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Cody's younger brother Caleb has a question to ask.
This is a fairly typical story, but I hope the details and realistic penis sizes set it apart from similar ones on this site. This contains incest between minors, so if you don't like this kind of story, by all means, stop reading now and finish watching Twilight.

Sixteen-year-old Cody and his thirteen-year-old brother Caleb were closer to most brothers that either of them new. From the time they were young, it was clear that the two would be inseparable in the years to come. They did everything together and never shied away from any subject that came up in their discussions. Cody had recently gotten a girlfriend who he came to spend more and more time with, much to the chagrin of Caleb. Caleb, try as hard as me might, never really connected with a girl. Granted, he was just hitting puberty and didn't really know all there was to know, but there always seemed to be a distance in Caleb's friendships. It wasn't that he was mean; in fact, just the opposite. Friends if Cody and his family alike commented that they had never met such a nice and good-natured boy than Caleb. It sure as hell wasn't the way he looked, that was for sure. Caleb, like many boys his age in Chula Vista, were absolutely gorgeous, with chocolate-brown eyes and a slightly upturned nose. He had medium-length shaggy blonde hair that flipped up at the ends and swept across his face. He weighed no more than one hundred twenty pounds and stood at about five feet four inches. He dressed in skater clothing like many of the boys at his school, despite the fact that he really didn't skate. Cody, on the other hand, stood at six feet even and weighed in at one hundred sixty pounds. Cody played baseball for his high school team and was beginning to develop some nice muscle tone. He too had blonde hair but it was buzzed close to his head. More of the athletic type, Cody would wear basketball shorts and some tee-shirt he found at PacSun. The two brothers, despite their different appearances, couldn't be closer.

After baseball practice one Friday evening, Cody returned home to that his parents had left for a business meeting and would not return until Monday. Recently having received his license, Cody was responsible for getting Caleb to school or wherever else he needed to go, a task that he loved having. He stuck the note back on the refrigerator and headed upstairs to change. Cody stripped off his baseball pants and practice jersey and stopped for a minute to marvel at his teenage body in the mirror. He wasn't overly ripped like some of the boys on the team, but he had a fair amount of visible muscle tone. The only thing Cody wasn't extremely proud of was his penis. Much like any teenage boy, Cody was always concerned with its size. Although in reality his five and a half inches was very average, it didn't look that way in Cody's eyes. Breathing an exhausted sigh, Cody grabbed a pair of clean boxers and shorts and pulled them on. He considered putting on a shirt, but he had an exhibitionist streak in him that made the decision for him. Before leaving his room, he fastened his diamond stud earrings in each ear; they were custom, a gift from his grandfather, a jeweler, who hand-crafted them and Cody was very proud of them.

Caleb was in the rec room in the basement playing Madden NFL, so Cody flopped down on the couch and turned on the TV and quickly found the music videos. As Kanye West's verses of 'Power' began to fill the house, Cody walked into the office and checked their voice mail to see if his parents left him any more instructions. Sure enough, he was supposed to fix Caleb's computer, something that his father had put off doing for several months now, although Caleb, oddly enough, insisted that it wasn't a huge problem. Cody left the TV on and walked up the stairs to Caleb's room. While most boys his age had posters of the Chargers of Meghan Fox adorned around the room, Caleb's room was quite bare. There was a bed, dresser, and a desk with his computer, but that was about it. Cody sat down in the chair and began to tinker with the computer.

It was nearing dinner time and Caleb was beginning to get hungry, so he walked upstairs to the kitchen to find some food. He heated up a Hot Pocket in the microwave and was sat down in front of the TV. Caleb wasn't really a big music listener, but when he did, he preferred bands like Foo Fighters and Red Hot Chili Peppers to Kanye West, so he shut off the TV. It was at that moment that he heard noises coming from his room, so he got up to investigate.

Cody, in the meantime, had succeeded in booting up Caleb's computer, but there was something on the hard drive that caught his eye. There was a folder filled with porn videos. Not any porn videos, but gay porn videos, which confused him. Never having thought of his brother as the gay type, Cody was confused. He figured that there was a logical explanation for all this, so he got up and walked towards the slightly cracked door.

The brothers nearly crashed into each other as they reached the door knob at the exact same time, but Cody managed to pull it open and saw Caleb standing at the door, eyes wide open with fear as he stared blankly at the screen of his computer. The fear quickly subsided and the embarrassment immediately took its place. His face grew bright red and he hung his head in shame.

"Um...I can explain..." Caleb said, his voice shaking mightily.

"Dude, are you gay?" asked Cody. "I mean, its fine if you are, but some of those videos probably had viruses in them that fucked up your computer. You gotta be careful with that kind of stuff."

"Are you gonna tell Mom and Dad?" Caleb asked nervously. Cody just laughed.

"Don't worry, I wouldn't even think of it. So are you really gay?"

"Uh, I don't really know," replied Caleb awkwardly. "I mean, I like girls and stuff, but when I see those guys in the videos, I get real hard."

"You could be bi," reasoned Cody. "It's not as uncommon as you might think. Hey, I'm sure someone you know at school is bi also."

"Uh, Cody, can I ask you something?" asked Caleb.

"Sure, anything."

"What is...I mean, well...there was something in one of the videos I didn't really get, and..." Cody could see that Caleb was struggling with words and wanted, but even he surprised himself at the words that would come out of his mouth.

"Well, I'm not gay, but if you showed me I'll try to explain it to you." Cody couldn't believe what he just said, but he saw Caleb's face light up, so he continued along with it. Caleb sat down on the chair and opened one of the videos. There were two boys, each probably eighteen, in the sixty-nine position laying down on a bed.

"Why would they put each other's penises in their mouths?" Caleb asked, turning around to face Cody.

"Well, I know that girls do it because they know how much a guy loves how it feels, so I guess that's why a guy would."

"What does it feel like?" Caleb asked again. "Has a girl done that to you?" Now it was Cody's turn to be embarrassed.

" feels really good, really warm and wet."

"Hey, Cody, do you have a boner?" asked Caleb with a smile on his face. Sure enough, there was an obvious tent sticking out in the front of Cody's shorts. "It looks so long, How long is it?"

"Uh, I don't really know," Cody lied. "It's probably like six inches or something."

"Can I see it?" Caleb asked, doing his best 'poor little puppy' face that he could muster. This was't something that Cody had ever considered doing, but Caleb assured him that he wouldn't tell anyone.

"Alright, I guess," said Cody with a sigh, hooking. his thumbs in the waistband of his shorts and boxers. With one swift motion, he pulled them both down to his ankles and stepped out of them, his erect penis springing up with a flopping sound. It was, of course, only five inches, but it was smooth and the circumsized head glistened with pre-cum. Cody's girlfriend insisted that he trim his pubes, so they were not as unruly as they would be naturally. He was standing naked in the middle of his brother's bedroom with his younger brother looking over every inch of his body. His penis hardened slightly as he felt Caleb's eyes hover over it.

"That looks more like five inches to me," commented Caleb, and Cody began to grow red in the face. "Whatever, it's still bigger than mine."

"I'm sure it'll grow bigger in a few years," Cody comforted, running through his brother's hair.

"Really? It's super small now," said Caleb doubtfully. Then he lifted up his shirt and pulled down his shorts to the floor. Cody couldn't help but stair as his younger brother stepped out of his boxer-briefs and stood in front of him wearing only his green DC tee-shirt. If Cody's erection had subsided at all, it didn't matter now as the sight of his brother's penis sent the blood rushing back to his swollen member. "See?"

"C'mon, Caleb, you're only thirteen, it'll still get bigger," said Cody, trying to visually measure his brother's penis. It appeared to be about four inches long and completely hairless with the testicles still clutching closely to the base of the penis. Unlike his brother, Caleb was uncircumsized, and the slightly erect penis forced the foreskin down a bit on the light pink head.

"Hey Cody, I wanna ask you something again, but you gotta promise not to get mad," Caleb said.

"I promise," agreed Cody.

"Well, I was wondering...can I suck your penis?"

Cody's heart lurched up into his throat and he found it difficult to respond. "Uh, uh, I guess, if you really want to, just this one time," he stammered.

"Are you gay?" asked Caleb.

"No, no, but I really like blowjobs," Cody said, smiling. He sat down on the edge of Caleb's bed as his younger brother dropped to his knees and scooted in between Cody's legs.

It occurred to Cody that this was incest, but the feeling of his brother's hot breath on the most sensitive part of his body erased any thought of stopping. Caleb must have really paid attention to the porn videos he had been watching because he spit in his open hand and began to slowly move up and down Cody's penis. His pace increased and Cody had to struggle from grabbing his brother's head and forcing it down on his penis. Before too long, Caleb took his hand off Cody's penis and ripped his shirt off. Now completely naked, he lowered his head to Cody's penis and lightly kissed up and down the shaft, stopping to cup the sensitive pink head in his mouth. He started to apply pressure with his tongue as he slid his mouth up and down the shaft until he finally stopped on the head. This was Caleb's first time at oral sex, so his teeth grazed the shaft several times before he learned how to keep them off. Caleb started to swivel his tongue around the the head of Cody's penis as he looked up at his brother, who simply nodded with a smile. That was all the invitation Caleb needed as he lunged down on his brother's throbbing erection. He only managed to get a few inches in his mouth the first time, but it didn't bother Cody one bit. Caleb's mouth was a hot wet tunnel that worked its way up and down his penis, giving Cody stronger sensations than even his girlfriend had managed to give him. After a bit, Caleb got a little braver and even tried to deep throat him. Feeling the tonsils and uvula on his penis sent him over the edge as he shot rope after rope of sticky semen into Caleb's unsuspecting mouth. Cody felt a little bad about not giving his brother any warning, but he didn't want Caleb to stop sucking. Cody's erection settled down and Caleb finished swallowing his seed, smiling the entire time.

"Wow, that was awesome!" said Cody, breathless after such a strong orgasm.

"I think I like being gay, or at least bi, after all," Caleb said smiling.

"So why do guys like giving blowjobs?" asked Cody teasingly.

"I dunno," Caleb responded. "Probably because it feels awesome to have a big, soft penis in your mouth."

The rest of the weekend went a little more as planned, with Cody renting a movie and watching it with Caleb. As the end credits rolled, Caleb looked into his brother's eyes and remembered how good it felt to give him that blowjob. Monday came around, and the return of their parents officially signaled the end of anything else Caleb wanted to do. One day several weeks later, their mother was doing laundry when she found a pair of Caleb's cum-stained boxers. She called up to their father and they decided that it was time to give Caleb the talk. Little did they know that Caleb knew much more about sex than either of them could possible imagine.

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