the sweet treat inside her.

“My gift to you,” Jessie panted as her orgasm subsided. She took hold of the candy cane from Tracie and brought it up to my mouth. I sucked it eagerly and a sweet and tangy taste of a strange woman’s cum drove me wild.

“Let’s do this,” I roared and stood up, lifting Jessie with me. Tracie and Ashley both agreed and shed their clothes quickly. I bent Jessie over the arm of the couch and ripped her thong to the ground. Jessie gave Ashley’s leashed a tug and directed her on the couch in front of her so that Jessie had easy access to Ashley’s pussy. Her face was immediately lost in Ashley’s dark pubic hair. Tracie straddled Ashley and smothered her with her young pussy and a chorus of satisfied moans broke out. Meanwhile, I freed my cock and took aim at Jessie’s soaked cunt. I pushed forward hard and slammed her down, wanting to fuck her with force, show her that even with the blackmail I was in charge, that in this house I owned her.

Jessie’s pussy felt like no stranger to rough fucking and in no time I was pumping in and out smoothly. Jessie slid the candy cane up to Ashley and it was soon crammed inside Tracie’s pussy, the shock of which causing her to fall forward onto the pile of women. I held Jessie’ hips steady and fucked hard and much to my pleasure I watched as Tracie reached a hand up and probed at Jessie’s delightful looking asshole. Jessie moaned expletives into Ashley’s pussy and a series of orgasms shook through the group. Tracie’s was first and hard and she rolled off the couch and laid swearing on the ground. Ashley came next, her pussy falling to skillful fingering and tonguing from Jessie. When both my girls were done I decided to finish things the way I wanted, to firmly secured with Jessie that I was in charge and she was mine in this arrangement, not the other way around.

I eased out of Jessie and moved to the couch, straddling Ashley in the process. I grabbed a handful of Jessie’s jet black hair and pulled her face up, jamming my slick cock into her slack jaw. I wasted no time, fucking forcefully into her throat and ignoring her gags and gurgles. The living room filled with the wonderful, sloppy sound of a throat being slammed open. Ashley and Tracie urged me on, begging for me to pummel Jessie throat.

I responded, slamming myself deep and growling as I dumped a thick load inside. My cum flooded Jessie’s abused throat and I hollered for her to swallow me whole. I felt her gulp me down, shot after shot, as I emptied a sizable volume into her slutty throat hole.


2015-02-17 05:31:37
Mr. Reader, you posted your story August 31, 2010. Today is February 16, 2015. Many years after you posted this story. From Sept 3, 2010 " not very good compared to the other two. I think you rushed this one too much. Even though the girls were plastered, they welcomed a 3rd girl way too easily " Many of your fans want more detail , slower pace, and personalities of the people.

anonymous readerReport

2010-09-13 07:40:47
too short... not as much detail as the first two... keep em coming... harem implies they all live together

anonymous readerReport

2010-09-03 21:10:10
not very good compared to the other two. I think you rushed this one too much. Even though the girls were plastered, they welcomed a 3rd girl way too easily

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2010-09-03 19:41:28
Fucking badass man!!! You kick ass!!!!!! Make him fuck all there ass next

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2010-09-03 15:15:06
short yet sweet as they say, keep up the good fight!!!

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