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I'm new to all of this so I'm still learning. Thanks for the comments on the first part.

Dear Diary
Well me and my new boyfriend, Manny, have been on the phone so much its pitiful, but I really do like him. a lot. but he didn't come to school today he had a doctors appointment. Plus there is a lame ass assembly tomorrow, boring...

so me and Manny were in the boring assembly. He says he has to pee and wants me to come too. So we leave the Gym and go to the bathroom. As soon as the bathroom door closed, Manny started kissing me. I was completely and utterly shocked at him doing this. Now, I'm in the bathroom with one of the sexiest boys in school. He is about 5" 7', with a six-pack to-die-for, the most gorgeous hazel eyes in the universe, and a smile that melts my soul every time I see it. As soon as I recovered from the shock I started kissing back wondering how far are we going to go. Well he breaks the kiss look my in the eyes and speaks with his beautiful voice, "Baby, I love you." And before I can comment he's kissing me again. While still kissing he pulls up my shirt and starts feeling my smooth stomach and chest. I pulled his shirt up and pulled away from his mouth so I can take his shirt off. it falls to the floor. Then we hear people out side the bathroom door. so he runs into the stall and I stand in front of an urinal. Luckily no one came in but It helped remind us of where we are and how easy It would be to get caught. Then I remembered how the boys locker room was almost never locked. So he threw his shirt back on and we ran to the boys lockers room and went down stairs. out of breathe we sat on the benches. I looked down and noticed he had a massive bulge in his pants. the horny side of me cam e out at that moment. I grabbed it though his pants and felt the length of it. he looks at my hand and says, "ill pull it out if you like." But I said, "No ill pull it out myself." so I get on my knees in front of where he is sitting at and un button his jeans. as I am unzipping his fly I see the outline of his cock though the fabric of his boxer-briefs. so I get the pants down and reach to pull his underwear down. then I saw his was amazing. it was around 7 1/2 inches long and had a nice girth too. he was hairless down there so I guessed he shaved. I grabbed his cock with my right hand and started beating his cock. soon he looked at me and said, "that feels so nice." then I reply, "if you like that you are going to love this." I stuck out my tongue and swirled it around the head of his cock. then I dragged my tongue down the length of his dick. Then I swallowed his cock and took it deep into my mouth trying to deep throat this boys cock. I start off going slow then I speed up just a bit. he puts his hand on the back of my head and starts to buck his hips. then I speed up a little more but then he started fucking my mouth. I gag because him doing this was very unexpected. the feeling of his cock pulsating in my mouth was unbelievable. after about 3 minutes of him fucking my throat, I feel his cock get really hard and starts to feel like it growing. then he suddenly yells, "I'M GOING TO..." before he could even finish his sentence, my mouth was being filled with his hot jizz. this was the first time I ever tasted cum. it was hot, sweet but still sort of bitter. I couldn't swallow it all so some had leaked of my mouth on to the floor. still trying to swallow his delicious juices he bends down and kisses me, making us share his cum. we start cleaning ourselves up. I told him, "baby I love you too." then we held hands walking out of the locker room.

No School Today for Parent teacher conferences. Why do they even have those? I mean no one goes. Manny and I are laying in bed together right now. We're in my room with the door locked, but we don't want to do anything because my aunt is here. I want his so bad, but I can wait.

Well Diary Regular day in school. Me and Manny decided to keep our relationship a secret. Him, I, and few friends are going skating tomorrow night. This might be different...

The Skating ring was fun...Super fun! Me and Manny had another interesting sexual experience. Me, Him, and all of our friends were sitting down at the table eating some pizza when this Usher song came on and all my friends got up to skate again. so me and Manny stayed there to watch the food. when they got on the skating floor Manny turns to me and says, "you have seen my dick, hell you even sucked it. yet I have never seen yours."
then I said, "Well that’s on you baby."
Then he puts his hand on my lap.
"Well let's change that"
then he started feeling my cock though my basket ball shorts. soon my cock started to harden to its full 8 inches. then he reaches inside my short and starts to slowly jerk me off. Suddenly he yanks his hand out then I noticed my friend. Kelly coming back to the table. She asked me, "Can you take me home in like 15 minutes?" so naturally I asked, "why?" She told me, "Because my Momma wants me to baby sit the neighbor's kid." Since I’m such a good friend I say, "Of course I will. But be ready in 10 minutes, okay." She says okay and skates away. I asked Manny "Do you want to come? I might not be back." but he says "No, I’m going to my sisters house tonight, so I’m okay." Forgetting our relationship is a secret I kiss him goodbye. He didn’t complain then I left. Well we have been texting for the last 30 minutes. I swear if something ever happens to Manny I don’t know what I would do. I might be coming over on Sunday to finish what we started.

Part 3 coming soon... Tell me what you think.

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2010-11-24 11:17:22
I love black cock and love this story

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2010-09-03 20:10:37
Wow this is one of the best stories that I've read :D but try to lay off a gigantic paragraph :D

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