Cindy and Kim
A Rogues Tale Part 5

It was about 2 weeks later when Cindy finally caught up with him. He was going the other way on that flat black Harley, way over the speed limit. She pulled to the side of the road, and when traffic was clear, made a u-turn.

She had to chase him, pull along side and wave him off the road like a cop would do just to make him stop.

Nick saw her and the waving hand and cruised into the next available parking lot. He found an open slot and shut the bike down. He swung his leg over and sat waiting.

Cindy parked next to him and left the car on a run. She wrapped her arms around him and showered his face and neck with kisses.

He put her at arms length and asked “Ho, girl, what’s this all about?”

“I want to thank you for all you did for me.”

He gave her a bewildered look that looked like James Dean.

She looked at him and shook her head. “Brian just got out of the hospital. His nose is broke along with a couple of ribs and fingers, and he’s going to spend some time in the dentist’s chair. He is not contesting any part of the divorce.”

Nick looked at the sky. Still innocent.

She looked at him and smiled. She put her hands on his shoulders and whispered in his ear “You have always been there for me. Always protecting me. I want to thank you.”
Then she kissed his ear.

He put her at arms length again and said “I heard about it, sometimes people fall down and hurt themselves. No big deal.”

She rolled her eyes and poked him in the chest. “Nobody could do that to Brian except you.”

He caught her wrist as she pulled her hand back. He extended his middle finger and traced the outline of her lips. She licked the bottom on the first pass and the top on the second.

“I’m staying at the Sunset Apartments, number 22, they have a nice pool so bring your swimming trunks.”

Nick rode out to Gramps Farm, he still called it that even though it was his. He called it Sanctuary. A place to regroup, a place to feel secure.

There was a message on the phone, from one Gordon Jeffries. He had the $10,000 ready for pickup and a friend in need of help (seeRogues Tale #3). Seems this friend had a large wholesale business and the inventory was disappearing. None of the security measures in place had provided any answers.

Things like that were right up his alley…He had been right about Jefferies.

He donned his shorts and shoes and headed to the lake for his version of surf and turf. Later, he showered and put on a bone colored summer suit, woke up the Olds and went to
pick up the cash.

Jefferies office was located at his current development as a model home. His secretary was, not surprisingly, a gorgeous redhead. When Nick entered, she watched his every move as he strolled to the front of her desk.

He gave her a polite smile and said “Nicholas Stone to see Gordon Jefferies”.

She said by way of routine, “Please have a seat and I will tell Mr. Jefferies you are here”.

“Now” Nick ordered while still standing.

Her eyes grew big while she quickly dialed the intercom.

“Mr. Jefferies, there is a Nicholas Stone here to see you”.
“Send him right in and hold all calls” was the reply.
“Go right in Mr. Stone” said the secretary, attitude adjusted.

Nick walked in and sat on one of the plush leather chairs in front of Gordos desk. He noticed that Jefferies didn’t offer his hand for a shake. But he was cordial when he talked to him.

He said “Here’s the funds you requested, and you know, my wife is much more wifey these days. She acts like we are on our honeymoon everyday. For that, I thank you”.

He pushed a black bank money folder across the desk.

He added, “My friend at Global Wholesale would like to talk to you. He has a little problem that needs your special talents, here’s his card, he is waiting to hear from you”.

Nick stood up, picked up the folder and card. Jefferies stood up also but again did not offer his hand for a shake.

Nick grinned and said “Thanks Gordo, we’ll be in touch”.


He went back to Sanctuary, planted the money in the floor safe of the barn and went upstairs to the control center to study the operations of Global Wholesale. He liked to stay on top of business dealings…

Hummm, Global, electronics and home entertainment. Imports from Asia and distributes to mostly US. One warehouse, fairly good sized in LA. Founded by Andrew Blake, still controlling the operation although publicly traded.

Ok, one man to deal with. Can do….


Later, back in jeans and t-shirt, he rode the Harley to Cindys apartment. She met him at the door wearing a sheer thong bikini. She used to be a friend of the family, a sister type, but not today. Today, she was a hot blooded American woman.

Nick gave her a warm kiss under her ear and nipped at her earlobe on his retreat. She turned to butter and melted in his strong arms. He picked her up and carried her into the apartment.

She said “I’ve got some Margarita fixins in the kitchen, you like”?

“Yeah, I like” he said as he carried her into the kitchen and sat her on the counter.

She was fiddling with the blender when he started to wedge himself between her knees. He found a good spot and began to rub his hardening cock along her pussy lips. Then she needed ice, so he reached behind her and clasped her to his chest as he walked to the fridge. She locked her legs behind him, sliding her cunt up and down the length of his shaft.

They took the ice to the blender. Then they had to get the Tequila, again he marched her to another place still rubbing his boy parts on her girl parts. Her bikini bottom was saturated. They had to go to still another place for the mix.

Finally, with all the ingredients gathered, he set her feet on the floor near the blender and kissed her deep and long.

Then he said “Make me a Margarita already”.

He leaned against the other counter and watched her cute little ass as she made the drinks. There were bows on each side of bikini. He began to pull strings. First at her back, then at her neck and the top came off. Left and right and the bottom fell to the floor.

When she turned with the drinks, she was naked.

Women are rarely more beautiful.

They toasted to old memories and to new adventures.

She pressed herself to him, pressing her tits to his chest and her bush to his thigh. They kissed like long lost lovers. She set her glass on the counter and slowly slid to her knees, her hands behind his legs, her tits flattened against his front.

Then, she knelt in front of him with her hands on his hips.

He gently fisted a hand full of her hair and pulled her head to his growing cock. He guided her lips over the bulge in his jeans. He released her hair but she continued stroking.

“Do it” was all he said.

She undid his belt buckle, the button and then the zipper. She slid the jeans down and collected the underwear on the way. She stopped to admire this magnificent cock inches in front of her face, but only for a short time.

He had another hand in her hair pulling her close. Guiding her lips along the side of the shaft, then to the end, back along the top and finally to the balls. After 2 or 3 circuits, he released her hair and let her continue on her own.

She stroked him with her right hand and cupped his heavy balls with her left. Her soft lips slid over the head while her tongue massaged below. She focused on the mushroom tip with her mouth while her hand pumped faster. He fisted her hair again and turned her face upwards to his. He pulled her right hand off his cock and told her to finger her pussy with it.

That left her with one hand holding his balls the other frigging her very wet cunt and her mouth full of the largest cock she ever had pointed in her direction. He still a hold of her hair and was gently directing her motions.

Sometimes he would pull her head back and trace her lips with the end of his cock without using any hands. He would flex and relax, just to tap the end on her outreached tongue.

He pulled her head in close so she could suck on his balls. He took her hand from there and directed it to her tits. Now she had one finger slipping along the moist folds of her pussy, the other working her rock hard nipples and her face full of cock.

She licked whatever she could, her head directed by his hand full of hair. He turned her head sideways and slowly pumped his length along her lips like playing a fiddle. He turned her head for the other side, her tongue sliding along the bottom both ways.

He released her hair and leaned back against the counter. She really was beautiful, on her knees, trying to get more of his cock into her mouth. He took a sip of his margarita and pulled her to her feet.

He kissed her long and with feeling. When a woman has been giving head for a long time, her lips are very soft, warm and moist. It is truly the best time for kissing.

She looked up at him and said “Nick, I wanted to thank you. Why did you stop me”?

He held her at shoulder length and said “You did thank me. Let’s go take a look at that pool”.


They were doing some water wrestling with Cindy clinging to his back while he swam underwater laps when Kim showed up. Kim was a long time friend and now shared the apartment with Cindy. Both were going through divorces and it seemed like the thing to do.

Kim was a slender girl with freckles and long curly red hair. Always outspoken, you did not have to wonder what she was thinking.

She dropped her towel on a lounge chair and waved with a cheerful “Hey guys”! and jumped in. She swam underwater right between Nicks legs even though she had to work her way through them.

On the way, she played a little grab ass….

When she surfaced, there a surprised look on her face.

Cindy took over, “Kim, you remember Nick from school? You know, Brians trip and fall”? Tilted head, odd look…

The light bulb went on and Kims face lit up.

She jumped on Nick, wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist and rained kisses on his face. It seemed like she didn’t like Brian either.

Cindy began peeling Kims legs and arms from around him. She had a look of ‘I saw him first’. But Kim was still there, pressing her tits into his arm. He looked at one then the other, grasped both by the waist and went under. He let them both struggle a little before letting them go.

When they surfaced, the girls were sputtering water. They both jumped on him to dunk him, but he went under easily and resurfaced at the other end of the pool. He was like a shark in the pool, underwater for long periods of time and the girls never knew where he would appear.

There was a lot of groping going on under the water. Nick relaxed with his back to the pool and both arms outstretched on the edge. Cindy had both arms around his neck, her ample tits flattened against his chest, giggling one time and giving long hot kisses the next. Kim was on the other side rubbing her cunt on his thigh and lightly stroking his cock with her fingers.

She whispered to Cindy, “He’s hung like a horse!” It was loud enough for all to hear.
Cindy grinned like the cat that just ate the canary. “I know, I was gobbling on it before you got here!”

Kim had a blank look on her face. “I want some too…Nick, can I?”

He gave her an amused grin and said “Maybe…” He pulled Cindy close and gave her a long passionate kiss. He continued, “You see, this lady has earned it. I am going to take her inside and fuck her. If you ask politely, maybe she will let you watch.” He was just toying with her.

He turned to Cindy, “Your call either way, but lets go in.”

Cindy smiled at Kim and winked. “Come on…”


Inside, the three shared a shower. With much more touchy feely going on. All refreshed, they met on the living room couch. Nick just had a towel wrapped around him, the girls had found some Babydolls to wear.

While the ladies made some fresh margaritas, Nick found his jeans and produced a crinkled joint of his potent homegrown. He straightened it out and lit it when they returned.

It didn’t take more than a couple of good hits to put everyone into a happy and horny mood. Cindy was sitting next to Nick, one finger tracing the length of his thickening cock through the towel. He was nuzzling her ear and talking dirty much to her enjoyment.

He made Kim kneel at their feet. She could watch and maybe touch herself but nobody else.

He opened the towel so Cindy could stroke him skin to skin. As they kissed, his shaft grew as did Kims eyes. One of her hands caressed her tits while the other inched ever closer to her moistening cunt.

Cindy drew a wet line of kisses across his muscular chest on her way to his cock. With a couple of licks and then stretching her lips around the massive head for a few strokes, he was thickening fast.

Cindy watched Kim as she sucked on that wonderful cock. She knew Nick would let her join in due time. He was only playing with her now. But still, she was enjoying herself. She tried to look like a slut when she tried to get as much of that big muscle into her mouth as she could. She was making yummy noises as if it was the best thing she ever tasted. Maybe it was…

Nick had her stand up, face Kim, spread her legs to the outside of his and impale herself on his hardened rod. She held him to her pussy lips and wiped her juices all over the head before sliding him inside. She used short strokes and little circles of her hips to ensure he was well lubed as she took a little more with each stroke.

It took a little while and she came at least once before she had most of him inside her. Then she could lay back against his chest and rest a little. Nick was kissing her ear and neck, raising goose bumps all over her body.

He spread her legs obscenely in front of her roommate and began some small bumps to bury himself deeper. He was gently rolling and pulling on her nipples. He glanced down at Kim who was groaning and rubbing herself with abandon.

He had to say her name twice before he had her attention. When he had it, he asked “Do you want into this game?”

“You know I do.”

“Then beg” was his simple reply.

“Oh, please Nick! Let me join you, I will do anything! Please, please…I’m so horny!”

Nick whispered in Cindys ear, “The little slut wants to lick my balls while I’m fucking you. Ok?”

She gave him a knowing grin and a nod and then kissed him.

“You” Nick pointed at Kim. “Get between our legs and suck on anything that is close.”

She was there in a heartbeat. Nick pulled out so she could give him some head and taste Cindys juices. Then he slid back into Cindys pussy and instructed her to lick and suck his balls while he fucked.

She did a great job, but what he really wanted to find out was if she would be licking some cunt as well. He was sure the roommates hadn’t done this before, but he might have uses for Kim if she was obedient.

And there she was, licking Cindys pussy lips as they rode up and down the length of Nicks cock. She was also sucking on his balls and tracing a line up the underside of his cock with her tongue.

He had Cindy get off and sent her to refresh the drinks.

He wanted some time with Kim. With Cindy gone, Kim inched up between his legs and began giving some of the best head he had ever had. She put such effort into it, like only for his pleasure, not hers.

She had his cock hard as a bar of steel. He eased her onto her back on the floor and handed her a pillow from the couch. She went to put it under her head but he guided it under her ass. He opened her legs wide and positioned the head of his thick cock at the entrance of her very wet cunt without using any hands. He was watching her close as he speared her halfway in.

Her eyes went big as saucers and she whimpered. He eased out, leaving only the head in and speared her again, going a little farther. Same reaction…He continued, each time a little farther until he was buried to the hairs in her hot pussy. He kept her pinned to the carpet that way for a long time, feeling the contractions deep inside her. When he felt at least a couple of orgasms from her, he backed off and sat on his haunches leaning back against the couch.

When she regained her wits, she scrambled up on her knees and began to suck him again.
Cindy had come back with the drinks and was watching with much interest. Everyone in the room knew that Nick now owned Kim. He stood and motioned Cindy over, Kim still feverishly clinging to him.

He kissed her gently and asked “Baby, what would you like?”

Cindy kissed him back and said with a bit of shyness “I kind of liked having my pussy licked while you fucked me”. She glanced down at Kim who was on a mission to get all of his cock down her throat.

“So be it” was the answer. He guided her to the floor on her back. He laid on his side next to her and began some gently kissing. He lifted her right leg and moved closer so that the head of his dick was sliding between the folds of her cunt.

He instructed Kim to assist with the fuck. She was there in the tick of a clock, licking Cindys pussy lips and the length of Nicks cock. When both were ready, she guided his ready cock to her awaiting pussy. He began long, slow and deliberate strokes. Kim, all the while, licking clit or shaft or balls, whatever was closest.

He worked into more powerful strokes, stopping just before the cockhead came out and back in again like a piston. She was well lubed and he fucked her hard, his balls slapping the side of Kims face as she licked Cindys clit.

When Cindy began her orgasm, Nick grabbed her hips and buried himself in her, feeling all the contractions inside. They were sucking the cum out of him. He growled and reverted to animal form, climbing between her legs and pushing Kim out of the way.

He put one leg over each shoulder and plowed himself in her burning pussy, pulling her thighs towards him. He pummeled her then, hands on the narrow of her hips, directing her every motion. Each thrust was full length with force as Cindy turned into putty.

His powerful arms worked her bottom end back and forth, fucking her savagely. Her legs were bouncing off his shoulders, her only contact besides the hands on her hips and the large cock inside her.

He pounded her mercilessly while Kim watched in awe.

Then, with another growl, he pulled Cindy tight and exploded into her. That brought yet another orgasm and her legs shook over his shoulders. He kissed her gently as they both calmed down.

Nick eased back, gazed at both girls and gave a rare grin. He slid his hand behind Kims neck and pulled her to him for a kiss. Then as he slowly pulled out of Cindy, grasped a handful of Kims hair and guided her to his semi-hard cock for a clean up.

This, she was eager to do. She tasted Nicks cum mixed with her roommates juices as she licked both cock and cunt. Watching her with admiration, he knew he had to keep her.
Carol would always be first, but this one would make a nice addition.

They retired to the shower once again. More touchy feely, it was impossible to not get a hard-on around these two. But Nick had some things to do and promised to be back soon.
He dressed and with a really nice good-bye kiss from both girls, fired up the Harley and headed to Sanctuary.

Next: A Mission at Global…

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