It was like some sort of dream. The summer sun was harsh and unmerciful over my head as I tried to get my car to come to life. I was frustrated as hell, and even in no shirt, just shorts, I was burning up. I leaned back against my car and listened to the sounds of birds and wind in the trees. I live out in the country, so there's really no one around my house. I kinda like it.

"Excuse me." came a voice from the road. I turned to look and my jaw almost dropped. She was astonishing. She looked as though she wasn't much younger than me, and I was seventeen and a half. Her hair was a sandy blonde and her face was beautiful with sparkling green eyes, full lips, and a dusting of freckles on her nose. Her shirt was cut to show her tan flat stomach, and her shorts let her ass hang out the back. She was the hottest girl I'd ever seen.

"Uh......yeah. Yes?" I tried to speak, but felt like my throat was swollen. She squinted at me in the bright sun, and I gestured her to come into the garage. She followed me into the shade.

"Um, well, my car broke down, and this was the closest house......." she trailed off, looking at me hopefully. I snapped back to reality and said,

"Okay, wait here." She told me where her car was and I went down to look at it, all the while dreaming of this hott girl naked.

I returned shaking my head. "When you said you broke down, you meant it. Your fan belt has snapped. You're gonna need a tow truck." Her face fell and I felt sorry for her.
"I could give you a ride into town if you want." I offered. She brightened up and stepped up close to me, surprising me.

"Oh thank you, how could I ever repay you?" she asked. I laughed and said it was no problem. She pushed me against the shop bench and her face held only a sembelance of a smile. "I'm serious. I want to thank you properly."
With that said, she kissed me. This was a bull-blown, hard-rocking kiss that I felt deep inside my groin. She was like a firecracker that had been set off. She began to suck on my neck as I grabbed her ass, bewildered, but making the most of it. I almost came when she moaned and rubbed her crotch against my leg and dropped to her knees before me. She unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them off quickly. My cock was hard and full. She grasped it and pulled it close to her sweet slick lips.

Without hesitation, she gulped it down her throat, and slid it back out. I groaned and she slid it back in again. She did this a couple times, but then released me and stood up, pulling her shirt over her head, revealing her perfect breasts, not huge, but very nice sized. She dropped her shorts, showing no panties and a shaved pussy. She hopped up onto the work bench and pulled me between her legs, whispering,
"I'm on birth control."
I couldn't believe my luck, but didn't waste it. I laid her down on her back and bent to lick her sweet tangy pussy lips. They were pink and soft and dripping with her slick personal lubrication. I slid two fingers in and began to tongue her clit, sucking on it till she moaned and gasped with sensation. I knew it was time.

I grabbed my cock and placed my blunt head against her pink opening, resting it between her soft pussy lips. With one thrust, I shoved it up inside her, receiving a strangled moan from the hot girl I didn't even know. I grabbed her hips and began to fuck her roughly. I began to actually lift my feet off the ground in an attempt to bury more inside her. She moaned louder and louder, making a high keening sound in her throat until she exploded, shuddering on the bench and milking my cock with her cunt muscles. I thrusted ever faster, burying my raging dick deep inside her pussy until I too exploded, my first load shooting deep inside her pink heat. She felt it and cried out in pleasure. I continued to cum until I was dry, shuddering with the force of my orgasm. I caught my breath and she raised herself up on her elbows to look at me, her breathtaking face flushed with exertion.

"That was just the first installment of my payment, right?" she asked with a grin.

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2012-03-24 13:20:41
you lied you said it was your first story when it is acctually the second and not very good either. way to short and no detail or background you left a lot of holes in the plot


2006-01-28 03:15:26
too short but good


2005-11-09 15:11:31
that was hot
i wish mechanics were like that here


2004-07-14 17:20:00
Look you should given more detail about the girl and how big her breasts really were but like well said it was a pretty damn good story i hope i like your other ones


2004-07-12 01:37:38
Duh, um, like that story was lame and too too short probably like your dick! LOL Duh

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