a moms story of her atraction to her son
Hi my name is Amy.
It all started when my Husband took a new job and was not home alot.
Mike started driving truck and was gone all week.our son john and me were home alone alot.
I started playing with myself alot to cure the empty feeling i had. i was very lonely.
This worked for awhile but soon was not enough.My fantisies went from that of my husband to thinking about his brothers our neighbors and so on.I was cheating on my husband in my mind several times a day.
One day he stoped home as he was passing through town and he only had a hour befor he had to leave.
we had a quickie that did nothing but get me horney and he left. i was extreamly aroused and forgetting our son was home i was in the bathroom and left the door open and was sitting on the pot playing with myself.i was thinking about my husbands brother and lost in thought .fucking him for my husband not satifying me.
When i realized my son had walked in and froze there watching me.when i noticed him he was standing there in his underwear looking at me opened mouth.i was on edge and instantly i noticed how cute he looked standing there like a deer in the head lights.
without thinking i reached out and grabed his hand and pulled him to me. i pullled hi to my tits and told him to suck them.
He was quite and did not say a word. as i pressed his face into my tit. i reached down and slid my hand under his underwear and sqeezed his bottom.i was in a cloud of lust and not thinking i reached around and took hol of his little was soft and only about 2 inches long.i saw it often when he would shower and not ever once thought of it sexually.
But now i wanted it i held him to my chest i stroked my sons dick and to my delight felt it grow to about 4 inches. his little dick was hard as i have felt .I sat him on the pot and sat down on him guiding him in his mommie.
I started thrusting my hips into him grinding into him getting him as deep as posible into me.I was over the edge comming . it was an orgasium like i had never felt. the warmth of his body and the thought of cheating on my husband with our son was what put me over. i came again and a again.
i bounced on johnny for what seemed like 10 min or more then i felt him jerk and he was cumming in me.
i ground tighter on him and had another orgasium myself.i was soaked with sweat and i had came so much my son was soaked.
not saying anything he looked at me like he was introuble.his inocense was so intoxicating yet i did not want to comfort him yet. i did not want to break this sexual enrgy i had built up.i liked and it turned me on to see him embarrased and quite.i slid off him and told him to get a shower and clean up ver sternly to him.
he jumped up to get a showeras i watched his bottom walk away i smacked it.i sat ther and watched him shower and he turned his back to me as he cleaned his little was still hard and i was amazed how it looked big on his little body.
He got out and i did not let him get dry i got on my knees and pulled him on to the floor.i started sucking him.i was numb all over as i sucked him.i slid up and lowered myself on his dick as he lay there looking at the ceiling.i start humping him.i am cumming at once and over and over again wave after wave hit me .
i colapse on him and lay there awhile.i get up and tell him to come on and i take him to my bedroom.
I lay down and he just standing by the bed i pull him on me like a rag doll. and put him betwwen my legs.
i raise my bottom up and guide him into me.
Raping my legs around him i use my feet to puch him deeper and he finally gets the idea and is fucking his mommy good.i reach down with my hands and help him keep in rythem telling to not stop fuck mommy keep ging baby dont stop make mom feel good. and i screamed out when i was comming.
i held him tight as i contracted out of control.the whole time john face was looking straight ahead he was bashfull.
I pushed him down betwwen my legs and held the back of his head and told him to lick it and i pressed his face into my pussy and started humping his face.i was cumming again.all over his face pulled him up and kissed him on the lips. thanked him for taking care of mom like that.still on edge i rolled over ontop of him and took him in me again.i never was so horney in all my life.i was fucking my son again.
Just the thought of it put me into a orgasium.i came again.
i finally was done. the last quiver came down off me and i get up.relizing i just raped my son for the last 4 hours.It was midnight. and i stood him up.i am 5 fooot tall and my son almost was the same height as me now. i stood infront of him and told him we could not tell anyone about thisit had to be our secret.he nodded his head and i took his chin and looked him in the melted me and i huged him.
i took him to the bathroom and we got in shower together.As i was washing him off i felt his cum running out of me and down my leg.It just dawned on me what i really just did.Although i think he might be to young my son could of got me pregnant.i always fuck his dad with a condom and i just did his son for hours with no protection.
More to come if you like


2016-10-17 18:08:39
"My Cute Little Boy 1" - Twenty-eight Year Old Married Mother, Amy and Nine Year Old Son, John (aka Johnny).

There is one very vital fact that I wish and fantasize about...that my mother would have continue further into our naked times together when I was Johnny's age. Amy using the availability of her nine year old son's wee five inch dick to relieve her anxiety, lust, urges and orgasms, and pump pure, virgin boy cum into his mother's birth canal is phenomenal.....and most probably every male's grandest wish come true!!! It would have been fantastic for me had my mother (or even I if I had known what would have been my reward) continued further into and beyond our foreplay

The theme, context, message and the highly-charged sexuality...and the visuals vividness are fabulous, fantastic and totally awesome!!!

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2014-09-04 04:31:22
loved it hope for more

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2013-09-11 16:15:07
Your story was absolutely wonderful. Please write more.

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2013-06-03 01:17:02
hope your son made you pregnant

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2012-01-29 05:54:52
Even with the second-language grammar and formatting, I loved this story. Good job and thanks!

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