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Part 3 has been ready for a while but its been reedited quite a bit. I got a few Extras in the making and in fine tuning mode. First one should be done soon.
Third day. He was getting the hang of things ever since the day before. Today would be another day he would continue the little vendetta that he gleefully started. Brimming with confidence and ideas, a great new sense of power overtook him, a power that could not be opposed, a power of control that would change his once miserable life forever. However, he minded the urge to go crazy, holding himself back until he fully understood what this power was capable of. He had all the time in the world, considering he had no obligations to anyone. Not any more. From now on, his workplace will function according to his will, and the fun only started with his long hated bitch of an enemy, Kelly April.

Even after yesterday, he felt that he was not satisfied. Making her a fuck doll was part of the fun and he felt like he wanted to play just a bit longer before he went on with other plans. Kelly April will be the target for today again. The whole day. He wanted to see her do things she would never do, do things that no person of her stature or reputation would ever do.

He waited for her to appear at the elevator lobby, taking his time to revel at her normal appearence despite what happened. No odd looks. No screams of distress. No expression of terror or shame. It was as if it was any normal day. He had made her keep the memory as part of the norm, shape her mind to accept it as if it was a normal pleasant happening, confident that this dream world he was creating for himself would hold together.

"Good morning, April." He greeted her. He fought back the urge to burst into malicious laughter.
"Good morning, Gary." She replied, with a more pleasant tone than what she normally gave him.
"Did you enjoy last night?"
"Oh, yes." She replied immediately, flashing him a small smile. "Did you like it? I hope it pleased you enough."
"You did good, April. Very good."

They exchanged this shameless talk publically, in front of a half dozen other people. Of course, Gary had his influence on them, but he relished in the thought of her saying what she said in front of her friends and colleagues. She sounded just like the slut he wanted her to be.

"Are you wearing what I told you to wear?"

She turned to face him and grinned. Putting her briefcase down, her hands reached down to the hems of her pencil skirt and pulled it up to flash her underwear to the world, a bright striking red that was thin and lacy. A sexy pair of panties. Gary figured she had such a pair in her waredrobe and he was pleased to see the fruits of his wild guess.

"Good." Gary stepped up to her as she dropped down her skirt to cover herself once more, "Today, I'll be watching you for a time." He reached out to unbutton her blouse a little, to the point that the cleavage and some fabric of her matching red bra was exposed. He fought the urge to tackle her and do her right there in the office lobby. It wasnt time yet. "Be a good girl, ok?"
"Sure, Gary." She said clearly.

The trip up the elevator. He was standing next to her in the crowded lift. They were packed in pretty tight. Gary knew her to be particularly chatty over the few minutes or so to get to where they wanted to be. He had an idea and looked around the crowd for a familiar face. He immediately recognized a secretary who worked with her. He didnt know her name but he worked his idea anyway, expanding his control.

"God..." He made April say, "I hate my job. I'd rather be sucking cock and fucking this early in the morning."
"Yeah. A cocks better than any job. You get a lot more out of it than the shit we're getting paid with." He made the secretary say.
"I'll gladly be an office slut than pushing papers."
"Never too late to start. Any ideas of who you'd fuck first?"
"Way ahead of you." April chuckled and smiled, "I'm sticking to the janitor. I'll let him blow his load inside me anytime he wants, anywhere he wants, however many times he wants."
"Aint got no shame, dont you?" The secretary laughed.
"Feels too good to feel anything else." She grinned back at her.

Thier lewd conversation could reach the ears of everyone in the elevator. Gary could feel himself gloat and his dick twitch from listening. As the elevator stopped, he made sure to grope April's half exposed boobs before he let her go, following her down the hall. Today's schedule was that she would be at her office most of the time, only out twice for breaks. She had a meeting sometime in the afternoon that coincided with her break, so that presented quite an opportunity. He followed her all the way into her office, watched her sit down on her chair. He floated around the room for a while, allowing her to pull out her papers and start up her PC.

"Would you like me to print those pictures now, Gary?" She asked. He did not command her but it was part of the plan he planted.
"Nows a good time."
"I had fun taking these photos. It made me so wet."

Gary watched her load some paper into the printer and work about her computer, plugging in a thumbdrive. Within moments, the familiar hum of the machine could be heard and it began chugging out printed photo quality paper, all of which showed April in various states of undress. Before she went home yesterday, he commanded her to take these and print them over today in the office. She pulled out a picture frame for each one, nine in total, and started to replace various photos around her office with the lewd ones she had taken. Her holiday photo in the Alps. Her graduation picture. A random photo of a lake. Every last one replaced with half naked photos of herself. After she was done, she handed Gary one of the copies, one of April on her knees with her arms around her back, dressed in nothing more than a pair of transparent black stockings and looking more than ready to get some.

This will be his mark of conquest. He had decided to make each of his targets take pictures of themselves and give him copies. His marks of triumph, fitting 'ends' over the evils they had done to him. He'd be sure to display those pictures at home with pride.

"Enjoy the picture, Gary."
"Great selection, baby."
"Thanks. I put some extra effort in the one I gave you."

He was about to conclude thier conversation with something more exciting when a secretary entered the room and asked for her attention. She had to work for the next hour or so but Gary made sure that there were a few distractions for his pleasure. He made her flash, seduce and flirt with him in various naughty ways, asking if her bra was to tight, bending over to pick up a dropped stapler, pressing herself against him, even reaching into her panties to touch herself for a short moment. He made sure that there were people around to see how willingly she does each command. Then he waited patiently until her first scheduled break time. This was her coffee lunch break and she usually headed for the lounge to get herself a sandwich and a coffee. Today the menu was going to be a little different.

Following her into the lounge, he allowed her to munch on her sandwich, but he disallowed her to grab any coffee. Instead, he waited for her to finish her sandwich before he expanded her control. He had seated himself next to her by a table in the middle of the lounge, a somewhat modernly furnished and semi crowded locale for his next dastardly act of vengence.

"Im thirsty for something different." She said to him, turning to face him on her chair. "I dont think I'll need the coffee for the afternoon. I think I need something more delicious. Can your cock give me some?"
"Oh?" Gary smiled evilly, "Since when did you become such an office slut, April?"
"Ever since I first tasted your cock." She answered eagerly, ignoring a colleague walking right past them.
"Do you really want my cock that badly? Do you know where we are?"
"Yes, I do and I dont care. I want your cock and your sweet load in my mouth, right now." Her eyes droopy and her mouth curved.
"Then suck it all you want, honey. Do it in front of everybody, and make sure they see you."

Shifting off her seat in a hurry, she unbuttoned the rest of her blouse and unhooked her bra to let her luscious tits hang loosely, letting everyone in the lounge to see her half naked self. Smiling widely, she edged Gary's legs apart and knelt down between them, giggling softly, stroking the bulge in his jeans. Unzipping them and pulling down his undies, she reached in, whipping out his hardened cock. Within seconds, she let her lips wrap around his length and pushed her head forward, allowing the whole thing to slip freely into her mouth.

"Kelly's giving the janitor a blowjob." He could hear someone say, as he had commanded them. Music to his ears, along with the loud suckling and moaning that April was giving off with each bob down his meat. His image of a new, slutty and decadent April was now complete with this blatantly exhibitionist event. She will now be known as the office's 'first' slut. A fitting title for a worst enemy. He folded his arms behind his neck, triumph and pleasured bliss washing over him.

She was going hard and fast, her pretty eyes looking up at him in a provocative manner, her arms wrapped around her back in a submissive posture. The sight was exquisite, and he felt like a king, all the way until he reached his first orgasm of the day. He could feel her mouth latch harder as he blasted his load into her mouth, bucking wildly in his chair, causing the whole thing and the table next to them to shudder and creak. She did not waste a drop and he felt her throat work up and down, fresh jizz reaching down into her with each swallow. After his last shot, she pulled herself out with an exasperated gasp, licking and lapping at his still hardened dick.

"Thanks for the lunch, Gary." She breathed, taking her time to dress herself once more and only rising to her feet after she was sure he was completely clean.
"You're welcome... Be sure to join me for your next break later."

She responded with a smile, jiggling her bouncy breasts from side to side in playful anticipation. Buttoning herself up, she waved him a goodbye and walked away, ignoring the staring crowd around them. All of them were staring at a stray dribble of white still stuck to her lower lip.

He followed her off to her meeting in the next room and watched through the proceedings through the glass wall, all the while reveling in the sight of the little drop of cum plastered onto her lip. He watched it drip slowly down her chin, and he made her not do anything even as it dripped down into her exposed cleavage.

"Kelly. You got cum on your face. Its dripping." He made one of the managers speak to her.
"Oh, sorry." She answered calmly, and with a finger, she shoveled it all back where it belonged, swallowing once before going back to her professional smile. "I had some for lunch. Got a little messy."

After half an hour, normal office hours continued. The next break marked the near end of the working day. So far, Gary was really enjoying himself. The more he made her do, the more he wanted to see more of it. At every turn and at every opportunity, he made her into that shameless office slut, a new type of sexually charged employee that no one has ever seen before. Of all the things he did, he made sure that no other man touched her, a selfish drive to make this moment of decadent history his and his alone.

All was well. It was time to finish her off. A finalle that will live in memory forever. He anticipatingly led her to the storage room he had prepared the other day. They entered and Gary made sure the door was wide open. The beauty of this room was that the whole corridor outside could hear what was going on in here if the sounds were unobstructed. As soon as he turned around, he found the sexy woman sitting on the table opposite from the door, pencil skirt pulled up, legs spread wide and working on shifting the stringy red underwear she had on to expose her wet, excited sex. She stared at him lustily as her fingers slipped against the outer lips, her mouth parted and breathing deeply.

"I'm glad to see you're ready for 'cum break'." Gary grinned, dropping his pants down onto the floor.
"Yeah, Gary." She breathed as she continued to finger herself, "Im ready to take it anywhere you want!"
"In your pussy, honey." He licked his lips, "Deep and hard in your pussy, but first, smile at the camera. I'll need a few words for prosperity."

At the command, she slowly turned her head sideways to stare at the video cam he had set up in that direction. Without a shred of decency or modesty, she smiled sweetly.

"Hi. My name is Kelly April." She spoke cheerfully, "Three days ago, I used to be a bitch, but now Im this office's first office slut, thanks to Gary. Now Im his personal cum slut and fuck toy. To celebrate, Im gonna show everybody just how much I love his cum inside me."

He stepped forward and grabbed her hips, pulling her closer to him. She lifted her hand to grab onto his hardened cock and guided it towards her. Thrusting his hips, his member penetrated deep into her easily and the familiar sensation of tightness blew his mind once again. When he entered, she let out a loud gasp of air and moaned continiously as he started rocking his hips and pulling her into him at a heated pace. The whole day of decadent teasing had made him particularly horny and he did not pull any stops, fucking her nice and hard with a cock hard as a rock.

"Fuck my tight wet pussy, Gary." She breathed loudly, allowing him to use her body and wrapping her stockinged legs around his waist, "Fill me with your hot load!"

Her squeezing and coaxing made him explode inside her particularly quickly. He let out moan after moan as he kept thrusting into her, with her rocking her hips in rhythm to his knocking and her mouth wide open. Even after his orgasm drew to a close, he kept raging on, ravaging her mercilessly.

"Oh, I love the hot feeling of cum inside my fucking cunt!" She breathed as she unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her bra, unleashing her bouncing tits to rouse him some more. "Use my pussy, Gary! Cum as many times as you want!"

Gary grabbed her legs and pumped even harder, leaning forwards to munch and lick upon her exposed breasts. One of the most hated manager's was now completely under his spell and now a slave for his sexual pleasure. No more need to masturbate while fantasizing about revenge. He now had the power to take it, by taking her any way he wanted, anywhere he wanted.

"That time when you were cleaning my office for the first time, Gary." She breathed. "I wanted to suck your cock and ride it hard so badly! I wanted your cum inside me so bad I masturbated all night!" She paused to gasp a few times, "Im sorry Ive been such a bitch! Make me your cum slut! Make me your whore!"

He could even make her say things he wanted her to say in the spirit of the thought. Even her pussy was wet from a simple command. There were so many things he could do, it confounded him with evil thoughts. A wild grin drew across his face as he watched April be taken by him.

"You want me to cum inside your pussy again, my little slut?"
"Yes! I want it! Shoot your sperm deep inside me!"
"Keep begging for it, April!"
"Oh yeah, Gary! Give me all your cum! I want more of your hot sticky spunk inside my cunt! Drain it deep inside me, baby!"

He thrusted deep and hard one last time with a long groan, pushing his cock all the way inside her depths. April moaned loudly with each blast of fresh juice to add to the already huge load. Seeps of semen began to spill out of her tightened hole, now completely full of white hot substance. Her lips spread into a wide smile, her expression showing her revelling of Gary's enjoyment of extreme pleasure.

After his last shot, Gary slowly pulled out, her pussy oozing with fresh spunk all over, onto the table, onto the floor and down her thighs as she lowered her limp legs. April slowly reached down onto her well used pussy and rubbed her folds, spreading the man juice all over. She reached in with a finger and pulled out a scoop, bringing the load to her lips and downing it with a luscious suckle.

"My pussy is so full of your spunk..." She breathed and licked her lips, looking straight at him. "It feels so good inside me.... Tastes so good too...."
"You'll take my jizz for as long as I want you to, baby." Gary smiled, pulling his pants up.
"Yes, sir." She replied and ate more of his cum.

All the while, the video camera had caught everything. His conquest was complete. He had nude photos, a sex tape and her reputation of her new identity, securing everything he would ever want from her. The sense of relief and satisfaction was so good that he had to laugh. He hadnt felt like this in so long that he could feel the tension in his shoulders almost litrerally disappear just by looking at the gasping, euphoric slut before him. All in all, the past few days had been a success, and he felt that he should rest on his laurels for too long.

The next one awaits. There was still so much to do.

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Keep up the good work. I hope there is more to come.

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Keep up the good work. I hope there is more to come.

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