Since the first one gained such great results, I couldn't help but write a sequel.
Since the first one received such positive results, I couldn't help but right a sequel. Once again, I must politely ask that you do not complain about unrealistic concepts (I already know how unrealistic it is), and that you keep comments constructive. I hope you enjoy the story and I hope it lives up to the standards set by the prequel. Thank you.

Part 1:

“Do you see the screw?” Ashley asked as her mom looked underneath a bureau.
Both women were naked in Jill’s bedroom (Though they now shared the room. Since that first orgasmic threesome three days ago, they slept in the same bed and walked around the house constantly naked, because they couldn’t keep but fuck nonstop. No matter what room they were in, they would start kissing or eating each other out whenever they laid eyes on each other.). Next to them were a cardboard box and the unassembled parts of a sex swing. They were having some trouble.
“No, it’s around here somewhere, but I can’t find it. Damn this thing is confusing, I knew we should have gotten the stripper pole.” Jill said as she tried to see in the dusty darkness of the space underneath the furniture.
Ashley didn’t answer. She was licking her lips as her fingers began to move back and forth on the soft skin of her inner thigh. Her eyes were fixed on her mom’s ass, which was sticking in the air as the blond milf looked for the screw. No matter how long she licked her mom’s pussy and fingered her asshole (or vice versa), she just couldn’t get enough. She didn’t know if it was the taste and feeling or the taboo, but the unquenchable thirst for her mom’s pussy juice was… maddening.
By now, Jill was no longer looking for the screw. She knew her that her daughter was starring at her and she enjoyed the feeling of being watched. She licked her lips as she flexed her thighs to show her tight asshole and wet pussy. Teasing her daughter was Jill’s favorite new hobby, and like Ashley, her horniness was constant. While Ashley couldn’t stop licking her mom’s soft wet insides, Jill loved to dominate her daughter and watch her daughter dominated.
She loved to sit on her daughters face with almost her whole weight, ram her daughter with a dildo as fast as her arm could move, and grab Ashley’s hair like a collar. I was still out of commission, but if there was one memory that made Jill cum instantly, it was when I first fucked her daughter’s asshole. Seeing her daughter defiled right in front of her and listening to her scream as her ass was ravaged made her cum whenever she thought back to it.
As Jill began moving her round ass from side to side, a perfume bottle on the edge of the bureau began to wobble. It finally fell and it hit Jill’s head, spraying her with perfume.
(This wasn’t normal perfume; this was the really old kind where the company that made it no longer existed. It was the kind in which just a few drops could fill the whole room with the thick smell.)
“Uh oh.” Jill said as she felt the thick perfume running up her back. She sat up and her daughter looked at the bottle. They both looked at each other in horror.
“Go! Go! Go!” Ashley exclaimed.
Jill bolted for the bathroom as fast as she could. As she stepped through the door, Ashley released a scream as the horrible odor slammed into her like a brick wall. Just as she stepped into the shower, the smell hit Jill as well, almost making her stumble from how oppressive the fumes were.
She turned the water on full blast and scrubbed furiously to get the perfume out of her hair. Outside, Ashley had gotten rid of the perfume bottle, had wiped it off the hardwood floor, and was trying to get the smell out of every crevasse with a damp towel. She had a rag covering her nose and mouth and she was just glad that the floors weren’t carpeted. As bad as the smell was, she couldn’t help but laugh at the situation and how they had reacted. It had reminded her of one of those bomb scenes in the movies.
“I cleaned it up mom!” Ashley hollered once the smell was gone.
“I wish I had your luck, this stuff won’t come out of my skin!” Her mom replied. A small smile crept up Ashley’s face as she got an idea.
“Maybe I’ll help out.” She said as she licked her lips.
She opened up a drawer in the bedside table and pulled out what she was looking for. She stepped into the bathroom and looked at her mom through the transparent shower curtain. The sight of the water running down her soft tits, her curved hips, and her round ass was making Ashley hot and wet in seconds.
Placing the object on the ground just outside of the shower, she silently stepped inside the steaming rain. She stood behind her mom and wrapped her arms around her waist. Jill was surprised for a moment but gave a soft moan as Ashley began to kiss her neck.
“How about I give you some help?” Ashley purred as she grabbed the bar of soap.
Slowly, Ashley began stroking Jill’s slim belly with the soap, lathering her soft flesh. She slowly moved her hand up, and Jill began to hum as Ashley traced her areolas with the bar of soap. Once her hands were covered in soap, Ashley put aside the bar and began lathering Jill’s breasts. The plump mounds of flesh slipped and rolled in her hands as Ashley massaged the milf’s tits. They were so slippery that Ashley could barely hold them, but just the feeling of rubbing the nipples with her palms and feeling the under-boobs with the back of her hands was driving her crazy.
She moved her hands up and began rubbing Jill’s shoulders. Jill hummed and purred as her daughter gave her a sensual neck rub and massage. She moved her hands down and began rubbing Jill’s ass, squeezing the round cheeks almost brutally hard. Jill moaned as her daughter began rubbing her asshole with her thumb, not entering, but gently pressing down on the ring to tease her mom.
Jill turned around and the two women began kissing passionately. Their tongues wrapped around each other as they lathered each other’s bodies. The soap was quickly washed away by the pouring hot water as they rubbed their breasts, stomachs, and hips against each other. Ashley got down on her knees and began licking Jill’s vagina, savoring the taste of her mom’s pussy juice as the hot water mixed with it and overflowed from her mouth.
As she sent her tongue up her mom’s pussy as far as possible, Ashley was looking up at the water running off of Jill’s breasts and pouring onto her face. The water pouring off her nipples was splashing her forehead. Jill moaned in ecstasy as she rubbed her breasts with one hand and ran her fingers through Ashley’s hair with the other hand. Gripping Ashley’s hair tightly, Jill pushed her daughter’s face into her pussy. She moaned louder and louder, enjoying the feeling of the wet tongue exploring the soft insides between her pussy lips, and relishing the sight and sense of dominance as she looked down at her naked daughter on her knees.
“Hold on a second.” Ashley said as she pulled her face away.
Jill was moments away from an orgasm and she didn’t want to lose the wonderful feeling. She turned back around and let the water run down her back as she leaned against the wall and worked her cunt with her fingers. Her low moan turned into a high-pitched whine as she fingered herself harder and harder, knowing where to rub for the best feeling. After several seconds, she had a gushing orgasm and gave a shrill whine. Pussy juice flowed down her legs and was washed away by the hot water of the shower.
Jill leaned against the wall, trying to catch her breath. She suddenly released a yelp as she felt something large forced up inside of her. Ashley was on her knees behind her, with a large double-headed dildo in her hand. The 18” dildo was their favorite toy and they used it constantly.
Jill moaned as her daughter slowly pumped her with the dildo. She stroked the other end with the rubber head just inches from lips, teasing herself. Finally, she wrapped her lips around the rubber head and slowly pushed it to the back of her mouth. Gagging as it reached her uvula, Ashley forced it into her throat. Making sure that she could still breath, she pushed it as far into her throat as possible, enjoying the kinky feeling of defiling herself with the dildo, almost in a masochistic way.
Holding onto the dildo with only the muscles in her throat, Ashley’s head began to bob back and forth as she fucked Jill with the other end. As Jill moaned, Ashley had her eyes fixed on her mom’s asshole. She rubbed her cunt in horniness as she thought about the taste and feeling of Jill’s anus, while wishing that she could somehow keep on deep-throating the dildo and send her tongue up her mother’s asshole at the same time.
After several minutes, she released the dildo and spread Jill’s ass cheeks. Still fucking her with the dildo, Ashley began licking her mom’s asshole, sending her tongue deep up inside Jill. As she licked her mom’s asshole and fucked her pussy with one end of the dildo, she rubbed the other end against her tits, imagining that it was my cock shooting cum all over her soaking wet breasts.
Finally, both girls had gushing orgasms. Pussy juice flowed from between both girls’ legs, and Jill’s orgasmic liquid ran down the dildo and dribbled onto her daughter’s breasts. Trembling, Jill turned off the water and pulled the dildo out of her stretched cunt.
“Let’s go back to the bedroom, it’s my turn to use this on you.” Jill said coyly as she licked her juices off of the dildo, savoring the taste of her own essence.
They moved to the bedroom and Ashley lay down. With the double-headed dildo in one hand, Jill suspended herself over her daughter and the two nymphomaniacs began kissing passionately. Jill began to move down, dragging her tongue down the side of her daughter’s neck, kissing her collarbone, and finally licking her breasts. Ashley gave a soft moan as she felt the suction of Jill’s lips around her hard nipples.
Jill savored the taste of her daughter’s voluptuous breasts and burying her face in between the fleshy mounds, trying to feel Ashley’s tits with every inch of the skin on her face. After several moments, Jill moved down, dragging her tongue down her daughter’s slim belly, and finally reached the soft lips of her pussy. She gently pressed down on the soft flesh between the luscious lips of Ashley’s cunt with her finger, causing her to moan softly as she rubbed her breasts with her palms.
“Who would have thought that my baby girl would have such a sweet tasting cunt?” Jill said softly with a small smile as she kissed the soft lips the way she had kissed her daughter.
Ashley began to moan as her mother explored the soft wet insides of her pussy with her tongue, exploring every corner and slurping up the oozing juices of her kin. Jill quickly became more aggressive, sending three fingers into her daughter’s pussy. She used her fingers to stimulate her daughter so that she could lick up even more cum.
She pulled out her fingers and began sucking on them, pushing down her tongue and deep-throating her fingers until she gagged. She then began rubbing her own pussy, making sure that her hand was coated in the thick layer of juices. She then put her hand back inside her daughter, mixing the two juices. Ashley licked her lips as she felt her mom’s cum mixed with her own in her sloppy wet cunt.
Jill licked up the mixture, soaked her fingers in it, and then let her daughter suck it from her fingers. Using the layers of cum and saliva on her fingers as lubricant, she inserted them in her daughter’s asshole, making Ashley squirm in arousal. After several moments, she pulled her face from between Ashley’s legs and retrieved the 18” double-headed dildo.
Jill got on top of Ashley in the 69 position with her perfect ass hovering over her daughter’s face. Ashley licked her lips as she tried to contain the urge to bury her face in between the cheeks. Causing her daughter to moan, Jill pushed one end of the dildo into her pussy. Jill wrapped her lips around the other end as she sat on her daughter’s face. As Ashley licked her cunt and anus, Jill began to deep-throat the dildo while using it to fuck her daughter.
Unlike what her daughter had done in the shower, Jill kept her head stationary while gripping the middle of the dildo and moving it back and forth with her hand. By moving the dildo and not her head, she could fuck her throat and Ashley’s pussy at the same time.
Both women had stifled moans from the sensual rhythm. With her pussy and asshole being licked, Jill’s voice was garbled as she gagged on the dildo. Like her mom, Ashley couldn’t vocally express the feeling of the dildo inside her, because she was smothering herself in her mother’s perfect ass and squeezing the cheeks against the sides of her face.
After several minutes, both women had gushing orgasms and were coated in each other’s juices. Ashley moved out from under her mother and moved back to the headboard with one end of the dildo still in her pussy. Jill lay down on her back and the two women moved closer and closer together with their legs interlocked.
She finally pushed the other end into her pussy, and they moved closer and closer together until the toy was lost between and inside them. Moaning loudly, the two women began to move back and forth and rhythm, grinding their hips as they pushed the dildo deep inside of each other. The middle of the dildo could be seen in quick instances as the lips of the women’s cunts would kiss each other and release with the toy in between them.
After several minutes of moaning and rubbing their pussies together, they finally separated. Ashley pulled the dildo out of her cunt and both women got on their hands and knees.
“Ready mom?” Jill asked as she pressed one end of the dildo against her asshole.
“Ready baby.” Her mom purred as she pressed the other end against her own asshole.
Both women released a high-pitched moan as they pushed back against it, forcing both ends deep inside themselves until their asses slapped against each other. Moaning nonstop, the mother and daughter began moving in sync back and forth. They would lean forward so that the dildo would be almost pulled out, then they leaned back to ram it back in. Every time they moved back, they would hit each other. As they picked up speed, the house was filled with a continuous loud clapping noise as the soft flesh of their ass and thighs slapped against each other.
If looking from up above, you would actually be able to see the ripples moving through the women’s bodies as they would lean forward then ram the dildo back up inside themselves. They were both moaning and whining at the top of their lungs as they rubbed their pussies and grinded their ass cheeks against each other. They were loving the feeling of anally violating themselves with the dildo, and the thought that their mom/daughter was doing the same thing as they clapped their asses together.
After several minutes, both women experienced a final thunderous climax, gave one more moan, and passed out on the bed with the dildo still inserted in their assholes.

Jill woke up at the sound of a car driving away. She pulled the dildo out of her ass (which was now sore from having the toy inside for so long) and walked down the hall. Through the glass door, she could see a box sitting on the welcome mat and a delivery truck driving away. She opened the door and picked up the box, beginning to get excited. She took the box to the kitchen, opened it up, and got a big smile.
“Yes! It finally came!” She said happily, but not so loud that it would wake up Ashley. She wanted it to be a surprise.

Part 2:

The next day:
“Honey, can you come into the bedroom? I’ve got something to show you!” Jill hollered from the bedroom. Ashley licked her lips with excitement and curiosity about what her mom was going to show her. Had she managed to put together the sex swing?
Just as she took a step towards the bedroom and began to lift up her shirt to undress, she heard a knock on the door.
“Just a second mom! Who the hell could it be?” Ashley angrily muttered the second sentence. She walked over to the door and opened it. I was standing in the doorway with a wide smile on my face.
“I’m back baby! Bigger, better, and hornier than ever!” I said as I grabbed my junk.
Ashley rushed over and kissed me and I picked her up with my hands on her ass.
“Mom, Zach is here!” Ashley hollered as I carried her inside.
“Well then it looks like things are about to get more interesting!” Jill replied from the bathroom.
“Do you know what she’s talking about?” I asked as I put Ashley down.
“No, she said that she had something to show me.” Ashley said as we stepped into the bedroom.
“Check it out!” Jill said as she stepped out of the bathroom. I nearly jumped back when I saw her. She was wearing nothing but a strap-on dildo, and it was almost as large as my penis.
“What’s wrong?” Jill asked when she looked at me.
“To me, if a girl has a strap-on, she might as well have a gun. Because either way, I don’t want it pointed or used on me.” I said. Jill and Ashley laughed at my expression.
“Don’t worry, I’m not going to use it on you…” She said. She then turned to her daughter.
“I’m going to use it on her.”
“Sounds like fun.” Ashley said with a coy smile as she undressed.
I instantly gained an erection as I saw her tits pop out of her bra and her skimpy thong fall down her curves and reveal her pussy. It was already wet.
“Come on baby, come give mama some head.” Jill said as she held the dildo with one hand and squeezed her breasts with the other.
“I think I’ll just stand back and watch a little.” I said as Ashley licked her lips and walked over to Jill.
She got down on her knees and grasped the dildo, and both women had coy smiles on her faces. Rubbing the artificial penis with her hand, Ashley leaned forward and kissed the tip. She kissed it again, this time letting her tongue dance and swerve around the head. Slowly, she parted her lips and took the head in her mouth, then brought it in even farther, so that the head of the dildo was resting on the back of her tongue.
Her head began to bob back and forth as she would suck on the dildo, and I could tell that she was wishing it were my cock instead. Jill had her head leaned back and was moaning as if she could actually feel it. After thirty seconds, she became more aggressive. She wrapped Ashley’s hair around her fingers and pushed her head forward, forcing the entire dildo into her throat.
Her daughter coughed and gagged as she choked on the sex toy, but Jill just ignored it. She pulled her head back and pushed it forward again, forcing the dildo back into Ashley’s throat. She began moving her daughter’s head while gripping her hair like a collar, and forced Ashley to suck on the rubber appendage.
“That’s right baby, suck that cock.” Jill said through barred teeth as she looked down at her daughter.
After a few minutes, Jill pulled the dildo out of her mouth. Ashley was gasping for breath, and the constant irritation of her throat had caused tears to fall from her eyes. Jill took the dildo and rubbed it across Ashley’s face, smearing her with saliva. Then she put the dildo back in her daughter’s mouth, grabbed her head with both hands, and began skull-fucking Ashley.
She would thrust forward with her pelvis and force the dildo down her throat with so much force that I was worried she was actually going to chip Ashley’s teeth. As her mom hammered her throat like a jackhammer, Ashley became limp, her eyes rolled back into her head, her jaw hung slack, and a steady dribble of drool dripped from her lower lip.
I looked at Jill almost with disbelief. The way she was moving and the expression on her face made it look like she was getting some weird dominatrix-joy out of skull-fucking her daughter. It was obvious that a very dominant personality, and putting her partner through sexual pain was her favorite fetish, but it almost looked like she was trying to rape her daughter’s face. A threesome with a mother and daughter is the sexiest thing in the universe… but a threesome where a mother forcefully violates her daughter and enjoys inflicting sexual pain on her like some sort of molesting dominatrix is kind of creepy. That’s when you kind of start delving into dark territory…
After a few minutes, she fell back, gasping for air. Once she caught her breath, she sat back up and sucked on the dildo once again, licking up the thick coating of saliva as if it was her pussy juice. Then she got up on the bed and laid on her back with her legs spread.
“Fuck me mommy, make me your little whore.” She said coyly.
I was kind of relieved and surprised by her reaction. It actually seemed like the harsher her mom treated her, the hornier she became. The mom was gorgeous dominatrix who was attracted to her daughter, and the daughter was a sexual goddess of masochism who was attracted to her mom. Whether I had been the catalyst that started this or not, the relationship between these two was always unavoidable.
Jill climbed onto the bed and moved over to her daughter with strap-on in her hand. Jill sat on her heals and pressed the head of the dildo against the lips of her daughter’s pussy. She grabbed Ashley’s hips and forced the dildo up inside of her, causing her to moan in ecstasy. Jill began to move back and forth, pulling out the rubber dick and then forcing it back in.
Ashley gripped the blankets so hard that her veins bulged in her wrists, and her round tits bounced and rolled with every drive of her mom. She was releasing a constant moan as her mom ravaged her pussy with the sex toy.
“Oh, fuck me mom! Mommy fuck me hard!” She hollered.
Jill ravaged her daughter’s for several minutes with great speed and control of the dildo. She really had watched me fuck her daughter for a long time if she had learned how to fuck Ashley like that. Instead of moaning, Ashley was giving a loud whimper as her tits bounced and rolled with every thrust of her mother. Jill was looking down on her daughter with almost a hungry expression as she slammed her daughter’s vagina with all of the strength in her body. She seemed to become more brutal every time she made her baby girl give a particularly loud nelp.
“Flip over you little whore, I want to fuck that ass.” Jill growled, becoming more and more aggressive.
Ashley got on her hands and knees awaited hungrily for the brutal insertion. Jill grabbed her daughter’s hips and forced the dildo up her asshole, violating her almost painfully. Ashley yelped from the sudden injection of the sex toy and released a mix of a moan and scream as her mother began ramming her asshole with great speed.
“Take it you little slut! Take it up the ass!” Jill snarled, forgetting that Ashley was her daughter and losing her sense of reality.
The urge to fuck the girl in front of her was overpowering all else, turning her into a brutal dominatrix. She reached out and grabbed Ashley’s shoulders, pulling her back so that she could drive the dildo up her daughter’s ass as far as physically possible. Ashley was moaning in bliss, relishing both the joy and the pain inflicted by her mother.
I finally decided that it was time to step in. My cock was so hard that it was starting to ache. I took off my clothes and walked to the other side of the room and faced Ashley. She had her face buried in the crook of her arm like a pillow, and she was using her other hand to rub her pussy.
I lifted up her head and put my cock in her mouth. Her eyes bolted open as if she had had been shaken awake, and she quickly began sucking on my cock with gusto. As she massaged the head and shaft with every soft corner of her mouth, she gripped by scrotum and began massaging my nuts, seemingly enjoying herself more than I was.
As Ashley gobbled on my manhood, I quickly began to get back in that fucking state of mind. Like Jill, I quickly became more and more aggressive. I grabbed Ashley’s head with both hands and began to skull-fuck her like her mother had done. Like before, Ashley became limp as we defiled her.
Jill and I moved back and forth in sync; she would thrust forward, sending the dildo deeper up Ashley’s ass, which would cause her to lean forward so that my cock would be pushed farther into her throat, and I would thrust forward and send her back. She was constantly moving back and forth, almost like a saw. With the constant movement, Ashley’s tits seemed to grow in size as they hung down and swung back and forth. I reached down and grabbed one of swinging mounds of flesh, admiring the seemingly enhanced volume.
“I’m going to cum.” I grunted after several minutes.
At my words, Jill leaned forward and stuck her fingers in Ashley’s mouth. I pulled out my saliva-covered dick as she forced open Ashley’s mouth by pressing her index, middle, and ring finger against the corners of her mouth.
“Open up baby.” Jill whispered in her daughter’s ear as she continued to ram her brown eye.
Ashley stuck out her tongue and grasped my cock, giving me an expert hand-job. After several seconds, I could feel my cock filling with sperm like lava filling up the shaft of a volcano. Finally, I sent several streams of cum across her face, onto her tongue, and in her mouth. Thanks to Jill holding open Ashley’s mouth, I was able to shot so much cum onto her tongue that it overflowed off her lower lip and chin.
With my cock still at full strength and my “legendary reserves” barely depleted, I was rearing for some pussy. Jill was panting heavily and I could tell that she was exhausted. Deciding to take a page out of her book, I climbed up onto the bed and aggressively shoved Jill out of the way.
“Let me show you how it’s done.” I grunted.
Jill, Ashley, and I all looked at each other, then all burst into laughter. We laughed for several minutes until we couldn’t breathe. Once we caught our breath, Ashley looked back at me with a devious smile and said,
“Come on, I’m horny!”
Eager to oblige, I bent down and started licking the swollen lips of her pussy. It felt so good to lick her pussy again. I had missed the unique taste of her youth. I got down on my knees on the floor and started licking her wet cunt, burying my face in between the swollen lips.
Jill took off the strap-on and lay down beside her daughter who was still on her hands and knees. She began rubbing her soft cunt as she watched me eat out Ashley’s snatch. I moved up to her asshole and licked around the ring, savoring the unique taste. Being ravaged by her mom’s dildo had stretched it out and made is nice and wide.
I sent my tongue deep into her asshole, which was now as soft as her wet pussy. Ashley squirmed, moaned, and rubbed her clit I explored her anus with my tongue. After a few minutes, I moved over to Jill and started lathering the milf’s cunt with my tongue. The blond cougar moaned as I licked the wet lips and slowly pushed my fingers inside of her.
Ashley climbed on top of her mom and the two women began kissing passionately. Their pussies were rubbed against each other, allowing me to lick both cunts and taste the mixture of their juices. I stood up and pressed the head of my cock against Ashley’s cunt. My cock was hungry for some pussy, and I wanted to mount someone so bad that I couldn’t think straight.
I pushed my throbbing cock in between the soft lips of her cunt and Ashley moaned as I began to gain the familiar rhythm. Jill got out from under her daughter and moved over to me. We locked lips and began licking the inside of each other’s mouths, letting our tongues wrap around each other. This was actually the first time I had made out with out with Jill, and it was almost as sexy as fucking her.
I began picking up speed, hammering Ashley’s cunt as hard as I could. Her low moan turned into a high-pitched as I could feel another orgasm charging. I slapped her ass as I enjoyed the familiar tightness of her cunt. As I picked up speed, Jill kissed me more aggressively, giving my tongue a blow-job and even chewing on my lower lip.
I grunted as in one great eruption, a geyser of cum shot from my cock, overflowing from her sore cunt.
“Now I want some ass.” I said as pulled out my cock.
“Hold on, let me get my baby girl ready.” Jill said as she moved over to Ashley.
She spread Ashley’s ass cheeks, revealing her anus. It was still stretched out from Jill’s ravaging and was wide open. The muscles in Jill’s throat convulsed and she spat a huge glob of saliva into her daughter’s gaping asshole. I almost shot my load as I saw her anus close around it like a Venus fly trap, before pushing it back out.
“Fuck my baby girl, I want to see you fill her asshole with your big fat cock.” She purred as she held her daughter.
“Happy to oblige, but how about you guide me in?” I asked as I pulled Ashley to the edge of the bed.
“I’d love to.” She replied coyly as she got on the floor.
She gripped my cock, stroked it a few times, and then began sucking on it. Her head began bobbing back and forth as took the entire cock in her mouth, deep throating it and savoring the taste of her daughter’s juices and my sperm. After several seconds, she released my manhood, spat on the head, gripped the base with her thumb and index fingers, and guided my manhood unto her daughter’s asshole.
Ashley began moaning once more as I started pumping her asshole, using her mom’s spit as lubricant. Her anus was so loose and stretched after the pounding it had taken from the dildo that I was able to fuck her faster than ever before. I pummeled her asshole like a jackhammer, making Ashley whine as I ravaged her.
Jill sat on the floor, below Ashley and I. With Ashley’s lower body hanging off the bed, Jill licked my sperm out of her cunt while my nut sack would slap her on the chin. With my cock in her ass and her mom’s tongue slurping cum out of her pussy, Ashley had countless orgasms, one after another. A mixture of pussy juice and cum flowed from her cunt, spraying her mom’s face. At the same time, I shot my load up her ass until it overflowed and dribbled down onto Jill’s tongue.
I pulled my cock out and Ashley licked off the layer of genetic material that coated her mom’s face. She then grabbed the strap-on dildo and put it on.
“Now its my turn.” She said coyly as she looked down on her mom. Jill licked her lips and she climbed onto the bed. Laying on her back and spreading her legs, Jill looked at Ashley.
“Come on baby, put that big dildo in mommy’s wet cunt and fuck me.” She purred.
Ashley climbed on the bed, moved in between Jill’s legs, and pushed the strap-on dildo into her mom’s pussy. Jill moaned as Ashley slowly began to pump her with the dildo, struggling to figure out how to use it.
“This is hard, I don’t know how to use it properly.” She said. With a chuckle, I put one foot up on the bed and grasped my bulging manhood.
“Since you’re a girl, you weren’t born with the knowledge that guys are naturally born with. You weren’t born with a mastery of how to harness the awesome power.” I said. Both women laughed, and as they laughed, Ashley finally gained control of the sex toy.
“Now you’re getting it! Now how about you show my clit what you can do?” She asked, first with pride and then with arousal.
Ashley began to hammer Jill’s cunt, fucking her as fast as she could. Jill moaned as her daughter fucked her with the large dildo, relishing the sight of her mother writhing beneath her with her round tits bouncing and rolling with every thrust. She then shifted position so that she was lying on top of Jill in the missionary position and fucked her with new speed. As they grinded their bodies together, the two sluts began making out. With Ashley thrusting the dildo into her mom’s pussy over and over again, the two women rubbed their thighs, their slim bellies, and their round plump tits together.
As they continued to kiss, I moved onto the bed and began jacking my raging boner. I grunted as I ejaculated onto their faces and they hungrily lapped it up. After several minutes, I said,
“Now I want some of that milf cunt.”
I laid down on the bed as Ashley got off her mom. The blond milf moved onto my lap and pushed my throbbing cock up into her wet pussy. She moaned as I grabbed her hips and began lifting her up and bringing her and slamming her down on my manhood.
She bounced up and down on my cock, moaning at the top of her lungs as I sucked on her nipples and massaged her bobbing titties. Ashley got down between my legs and started sucking on my nut sack and licking her mom’s asshole.
“Oh yes Zach, fuck my hot wet pussy!” The blond milf moaned. She then looked back at her daughter.
“Force that big fat dildo up your mom’s ass and fuck me.” She said through barred teeth.
Ashley sat up, grabbed her mom’s hips, and rammed the dildo up Jill’s anus. The cougar moaned as she was anally violated and fucked by the both of us. She continued bouncing on my rock-hard cock, and every time she was slammed back down, my manhood and the dildo was forced farther up her vagina and anus.
As the milf moaned and howled, I couldn’t help but bite my lip and rub her cunt with my thumb. Her pussy felt so good on my rock-hard shaft, I could fuck the wet cunt for hours on end. The hot wetness made me want to cum until I ejaculated my whole skeleton, and sight of her getting her ass pummeled by her daughter with a strap-on was making difficult to control my manhood.
Finally, I grunted and thrust straight up, ramming Jill’s cunt as I shot load after load into her pussy. It overflowed from her cunt and flowed back out, oozing onto my balls. Ashley pulled the dildo out of her mom’s ass, crouched down, and licked up the sperm off my nuts.
I picked up Jill, turned her around, and forced my throbbing dick up into her anus. The violation was so hard and fast that Jill yelped in both pleasure and pain. Jill suspended herself over me, almost like a crabwalk. With her weight off me, I was able to grab her by the hips and start thrusting upwards, hammering her loose ass like an upside-down jackhammer. Her continuous moan would momentarily stop every time I would thrust upwards and my thighs would slap against the cheeks of her round ass.
Ashley got in front of her mom and forced the dildo into her cunt. As Ashley helped me fuck her mom in both orifices, she forced her tongue in between Jill’s lips and licked the inside of her mouth. I picked up speed, pulverizing Jill’s anus so fast that I was becoming dizzy. Finally, I grabbed the cheeks of Jill’s ass and pushed them together, tightening her asshole around my cock as I shot one gargantuan stream of hot sperm up inside her.
Jill fell off my cock, which like last time was beginning to reach its limit. My reserves were about halfway depleted and my erection would only last for about fifteen more minutes. I grabbed Ashley’s hips and pulled her over. I pulled her onto my lap and forced my cock up into her asshole (I would have fucked her pussy, but the strap-on dildo she was wearing blocked it off). Ashley started moaning as I took my usual rhythm, and as hammered her anus, the dildo between her legs was swinging and bouncing.
Jill took the dildo in her mouth and began deep throating the toy, relishing the taste of her pussy and ass juice and my cum. I wish I had I camera recording us, just the thought of me fucking my girlfriend’s ass as she rode me in the backwards-cowgirl position while her mom deep throated the strap-on dildo she was wearing… can pretty much make anyone wonder if they are awake or have taken WAY too many drugs.
I picked up speed, sensing another orgasm charging. Noticing this, Jill unfastened the straps securing the strap-on to her daughter’s crotch. She took away the dildo and put it back on herself. I grunted as I shot another of my precious loads up into Ashley’s ass.
Ashley dismounted my manhood as her mom laid down next to me. Jill pushed the dildo up her daughter’s bruised anus, and Ashley laid down on top of her. I moved on top of Ashley and pushed my aching cock into her cum-filled cunt. Jill didn’t fuck her daughter like she did before; she just enjoyed having the toy inside her daughter as I hammered her cunt yet again.
Lying on her mom’s chest as if she was the bed, Ashley moaned and hummed as I fucked her. Jill was kissing her daughter’s neck and played with her tits, squeezing her nipples and bouncing the plump mounds of flesh in her palms. Regardless of their enthusiasm, I could tell that both women were exhausted, and my manhood was really starting to ache.
‘Come on old buddy, let’s try to beat our record.’ I mentally said to my penis.
I shot my load into Ashley’s cunt and then pulled the strap-on dildo off of Jill. With Ashley still lying on top of her, I pushed my throbbing cock into Jill’s cunt and started pumping the howling milf. As I defiled her mom, Ashley looked up at me with a coy smile and rubbed her swollen cunt.
I switched to Jill’s asshole, pumping it with all of the strength. Instead of shooting my load into every hole after I fucked it, I would just let a couple drops ooze out so that I could ration it. I started switching between them in a random order, fucking a cunt or an ass about twelve times, than switching to the other orifice or to the other girl. Each session would last less then ten seconds, and I would change randomly.
Mom’s cunt, mom’s ass, mom’s cunt, daughter’s cunt, mom’s cunt, daughter’s ass, daughter’s cunt, daughter’s ass, mom’s cunt, daughter’s cunt, mom’s ass, etc, in no particular order. I can’t even begin to comprehend the vast amount of pussy juice was switched between women, how much ass juice was transferred into their cunts, and how many times my ejaculated sperm would hitch a ride back on my cock and would end up in another hole or in another woman, over and over again.
Finally, I could tell that my stamina reserves were about to give out. I had about two and half minutes, maybe three if I was ok with passing out. I moved up to their faces and they immediately knew what I wanted. Like the horny fuck-slaves they were, they began taking turns sucking my cock. Ashley would clean all of the genetic material off of my aching cock with her tongue, and then her mom would coat it in a thick layer of saliva that her daughter would clean off.
I had just a few more shots, and I knew just where to put them and how to do it. The two women separated and laid side-by-side next to each other. I crouched over Ashley and grabbed her tits. I put my cock in between the fleshy mounds and began titty-fucking her, squeezing her breasts against the sides of the shaft as I fucked them like I would fuck her pussy. Ashley looked down at my cock with her mouth open, her tongue sticking out, and a hungry expression on her face.
Focusing on the physical and psychological feeling of her tits against my cock, I was able to focus one large burst of cum, spraying her face and filling up her mouth. Leaving her tits sticky with cum and saliva, I moved over to Jill while her daughter gargled with the mouthful of sperm before swallowing it.
I mounted Jill’s chest and began titty-fucking her like I had with her daughter. As I massaged the shaft of my cock with her breasts while thrusting back and forth, Ashley was watching us while rubbing her pussy and her mom’s. I could feel my stamina plummeting like a meteor. Gathering up every last sperm cell in my body, I formed one final load to unleash on the blond milf I was titty-fucking. I wished I could almost reach into my scrotum with a credit card and scrape every last glob of cum into a pile like crack into snorting lines.
Finally, I shot my last load and sprayed Jill’s face and covered her tongue. Trembling, I stood up and got off the bed. I was pretty proud when I realized that both women were unconscious. I had fucked them into a sex-coma. I just stood there, admiring my masterpiece. Both women were coated in sperm and pussy juice, but I was focusing on the important place. The area below the waist and between the legs… it was just a witch’s brew of genetic material. It was as if you took a bucket of my sperm, the pussy and ass juice of Jill, and the pussy and ass juice of her daughter, blended it up, injected it into their vaginas and anuses with a huge turnkey baster, and then just poured it on their crotches.
The lips of their vaginas and the rings of their anuses were so bruised and swollen, they looked like the face of a boxer who had just had the crap beaten out of him, and then was stung in the face by hundreds of bees. That area was Ground Zero, I wrecked both of them until their genitalia was barely recognizable.
The strap-on dildo was on the corner of the bed; it had been cast aside like shrapnel from an explosion. I almost expected it to be white-hot and as fragile as glass from how hard it had been used.
It was then that the familiar wave of pain swept through my manhood.
“Oh jeez, this cannot be good for me. Doing this is probably shortening my lifespan. Forget cigarettes, having a threesome with a dominatrix milf and her masochist daughter is the REAL health hazard.” I groaned as I held my aching junk. My penis and testicles had greatly shriveled up and all of the veins were scarlet.
Dizzy and disoriented, I ran to the kitchen and flung open the freezer. This was too extreme for a bag of frozen peas to help. I grabbed a large bowl from the cabinet and put it on the table and I pulled the icebox out of the freezer. I poured the ice cubes into the bowl, ignoring the countless dozen pieces of ice spreading out across the floor and table.
I filled the bowl with water and put it on the floor. I crouched down and put my junk in the bowl of ice and cold water. I released a shuddering gasp and my eyes rolled back into my head. The bitter cold of the ice water eased my pain and made my genitals shrivel up more than they already were. Then I closed my eyes and passed out on the kitchen floor, with the junk still in the bowl.

“We laughed so hard when we found you passed out on the floor.” I heard Jill say.
I opened my eyes and raised my head. Jill was standing beside me, naked, and wearing the strap-on she and her daughter had used on each other. It was then that I realized that I wasn’t in the kitchen. I was in the bedroom, on the bed, with each of my limbs tied to a bedpost.
I was lying on my stomach, and I was terrified.
“My pussy and ass are so sore, but-.” She began.
“But we are still so horny.” I heard Ashley say from somewhere in the room.
“Jill, what are you going to do?” I asked nervously.
“Oh, we’re just going to have some fun.” She said coyly as she gripped the dildo. She then walked out of my view.
“Hay, Jill, what are you doing?! Hey! No! No! Get away! No! NO!” I yelled.

Outside, a neighbor was mowing his lawn when he heard a man yell,

The End

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