The first of many to come.............
I never thought I'd hear my girlfriend moan. For that matter, I never thought I'd here myself moan. When we started dating, she was a good girl. A Christian girl. A girl that I was sure would never, ever get dirty with anyone, least of all me. But when you're fifteen, you think you can ignore your hormones as long as you're dating the one you love.

She was and is a beautiful girl. She is slender, yet has curves in all the right places. Her ass is full and tight, and it's balanced out by her C-cup breasts. I love those breasts. The nipples are still pubescently large and bubble-gum pink, but I love to suck on them while she throws back her head and moans in her throat. Her legs are beautiful and delicately pale, like the rest of her body. I love it when they're shaved smooth and I can kiss my way up to her inner thighs. That drives her crazy. Her pussy was only the second one I've ever touched, and the first I licked or fucked. She loves to be tongued. It drives her wild. But, anyway. . . . . .

She looks so innocent that no one would ever guess what X-rated thoughts gambol around behind her pretty blue eyes. I had a good idea. We'd been giving eachother oral sex for about eight months before she got up the courage to get the Ortho Evans patch. Now armed with contraceptives, she decided it was time we fucked.

But I'm not here to tell about our first time, but to tell about the wildest times. The raunchiest times. The most erotic things we've done. We're both sixteen now, but you wouldn't believe what we get up to.

Often times I find that she's a one-man nymphomaniac. She can be demanding for things that don't even give her pleasure. Sometimes she just has cravings. For instance. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

My family had taken Lexy (not her real name, of course) to the mall with us one day last December. It was during the pre-Christmas rush, so the place was jammed with shoppers. On the way there I got the feeling she was horny. She kept smiling at me and rubbing my hand in the back of the Explorer.

Once we arrived at the mall, Tara and I split off to walk around. She immediately slid her hand into mine and pulled me through the jostling crowd, saying,

"Come with me."

Lexy is an adventurous girl by nature, and I like that. So, I followed her, ignoring the attractive teen girls that were looking at me. I barely had time to see their painted faces and anorexic legs, as all my attention was being drawn to my girlfriend's ass and the hot crease her tight lowriders made beneath the cheeks. I could tell she was wearing a thong. That gave me a thrill and my dick started to move within my cargo pants.

She dragged me toward the restrooms, which was packed with people. I said nothing as she pulled me into one of those family rooms where both sexes can go in. It was not only empty, but had a lock on it! I silently thanked my lucky stars as she locked it. I leaned against the wall and gave her my best smile.

"So, do you come here often?" I asked sarcastically. She only smiled a little as she came up close and pressed me against the wall. I knew what was happening. When Lexy gets horny, she's all business.

"Do you want to come here?" She breathed in my ear. I nodded and pulled her mouth to mine, instantly being attacked by her tongue, sliding, massaging, tasting mine. I wanted to kiss more, but she moved to my neck. That's my weak spot and she knows it. My dick was painfully hard by now and was pressing against her stomach. She began to slide down my body, as if climbing down a pole, being careful to rubbed her breasts againts the bulge in my pants. I smiled as she got to her knees and pushede my shirt up a little. She kissed and licked my flat stomach that had just the bare outline of ab muscles. They weren't impressive, but they seemed to turn her on alot. She slid her tongue lower and licked inside the wasteband of my pants. She stayed there and I laughed.

"Little cocktease." I said lovingly. She laughed wickedly and unbuttoned my pants.

"If you insist." She said, pulling down my boxer briefs as well. I sprung out, hard and throbbing, as I was wont to do. Her eyes lit up as she wrapped one hand around my shaft. She always gets so much joy out of it. It's only a little bit shy of being seven inches long, but she acts like it's a freaking tree trunk when I'm fucking her. She squeezed it lightly and I groaned.

"You seem to have a problem here, baby." She said in a throaty voice. I could only nod. She laughed and gave the head a small lick. "Would you like me to fix it?" She asked.

I didn't answer. I merely shifted my hands to the back of her head and buried them in her silky blonde waves. She took this as an invitation, and guided my stiff dick inside her mouth. She let it run along her slick hot tongue until it bumped the back of her throat. She's given me so many blowjobs at this point, that her technique is flawless.

She held in her mouth and put a light suction on it. Not letting the suction stop, she swirled her tongue around the head of my swollen dick. I made a sound somewhere deep in my throat. The feeling of my dick encased in her sweet glossy lips made me want to cum so bad. I held her hair tighter. I wanted to shoot my load inside her mouth and have her suck it down, swallowing every drop.

She began to move back and forth on my dick, slicking it up with her saliva. Her eyes were closed at first, but it wasn't long before she turned those pretty blue eyes up at me while she slid most of my meat in and out of her hot slick mouth. Her lips were exsquisite to feel. They rubbed my shaft in such a decadent, sensual way, it felt like buttery silk. She began to move a little faster, her eyes locked on my face. She brought her hand up and wrapped it around my dick to accompany her wet mouth. She was now moving at a good speed, and I could feel my orgasm swelling within my balls. She took her mouth away and breathed hard as she jacked me off.

I was in heaven, as she could plainly see. She started to talk to me in a dirty way, as she knows I love.

"Cum for me baby, oh God, I want you to cum." Her voice was scratchy and low and so sexy. My world narrowed down to the tight hand pumping my dick hard and fast. "Tell me when you're gonna cum and I'll put you in my mouth so you cn shoot down my throat, oh I love the taste baby. . . . . ."

That did it for me. "I'm. . . .oh God, I'm gonna. . . . ." I never finished, but she slid me back inside her mouth until I was pressing against the back of her throat, sucking hard. I shot the first of my load as my back spasmed and she reached around to grasp my ass, pumping my dick with her mouth as I continued to cum. I watched her throat working to swallow it all as her eyes lit up with excitement. Knowing that she loved doing this made me cum even harder until the last bits of my load had shot from my body. She leaned back on her legs and stood up. She kissed me and I could taste her spit and my cum, and melonberry lipgloss. She looked down at my still-throbbing, sensitive dick. She smiled as self-satisfied smile and whispered in my ear,

"Of course, this means, now you owe me."

I nodded. She was gonna get it.

Will Lexy get her just deserts for playing tonsil-hockey with my dick?

When will I recount a time when I shove it inside her pussy?

Tune in next time to the exciting adventures of Lexy and Me!

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2011-02-19 18:31:46
Is Tara her real name and is this story true?


2007-03-04 18:15:30
I dated a girl named Lexy once


2005-11-14 15:09:02
idiot 6/10


2005-03-21 21:16:17
Yeah, just that one mistake with the name, but aside from that, great story! 9/10


2004-09-11 07:59:01
LEXY sounds like a dream, wish i could barrow her

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