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A joke for the ppl who never heard it before.
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Two married buddies are out drinking one night when one turns to the other and says, "You know, I don't know what else to do. Whenever I go home after we've been out drinking, I turn the headlights off before I get to the driveway. I shut off the engine and coast into the garage. I take my shoes off before I go into the house, I sneak up the stairs, I get undressed in the bathroom. I ease into bed and my wife STILL wakes up and yells at me for staying out so late!"

His buddy looks at him and says, "Well, you're obviously taking the wrong approach. I screech into the driveway, slam the door, storm up the steps, throw my shoes into the closet, jump into bed, rub my hands on my wife's ass and say, 'How about a blowjob?' ... and she's always sound asleep."

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2016-08-11 16:35:33
pls Can someone explain to me what this joke actually means............

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2015-07-25 12:29:53
Funny, love it keep the jokes coming

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2015-07-25 11:22:42
Funny, love it keep the jokes coming

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2015-06-10 08:22:52
That was hilarious...... :) well done! From a female fan....ks

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2014-02-16 17:09:17

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