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My student continues to seduce me after my wife has twins
So here I am again. Tuesday afternoon and High School kids all getting on their buses to head home. I, being a math teacher, am heading out to my car, ready for my regular study session with Becky Whitmore. She’s a senior this year, and apart from being a very smart and attractive, had photoshopped photos of me in an attempted to blackmail me into taking her virginity. After involving her mother, Judy, who laughed it off, dropped the blackmail, but then still shanghaied me into taking her daughter virginity, as a favor to her even! And then, that very same day, had dinner with the two of them, who had also brought my wife Rachel, who was eight months pregnant!

Damn, I felt like a dirty rotten bastard, but it was like college all over again with a cute young thing lusting for my manhood. I can never seem to deny a woman anything that they beg of me, even when I know it is wrong. That day was two weeks ago, and since that time, every Tuesday and Thursday Judy would take the evening to care for my wife, allowing her daughter and I to have ‘study time’ alone at her home. Having been teaching Becky all my carnal knowledge had been terrific for my ego, energy, and I really felt younger. But I didn’t know where it would end and that really worried me. Becky was completely in love with me, but kept it tightly hidden in school, knowing I couldn’t accept her love in public.

As I reached my car and unlocked it my cell phone rang. Looking at it I saw it was Judy’s cell phone. She’d talked to me on some occasions, but I expected her to be at my house with Rachel right now. “Hello?” I answered hesitantly.

“OH Ed, Thank God!” Rachel was grunting and moaning.

“Honey! What’s wrong?” I said worried for her and our twins.

“It’s TIME! <groan> Judy is driving me to the hospital. Please hurry!” She groan and panted some more.

“OH JEEZ! OK, Honey I’m coming, just remember to breathe OK? Like we practiced.” I threw myself into the car and sped for the hospital as fast as I could make my car go, while trying not to kill myself. The High School was at least half an hour farther than my house to the hospital, and every red light I hit seemed to drive me to madness. Finally I screeched into the hospital parking lot and ran inside, but then realized I didn’t know where to go. I moved swiftly to the front desk and said, “My wife is having a baby! She should be here already, Rachel Font?”

They sent me down a maze of corridors, but after at least another ten minutes I finally reached the emergency area. There they sent me to a room down another wing. After several more minutes of wandering I finally entered a check-in bedroom. I saw Judy standing next to the bed where my wife was lying, with her forehead covered in sweat, but an exhausted smile on her face. I was stopped in my tracks though, because each of them held a tiny little blanket wrapped baby, each sleeping soundly already.

Judy, having more sense than either of us said, “About time Daddy. These two were so eager to come out that Rachel almost delivered in the parking lot!” She then held out the child to me. I had no choice but to slowly close with her and take my child from her arms with awe as it suckled on her right breast. It was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. I came close to Rachel and kissed her.

She was almost crying with and said, “Girls! Can you believe it! Two girls!” Then she returned her gaze to the little wonder in her own arms, “Looks like she’d done. Oh my breasts are so full. Here, switch.” She held out one daughter and I took her and hander the one I had to her. She lifted up her shirt on the other side, exposing her milk-laden breast and allowed the sleeping newborn to take her nipple into its mouth. That’s all it took, and she too began suckling, drinking out her lactation in her squishy-faced sleep.

We all just marveled in the wonder of them for what seemed like hours, but must have only been ten minutes, when a nurse came in with a cart. She explained that they had to take the kids for routine testing, shots, and other procedures. The cart had two little beds on them and we reluctantly released them to her care, and the nurse suggested Rachel get some rest. It didn’t take much encouragement and my wife almost passed out mere minutes after the nurse left.

“She’ll be here overnight, since it’s after 4 o’clock,” Judy informed me with the knowledge of a woman who’s ‘been there, done that’, even though she was only in her early forties. “Why don’t you go home and fetch Rachel some clean clothes. Not her old ones, but not her pregnant clothes either.”

I looked lost. “Um… What?”

“Edward, she lost a lot of weight, almost 15 pounds from the babies alone!” She explained. “She’ll need some clothes that aren’t too tight, but aren’t too loose either.” Since I must have still looked perplexed, she sighed and said, “OK. Stop by my house, get Becky. I’ve got to call her anyway, then have her pick out a few sets of clothes for Rachel, and come back.” I looked at my wife a little worried, but she calmed me by saying, “Don’t worry, I’ll stay with her and she’ll be out for hours anyway.” She then used the phone by the bed and called Becky while shooing me out of the room and closing the door.

I sighed at once again being given no choice, but knew that I had to do something, so did as Judy had commanded me. Less than an hour later I pulled into the Whitmore house and Becky was outside waiting for me. She wore a giant smile with her blue tank-top and short pleated skirt. “Congratulations! You’re a Daddy!” she nearly screamed as she jumped in the car, kissed me a little too well for being outside her house, then buckled her seat belt.

She asked me all sorts of questions about them, and I found I didn’t really know that much about their birth, since I hadn’t been there. I wished I had been, but with so many horror stories of very long labors for some women, I was happy Rachel had a quick and easy one. We got to my house and went straight to the bedroom, where I grabbed a duffel bag and opened up my wife’s side of the closet. It was really all hers as I only used about fifteen hangars, but most of her clothes were on this side.

She rapidly went through the closet pulling out several outfits that my wife hadn’t worn in months since her belly had reached gigantic proportions, and packed them into the bag. She then moved to other drawers, searching them for other things, finding and packing bras, panties, and other feminine hygiene products. I just sat on the bed like an idiot and watched her, still stunned and having the first chance to rest for my emotions to catch up with my thoughts.

“OK, all packed up.” Becky said dutifully. “You need a rest too. Mom said to make sure you take a nap as well, so I’ll put this back in your car while you take a nap.”

“That’s OK Becky. I’d rather get back to the hospital.” I stood to leave but was surprised when she promptly pushed me back onto the bed with a quick hand to my chest.

“You’re a great teacher Mr. Font, but a lousy listener. Mom said Rachel will be unconscious for hours and to make sure you sleep and shower so you can see her fresh and attend to her needs properly.” She scolded me standing over me. “Now lie down, get undressed, and I’ll wake you up in a few hours.”

“Becky, thank you for helping with the clothes, but now you have to let me get back to the hospital.” I moved to stand again, readying myself to stop a push from her again now that I was expecting it.

But instead she did something else which I didn’t expect. Instead of just try and push me again she charged me and threw all her weight into me. Now I weight about 190 pounds, while she could only be 120 soaking wet, but her forceful lunge and my lack of expecting this much from her threw me flat on my back on the my bed, with her pinning me down.

Her golden hair in pigtails just tickled my face, so she flipped her hair over out of my face. The whole situation was just crazy and I didn’t even realize when it happened, but with her lithe and sexy form on top of me, I suddenly felt my erection digging to get through my pants, and into the hot pussy that was now pressed firmly down on top of me. Her look of determination disappeared as mine must have as well once she felt it too. We both blushed, but she stayed on top of me and started unbuttoning my shirt. “Now, I promised not to pursue you outside my bedroom…”

She shed my shirt off my shoulders, and kept talking, “And I’m a woman of my word. I won’t pursue you… But I also won’t stop you from pursuing me…” then she pulled her tank-top over her head along with her sports bra, leaving her beautiful young tits once again exposed to my hungry eyes. “Besides… You stood me up for my ‘lesson’ today and you should make up for that.”

Of their own volition, my hands floated up to her bountiful breasts and I grasped each of her nipples in my fingers, while the rest of my hands gently squeezed into her soft flesh. “Oh, I love the way you touch me,” she moaned. I made circular motions, kneading her globes and twisting her nipples softly, turning them into the pointy eraser tips that I’d touched and tasted so often these last few weeks. But even though I’d done it before, she was still so cute, young, and forbidden, that each time still felt like the first time to me. With everything else forgotten I pulled her down to me and kissed her passionately on the lips.

Our lips opened to each other and our tongues tangled erotically before I noticed her hands had already unzipped my pants and she broke the kiss to pull down my pants and underwear together. I knew how much she’d enjoyed sucking my cock these last few weeks, but I’d never cum in her mouth, which had started to disappoint her, making her think she was doing it badly. But I’d explained that I’d actually never cum from just oral, and not to take it personally. She’d taken it more as a challenge, so I was sure she’d waste no time in greedily sucking on my log as soon as she could. Instead, always full of surprises she just looked up at me with big eyes of innocence, and waited.

“What’s wrong Becky?”

“I promised not to pursue you. So anything we do outside my bedroom has to be your doing.” She grinned evilly, “So… Mr. Font, is there something I can do for you?”

I couldn’t believe this little cocktease! I’d made love to her at her request over a dozen times now, with her begging for it, for over two weeks now; but now she was making me beg! “Becky, you know you want to suck my cock; so do it already.”

I thought she’d talk back, but apparently she was playing me by my rules and just wanted me to cross that line, not her. Before I finished breathing out the last word she’d already had my meat halfway down her throat. She bounced her head on my hotrod quickly and it felt great between her lips. I grew to my full hardness, filling her little mouth and sooner than she normally had she released me, stood, and pulled down her panties underneath her skirt. She then moved up my body, dragging her pointed nipples up my legs and chest.

She straddled my hips and let my cock slide down her pussy lips before springing free past her ass, and then sat on my pelvis; nestling is between her butt cheeks. She shrugged her shoulders and put her arms together on my chest, squishing and jutting her breasts at me before staring at me with those big, sexy blue eyes. Then she spoke in a cutesy baby voice that made my cock quiver, “Mr. Font, your giant cock is too big for my little mouth, and it’ll need to calm down to let you get some rest. Whatever will we do?” Then she slowly blinked those dreamy eyes with well feigned innocence.

God she had learned how to play me. I had no choice but to verbalize my desires. “Oh Becky, ride me.”
“What do you mean Mr. Font? I’m not sure what you want me to do.” <blink, blink>

“Fuck me Becky. Take my cock in that tight cunt and fuck it!” I half demanded, half begged, and that seemed to be all she needed. She leaned back, grasped my erection and dragged it across her butthole, popping it free to her front, then ran it up and down her soaking wet pussy lips. I couldn’t see any of it under her skirt, and that multiplied the feelings, making me visualize it erotically in my head. Then she positioned me at her entrance and sank deeply onto me shaft, talking me almost fully into her on the first thrust.

She took it slow and easy for the first minute, gripping me hard with her innards, enjoying watching me squirm and moan with the pleasure. I reached up and roughly squeezed her bountiful breasts and took her erect nipples a good firm pinch. She yelped and winced in pain, but like a horse being whipped, she increased her tempo of impaling herself on me. I dropped on hand to her hips and pulled down sharply, grinding her clit into my pelvic bone and she shrieked with ecstasy.

It felt so good that I released her other breast and just firmly gripped each hip and helped her motions and forcefully bounced her hard. She didn’t last long with my help, and shuddered and cried out, “Oh!” and came buckets, flooding her pussy with juice and I felt like my cock was going to come out her mouth it felt so huge in her as she tightened.

After she finished shaking, she rolled off of me and lay next to me. She frowned and sadly apologized to me, “I’m sorry Mr. Font. I wasn’t able to release your tension, but your cock was just too much for my little coochie.”

Oh, she’d gotten good. I surged with pride and I could actually feel my tip ooze precum. I knew I wouldn’t last long, but I sat up, turned around and, as she squeaking in mock surprise, I mounted this little cocktease and rammed my full cock, strait to the hilt in one harsh motion. I kissed and licked a nipple, as my hands again brutally grabbed her hips. I mercilessly thrust and rammed my cock into that cum-loosed pussy, feeling her skirt rustle against my hips, and in only a dozen or so thrusts I burst a gallon of my sperm into her hungry cunt. Tightened and hot, I groaned hard and kept thrusting a few more times, shaking with the power and force of each of my spasms. My cock pumped and pumped, emptying my balls deeply into her over and over again.

Eventually my eyes, which had clenched shut from my explosive release, opened again, looking down at my well-fucked nymph who was smiling up at me and said, “You sure put a lot of your little babies in me today.” Then she giggled and massaged her breasts and belly. I throbbed again, realizing I was still pumping my swimmers into her even now with light short pulses. God, it felt great. I let the remnants of my orgasm finish, squeezing out the last of my cum in her over-filled pussy, before rolling out and collapsing to lie next to her.

She smiled at me, and then said softly, “There, now you can rest. Sleep now.” I didn’t argue and quickly dozed off. I awoke alone to the sound of water coming from the shower in my bathroom and my foggy brain turned over. Fuck. The full reality of what I’d just done came to me. I’d just cheated on my wife, again. But this time in our own bed, on the same day as she gave birth to my children! Damn that was so wrong!

My guilt nearly dragged me into my own personal hell with the water in the shower turned off and moments later Becky, wearing only a towel came in. “Good, you’re awake. I called Mom and she said Rachel is still sleeping, but would probably be up soon and to get into gear. And don’t worry; I left you plenty of hot water.” She smiled and dropped the towel, revealing her naked wet body to me again, but wasn’t posing for me this time as she began dressing. Seeing me stare she smiled and said, “No time for seconds, up and at ‘em Tiger!”

I steeled myself, resolving to control my urges better and redevoted myself to my wife and new children. I showered quickly, and then returned to the bedroom which was now empty. Breathing a little easier, I dressed and headed into the kitchen, where I heard Becky moving around. She looked like she was waiting for me and when I arrived was presented with a plate of three or four sandwiches, all cut in triangular halves.

“Here, eat, then we gotta go.” She then grabbed a sandwich and ate. They looked great and I hadn’t realized how hungry I was. We silently ate, with me trying not to make eye contact with her, and then we headed back out to my car and began driving. I was worried about an awkwardly silent drive, but Becky just turned on the radio and began bopping her head to some modern music.

It wasn’t anything horrible, and I found myself silently singing along as we went, but got to the hospital in good time, now that I wasn’t trying to beat every light. With the experience of navigating what must have been half of the halls in the building already, made my way to Rachel’s room much quicker than before, with Becky hot on my heals. Damn! I thought, I should have dropped her off at her house, then noticed she was carrying the big bag of clothes for my wife. Idiot! I scolded myself again.

“Oh, I’m sorry Becky, here let me get that,” and I reached for the bag as we were almost to the door. She let me and followed me into Rachel’s room.

“Honey!” Rachel opened her arms to me and I moved swiftly to her and hugged her gently. She looked still tired, but really glad to see me.

“Don’t worry, she just woke up and I told her I sent you for some of her clothes.” Judy added reassuringly, noticing and smiling to Becky behind me. “We were just discussing names.”

Rachel and Becky then went back to their conversation, including me and probing me with names for our new babies, as we had just never settled on any until we had known their sexes. Even Becky happily joined the conversation and we eventually settled on Kristine and Katherine. It was strange; Rachel had spent the so much time with Judy in the last few weeks that they were suddenly talking like old friends already. Nurses came in with some food and got Rachel into a wheel chair, hospital policy, and eventually took us all down to the nursery. They said the babies needed nursing about every two to three hours.

It was odd and beautiful watching her hold our daughters, one to each breast, suckling away at her swollen breasts. “Does that hurt?” Becky asked innocently.

“Actually it feels great. Even better than when Ed does it.” I was shocked and gave her a scandalized look, but she just laughed, “My breasts feel so full of milk, and they were leaking in my gown here before we came down. They will be at it for several months so, sorry Honey, but you can’t have any until their done.” She was enjoying embarrassing me in front of Judy and Becky, who were all acting like they were Becky’s age giggling into girl-talk.

I just endured it and admired my children and their mother, breast-feeding them. Soon Judy said she had to take Becky home because she still had school tomorrow so she had to go. That reminded me of my own job as the school. While I phoned in the good news about the babies and confirmed my four weeks of approved maternity leave, my wife made them promise to come over to our home later to talk more, and have dinner with us tomorrow. I saw more doom in my future, but had no choice but to listen and accept whatever they were planning. They agreed and left, both smiling to each other just before I got off the phone.

We were returned to our room, and alone with my wife, I sat on the bed with her and held her close. Before she fell back asleep in my arms she said, “You are wonderful, putting up with all my craziness and being no needy, and still finding time to help others. What did I ever do to deserve you?” I almost cried with guilt and love, and my wife teared up too and kissed me. “I love you.”

She rested her head against my chest and I had no choice but to say, “I love you too.”

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