Who said having a temp job was a bad thing
Busted at Work

I’ve always had this small problem. Even when I was a young teenage boy, I loved to masturbate. Now I know that just about everyone probably masturbates sooner or later, but I just couldn’t seem to get enough of it. I loved to feel my fist wrapped around my cock pumping away; Even now that I am married, I have been known to sneak off into the shower after sex, just so I could wrap my fist around my cock and stroke it some more. I love the fact that for that private time, I can have complete control of the intensity of my own orgasm. Don’t get me wrong, I would never give up the feeling of a great pair of lips sucking me dry or a tight pussy or ass humping up and down on my swollen member; but there is still something to be said for sitting there with my legs spread apart while fantasizing about a hot woman while I fuck my fist up and down my shaft until I spew my hot steaming cum all over the place.
Well, I shared that with you to tell you about my new job. I had been out of work for about 3 months due to a back injury, and being I had recovered for the most part, my wife pushing me to get back out into the job field. I was still having problems getting employment though, and was finally left with no alternative than going to a temp service to help me with a paycheck. I had done a few landscaping jobs, as well as the odd clerical job from time to time. But last week, I finally found a job working for the records keeping department of a bank. All of my hours were after regular bank hours, and it was my job to process the checks and deposit from that day’s business.
Normally I like easy jobs, and believe me, this was an easy job, except for the fact that I was working on a small team with four other people. That was the problem. The four other people consisted of one woman who was the supervisor. Her name was April. April was about 45 years old, long red hair, pretty green eyes, and an incredible set of breasts that were “hard” not to focus on when they were standing proudly right in front of you. But April wasn’t the only problem. The other three members of my team were (3) part time college vixens; Each one with a body that reminded me how much I missed my college years.
Demi was the brunette of the group. She was about 5’3 with a short wavy haircut. She had lovely breasts; and she knew it, because she was always leaving an extra button undone on her blouse. I don’t know that she did that for me, but being as there were only 5 of us locked tight in the upper room of this bank each night, I liked to fantasize that she was just teasing me with those swollen globes. Demi also had an incredible ass. She would make sure to wear super tight jeans or jean shorts to work in each night. Sometimes I would get hard just imagining that I was the man that got to paint those pants on her each night.
Kelley and Jessie were the blondes. They looked enough alike that you would probably think they were sisters if you hadn’t met them. They were both gorgeous. In fact my wife probably would have made me quit if she had know for one minute that I was working with such a delicious crew. Kelley and Jessie both had small frail bodies a lot like Demi, but their breasts were not as large. Though they didn’t walk around with their boobs hanging half out, they both walked around in nothing more than a tank top most of the time. Their small perky breasts seemed to boast two sets of the most erect nipples I’ve ever had the chance to see poking out of a shirt before. Kelley’s were usually only perky when the room was a little chilly, but Jessie’s were hard and erect all the time. I would spend hours fantasizing about biting on those delicious nubs through those skimpy tank tops. Both girls also shared in the “great ass” category. I don’t know what it is, but I have always had this fetish for a tiny tight ass. Don’t get me wrong, a little junk in the trunk can be sexy on a woman, but for me, the sight of a tight ass screaming to get out of a super tight pair of pants was always enough to make me want to pull out my cock and start pumping. Well, needless to say, after watching Kelley and Jessie walk around in their short little boy toy shorts, and Demi walking around in her tight jeans, and the follow that up with April in her professional skirts that I was sure were just a little shorter than normal bank regulations, I kept finding myself walking around adjusting the bulge in my shorts to avoid any type of sexual harassment suit or potential divorce proceedings from my wife.
Due to the fact that I was not getting home from work till about 3 A.M. in the morning, my wife was always already in bed asleep. By the time I would wake up, she was gone to work, and about the only time I saw her during the day, we had the kids around, so sex seemed to disappear from our routine for the 4 months that I had now been working at the bank. My cock was aching every night by the time I got home; so I would head into the bathroom, grab my favorite bottle of silky lotion, and I would spend the next 20 minutes stroking myself to orgasm at the thought of one or all of these luscious beauties.
The problem came a few days ago when we all got called in a little early to work. Apparently the heat outside had caused the computers to crash, and the bank had to be shut down early to fix it. Some of the processes that would normally get done by computer were going to have to be done by hand. I was a little put out at first but the inconvenience, but as soon as I walked into our room on the upper floor, I decided that I was not going to mind the overtime one bit. I guess due to the fact that it was about 105 degrees outside, my four girls had come dressed to be cool. Even though the air conditioning was working, I think they were worried it would still be hot inside.
Demi had showed up wearing a white sleeveless blouse with the top three buttons undone. Her breasts were pushing violently at the remaining few buttons, and for the first time since we had started working together, she was not wearing a bra of any fashion. As I saw her walk through the door from outside, she had apparently been sweating a little, because her breasts were beginning to show through the now nearly sheer blouse. She was mumbling how much she hated having to be called in. Supposedly it was her day off, but the time and a half pay was the encouragement she needed to come in anyway. In addition to her blouse, she was wearing a short flared skirt that reminded me of something a catholic school girl would be wearing. It barely covered her incredible ass cheeks. All I could think of was how many times I knew she would have to bend over that evening in order to file folders into the proper bin. I was already planning in advance to watch for that lovely ass to make its appearing to me on numerous occasions. And then there it was…the first twitch in my cock. The more I listened half heartedly to her complaining, the more my cock seemed to give her its complete attention. I was growing harder by the second as I tried not to reveal how desperately I was yearning to reach out and rip that flimsy blouse from her tender frame. Part of me knew I should turn around to discreetly hide my growing hard on, but the other part was hoping she would notice so that she would finally give in to that hidden lust I was certain she must be having for me; otherwise, why would she insist on wearing such revealing outfits for me.
But then Kelley and Jessie walked in the door. Demi turned to talk to them rather than be impressed by the size of my still hardening cock. Kelley and Jessie did not disappoint that day either. I don’t know if it was due to my already stimulated position, or the fact that they were just wearing the same overly revealing outfits, but I could swear that they both seemed to be dressed even skimpier than usual. As Jessie brushed past me to place her purse and phone down on top of one of the desk, I turned to watch her ass sway past me. Her shorts were so short that I could actually see the small traces of both ass cheeks hanging out the bottom. The perfect little ass swayed from side to side with such hypnotic precision that my cock finished its ascent to full hard on instantly. I desperately knew that I would have to hide my hard-on now, because there was a full fat 8” of cock pressing eagerly at the front of my jean shorts. If my shorts had been tighter, it might have been easier to conceal, but mine were just loose enough to allow my cock the opportunity to truly define itself to view. I glanced over my shoulder, and both Kelley and Demi were caught up in their complaining about having to work early; Jessie still had her back to me; so I quickly moved my hand down, grabbed a stiff grip on my cock through my shorts, and allowed it to shift in my shorts to where the full length was now pressing against the lower part of my abdomen.
As I looked up, I noticed that April had walked in the door and was staring right at me. I didn’t know if she had noticed, but the look on her face sure made me wonder. Without skipping a beat though, April began to describe what kind of problems they had been dealing with, and told us that we needed to get started. Other than that, all I heard was “blah, blah, blah, look at my awesome tits in my low cut blouse”; because to my surprise, even April was dealing with the heat in her own super revealing manner. She was still wearing her regular blouse and skirt, but her blouse had been unbuttoned lower than usual, simulating Demi’s normal attire. She was wearing a bra, because I could make out the soft lacy frill that hung out of the loose openings. Her skirt was fitting a little tighter than normal though, and yet had this very “hug all the curves” kind of effect. As I stealthfully examined my boss’s wonderful frame, I had to admit that even at 45, her body had nothing to be ashamed of next to these 3 sexy co-eds. She was just as delicious as they were, and obviously just as skilled at tormenting a man’s cock.
We all got to work, but for some reason, the sexual tension was just thick in the work room. Everywhere I turned I saw gorgeous tits and tight asses. I was constantly having to adjust my cock with every move I made. There is nothing greater or more tormenting than a one hour hard on. Every move I made seemed to grind my hard dick into my jeans, begging for me to release the tension. I was having a lot of trouble concentrating on my work, but then Demi decided to make it impossible.
I was kneeling on the floor working on organizing a file folder before putting it in the appropriate drawer when Demi came over next to me and started filling some folders in the cabinet next to me. Just having my face next to her hip was enough for me to crave her even more. If I would have turned my head an inch, I could have kissed that hip, but I worked to contain myself. But then she did it…she dropped a stack of files onto the floor and without thinking about the repercussions, she bent over, facing away from me to pick them up. The loud gasp and muffled profanity gave me no choice but to see what had happened when all of a sudden I find myself staring directly at her perfect little ass and pussy. The only thing that separated me from that delicious cunt and ass was my poor willpower and the tiniest piece of pink g-string. Due to the fact that Demi was not paying attention to where I was located, I literally could have stuck out my tongue and been able to thrust it in that lovely pussy. I should have helped her pick up the folders, but I was locked permanently on the image of those delicious pussy and ass right before my face. Demi grabbed at paper after paper while I found myself salivating. I wanted to grab her tight little hips and drive my face into her cunt, but I really could not get fired over molesting a young college girl.
“OH SHIT JACK!!!” her voice snapping me back to reality. “I’m sorry about shoving my ass in your face like that…I wasn’t thinking.” The irony was that she actually sounded sorry about it.
“I guess this is where I say, ‘that’s okay, I didn’t mind’”
She gave me a little giggle and then pushed me on the shoulder causing me to fall sideways. “That’s what you get dirty boy.” And then she walked off.
That was it, I was lost. I finished shoving my folders into their place, looked around to make sure no one could see me adjust my cock again as I stood back up, and then I headed to the restroom at the end of the hall to “take care of business”.
“Hey Jack, where are you going?” April asked me as I was just about to go into the men’s room.
“Well, ummm…to the restroom…why, is there a problem?”
“Only with the bathroom you are going into. In addition to the electrical problems to day, that restroom has had some plumbing issues. You won’t be able to use it till tomorrow.”
“Well what am I supposed to do, the downstairs is locked up.”
“Just use the ladies bathroom for the night. It’s only us 5, you should be okay.”
It would have been one thing if April had just walked up, but instead she chose to stand there until she saw me finally reluctantly head into the door marked “WOMEN”. How the heck am I supposed to jerk off in the ladies’ restroom. I was disappointed to say the least, but finally decided that the throbbing in my jeans was to insisting to ignore for the rest of the evening. I walked in to one of the stalls and quickly dropped my jeans and then began fisting hard and feverishly at my hard-on.
“Oh yeah Demi, bend over….mmmm…yeah baby, let me taste that sweet pussy.” I couldn’t help but begin to mumble out filthy little thoughts about Demi and that luscious pussy and ass she had just revealed to me. “Oh fuck yeah baby…I’m gonna fill that tight ass with my tongue, and then fuck it with my 8” cock. “My hand was starting to thrust even more eagerly now when I heard the small gasp in the stall at the end of the room.
“SHIT!....Is someone there?”
It was quiet. I listened harder.
“Is there someone else in here?”
It was still quiet…dead quiet…and then I heard it…It was this barely faint noise caused by a shoe slipping on the tile floor.
“Who is there? I can hear you breathing.” I couldn’t really, but I was hoping it would reveal my intruder.
I heard the door to the stall open at the other end of the restroom. Small frail footsteps started to approach, and within a couple seconds, I could see the freshly pedicured toes poking beneath my bathroom stall door.
“Jack…it’s …ummmm…it’s Jessie. Ummm Jack, are you doing what I think you are doing?”
“SHIT…” I mumbled, not knowing what to do or say.
“Jack, open the door…” her voice was a little bossier than I was normally used to. I stood there frozen and scared. The last thing I needed was to get fired, and I was sure this was a “firing” situation.
“Open the door Jack, or I tell Demi what you were doing.”
I was still quiet, but I slowly undid the latch on the stall door and allowed it to open outward toward Jessie. I had been so thrown off guard by the events as they were unfolding, I had forgotten to even remove my hand from my still throbbing cock. As the door opened up, Jessie’s eyes immediately fixed on my erect member.
“Oh fuck Jack…”
I quickly snapped back to reality a little, just enough to start to pull up my pants.
“Oh please don’t put it away Jack.”
I was shocked to hear the sweet tone come back so quickly. I was at a loss of what to do, but the fact was…I was too far gone not to listen. I stopped my hands at my jeans, and just stood there waiting to see what was going to happen next. I didn’t have to wait long. Jessie reached out one of her hands and without saying a word, just slowly began to pump it in her hand. I closed my eyes and moaned as this sexy young thing slowly worked my cock back and forth in her silky little palm. It was interesting to watch, because she never took her eyes off of it as she slowly massaged and explored it. After a couple minutes of me just standing there mesmerized, Jessie moved her other hand up to my ball sack and began to massage and fondle it in unison with her other hand. I was so lust in lust, and I was worried that just the fact that this was the first time I’ve had another woman’s hand on my cock in 15 years was enough to push me over the edge, the fact that it was this beautiful young college girl wasn’t helping matters any.
“Oh Jessie…mmm….damn girl….you are going to get me in so much trouble if you keep doing that.”
Jessie finally broke her gaze on my cock and looked up into my eyes. “Well then, I guess I better try something different. After all, we don’t want you to get into trouble do we?”
I was already regretting that I had opened my big mouth when I saw that she was opening hers. Without slowing her rhythm on my cock, Jessie leaned her lovely little blonde head forward and engulfed my cock with her warm sweet mouth. Her tongue immediately went to work running circles around my shaft and teasing the tender underspot. She was a very talented girl. It didn’t take her long at all to begin thrusting more and more of my cock deep into her mouth. I don’t like to brag but not only was my cock fairly long, but it was really thick. It was not an easy task for a woman with this small of a mouth to shove my thick cock inside of her, but believe me when I say that Jessie was stretching her frail little lips as wide apart as she could. As she began to thrust even more vigorously on my cock, I could hear her starting to gag from time to time as she worked to get even more of it into her throat. I released the hold I had on my jeans, and began to run both hands through her smooth strands of hair. Each time she squeezed my balls I would instinctively grab tight to the wads of hair and pull her tighter against my dick. She was squirming pretty good when I realized that I had lost the will to hold back my seed any longer.
“Oh….fuck…fuck….fuuuuuuuucccckkkk…. Jesssssiieee.”
I thought about warning her, but decided that she had started this game, so I was going to let it play out. As string after string of milky white cum fired violently from my shaft, Jessie feasted on it with more passion than my wife had ever showed me in 15 years of marriage. The girl was nearly possessed as she sucked me so hard my knees started to buckle. My body started shaking so bad I had to release my hold on her head and grab tight to the walls of the stall. Jessie didn’t stop though. That tiny little slut continued to pound the back of her throat with my cock until she was sure she had drained me completely. Her hands were still feverishly pumping my dick in and out of her mouth and grabbing aggressively at my balls until she finally just sat down right on the floor in front of me.
“Ohhhhh baby…that….shit…that was …mmmm…incredible.” I managed to stammer out through my heavy panting.
“Oh Jack, yes it was.” She grinned up at me with the naughtiest little look I had ever seen on a woman. It made my cock twitch again. “But you are so not off the hook.”
Though I didn’t know what that meant, I didn’t really care at this point. I couldn’t afford to lose my job, and considering that last few minutes, I was just hoping her plans for blackmail were sexual. Because at that moment, all I wanted to do was ravage that wonderful beauty.
“Jack, it’s your turn.”
With that, Jessie slowly started hoisting her ass off the ground a little and slid her tiny little skimpy shorts off of her body. That was when I received the next surprise of the evening…Jessie wasn’t wearing any panties. Now it was my turn to be fixed on her pussy. She was shaved as smooth as could be. Her perfect little pussy lips staring back at me just begging to be feasted upon.
“Fuck my pussy Jack. I need that big hard cock deep in my tight little pussy.” She just stared at me begging me to fuck her. Thoughts of my wife were nowhere in my mind at that time. My cock was rising back to life as this sexy innocent thing talked to me in such a dirty filthy way. I could take it no more. I grabbed her by both arms and lifted her off of the floor like she was nothing more than a Barbie doll. Her small frame was like nothing in my arms. I stood her to her feet, and the in one quick move, hoisted her up on the high counter just behind her. Jessie just stared at me as I eagerly dropped between her legs and began to devour her sweet pussy. She tasted incredible. She was already dripping wet with excitement and with every thrust of my tongue she would grind her clit tight against my face. I was so hungry with lust for this girl that tenderness had gone out the window. I was truly devouring her with every bit of my will. My hands slid beneath her soft little ass cheeks and my fingers dug into her flesh. I felt her hand lock around my head as I tongue fucked that incredible little slut with everything I had. It didn’t take long at all before she was thrusting her hips feverishly against me and I was rewarded with the sweetest gush of nectar I had ever fed on. I couldn’t get enough of her juices as they flowed over my tongue and down my throat. Jessie was flailing around violently as I continued to drive my tongue in and out of her cunt through a second and even a third orgasm.
“OH FUCK FUCK…..JJJJAAAAAACKKKK….FUCK FUCK FUCK…..” She was not yelling, but she was not exactly being quiet either. Part of me got a little scared, but I just kept feasting on her.
“Oh fuck Jack…give me your cock…I want that delicious cock in my pussy. Give it to me ….oh fuck…fuck…give it to me Jack. “
I couldn’t believe how great of a fuck this young thing was. I reluctantly surrendered her pussy, and then stood her up on the floor and spun her around to face the mirror.
“Drive that cock up my pussy Jack…give it to me now.”
Watching her talk to filthy to me in the mirror just made my hard cock twitch even harder. Without any delay, I lined my cock up with her pussy from behind and thrust it hard and deep completely inside of her. Jessie squealed out in a combination of joy and pain at the same time. My throbbing dick had filled her completely up. I was shocked just how tight that soaking wet slit was. It was squeezing my dick even tighter than her fist had done before. I immediately began to pull my cock almost completely out of her and then drove it hard up inside all over again. From the look on her face in the mirror, it had the desired effect I had hoped. Again and again I began to pound that little vixen’s pussy from behind. Her hands locked on to the counter as I fucked her as hard and deep as I could. I reached one of my hands around, just now seeming to remember just how anxiously I had wanted to feel those swollen little nipples of hers. With no effort at all, I moved the skimpy tank top fabric down beneath one of her little tits. The nipple was so hard and erect. I quickly pinched it in between my fingers and pulled and twisted at it.
“OHHHH FUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKK JACCCCCCKKKKKKK!!!” Jessie exploded into an even bigger orgasm than before. “OH FUCK FUCK….pull it tight Jackie…pull my nipples harder.”
I had never met a woman that had an orgasm from her nipples before, but it seemed that more I twisted and pulled at her tight little nubs the more she exploded in delight. Her tight little pussy was grinding harder than ever over my cock. I was holding up, but I wasn’t sure just how much more of this grinding I was going to be able to take. I wasn’t wearing a condom, and wasn’t really sure she had given much thought to this at this time. I wanted to fill that little pussy with my cum, but was a little scared to at the same time…when she walked it.
I quickly turned to see Kelley standing in the doorway to the bathroom.
“Do you both want to be fired?”
My cock was still buried deep inside the cunt of this luscious little blonde, needing to explode its second load of nectar. I stopped thrusting, frozen once again with fear at the thought of what kind of trouble I was about to be in. I glanced at Jessie in the mirror, and saw her staring hungrily at her best friend.
“Oh….mmmm…Kelley…baby…you have got to try some of this cock. Oh baby. It fucking taste just as good as it feels.”
“What?” was all Kelley said. She just stood there staring at us both.
“Put me down Jack…” Jessie instructed, pushing back against me from the sink. I reluctantly removed my erect cock from her pussy and turned to face Kelley. Kelley’s eyes immediately locked onto my cock in the same manner as Jessie’s had earlier. I saw her lick her lips as she eyeballed all 8 inches of it.
“Go on baby, we both know you are dying to suck his cock. We have both been talking about it for weeks. I promise it taste just as good as it looks.”
I was shocked by the revelation, but just stared back at Kelley with a look that told her I wanted her to suck it as eagerly as she was obviously wanting to suck it. Jessie walked across the small room and took her friend by the hand. Slowly she guided her back to me and pushed down on her shoulder, encouraging her to kneel in front of me. Kelley just continued to eyeball my cock. I felt Jessie reach behind me, and her small frail fingers slid up the crack of my ass, and then gave me a small push forward, pressing my cock directly against Kelley’s lips. Without a word, she opened her mouth and then slowly leaned forward. I let out a moan as I felt this second pair of soft lips envelope my cock. Jessie was a great cock sucker, but after just a couple minutes, Kelley proved to me that she was better. That girl began to feverishly devour my cock like no woman ever had. She was driving my entire cock so deep into her eager throat that I was nearly lost in a haze. I felt Jessie move behind me and begin to grind her naked body against my back. Her hand was still working up the crack of my ass, and she had worked a finger deep inside it, steadily fucking it in and out.
I had already cum once, but the feasting that this woman was doing on my cock was taking me to higher reaches. I grabbed the back of her head, and with wild abandon began to fuck her throat with every fiber of my being. She gagged constantly on my invading dick, but at no point tried to push me away. Her black eyeliner was flowing down the cheeks of her face from the tears that were pouring down her face, and still this woman fucked her mouth on my cock like a raging maniac. The faster Kelley sucked my cock, the faster Jessie began fingering my ass. She was grinding her pussy hard against my hip at the same time, and I could feel her juices flowing down my thigh. My balls were starting to tighten even more, and I knew that my hot seed had made its way back up the length of my cock. I pulled Kelley’s face so tight against me that I could feel her lips grinding into my ball sack. She squirmed against the restraint, but not as though she was trying to get away, but just like she was making sure it was in as deep as it could go. I fired my fresh load of cum deep into her throat. My body was shaking violently as I thrust my hips hard against her face as the second and third strings exploded from my cock. Jessie’s finger was impaled deep in my ass as I felt her pussy gush her juices down my leg as her own orgasm took over. I forced my dick as hard and deep into Kelley’s mouth as I could with her eagerly sucking down every drop I offered her.
I had lost track of time, but I was still as hard as a rock when Kelley finally removed her luscious mouth from my still throbbing cock. I looked over at Jessie and then down at Kelley. Still having my hands wrapped around the back of her head, now more for support, I guided her mouth over to Jessie’s dripping pussy. I half expected her to resist, but instead Kelley immediately began drinking her best friend’s cum from between her legs. Jessie just squirmed as felt Kelley’s warm wet tongue penetrate its way between her pussy lips. I stood there with my cock now pressed against Kelley’s tits as she orally devoured Jessie.
“Shit baby, you always did know how to eat my pussy good, didn’t you?” But I want you to take this man’s cock up that tight ass of yours while I go get Demi. She would be pissed if she missed out on all this fun. I’ll also try to deter April for a little while so you girls can finish this great fuck off. “
Wow, first I could only guess that I was the “great fuck” she was referring to. You must understand what a nice compliment that is coming from a sexy little co-ed like Jessie. But I was still caught up in how eagerly Kelley feasted on both my cock and Jessie’s pussy. And I was also finding it hard to believe she had just gone to get Demi, especially after her catching me jerking off to the thought of her in the first place. While I was still trying to grasp all of these invents that were playing out while also noticing that my cock was still hard as a rock after the suck job I had just received, I was given another treat as Kelley stood up in front of me and stripped her clothes off without hesitation. Within a few seconds this gorgeous little thing was perfectly buck naked just inches in front of me.
“Your heard the girl, stud…fuck me in my tight little ass. But I have to warn you, I cum hard with a big cock in my ass. And I do mean hard.”
She gave me a little wink, and then quickly turned around, laid her sweet little titties down on top of the counter and then with both hands reached back and spread her tiny little ass cheeks apart from me. For a moment I just stared at that lovely little pussy and ass peering out at me. She looked so incredible and sweet and yet so extremely slutty at the same time
I don’t know what made me do it. I have always loved eating a good pussy, but other than teasing one with my fingers, I have never allowed my tongue to penetrate, or even get close to another woman’s ass; but for some reason, all I wanted to do was drive my tongue deep inside this tight little ass before me. I had come this far, who was I to stop now. Without warning, I hoisted Kelley’s small frail body up into my arms, leaving her arms and tits still resting on the counter. She was just as light as Jessie was, so with my big strong arms, it took very little effort to toss her skinny legs into the air and hold them in my arms as I immediately began tracing my tongue from the front of her pussy back to her tight little asshole. Kelley was holding tight to the round edge of the sink as I instantly fell in love with the scent coming from her pussy and ass. She smelled so fresh and sweet. I know it was her ass, but that girl smelled and tasted like a rose garden with a hint of vanilla. The more I teased her pussy and ass, the more her hips seemed to grind up against my mouth. I slowly began pressing my tongue into her tight little hole…a new experience for me, and yet, the thought of tongue fucking this little slut’s ass just seemed to make my cock spasm even more.
Kelley became more and more caught up in the moment, and after just a few minutes of attention, she was grinding her pussy lips hard against my chin as my tongue continued to force deeper and deeper inside her forbidden ass. I had managed to move a hand beneath her pussy, and my thumb was grinding away at her clit as she bucked wildly through her orgasm. I regretfully withdrew my tongue from her ass, but was quickly rewarded with her sweet nectar as I moved it forward and sloppily feasted on her pussy again. I flipped her entire body over and pushed her tight against the mirror over the sink. Her legs were straddling my shoulders as I continued to tongue fuck both of her delicious holes. I hadn’t forgot about how she had told me I had to fuck her ass, and even though I was loving every lick of her, I was dying to watch my big fat cock penetrate that tight little love tunnel of hers.
I kept her legs elevated, but stepped back just enough to allow her ass to rest down on the sink. Her pussy was staring up at me smooth and shaved. Part of me was hoping I’d get many more chances to fuck it too, but right now all I wanted was to violate that ass. I spread her legs even wider apart, and was surprised to look up into her eyes and see the eagerness and want that was waiting there. I guided my cock to the entrance of her tight asshole, and then slowly started pushing my way in. Kelley moaned out in pleasure as my swollen cock began to stretch her tight ass. Her hands moved back to my ass, and as I continued to push my way forward, I felt her long manicured nails dig into my ass cheeks. I could feel her starting to pull me forward, encouraging me to fill her up.
“OHHHHH….mmmmm….fuck Jack…that is…….oh shit….the fattest….shit shit shit…fucking…..ohhhhhhhhfuckkkkkkkk….cock.”
I couldn’t believe how filthy this sweet little thing was; but that was all the encouragement I needed. I thrust my hips hard and fast forward, deciding to forgo the short kind approach. I drove my thick throbbing cock deep inside her slender little ass. Kelley grabbed even tighter to my ass now, leaving deep impressions in my flesh from her nails.
“FUCK FUCK FUCK….yes ohh fucking yesssssss Jack….fuck my ass”.
My cock was getting even harder at the sound of my sweet lover’s begging. I wasted no time beginning to pound that woman like the hot bitch she wanted to be. Her ass squeezed my cock like a vice. I was forcing my way in and out as well as I could, but she was so small and frail that every thrust I made drove her body hard against the mirror behind her. Kelley wrapped her little legs tight around my big masculine body, squeezing them as tight as she could, driving my cock even deeper inside of her. She wasn’t kidding, it was only a few seconds before I felt her tighten even harder around my cock. She moved her hands up around my neck and pulled herself up into my arms. Her first orgasm was already ripping its way from her ass through the rest of her body. As the orgasm took over, Kelley eagerly began forcing her little frame hard up and down on my cock. She would pull up almost to the point where my cock would pop out, but then at the last second drive my enormous member deep back inside of her. Her eyes were rolling into the back of her head as she forcibly fucked my cock with all of the energy she had; A second orgasm…and then a third….each one squeezing my cock even tighter than the one before it. Our bodies were just this mop of soaking wet sweat and flesh grinding against each other completely lost in our lust. No matter how tight her ass squeezed on my cock though, my shaft stayed as hard as a rock and continued not to disappoint me.
We were both so lost in the moment that neither of us noticed with Demi had walked in the room. I’m not sure how long she stood off to the side watching me ass fuck Kelley, but when I finally got a glimpse of her in the mirror, I could see that she was already naked and had two fingers working feverishly in her cunt while her free hand was pulling and twisting at one of her gorgeous swollen tits.
I fucked Kelley through at least two more orgasms before she finally just collapsed into my arms. I could still feel her ass squeezing involuntarily around my cock, attempting to milk it of another load of cum, but too tight to allow anything to come out. I held her for a couple minutes, allowing her body to calm its trembling before finally lowering back onto the counter and sliding my cock free from the wonderful feel of her tight ass. I was just about to turn toward Demi when Kelley grabbed me and pulled me tight against her mouth. She forced her tongue deep inside my mouth and eagerly kissed me. It was the first kiss I had shared with either of these girls all day, and to be honest, it was incredible. She had the softest lips and tongue. They just seemed to glide along my tongue and lips like they were meant to be there. My hands massaged her tits as the world seemed to disappear for a moment. The kiss was short lived though. I felt a new set of hands wrap around me from behind and grab tight to my hard-on and begin pumping it. I glanced up and saw that Demi had moved right behind and she had a glazed look of lust on her face as she stared at me in the mirror. The feel of her fingers wrapped around my cock pumping was so much different than the feel of Kelley’s ass. Her fingers were a little cold and soothing after the tight fuck I had just experience. The fact that my cock had just been in Kelley’s ass had not deterred her one bit from jerking and stroking it.
“I need that massive cock in my pussy Jack.” She whispered in my ear. I don’t know what it was about all three of these girls talking so naughty to me that was driving me wild, but it was. For all the time we had spent together, I don’t think I ever heard a single bad word ever come out of their mouths, and yet here all three word using works like fuck and pussy and cock.
I broke my kiss from Kelley and spun around, leaving Kelley’s legs still spread on both sides of my ass. She seemed to spent to care anyway, and I quickly pulled Demi toward me and engulfed one of those luscious tits that I had been craving so badly, deep into my wanting mouth. It hardened quickly against my tongue. I began twisting and teasing the other nipple as I just enjoyed the taste and splendor of her massive tit in my mouth. Demi was moaning as she pressed herself even tighter against me, still pumping my cock up and down in her fist. I enjoyed the foreplay for a few moments, but the fact was that my cock was still throbbing from the ass fuck I had just enjoyed. I was dying to have my third orgasm of the evening. I finally broke away from my luscious tit feast and spun Demi around to where she was in between me and Kelley’s wide open legs. Kelley was still leaning back enough, and I could see in the mirror that she was at a perfect angle to have Demi’s pussy press right up against hers. I pushed on Demi’s ass a little, helping to grind these two lovely clits against each other. The response was immediate, and both girls began to moan from the sensations.
Kelley leaned up just a little and eagerly found one of Demi’s swollen tits and sucked it into her mouth just as I had done a few minutes earlier. Without any more delay, I pushed my cock hard and deep up into Demi’s eagerly waiting pussy. She was already soaking wet from masturbating, and we were all too far gone to go slow. I fucked that tight little slit like there was no tomorrow. Well Demi leaned forward and started kissing Kelley deep on the mouth, it only encouraged me to fuck her harder and deeper. Every hard thrust I made would grind their two clits hard together. Let me tell you, that little Kelley is one orgasmic freak. She started cumming again in no time, which only helped push Demi over the edge with her first orgasm. The harder we fucked, the more these two girls seemed to forget about any sound limitations and the bathroom was filled with the sounds of fucking and orgasms. I was starting to feel my cock come back to its senses. The need to cum was building in my balls, but the sight of these two women grinding together in front of me was not something I wanted to let end to quickly. I was working hard to not lose myself when all of a sudden I felt a long wet tongue sliding deep between my ass cheeks from behind.
I don’t know how I missed Jessie sneak back in the room, but she had wasted no time thrusting her tongue into my virgin little ass. Her hands were locked tight on my hips, and each time I thrust my hips forward I was gifted with Demi’s tight little cunt. Each time I moved my hips backwards, I felt Jessie’s tongue penetrate my ever so innocent asshole. Needless to say, I didn’t last much longer after that. As my third load of the day began to unload deep inside of Demi’s wonderful pussy, I could still feel both Demi and Kelley spasming against me. We were all lost in this wonderful orgasm. I made a few final thrust deep and hard into Demi’s cunt before finally allowing my still semi-hard cock to flop free. I stepped back a little, giving Demi a little room to move away from Kelley on the sink. As I did, Jessie grabbed my dick and immediately began sucking Demi’s nectar from it. I held her head against me as I slowly laid down on the floor beneath her. I was so spent, and yet the feel of her mouth on my dick was incredible. Shortly after, Demi came to rest on the other side of my body, and started taking turns passing my cock back and forth between her mouth and Jessie’s…

…and then ‘she’ walked in!

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