a young, rich girl makes a deal with the devil
Chloe Leto wiped the frost off her window as she peeked out into the world. The snow fell onto the ground in pillowy white blankets which blended perfectly with the white fences which held the horses; they all looked wild. Her black stallion, Sarchedon, shook his head savagely as he snorted and pawed at the snow. She grinned as she watched him.

Something struck one of her windows, and she looked down to see Cody throwing pebbles. He smiled to her, and she waved at him. She almost screamed as she checked her alarm clock. It was almost nine am!

She hurried, stripping off her pajamas and sliding into new warm winter clothes. Leggings to keep her legs warm, a warm log sleeved shirt, lined jeans, a sweatshirt, her winter coat, gloves, REALLY heavy duty socks, her boots, and, finally, her hat. She looked in the mirror ad said in a shocked tone, "Where did I go?!"

She giggled as she stepped gingerly down the stairs. The cowboys were all seated at the table eating breakfast, but she grabbed a doughnut and prepared to dart outside.

"No, young lady!" Her mother snapped, "Sit down and eat like the rest of them."

Chloe scanned the table, but found to her dismay that the only available seat was next to Billy. Her face grew grim, and he smirked at her.

Since he had raped her for the second time, she told him that she wanted nothing to do with him anymore, which was difficult since he lived at the ranch. She had since started dating Cody in secret. They did nothing more than making out, which disgusted Billy, but they were both happy together.

As she sat in the seat next to him, he looked over at her.

"I like you better in summer clothing," He said.

"Yeah," She replied, "I thought you would."

"I like you even better in still when you're with me and Cody-"

"Mom," She said as she pushed her plate away, "I'm not hungry. I had a late night snack last night and I just don't have an appetite now. I'm going to go start on my chores instead."

"Okay, sweetie," Her mom yelled as her daughter bolted out the door.

"That was close," She sighed.

She heard the house door open and close again, and she looked back to see Billy step out of the house.

She turned back and walked faster, going into the barn and hiding around a corner. Billy strode in, checking every nook and cranny for her. She peeked around the corner at him, and he glanced in her direction. She pinned herself against the wall, closed her eyes, and tried to slow her breathing.

She had a strange feeling, so she opened her eyes. Billy had his hands braced on both sides of her head, and her eyes grew wide at the sight of him. She first turned to run, and when he snatched her she tried to scream.

He closed one hand tightly on her throat and used another one to drag her by the waist into the shadows.

"Listen, you little bitch," He whispered huskily in her ear as she gasped for breath, "I'll let you have air, but only if you're quiet."

She remained still, and he shook her hard, asking gruffly, "Got it?!"

"Yes!" She managed to squeak.

He released just enough pressure from her throat to allow her to breath. She did so gratefully, and he watched her cached her breath.

"Now," He pinned her against a wall and looked into her eyes, "Listen closely. You. Are. Mine. You belong to me! Cody can say whatever shit he wants, but you know that you are mine."

"I will never belong to you!" She screamed in his face.

He slapped her hard across the face, and she let out a yelp before going silent.

"You will belong to me," He warned, "Or I'll tell the cops about your little romance with Cody. It is illegal, you know."

"You did it too!" She cried.

"Yes," He said, "I know. We would both be arrested. But it would be worth it."

Tears fell from her eyes, and he released her with a smirk, knowing that he had her right where he wanted her.

"So," He asked as he circled her like a shark, "What's it going to be. Will you watch Cody go to prison for having sex with you, or will you give yourself to me whenever I want you?"

She whimpered and he saw her shoulders shaking, but she turned to him and fell to her knees.

"I'm yours," She barely whispered.

"I'm not sure if I want you," He said as he turned, acting like he had to contemplate it, "It would be really fun just to watch you cry as Cody went to prison. Besides, I don't want to just rape you all the time. Beg me to take you."

"What?" She looked up at him through her tears.

"Beg me or I'll tell!" He explained.

"Please take me!" She said when he began to walk away, "Please, please, master, take me!"

He looked back at her, on her knees begging, and he finally shrugged, "Oh, if you insist."


Chloe sat at her vanity and brushed her long black hair. She was dressed in her white lace nightgown, her white lace stockings, and her floor length white robe. The warmth from the fireplace in her bedroom filled her, and she tried again to wipe the tear stains from her face. Her snow white skin glowed in the light, and her emerald green eyes searched the room, from the bear skin rugs to the marble floor and fireplace.

"I'm Chloe Leto," She said with a bitter laugh, "I am the only daughter of some of the richest people in the US. I shouldn't be a whore!"

"And yet you are," A voice said from the shadows.

The only light in the dark room was the fireplace, and she could not see the person clearly. She assumed it was Billy.

"Who is that?" She asked in a careless tone.

She turned back to the vanity and brushed her hair more.

"You know who it is." The voice said deeply. She heard a thud as the man jumped off the window sill.

She saw the tall shadowy figure approach her from behind, and she soon felt two strong hands massaging her delicate shoulders, taking off the robe as they worked.

She felt a tear trickle, and she turned to see the black hair and tan skin of Billy. His shirt was off, and she could see his muscular stomach in the glow of the fire. His thick black hair hung slightly of his black eyes, and it looked messy but sexy.

She stood to her feet, then turned and walked away from him, accidentally brushing against him as she did.

She looked out the window and saw the horses sleeping in the pastures, the full moon shining down on them. Billy walked behind her and wrapped his strong arms around her waist, kissing her long white neck as he did.

He slid a hand up to cup her round breast, and she whimpered as he began to massage and tease her nipple till it was firm and perky through her nightgown. She felt him warm breath on her neck, and he breathed in the scent of her hair as he kissed her.

He turned her around quickly and looked her up and down with hunger. he put both hands on her waist and pushed her back towards the bed, where he slammed her down into her fluffy comforter.

He kissed the soft white skin between her breasts and on her flat tummy, working his way down. He nibbled gently on the inside of her thighs, and she groaned against her will as she felt her self growing soaking wet. He pulled off her lacy black panties, and she untied her robe, slipping it off and tossing it aside. She put her arms up, and he lifted the nightgown off of her, setting it with the robe.

He slipped out of his boxers easily, and she could already see his massive erection.

She couldn't help but ask curiously, "Did I do that?"

He smiled, "Yeah."

She tilted her head, "How?"

"Everything about you makes me hard," He explained as he walked towards her. She pulled the comforter offer herself and backed away from him, knowing what that dick was capable of, "Your snow white skin, the way your hair smells, the fact that you're so fragile-"

He broke off, and Chloe could see by the look in his eyes how much he loved her.

"You love me, don't you?" She asked in a whisper.

He nodded as he replied, "Yes."

She felt a pain in her heart, "Then why do you constantly hurt me?"

A fire returned in his eyes, "Because you hurt me."

She backed away faster, and he approached faster until she hit the head board of the bed. He pulled her to him, smashing her breasts against his hard chest. He kissed her passionately, exploring her mouth thoroughly with his tongue.

He broke the kiss and spread her legs, which she tried to close. She put her hands above her pussy and pleaded, "Please don't, not tonight!"

He didn't respond, but he pushed her hands away and gently pushed himself in. No matter how gentle he was, he felt huge to Chloe, and her entire body fought to get him out.

"God, you're so tight," He moaned.

"God, you're so big!" She cried in pain.

He smirked, and she shut her eyes, hoping that that would help.

It didn't.

Her only relief was that she felt his balls touch her ass, and she knew he was all the way in. He pulled all the way out of her, then slammed back in. She gasped and her eyes grew wide in pain.

"Shut up," He placed a hand on her shoulder and pushed her back down.

He slid back out, and back in, always making his speed a little faster. She dug her hands into the sheets, and he massaged her little tit as her breasts jumped to his rhythm.

He leaned down to kiss her neck and whispered in a low voice, "You are so beautiful."

She moaned and met his lips with hers, kissing him eagerly despite her efforts. The kiss grew heated, and Billy felt himself climaxing.

"Chloe," He asked between kisses, "You're not going to get pregnant from this, are you?"

"I'm on the pill," She replied.

"Good," He pushed himself all the way in and grunted, shooting his load inside her waiting belly.

She put her arms around him and bit into where his neck met his shoulder, screaming into it as she had orgasm after orgasm.

When she was done, she collapsed back onto the bed, fading in and out of consciousness. He kissed her forehead and slipped on his clothes.

"Goodnight," He whispered as he shut the window behind him, and she drifted off into sleep.

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Amazing story :D so lucky to have that chance, rape can be bad but it's also the best type if sex to encounter. Hope u have more fab stories in the future :D

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Pure fiction. Not very good fiction at that.

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