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Chapter 2
Alyssa was from a small town and in a class that had an exceptionally large number of school sluts, the girls that are laughingly recalled at the ten year high school reunion, until it is found out that they were knocked up in high school or shortly thereafter and now have at least 3 children while working a dead end job. She was overlooked by just about everyone, with the exception of one young man. Jake was a “grungy” kid. He didn’t have really nice clothes or drive a nice car. As a matter of fact, his clothes always had holes in them, and not the kind they charge hundreds of dollars for at Abercrombie & Fitch or Hollister, and his car was a rust bucket, that only partially resembled the 1992 Geo Metro that it was licensed as.
Jake’s father, Robert, was something akin to the town drunk. He drank early and often and didn’t stop until his body gave up on him for the day. Robert lived in a sort of upside down world. He wasn’t a mean drunk; rather he was the oblivious type, functioning fairly well until the end of the work day, whenever that was. He didn’t have a steady job, constantly doing handyman work or taking on temporary manual labor jobs, anything that would pay him in cash and allow him to continue collecting welfare while still keeping him in an ample supply of booze. However, when Robert was sober he was a force to be reckoned with, especially if he didn’t have any hope of a quick return to his inebriated bliss. He sometimes hit Jake when the booze ran out, blaming his presence for the lack of alcohol in the house. He would often hit Jake’s mother as well, smacking poor Eileen around until she cowered in the corner, begging for mercy. Robert had been a high school jock, a small town hero who couldn’t give up his glory days. He was once one of the most sought after teenagers in the county, but that had ended shortly after graduation. He still retained a bit of that jockishness, mostly in the form of his brutish size and strength. He was 6’1” and weighed 260 pounds now, making him bigger and more imposing than he had been as a teenager. His wife had fallen for his boyish good looks and big muscles, not his brains.
Eileen was a gentle soul, she was a smidge overweight, but that was attributed to the comfort food she consoled herself with after the violence in her house wound down. If you were to clean her up and put her in a nice dress it would be possible to see the natural beauty that had once made her something of a catch in high school. She was 5’6” tall, with black hair, brown eyes, and tan skin. She looked as if she had once been an athlete, with the body structure and stature of someone who had excelled at high school sports, even though she had not. She had ample, size C breasts, made slightly larger and moderately saggy by the twin tests of time and childbearing. She had a curvy figure that was a little plump in the middle, but not so much as to prevent strangers from admiring her as she shopped in the store. Her legs were long for her body, giving her a subtle hint of grace and sexuality. Her face was worn, stripping her of whatever grace and beauty a stranger might imagine if he started his observations from the bottom and worked his way up. Living a poor life, married to a drunken and abusive husband and trying to raise a child in that environment can rob a woman of her beauty and Eileen was just another victim. She constantly wore a frown, hiding her fear and lack of will. It detracted greatly from her pretty hair and features. It didn’t really matter though, because Eileen wasn’t going out on the town very often and she certainly wasn’t going to be looking for a new man in her life, not when she was so submissively yoked to the one in whose bed she slept every night.
Once, when Jake was a young boy, about ten years old, and the family lived in a one bedroom shack on the outskirts of town, Robert had come home in a fit of rage. His boss had taken his booze and forced him to sober up throughout the day. This created a sobriety storm that started as general indignation over the lack of respect for Robert’s personal possessions and escalated into a seething anger fueled by alcohol withdrawal. When Robert got home he was greeted by a wife who had the misfortune of burning that evening’s dinner, creating a smoky mess of a dining area. This was more than enough of an excuse for Robert to tip over the ledge of reasonability. With his young son looking on, Robert dispensed a beating, yelling at Eileen for her carelessness, ignorance, and lack of culinary skills. Exhausted from the effort Robert sat down at the table and noticed for the first time, that his son was looking on. Not at all deterred, and taking some sort of grotesque pleasure in the situation, Robert asked young Jake if he wanted to see how a man had “his way with a woman.” This was a rhetorical question, it mattered not if Jake wanted to see or witness what was about to happen, his father had every intention of proving his point.
Robert then turned to his roughed up wife and told her to “come over and perform her womanly duties.” With that he stood up, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, and dropped them to his ankles. Eileen let out a whimper and crawled over to her husband. Robert then took his limp cock and smacked it off her face, telling her to open wide. Eileen did as she was told, closing her eyes and opening her mouth to accept the limp cock of her husband. Robert slid it in her mouth and let out a sigh. After a few thrusts into her warm mouth, his cock was hard. Eileen had once admired this physical trait of Roberts; he had a nice cock and balls. His balls were large and hung from the base of his cock like twin peaches, fuzzy and ripe. They were attached to a cock she thought had been sculpted by the sex gods. It was about 7 inches long and pretty plump, a darker color than the rest of Robert’s skin, and when he was turned on it seemed to pulsate and throb as if it had a life of its own. As teenagers, before the booze had taken hold, they enjoyed frequent lovemaking sessions that lasted for hours. Eileen loved that cock, the way it tasted, the way it felt in her hands, the way it felt inside of her warm, wet vagina, even the way it felt inside her lubed ass. They frequently had wild lovemaking sessions and from time to time it got a little rough, but Eileen liked that, she even encouraged it a little. Unfortunately, when the booze got hold of Robert, the sex became rougher and eventually he had started beating her all the time, not just in the bedroom. Now, the sight of his cock terrified her because it meant that bad things were coming her way.
With his cock in his wife’s mouth, Robert grabbed her hair and started thrusting his hips into her face. “That’s it woman, suck my cock. Oooooooh yeah. I’m glad to see that your mouth is still good for something other than gossiping around.” Young Jake was frightened by this display and unsure of what was happening. He knew that his mother was crying and he felt bad for her, as he always did when his dad was violent. He had never seen anything like this though, at his age, he wasn’t a sexual person and he still had not started to fully trust girls. They still seemed distant and odd to him. So, he tried to hide his head. He turned away from what his father was doing and the sounds of his mother’s sobs made his eyes water. Robert was oblivious at first, too busy pumping into his wife’s mouth. However, when he looked over and saw Jake looking away he yelled, “Look boy, I’m going to show you how to treat a woman. This is how you keep her in line. You have to show her who is boss!” Looking down at his wife, he grabbed her hair again and started slamming his body into her face, screaming and moaning. “You gotta get her to suck your cock like this. Make her suck it until she gags. Make sure she knows that you’re in charge. You hear me boy? You like this don’t you woman, you love my cock in your throat.” Eileen gurgled an acknowledgement because she knew that silence would only incite him further. Suddenly Robert stopped and pulled his wet cock from her mouth. “Get up and bend over that table, woman. I’m going to show the boy how the real thing is done.” Eileen stood, her spirit broken by the fact that she was being forced to do this in front of her only child. However, she was fearful for her life and the life of her son, so she did what she was told, all while trying to think of a way to explain this to the tender mind of the boy in the corner.
Done getting his cock sucked, Robert was ready for some rough sex and he intended to give his son a real lesson in manhood. Grabbing his wet cock in one hand he hunched over and slipped it between his wife’s thighs, pushing down on her back with the other hand. His aim was true and the wet cock slid right into her worn pussy. The lack of lube caused Eileen to gasp aloud and this seemed to indicate to Robert that she was enjoying herself. “You love that hard cock don’t you woman. You love when I stick my big, hard dick inside your dirty cunt, don’t you.” Jake lowered his eyes, unable to watch the tears stream down his mother’s face. “See son, this is how you keep a woman in line. Show her who is boss and don’t ever let up, just like this.” With those words Robert started moaning and thrusting his cock into Eileen. His pace picked up so considerably that the table was wobbling, threatening to break off one of its rickety old legs, and Eileen was grunting and groaning in pain. Robert was convinced that these were sounds of pleasure and Eileen’s volume only served to drive him on faster. Jake watched in dismay as Robert grabbed his mother’s breasts and screamed while pumping furiously into her pussy. The force caused Eileen to cry even harder and louder. Jake could hear the sounds of his father’s sexual conquest, the slapping of skin and the wet sopping sound of his mother’s stuffed pussy, the groans of his father and the grunts of his mother. All of this was inescapably imprinted upon his brain. When his father finished, with a short loud “Yes!” and a great sigh, his mother quickly closed her mouth and halted her grunting and whimpering, but still lay on the table, pinned under Robert’s weight. With a mean grin, Robert proclaimed, “There you go boy, now you know how to fuck a woman. Let that be a lesson to you.” Jake had no choice but to remember that brutal lesson.
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