I was a 15 year *girl* and he was a 22 year old *man*...
My name is Cory and his name is Robby. I met Robby through a friend named Kelly , Kelly liked Robby and the second I met him I knew I had to make him mine at any cost. The night I met him we all sat around and did nothing Kelly as always asked me to hook them up and I knew I was not about to do that so I got to know him a little better, Robby, for a 22 year old, seemed a little on the teenager side, yet completely in control. I, at 15, was very mature I had a size 7-8 waist, 5’3, massive hips and a size 36DD chest, black hair and honey eyes the color or a soft maple, I was a bit on the gothic stage... Robby on the on the other hand was tall, dirty blonde hair, the most beautiful bluish green eyes any could ever imagine with a personality that was like something out of a story book...The night after I met Robby he asked me and Kelly if we wanted to get drunk with him so he went out and bought us some rum and coke I had never really drank before so easily I was out of it and he told me to stop, A couple of Kelly’s friends came over one named kris and the other named Erik and they all got drunk with us, I had cheated on my previous boy friend with Kris so he figured that if I was drunk he could try to take advantage over me, considering I was still a virgin and as we all sat in kris’s car kris began to be very touchy and I was immediately UN comfortable so I moved over to Robby and sat very close to him kris had, had a little too much to drink and he went outside to throw up, Kelly and Erik were making out in the front seat so me and Robby went to his truck and to say the least all we did was make out neither of us considering it a drunken mistake.
The night after that I was talking to Robby on aim and I asked him if he wanted to do something that night, however I was not allowed out of the house, so I snuck out of the house at around 11:00 at night( I had never snuck out of the house before) I was terrified as I walked down the hill to a main road, welcoming me was Robby with open arms and a soft warm kiss. Robby surprised me and took me to the beach, we walked along the beach and he grabbed me taking me in his arms kissing, still to this day the best kiss of my life,
The Friday after that he asked me to be his girlfriend, and with a smile I said yes( I know, I know, your asking “where is all the sex?”) don’t worry I just had to get in all the romance stuff... The next night I snuck out of my house and we ended up in his room, I started to kiss his ear and play with his stomach and I could see a bulge beginning to rise, I had never before seen a cock let alone touch one so I looked at him with confusion laced with fascination I slid off his lap in-between his legs and I asked if he minded, I slowly began to unzip his pants when I had removed his pants I looked up at him and he smiled at me and looked down with a glazed look in his eyes I slowly took off his boxers and began to kiss up his thigh.
“Robby, ive never done this before can you tell me how to do this?”
“Cory, don’t be afraid”
Robby took my hand and guided it to his cock and wrapped my small hand around him.
I slowly dropped my head to him my body shaking intensely, I placed my soft warm lips on him and ran my tongue over the head of his hard on as my head went up and down over him he let out a soft moan and my body got weak that was the most sensual thing ive ever heard!
The next week I went to his house at a little after midnight, I was a very shy and self conscious virgin so all we did was lay together Suddenly I looked up at him and said...
“well, what if I said I was ready to give myself to you but I’m still very nervous?”

Robby grabbed me and kissed me slowly removing my clothes kissing me everywhere he could think of touching everywhere possible I felt shivers up and down my body wherever his hands went. he took off his shirt and kissed up my stomach to my neck slowly he began to UN do his pants and laid on me with just his boxers on and he asked me if was completely sure with that decision, i grabbed him and kissed him giving him permission slowly he began to play with my wet pussy running his fingers over my lit playing with my silky wetness. my body got warm I could feel his cock enter me and I got scared I could feel him push up against my “cherry” and as he broke it began to cry and he looked at me and

“Cory are you sure you want this I can stop?”

I reached up and smiles with tears in my eyes he kissed my cheek and wiped away my tears and fully entered me, I hated it I never wanted to have sex with him again or any one ever it hurt so bad and had no pleasure, the first time, an hour after that he asked if I wanted to try again and I reluctantly said “yes” he reentered me and with a loud moan I arched back I had never had a feeling of such release I loved it every minute of it, within the first month of us being together we had sex over 100 times and nearly 4 years later we still go at it every chance we can
sex, making love call it what you will
but I know that with out love we never would have made it this long...

Nympho CassilacReport

2011-12-28 22:21:14
I love romance. Romance is good. But you elaborated WAY too much on that, and not enough on actual sex.


2007-01-11 00:46:04
um i dint want to be mean, but that mushy shit is knida wierd on a porn site. To sexyclara, i understand the story, but its too fake and any botdy woth half a brain should know that


2006-07-18 04:26:44
cute story, just weird on a porn site. very romantic though.


2005-12-14 13:53:36
wheres the real sex...-10/10


2005-11-25 12:51:31
OMG how fucking lame can this story get? This story sucked more than a brand new hoover and a kirby vacuum put together! Jeeeees!!!

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