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Yet another love poem originally posted under 67Goat...first poem of the month...
I never meant to take you for granted,
Because you're the best I found,
I truly cherish every moment,
Of the times you are around.

But now and then we say and do,
Things we don't intend,
My actions were just misconstrued,
I never meant to offend.

We all regret from time to time,
Things we do and say,
I just wish I could turn back time,
And take your pain away.

You mean so much more to me,
Than my actions can ever show,
I would never intentionally hurt you,
This I want you to know.

Sometimes we hurt the ones we love most,
But that never was my plan,
I just hope you can forgive me,
And accept me as I am.


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2012-10-14 20:55:04
shush i think this is a lovely poem on a porn site and way better then most i found on poem sites

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2010-09-19 22:31:36
Not bad but you need more consistency in how many syllables you use per line

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