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Emily is a witch with a very unusual surname, which implies the unusual life she will lead. She does not know the meaning of this until she asks her mother when she gets home from school one night.
Ever since she was thirteen Emily knew what the Cumbucket surname implied. In her earlier years her mother, Alena Cumbucket, had not told her, but as soon as Emily went to the local school for young witches the other witches had made it clear what it meant.
Emily asked her mother about it after arriving home from the first day at school, and Alena had sat Emily down in the kitchen to explain the family name.
"First of all, you understand that as a witch, we keep our mother's names rather than the name of the male who we decide to become partners with?" asked Alena.
"Yes mother" replied Emily, concentrating hard to her mother's words, desperate to know why she was called Cumbucket.
"We Cumbuckets come from a line of witches that have been renowned for our sexual prowess and promiscuity. It may be that the name itself is what makes us this adventurous, perhaps sparking some subconscious need or desire in ourselves that would not portray itself in a woman who did not live with a name like Cumbucket. It could also be that our mothers before us were highly charged sexual creatures, and it has been passed down to us through our bodies by nature. This sexual talent, or curse.... whatever you want to call it, is something you and I were born with, so we will have to live with it I'm afraid. Ultimately, it means a life less ordinary for us, Emily, a life which can be very painful mentally and physically, or instead - as it has been for me - a life of deep pleasures and excitements. It is up to you how you view this. But certainly, with a name like Cumbucket, you are not going to escape the grasps of the male sex... whether they be human or not."
"Not human?!"
"Yes, the natural world picks up on a lot of things we humans didn't know they did. Sexual propensity is one. I have had more than humans inside me, Emily."
Emily was gobsmacked by her mother's words, and sat in silence waiting for her mind to make sense of it all.
After a while her mother broke the silence, "Have you ever had a sexual experience Emily?"
"No," replied Emily, only half lying, knowing that she had felt strange tingles when she had seen her father naked manhood when he was naked sometimes.
"I know that you have started becoming a woman, you have small breasts and a slight lining of womanly fur above your flower"
Silence again.
Her mother looked towards the ceiling and seemed to be toiling with something in her mind. Finally she said, almost exasperatedly, "Emily, I want you to have a great life, a life full of pleasure and excitement. Just like me. I want you to see the potential of your body and mind, and see this potential come to fruition as your body does the same. Do you want that too?"
"Of course mother" how could she say otherwise?
"Then there is one thing I can do for you to start you off on the right footing."
"What is that mother?"
"I want to be the first to give you sexual pleasure. So that you will find out how wonderful it is from the start."
"I don't know..." said Emily, knowing that she could not stop her body from responding to her mother's idea. Emily knew how beautiful Alena was; she know about the fantastic physique, all the curves in the right places; the large, white, perfectly formed breasts, with their pink nipples. She knew about the soft fur of her mother's pubic hair, just there, between her legs. But she also knew that her mother was a woman, and it seemed wrong to look upon a woman with the same desire she was allowed to look upon a man. "You are a woman though."
"All the better to understand your body and how to give it the greatest pleasure, with a gentleness that no man could possibly use."
"You are my mother," despite Emily feeling rather turned on by the idea of this taboo, she still weakly tried to protest.
"And who better to guide you through it than the one who loves you most in this world?"
Emily sat silently, unable to respond with a decent argument against her mother's words. Truthfully, she was in a state of high sexual responsiveness now, and all she could think about was her mother taking her. She had become a slave to her impulses.
Alena simply took this opportunity and kissed Emily passionately full on the lips. This was a kiss of lust not like the peck Alena would give her before she went to bed. Emily had never been kissed this way before and she liked it. She responded by opening her little red lips to her mother's searching tongue. Alena flicked around her daughter's mouth with her tongue, and sucked on her daughter's lips with a slight nip from time to time. Their mingling breathes, their mingling saliva, had them both working themselves up to a sexual heat. Slowly, whilst still kissing her daughter passionately, Alena started undoing Emily's little dress at the back. Emily felt her mother's hands slowly undoing her dress and felt the soft spring breeze find its way beneath. Goosepimples shot from the bottom of her back to the top and she arched her back uncontrollably, forcing her small 13 year old breasts into her mother's large 33 year old breasts, causing her nipples to become erect. This sent pleasant tingles around her body.
Alena bid Emily stand up, and as Emily did so her dress fell to her feet, revealing her naked body, for she wore no underwear. Alena took a moment to admire her daughter's newly developing body, with its form becoming more shapely, though still lacking the true curves that an adult woman had. The idea of making love to her 13 year old daughter seemed so desirable, with Emily's little erect nipples and virgin pussy just there, in the middle of the kitchen, waiting for Alena to make love to. Emily was truly beautiful, Alena could tell that she was going to be a heartbreakingly beautiful woman, with such a cute face. Those breasts would grow too.
Alena took off her own dress revealing her large breasts and womanly figure, "This is what you are going to become my love" she said to her daughter. Emily longed to touch her mother's perfect body, to feel those breasts and, rather naughtily which sent another tingle around her body, to touch her mother's pussy.
Suddenly Alena couldn't hold back any longer and embraced Emily passionately, enveloping Emily in her arms and kissing her like before. Alena placed her thigh between Emily's legs and could feel a slight wetness there. Emily moaned as her pussy rubbed against the thigh and her cliteris responded to the pressure by sending tingles around her body. Alena gasped as her daughter began rubbing herself against Alena's thigh and kissing back the way Alena had been doing before, with her tongue entering her mother's mouth.
All of this sexuality from her daughter was too much for her and she broke the embrace and said "Let's go to the bedroom."
Alena lay on the bed sideways, accentuating her ample breasts, and beckoned her daughter do the same opposite her. They kissed again and Emily felt very turned on, turned on to the point where her vaginal fluid started seeping onto her inner thigh. She stopped kissing, spread her legs and put her fingers around the opening of her pussy, and brought back her fingers with their sticky liquid. She showed her mother and said "What is this mummy?"
"It is your pussy juice baby, it is to let a cock slide more easily inside you." At this, Alena licked her daughter's fingers clean.
Shocked, but very turned on, Emily tentatively asked her mother, "Can I taste yours?"
"Of course you can baby." Alena guided her daughter's fingers between her pussy lips. Emily had wide eyes when feeling this and said "It is so slippery and warm!"
"Oh... you bet baby." Her mother could hardly speak with the wonderful sensation of her daughter's fingers between her pussy lips. Emily then took her fingers out and licked them clean, as she had learned from her mother.
"How do you like the taste of my cunt baby?"
"Oh I like it, it tastes lovely. Can have some more?" Emily asked eagerly.
"Yes... in fact..."
"What is it mummy?"
"Here, I'll show you." Alena took hold of her daughter's hand again and guided it to her pussy, which by this time was crying out for some attention. Alena then guided Emily's middle finger into her pussy hole. It went in easily because it was so thin and slender, but it still felt wonderful to have her daughter's finger inside her. "Put another one in baby" Emily didn't need any guidance or encouragement this time, and eagerly slid her forefinger into her mother's warm and wet vagina. She had them in as far as they would go and was enjoying the feel of her mother's insides when her mother said, "Push them in and out repeatedly". Emily obeyed this request and started shoving them in and out again and again much to the obvious enjoyment of her groaning mother. The naughtiness of the situation was not lost on Emily and her pussy had become so wet that now there was a steady stream of liquid flowing from her pussy, around her asshole and inner thigh and finally staining the sheets. Her mother's pussy was doing the same.
"Suck my tits!" Alena exclaimed, which Emily did with applomb. Sucking hard and long on each nipple, all the while still furiously shoving fingers up her mother's snatch. Alena gathered her senses and realised this occasion was for Emily, not her. She took her middle and fore fingers and took some of the lubricant provided by the 13 year old's wet pussy and started rubbing Emily's clit clockwise. Emily immediately screamed with pleasure and arched her back, taking the time to enjoy the attention her young clit was getting. She started to grind her hips to the motion of her mother's fingers, building up, building up the pleasure, gasping for air occasionally but uncontrollably holding her breathe - causing her face and neck to become flushed. All until, at last, an explosion of sexual pleasure burst upwards and around emanating from her clitoris and shaking her whole body uncontrollably, "AHHHHHHH" she screamed, and lost all thoughts for what seemed an eternity until she finally stopped shaking and came back into the room.
Alena by this point was furiously rubbing her own clit, her daughter having stopped giving her any attention in the midst of her own pleasure. Suddenly she felt something between her legs and when she looked down she could see her daughter placing her little 13 year old face at the opening of her womanhood. Alena felt a surge of pleasure as soon as her daughter started licking around her pussy. "Oh you are a natural born pussy muncher aren't you, my dirty little daughter!" Emily simply looked up with her naughty little face all cheeky and cute and carried on eating out her mother. "That's it baby, concentrate on the clitoris," Alena guided her daughter to her rather engorged sex button, and Emily did as she was told. Occasionally Emily would drift a little lower to taste her mother's sweet nectar from time to time, but when Alena started shuddering and groaning deep, animal like, grunts, she knew to carry on flicking her mother's clit with her little tongue repeatedly. Finally, Alena came hard, and pulled her daughter's head into her pussy, using her daughter long soft brown hair as leaverage.
After her orgasm had subsided, Alena asked Emily to come up again and noticed her daughter still had her pussy juices glistening and dripping off of her chin. Alena took the opportunity and covered her fingers in Emily's nectar from between her daughters legs, then licked it all off refraining from swallowing it, she swished it around in her mouth a while. Then she gave her daughter the sloppiest kiss she had ever had, mixing her daughter's and her own juices together in their mouths, swapping it to and fro and then gulping it all down.
"How was it baby?" Alena asked after a while of cuddling.
"It was wonderful mummy. It was great. Oh my, how I loved it. I had an orgasm!"
"Yes you did, you had an orgasm, how did you know?"
"I sometimes hear you screaming when you and daddy are together after bed-time."
"I'm sure you can tell, then, that it is hard to control your voice when you are cumming very hard."
Emily contemplated this for a while, and thought about the experience she had just had. Then asked her mother, "What's it like to have a cock inside you?"
"It's wonderful baby, but I think you are a bit young for it. Besides, I don't want to take your virginity with my fingers or anything else."
"What about daddy?" Emily said, finally getting to the point she wanted to make.
"I don't know whether your father would approve of having sex with you baby, I don't think he would approve of what just happened either."
"Oh, please mummy, I really want him inside me, please." Emily looked so disappointed by her denial that Alena couldn't help but feel sorry for her. After all, she knew just what it is like to crave cock, her husband leaving for weeks sometimes on business around the shire.
"Well... maybe we could convince him somehow. Perhaps if he found his wife and 13 year old daughter tribbing..."
"What's tribbing?"
A smile went across Alena's face then, and she said simply, "You'll find out, and you will find out what fisting is too. On Friday, when your father gets home from work, he will find us in here!"
After a while of talking more about sex and all the possibilities it offered, Emily went to bed thinking about her experience. She fell to sleep wondering what fisting was, and what tribbing was, and wondering what it was going to be like to fuck her father.

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